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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 12, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press monday october 12, 1970 2 demands Given for freeing pair militant terrorist organization seeking Quebec Independence through any Means including violence. It has claimed through two of its cells responsibility for both kidnappings. Premier for direct tween the Bourassa s Appeal communication be terrorists and the government came Only minutes before the 10 . Sunday dead line set by the Laporte abductors. The communique Early today suggested that lawyer Robert Lemieux who has defended numerous accused terrorists be fore the Quebec courts should act. As go Between for the government and Fly cells. This would meet or. Bourassa s demand for direct communications Between the govern ment and the terrorists. So far the kidnappers have usually communicated by Leav ing communiques where they could be found easily by report continued cars for either of two French Lan Guage stations following Anonymous Telephone tips. In other cases an Anonymous messenger has slipped into one of the stations dropped off an envelope containing a communique and left quickly. The government has replied through statements read on radio and television. The kidnappers demand for liberation of political prisoners stipulates that the prisoners be Given Safe passage either to Cuba or Algeria accompanied by their wives and children if they wish. They also would be accompanied by three Lemieux Pierre Pascau a stands rejecting the terrorist de mands either through speeches or Public statements. The Federal government is responsible for Protection of Diplo Mats but the province is responsible for enforcing the Law. The two Fly communiques received from the cell that kidnapped or. Laporte All the demands Origi Nally formulated for or. Cross release had to be met or or. Laporte would be assassinated. Any partial acceptance would be considered a refusal. The government will accept or will not accept. Paternalism broadcaster specializing in pub Lic affairs at Calm and Louis founder a reporter for radio maybes and promises Are Fin said one of the communiques. The other said that the least hesitation by the established authorities will be fatal for the minister. It is already a very great Concession for us to engage our selves to return him alive and in Good condition the first communique was accompanied by or. Laportes legislature identification card to prove its authenticity. A note to mrs. Laporte also accompanied it saying the min ister was Well and had had a Good night. The second communique was accompanied by an emotional a Home important to Mac Hirsch by Janice keys the founding director of the Manitoba theatre Centre John Sirsch has returned As Consul Tant artistic director for this season to help the theatre Adust to its new surroundings and in effect make a new Start. I knew i could be of some icly at this particular or. Hirsch said of his decision o accept the Post. . Ahead of goal continued wish you were Here is the latest production being presented in the hollow Mug theatre restaurant at the International inn. Songs in this Light hearted show include shopping around flattery and relax. The cast features Milton Lecker Henri Enns Alphonse Tetrault John Kozak Rosalie Budelier Shirley Brown and Linda Yerex. Term withdrawal target Date. It been the administration s practice in the past to announce Long Range target dates and to supplement those periodically with Shorter Range pullout tar gets. After oct. 15, there should station Cikac. However or. Lemieux is under arrest. He was taken in sunday for questioning and charged with obstructing jus Tice. The observers would ensure that the trip into exile for those prisoners agreeing to it went according to plan. Or. Laporte and or. Cross would be re leased 24 hours after the observers returned to Montreal an said there were no hitches in the exile of the prisoners. Twenty of the prisoners Are in jail on charges connected with terrorism. The other three Are free on bail at present. Or. Lemieux last week obtained written statements from eight of the prisoners agreeing to accept release if it is offered he said others gave verbal As sent. The external affairs depart ment said in Ottawa saturday that one government has agreed to accept the. Terrorists. It was either Cuba or Algeria but a spokesman did not say which. The communique received today was the first word from the Cross kidnapping since Fri Day. Fears had Arisen for. The safety of the 49-year-old senior British Trade commissioner sat urday when no word was received after a 6 . Deadline for the government to meet de Appeal to or. Bourassa in the most important letter of All my it pleaded for an end to the police investigation saying that if the police found him there would be a murderous Fusil Lade from which i would cer Sophia Loren robbed new York rented so Dainty not emerge alive Jpn a Loren shaken by an with today s communique was armed of jewels Worth a letter signed j. R. Cross More than from her thanking Premier Bourassa suite sunday was sched for saving my life and that to May reach 50 be thankful mands for his release passed without word from his abductors. He had been threatened with death if the demands were not met. Shortly before the deadline Justice minister Jerome Cho Quitte read a statement on Tele vision rejecting the demand for release of the political prison however he said that if the abductors released or. Cross in or. the original seven demands which or. Laporte s abductors insisted on in heir piques sunday Are release of the Politica payment of Gold broadcast and publication of an Fly political Mani cessation of police activities publication of the name of an Fly member whom the organization suspects of in forming to the authorities on his fellow terrorists provision of an aircraft to Fly the prisoners to Cuba or Algeria re hiring of postal truck Drivers Laid off last april in a reorganization of postal trucking