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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 12, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaManitoba Centennial 1970 Winnipeg free press final edition vol. 78 no. 12 Price 10 cents with comics 15 cents monday october 12, 1970 Sunrise . Moonrise . Sunset . Moonset . Forecast Cloudy 50 and 35 Laird Fly communique 2 demand soviets . Threatens increase in military spending Washington special tons Secretary of defence Melvin Laird warned the soviet Union sunday that the United states would seriously consider a tremendous increase in military expenditures unless the strategic arms limitations talks Salt and other East West negotiations Are successful. I appearing on the Abc television interview program issues and answers with Secretary of state William p. Rogers i Laird said we Are going t have to face up to some hard Tough decisions Here which could require a tremendous in crease As far As defence expenditures Are concerned if the talks do not show results. Or. Laird said Washington was holding up a decision on whether to go with production of a new generation of Polaris Type nuclear missile submarines pending the out come of the Salt talks but that he cannot delay a decision on whether to go ahead for More than another 12 months. The United states is doing research and development on a new seaborne missile system known As ulms. Under sea Long Range missile system which would not require firing from positions so close in that they might be susceptible to new detection systems. Or. Laird said production of the new subs required a five to seven year Lead time and that the United states would not have the new Type of missile submarine until 1978. But or. Laird who is consid ered a hardliner on relations with the soviet Union seemed careful to wave a Carrot As Well As a stick. Asked about the soviet Union s alleged construction of a base for Polaris Type nuclear submarines at Cienfuegos in Cuba or. Laird restricted him self to saying that there is no evidence that the soviets have used the facility for its submarines yet. The defence Secretary was asked if soviet construction of tending facilities for atomic submarines is comparable with j the cuban missile crisis of 1962. Quebec ordered to liberate 23 political prisoners and Stop investigating kidnappings no new deadline set in shootings 2 bounties Farmer hunted in killings 40 year old Man charged Montreal up a terrorist group Early today responded to a demand by Premier Robert Bourassa that it demonstrate that kidnapped British Diplomat James Jasper Cross is still alive. Nothing was heard immediately from abductors of Quebec labor minister Pierre Laporte but the Cross kidnappers said in a communique that both the minister and the Diplomat would be freed if the governor sent met two demands. These were that 23 political prisoners be liberated and that police investigations of the kidnappings be suspended. Or. Laporte was kidnapped late saturday after noon or. Cross last monday morning. Both were threatened with death and separate final deadlines for the government to meet Fly demands went by during the weekend without government agreement to meet them unconditionally. No deadline was set in the new communique. The Fly is the front de liberation do Quebec a please see 2 demands Page 8 bulletin up two terrorist cells holding Kidnap victims James Jasper Cross and Pierre Laporte today issued separate communiques offering to have a mediator meet government authorities to work conditions for the release of the British Diplo mat and the Quebec labor minister. Both men were described As in Good health. Pierre Laporte full text of note Premier Bourassa Fly lawyer held for obstruction Montreal up Fol lowing is the translation of a communique Handwritten in Block letters and received by French language radio station. Calm from the front de lib e r a t i o n do Quebec Early today. I communique no. 8, oct. 11. J 1970 10 . Allowed to accompany the prisoners if they so wish. The political prisoners must be accompanied by their Law yer Robert Lemieux and re porters Pierre Pascau and Louis Fournier to see and at tend the carrying out of the i operation or. Lemieux j should also serve As an inter Montreal up Robert the official voice of the Kidnap-1 by the Stab Emieux. The lawyer who last ners a lined authorities the front he refrained from echoing a 5 the utmost seriousness and i with of those of i pc 03 111 Sci following the kidnapping of mediary Between the two Fly i Pierre Laporte and the Posi cells and the authorities the cessation of All meeting postponed on my dispute pers. His comments ranged from i do not doubt that or. Cross will be executed if the kidnappers demands Are not met to the strutting Justice. The Fly who Are fighting for will take the action who that seems Quebec Justice depart-1 Quebec s ment did not elaborate on the the Long haired moustached please Sec Laird Page 4 charges but police spokesmen lawyer began making the news us. Ahead of goal said the lawyer would be1 in the Spring of 1966 when he brought to court tuesday. Decided to defend three men a the detention of the Lambov i terrorist activities. He ant. 29-year-old lawyer comes took them As Legal Aid cases after a hectic week during j his Sty e which ranges from which two government officials courtroom tantrums to a quiet were kidnapped by front de Ina pm at the end of his Gnu liberation do Quebec terrorists sual y Long jury addresses i it j r. From an obsession for a last monday British Diplomat spa rate Quebec James Richard Jasper Cross was kidnapped from his Mont the has real residence and on saturday his Ilsc because of the labor minister Pierre Laporte Iloff hours in re j was abducted from his suburb 5cnt years ban Home now is estranged from his wife the former Linda Anne Coin kidnappings were Fol Lowed by Ransom notes in which the release of 23 specified political prisoners was called for Washington Between 40 in Exchange for the lives of the and 60 per cent of the . Abducted men. The notes asked troops remaining in Vietnam that the prisoners be Given Safe next Spring will be combat passage to either Algeria or troops Secretary of defence Cuba. Melvin r. Laird said sunday. Or. Lemieux had been a up to now. The administration spokesman for the prisoners As had created the general impress he scurried through various Sion that the great bulk of the Montreal area prisons asking forces who would remain after them whether they were pre May 1 when troop strength pared to accept the Ransom is scheduled to be reduced to 284.000. Would be support forces. The lawyer called several speaking on the Abc Televik news conferences during the Sion interview program issues