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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 10, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaNew Leisure Winnipeg free press saturday october 10, 1970 features i a about wine by Colin Mack a White table wine styles part ii sauternes Barsac and Graves must surely be discussed now for Many Are famous and incredible wines which will Delight the wine Lover forever. The most famous and indeed one of the finest wines of the world is chateau quem. There Are other similar Sweet table wines produced in the Village of sauternes that Are quite comparable but never As expensive As the sought after quem. The sauternes and Barsac Are harvested after tha both yous Mould has transformed the grapes info dehydrated Brown and shrivelled berries covered with spores of the Noble in the Good years when Sunshine has prolific the wines of sauternes and Barsac Are intensely Sweet and at the same time have a delicious flowery bouquet. The wines of the Good years live Long Long As 30 years and still retain their freshness and glorious bouquet. The Good years produce High sugar Content grapes and the wines Are very Sweet too. In the years when Sun Shine is not so prolific the wines Are less Sweet but still have an agreeable fruitiness. Designated a non Vintage year but still very pleasant to enjoy. Most of the White Graves Are rather dry wines with a distinctive character of other White Bordeaux wines. The District of Graves has been Over whelmed by its famous red wines like Cha teau Plaut Brion and the delightful White wines Are Apt to be overlooked. Alsatian wines were once the property of Germany and the District was restricted to coarse grapes of High yield. After 1918, the growers pm sited Superior varieties with excellent results. The wines Are fresh clean and Crisp wish a delicate acidity and flowery bouquet of the riesling and Trainer grape. There is no better summer luncheon wine. In later years the sylvaner grape which produces the wine with the greenish Colour and the hybrids of the Trainer further improved tha Quality of the wines which Are Best consumed when Young. Alsatian wines Are always sold in the Long Green bottle like the Moselle wines. The Rhine wines Are in Amber and elegant too. There Are thousands of other White Labolt wines from Many other countries. A Hart their own characteristics All belong to food go Best with the lighter More delicate types of main course dishes and All wines must be served chilled. Canada wide Perepe Lechky singers the Pyrope Lechky singers eight ukrainian teen age girls have become so popular with the music lovers that they will produce another record of their songs. Translated into English. Perepe Lechky Means the Young singers took the ukrainian National championship at the Dauphin festival in september. Natalia Bashuk. Director says the singers aged 12 to 16 years have been invited to perform on a Csc school program under the name of tuneful tales. The singers Are Lydia Naz Omiak. Iris Kostiuk. Irene wet hash Martha Romaniuk Bohdana Bashuk. Olga Zojac. Irene Wapniak and Julia Zahorodna. The Herron Folk by Shaun Herron monday All houses that have been inhabited by the same family for Many generations Are haunted. I do not offer any scientific support for this statement. It is enough that it is a fact. Science is useful in dealing with tilings like pneumonia Moon shots or systems in casinos but is a total loss in those higher matters. Ghosts Well i do most firmly believe i have seen a ghost she spoke to me but haunting is not done by ghosts alone. This is Why i feel Hurt when some old House comes to a dismal end. Or is threat ened by something As vulgar As a a Short age of Cash. Anthony Eyre who is a Huddleston lives in the old Huddleston House Sawston Hall near Cambridge. Not Long ago the ceiling of the great Hall fell in. It could t stand the vibrations of the half Crown Trade that is. The people who pay half a Crown to walk through the stately Homes. It s a terrible experience for a House like a woman of dignity and restraint being paraded on Market Day in her underwear and it must be even worse for 400 years of Huddleston to have their familiar place invaded by gawking Strang ers especially gawking strangers who paid two and six to gawk. For you see people never really leave family Home s. Every pore of the place has in it some thing of somebody who lived there the air which foolish people think changes in the cold draughts compels you to breathe grandparents and great grandparents and every creak and groan of floors doors or timbers has the sound of a known or reputed voice or step in it. Not Only air. Texture and sound however the Sekse of the place is inhabited by familiars and when the roof Falls in and the place is in ruins they will not go away. This is Why i was taken Aback the other Day when a belted lord and i Don t think he was belted in that other Way spoke of the spatial disadvantages of his new and Humble Home a four Bod roomed House and his sister butted in. Of but it has one great advantage. It s a Nice size for running about in tuesday there Are certain Maga Zines that advertise the personal pleas of wife swappers Gay people party people and Plain Hook ups. They re not very Nice magazines. One would say they re for people with a rather limited interest. What about the intellectual sorts who read the intellectual journals of the now left journals like the new York re View of Young Chicago woman seeks Man who enjoys booze Good food quiet evenings at Home Good books deep conversation Long walks warm deep conversation this one i like. Who would t want a. Beautiful Singer teacher poet with a who wants Short proper courtship leading to marriage in one or two other . S will even become doctors proper receptionists. There s not much else left for . S now Adays. Not in one or two Toronto. Divorced woman. 40. 5 foot 9. Inhabitant of fringe where Media and universities overlap seeks companionship of relatively unattached i think i know this one. She did t mention pounds but she Means relatively unattached in the meantime College professor. 38, former Dile tante. Fairly easygoing sense of humor. Into arts theatre therapy. Would like to meet Simpatica woman with similar interests 27-34, 57" or More. Tell me about Tell me about 27-34. Age or Black executive. 30, seeks periodic Liaison with affectionate woman who s Capa ble of involvement without marriage. Race and age to 75 be All wednesday Nicholas Freeling s novels read like recipe books. He was a chef James Bond loved fancy food. Too Many novelists write about gourmet characters. They Are food bores. I have a novel coming in the future with every plainsman s leading character he loves Plain corned beef beets. Double Glou Chester and red Leicester cheese Corn relish or Tomato Chutney crusty bread and Egri Bikaner Bull s blood in English a red hungarian table wine the bet Ter people Don t drink yet it is better than most of the wines drunk by gourmets and the liquor store on Ellice behind the Odeon has it. No. 649. But Eaton s has been letting me Down lately. To keep Faith with and in training for this revolutionary character i have every thursday for a couple of years eaten just such things and drank Egri Bikaner. And now Plain corned beef has become hard to get at Eaton s. After these years of faithful service i find myself Rilely betrayed. I have been making enquiries and now know that or. Love his she said and smiled haughtily. As in making love. You is held to be responsible for this shortage. And i have this sombre word for Eaton s if or. Love does t make with the Plain corned beef some of us Are going to make War on thursday a Young Reader writes would you say. If you had to put. What you believe about human existence into not More than three 1 would say this everything in nature is lyrical in its Ideal essence tragic in its Fate and comic in its i should then go on to express my debt to George sant8.yana. Who said it in Odd coincidence exactly those words. 1 riday what Are the people talking about who talk about the fashionable anti hero in contemporary fiction i keep Reading this reference to what i suppose Are the leading characters in a very few novels of the past five years. What they mean i Don t know. Any novel that now has in it a leading character who might be a capable of unmanly tears under stress b against the establishment dear word of his own fictional setting o not quite a gentleman d like 100 per cent of human kind not quite stable in some respect or in any other Way is defective As a hero will be described now by some reviewer As in the tired tradition of the but a merely imperfect Man is not an anti hero. He is merely a merely imperfect Man. There is no such hero tradition anyway. Nor is there any Lon per a hero tradition has there Beer. Except in drawing room since Tom Jones or the Saga saturday professor Machonic Kurall of the gop Horton Pip Agri cultural College dept. Of child psychology says that if parents Don t support Public school pay demands it s be cause they Don t care about the education of their children. No. It s Bocai Iso they Don t think their children Are getting what is now being paid for education

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