services in Mont real. The government arranged for he manifesto to be read Over French language stations of the rown owned Csc last thurs a night. The communique today from or. Cross kidnappers How Ever returned to the demands this cell listed in its previous quarters today to look through files of possible suspects. The 36-year-old actress spent an hour at Headquarters sunday night but detectives refused to say whether she identified any photographs As possible suspects. Nor would they say if they had any suspects. The thieves took the jewels in a Dawn raid during which they threatened miss Loren s son 22-months-old Carlo Chipi Ponti or. I was miss told reporters hours after the . Robbery. They came into the bedroom you know while i was one of the gang had a big moustache and kept saying give me the big stuff give me the big she recalled. Minutes after the four Man gang entered the Hampshire House and handcuffed four pm followers of the ancient and honorable rite of Sun worshipping probably won t have much Sun to be thank Ful for today thanksgiving Day 1970. Today s weather forecast is for mainly Cloudy with some Hope of the tempera Ture getting up to 50 de Grees. And if you re planning to spend some of the Day out doors it might be just As Well to take along some elementary Protection from the elements As the forecast is also predicting the possibility of heavy humidity in the form of rain showers. Tonight s Low is not expected to crystallize the Dew but it be close 35 degrees above Zero. Tomor Row there s a Promise of making a better Stab at Winter with cooler tempera Tures. Might be Best to plan a walk today Between the cloudburst while focusing your main attention on thankfulness for warmth and shelter and the Turkey and pumpkin pie on the table. The festive Bird s not due again until most the end of the year. Plo yees they had collected the jewelry and strolled Back out he front door. With them went the italian tar s personal uninsured jew iry that she valued at and a reported Worth of insured jewelry on loan from Van Cleef and arpels. Miss Loren. Whose husband is italian movie producer Carlo communique late last week. Ponti. Identified jewelry found at that time the Cross Kidnap-1 in nearby West new York no. Pers dropped All demands sex six hours after the robbery As last year a dissidents Laud Solzhenitsyn be fewer than . Troops left in the country. Or. Laird s comments sunday Ifould mean that about combat soldiers could be left in Vietnam after May 1 to protect an approximately equal number of logistics artillery and air Force personnel. Or. Laird argued that the . Public would not want it any other Way since there should not be any americans in the country that Are not adequately or. Homers said that undoubtedly there will be some combat but by and Large our combat role will be or. Laird stressed that there were Only 38 . Combat deaths last week and that they were running 10 times that number when the Nixon administration came into office. Accidents claim 51 lives by the Canadian press at least 51 persons died Acci dentally across Canada during the first two Days of the three Day thanksgiving Holiday week end 38 in traffic. the Canada safety Council goals the administration had life of the City he added. Restored government s Public j Winni Eggers Are aware that Mac has undergone a bit of a rough time during the past two years in the Centennial concert Hall a building unsuited to live theatre performances and everyone connected with the theatre is eagerly looking Forward to making amends in the new building this season. Mac has always been dependent on a Home a explained or. Hirsch and when the Dominion theatre was torn Down the theatre was kind of like a Turtle without a the new building is a Superb said or. Hirsch a soft spoken Man of 40 and added that he hoped the spirit of the old theatre could now be regenerated. It has a very intimate Atmo sphere he said and is a place designed for work without the ostentatious Ness of Many cultural Centre theatres. As consultant artistic director or. Hirsch will work closely with Keith Turnbull the Resi Dent director in such matters As casting and finding compe tent people to fill various positions. The secret of successful theatre said or. Hirsch is to find people with High standards judgment and taste and then leave them alone. In addition to this position or. Hirsch will direct the first play of the season a Man s a Man written by Bertolt Breehl. Or. Hirsch has established a reputation As an International theatre director. He directed the Seagull in the Habi Mab theatre in Tel Aviv and is also working for the Lincoln Centre in new York City. Or. Hirsch said he would go to Tom Bouckou Africa if he thought the work would be interesting and the audiences would be receptive. Winnipeg audiences Are Well educated and used to first class theatre said or. Hirsch. They know when something is Good and when it is not they Are appreciative of a great Vari Ety of things. Or. Laird said that by setting theatre in Winnipeg is an in and meeting its withdrawal Terral part of the cultural and Moscow Reuters a group of dissident Moscow Intel 1 e c t u a 1 s hailed sunday the award of the Nobel prize to controversial russian author Alex he had maligned his country his works and allowed them to be used for anti soviet purposes. The authors of the statement said the authorities treatment timoted the traffic toll will reach 70 by Midnight monday night. There were 62 traffic deaths on the three Day week end last year. Highest thanks living toll was 109 in 1966. In the first two Days of this year s Holiday weekend a Cana Lian press Survey from 6 . Riday local times to Midnight sunday night showed in Addi Ion to the traffic deaths four drownings one death in a fire and eight from miscellaneous auses including five in a plane i crash. J Quebec was hardest hit with i 22 deaths which included 13 in i traffic two drownings and the deaths of a couple and three credibility on Vietnam. He contrasted this with the record of previous