week and used them As a forum and answers with Secretary of to express his feelings on the state William p. Rogers. Or. Incidents. He said he was not Laird said he did not want to de liberation do Quebec reiterates its last two demands contained in communique no. The front de liberation do Quebec gives the people of searches raids and arrests by Quebec up Premier thirty six of the province s Robert Bourassa s office hospitals have been design the fascist police forces. Guarantees noun cd sunday postponement j rated As emergency Sites for several Days a special the e m b e r Quebec meeting of the National of medical special Aurum Bly to discuss the current strike its voted to withdraw All but j staying behind locked doors. Safe conduct to either Cuba or both Diplomat Cross and la by the province s medical Soe essential services beginning last farmhouse is set in a Artoria 3c ,___1_ i a Vivell i of no 6 to wet the release of consenting political prisoners and their Quebec its word of Honor that it will release Safe and sound j Prince Albert up police hunted through i farm sprinkled Brush country South of Here saturday 1 for a Man wanted in the shooting deaths of two ramp officers. Sgt. R. J. Schrader 41, and Constable d. B. Anson 30, were fatally wounded Friday when they went to investigate reports of a family quarrel at a farm House in the Macdowall District 25 Miles South of Prince Albert. Ramp charged Stanley Wilfred Robertson with two counts of capita murder and launched a full scale search alerting police forces in other parts of Saskatchewan Alberta and Manitoba to be on the look out for the 40-year-old Farmer. Reinforcements were brought in from Saskatoon and other centres increasing the search Force to 40 men but in the first 20 hours of searching they failed to find a clue to Robertson s whereabouts. Three aircraft including a helicopter joined the search saturday. Four tracking dogs were also being used. We re hoping the planes can come up with said ramp sgt. W. H. Preston. Sgt. Schrader a 22-year vet eran of the Force was married with five children and was a native of Rimbey Alta. Consta ble Anson married Iofe months ago joined the Force 11 years ago and was a native of Kings ton ont. Sgt. Preston said the officers i i were fired upon without warn m ing and their radio equipped Cruiser and handguns Are miss ing. The Cruiser was found Satur Day afternoon about one half mile from the Robertson farm House. The body of one of the officers was found on the Steps of the farmhouse the other in the Yard behind the House. The farm is located Miles South of Macdowall. A Community of 250 persons. Many of the Village s businesses including a hotel beverage room closed for at least part of the evening and residents were reported to be m i. Dillu w my lilt Algeria As stipulated in com i Porte within 24 hours follow Munique no. 1. Item 3 and 4 to Delisis 1 1 Munique l. Item 3 and 4 j continued the Are two. Small occupied Cabins wives and children should be i please Sec text 8 the was to be held e government Are split Over a i on the same property that Are Sis jilt controversial in incr Mif i halon from main in today. Controversial opting out clause hidden from the main House by Trees. Light Snow flurries fell in the area saturday and the tempera kidnappings Shock Ottawa a spokesman for the new medical care legislation said the postponement was under which patients treated by j f Vas area Odin Quay Ana me u made following consultations specialists not participating in Ture was in the Low 40s among party leaders. I the scheme would not have their____________1_ meanwhile a spokesman for i Bills a d by the scheme. I the health department said All the scheme is expected to be hospitals designated to maintain i implemented nov. 1. Emergency services during the strike Are functioning normally Montreal a than please see Fly Page 8 Kidnap Security v sought a. 1u i i of to Nave abdicated his face of the supplied disbelief that political Kidnap Cansis that has confronted his i non designated hospitals in pings could take place in Cana-1 government since it assumed a cite a with such ease was apparent office. He was Content after on parliament Hill within the James Richard Cross the Brit Federal government throughout ish commercial attache was a the thanksgiving Holiday week i ducted a week ago to leave All end. Federal statements on the Case tension eased Early monday to external affairs minister when word came from the Fly Mitchell Sharp except when cells claiming the British Diplo cornered by newspapermen and mat James Cross and Quebec radio to journalists in the Cor labor minister Pierre Laporte riders of parliament were still alive. Or. Sharp was the Man on the the 2 . Monday com spot however who was called re _ _. 17 11 q i i x Taxa n the former i Union nationals government. The statement came in reply to a Call by Jean Eccl trem Blay. Minister of cultural affairs j in the Bertrand government. Who asked the specialists to re turn to work while the govern i ment deals with the kidnappings j of British Diplomat James Cross j and labor minister Pierre la. Porte. I or. Tremblay made his plea j Nile on Csc s French language radio network. A sign in Hostel urged Hostel for Young who want to pressures of was suggested saturday measure to combat i was made by create the impression that the remaining combat forces would not take protective actions in Way of Security patrols in of r to protect the lives of the americans that Are performing Jhoss important support fun observer noted tha he phrase patrols could he oct or a Varosy of activities. Or. I Aird lie today win 16 41 by oct. Today s Index classified 3k 35. 37 um1 Jim my .2 36 Iva iks 2 12. C 23 13 21 22 3p 11 Tats tit fid non with the government it wants government declaring it would the release of 23 prisoners in not Bow before the demands of Quebec jails and Federal Peni the Fly kidnappers of Tenti Aries convicted of bomb Cross. But the Ings Montreal up both the you exec government with Day. Smice that Day there has Tor be of is been silence from Ottawa As the with w to u u we dip lord the of a Hostel e t events and consider would the kid of in kidnappings of or. Cross preventive help that Pierre Laporte. Throughout the week Federal of medical special Twenty minutes after Quebec thurs and youth in the inn controversial opting oot clause or example from a in the parents May quarters and when we explain release such prisoners. Over the Canadian Broadi Asthig we Siisi Haven t got the person the situation continues Riti corporation rejecting the de Nel Thuv omit snarf fail hot at to re. Them exile in a he them Tom is that if deadlines May have

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