administrations. Or. Rogers dismissed they Are isolated and Are will ing to exert themselves to create those things that the l w h make the isolation less Ander Solzhenitsyn and him was recognized by us his official treatment Here a Nal As a National tonal shame. In a statement circulated Here the group also warned we Are prepared for the award of the prize of those regular children when their private plane crashed in a Field near Bedford 50 Miles Southwest of Montreal. Ontario had 18 in traffic two drownings and one Man when struck by a meanwhile four Western Jour train. A lists who found Solzhenitsyn j British Colombia s four a Small Village on the out deaths Nova Scotia s three and in new Brunswick the continuation of that Badger j anything no which consistently occurs the author refused to discuss Here against him. His work his future or his in Solzhenitsyn was e x p e 11 e d and then slammed his door from the soviet writers Union inc face of the four. Traffic had one traffic a miscellaneous Accident. Newfoundland Prince de negative communist reaction to president Nixon s Vietnam peace proposal As a diatribe which he said he hoped would not represent the considered private opinion of the soviet government. The Secretary of state said this was the first time we have had total support for a peace proposal in this country dealing with Indochina not Only in this country but All Over the he said the pressure of world opinion could be expected to influence Moscow and Hanoi. Or. Rogers stressed the to Tal flexibility of the administration s negotiating position. Echoing the president s state ment that there were no preconditions attached to his five Point proposal or. Rogers said it acute. Out of a certain degree of deprivation certain positive things new York audiences in con Trast Are More jaded said or. Hirsch. They have to be continually surprised or shocked and plays Are divided into hits or flops. Neither life nor Art can thrive on those or. Hirsch said. Although he is duly impressed by the Centennial concert Hall and Manitoba museum of Man and nature he wishes there were More everyday life Hap pening around the theatre like to make Art in the Middle of he misses the Little restaurant that was next door to the old Dominion theatre where he could meet with the people for historic his future or his prize. Ward Island Manitoba and Al ast year after accusations that in Berta were fatality free. The Survey does not include cent for the release of the to part of the Booty. Lotical prisoners and suspend the gems which the actress Sion of police activity. 1 valued at were found by i o o i Wold _. I j they would be Given Safe Pandac Lessard Sage out of the country or release is they wished to stay would be demanded by the Fly. For ques in Alma. Que. However. Group of teen agers in a paper granted clemency before Quebec courts in recognition of their humanitarian the Fly responded within the hour with the kidnapping of or. Laporte. The labor minister was forced into a car outside his Home shortly after 6 . By two masked men with machine guns. Several other men also Lessard. 25. And two other bag which also contained miss j Loren s passport a Cheque for an airline ticket and an italian currency note. Miss Loren was not Hurt Dur men were detained briefly for i ing the robbery although one of questioning. Lessard is awaiting trial for an armed robbery last May 25 which provincial police say was perpetrated for the profit of the or. Laporte. 49. Was kid napped just after he walked out the gunmen grabbed her by the hair and threw her onto a bed. J her Secretary was struck on the i head by a gun and was treated at Hospital. Cross letter text in a Brief meeting on his Industrial accidents known Sui Doorstep. He told the Corre. Codes or slayings. Spon dents he understands per could be taken up wholly or in parts. I whom he was directing plays. One part of it can be accept or. Hirsch said he knew alled without accepting or. Along that Mac which was first Rogers said. If there Are coun j named theatre 77. Would be a Ter proposals we will be glad to j successful theatre because fan consider or. Laird said i antics with Energy can make the United things happen. States was particularly inter looking Back it sometimes ested in or. Nixon s proposed seems that i be done too masked were in the car. Of Nis Nome to a cup a dinner nothing was heard from the engagement. Abductors until sunday mom-1 Laporte. The labor ing when a communique from s 18-year-old Nephew or. Laporte s k i d n a p p e r s was playing football in a Field reached Cikac. It set a 10 . The he tossed the sunday deadline for or. Laporte who threw it seven conditions set by the Fly Back when or. Cross was kidnapped s3 d Claude a car Drew last monday. Up in in his statement sunday two Man out of the car. Night held Back until just be know anal said Fly lawyer charged fore the 10 . Deadline. Or. The sub Bourassa rejected the Kidnap j into the car. He pcs demands unless they surprised he just got opened direct negotiations with the youth walked to the car. Ramsa of the peered through a window and comic t de . They _ Oisiu were married in March. 1966. Truly wish i saw several men with handler the time he uni inn Livel in it Vimr. Laporte and or. Cross touch info Over their faces two or we Fly no set been made to establish Bourassa s senior Cabinet isms that would guarantee minister and has been the lib hat the liberation of political party s Bouse Leader since prisoners produce the certain 1966 when the liberals result of safety of the two hos Jan Lesage lost an election m to that is a condition that Plain or. Laporte lost a bid for the common sense forced Oso de party leadership last Vear Foi finns cry Mand. And it is for that reason towing or. Ledge s retirement he chose m thai we ask the kidnappers to As Feader. Enter into with for Cros has in the Jie a recent interview w. Hands the terrorist since was try the in fart can w accept 8 to Macy Trier he iwo her to it r to a

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