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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Oct 9 1914, Page 11

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 9, 1914, Winnipeg, Manitoba Editorial Section pages 11-18 Winnipeg Friday october 9, 1914, Day a capt be press company. Limited offices 300-302-30-s-3j6 Carlton , Manitoba. E. H. Macklin. President elinera.1 manager. Telephone 6340 private Branon Esch Anse ill departments Lay and Nasht. Ana Public holidays Jimers building. 1 West i Ujj Eclemus 800 a re of flee . Room c Imu a a porn Fern i be e i in j. Camilla l.1j Bull Altig. To ,-or.to representative. F. Vav. Large. 29 1-Udsatp Hill London at the general 7 Ost Otico. I i ind or transmission British Isles at Inland tie pm rent Issue of the Herr Patzig s deliverance consists of a letter or portion a letter to. A married daughter living in Chicago and it is described by the courier As an uncommonly captivating re Cital of Persona impressions and throughout his letter Herr Patzig the intellectual background of the War the reasons for the great War Are hard to fact they Are unintelligible without appreciation of the forces Welch have been working in Germany for the last two generations. All great upheavals in the world Are accompanied by some intellectual impetus. The Puritan move As its prof Edom of Trade Liberty in religion Equality in civil i lie Brut shows conclusively that he shares to men t in England had Fulton the full the Kaiser s certainty that the i Ali mighty prese face be ionians a Way of things. Tiie following two extracts from his letter will suffice sufficiently to illustrate its general terror today with the struggle going of around and about the battlefields with Africa and Asia already the this Arestio i i More clearly in its Friday. October 9, 1314. Cleavage in Ontario. The conservative party in Ontario divided into two Between cleavage has been visibly a the stand Pat Section i hich in int of tiie. A party prevailed Over the progressive Section in the selection of or. To the successor to sir James u Stitney. Papers like the Toronto Tor the progressive Sec and the Toronto Telegram v in ill r4k As t ii. Are discussing the situation with arid openness of speech. Iii a producing in the Toronto a and the other stand Pat organs Jaiti-1-k.blc manifestations of perturb spirit. The world and Telegram say that a frs.-. Choice of a successor to sir James was denied to the conserva members the legislature and or. Kvant was hoisted into the by the action of a re Ai ii Navy clique in the Cabinet which 6 the domination of sir. Coch a disc Ontario manager 1 or tee Iii Cal machine at Ottawa. To quote lie world j a sent Down Woi i what it Ilio thing was jut through it i Kaiser fashion. This of popular government this infringement of the drawn into Ever Gravity to question is which poo old is to to supreme on this terrestrial Ball the that Peoples Mav be left to themselves is exploded. Just As each of the different Peeples must itself have a ruler so became numerous. I subscribed counts but but the supreme figure among his Dis i germans do Noi Caples Wail Hel Nelch a by Sunn Village 13 Miles Enst of Hasseh. On the manse. It is itch Frontier station 01 the one to maastricht. Miles Southwest of Ostend by rail is an. Oil flemish Terra of people. It stands on the hover Perlee tvs lab is however Over. Ypres Vrna formerly capital of West glanders and has Broad and clean with 1m posing old Imil discs of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. The inhabitants Are largely employed in the manufacture of Valenciennes lace there is also a cloth making Industry which dates Back to 10t3. About 124r Ypres in said to have been the. Wealthiest and Lar Cut City of flan Ders re Atli a population 2oo.ooo and 4.000 looms in constant use. The great plague of 1347 and popular rebellions led to its decay and the Emi Gration of the weavers was caused by the splese of the town by the engr Lijich and the Iraq rehire of Ghent i 13s3. The population of the City was still further Reduci a during the Spanish occupation and had Doln treats cake i them. The in mid ship Vas announced said the voice of the Nion whom Premier will should certainly that of any emis Ary from whether Hon. Frank Coch is busying himself Here As a tzar a courier from the Czar his i us advice should not be allow hint in favor of candidate ii Thor. Surely the into Ontario Are to preserve of hair autonomy lit from Ottawa. Par in is it. Frank Cochrane not to Aci As a Kingmaker in this the Ontario government i problem and a big policy Riino has nothing to Lis Tii one or furthering his activities in the elec o 1014 in the norts cordial incited the Hii Ingual ques i has been More of help to the by Claro of railways seems indie Stan to the situation in a la Hessil party i was dominated by r Hud g overrun and autocrats of this Type is it any wonder that Germany has brought half the world to the present pass fits Way the con it in Ontario 15ore stable foundation i Ray Toronto news labors Stremi r. Loai Lii. It. Argues that or. Coch in is a right to interfere in the management or the conservative party Ontario and endeavours to maintain Jikit. If Whitney tradition has not departed from. The Whitney Trad i asserts the news Sanc Tigris and requires intimate Assoc a Tom with or. Borden and his col the Orange Sentinel is among the papers which in their tributes to the memory of sir James a blimey Lay stress upon his Resolute Ness in going ahead in the path he had marked out for himself. The Tele Gram utters a warning to the conservative party of Ontario that Hole in the Corner methods Ami subservience to corporations will mean the our troops in Elf glad. At the moment the most interesting War news to canadians is the announcement of the Safe arrival in England of the Canadian expeditionary Force of men. In the transportation of so Large a Force across the Atlantic there was a considerable element of danger. If the people of Canada did no worrying it was he cause of Timeir Complete Confidence in the ability of the British Navy to Convoy the Fleet of troop ships safely to port. That Confidence has been amply vindicated. News of the Pas Sage and particulars of the Landing Are still lacking with Little likelihood that much will come to hand until letters Are received by mail. while we shall have to Content our selves with the knowledge that our boys Are in England and Are under going drilling at some Inland place Salisbury Plain. It is expected that three months of drilling will precede the appearance of the Canadian troops on the fighting lines. That time comes Canada will know what it is to be at War. A Large proportion of our people have not Heen ahle As yet to realize that we Are participators not spectators in the most desperate War the world has Ever seen. Professor of the University of free Burg whose name until a few weeks ago was unknown to the majority of britons. There Are to his credit seven teen volumes on history and the science of politics besides Many speeches and political pamphlets but they have not seen translated and Are therefore. A Book of -a.ns.lq. Saxons. Treats cake of treats cake was a slav by origin born of a czech family who migrated from Bohemia during the troublesome times of the thirty years War and settled in protest Ait Saxony. His father was com mandant of tiie fortress icon Stcin and he was born at Dresden in 1834 at a. Time when a dark Cloud overhung Germany. The old regime lad perished the heroes the War of liberation were either dead or living n senile retirement the new Era had not yet Arisen. Treats cake s Mother was of pure prussian origin and when he was still a boy his heroes were All prussians not warriors Stein and Greisen a the philosopher Fichte and Morlitz and the poet. there is an anecdote if him As a Bov of fifteen reciting aloud in the pres ence of a minion of the reactionary Metternich an essay ire Joi cog in the downfall of the Feudal princes and exalting German Unity. In his late boyhood he was overtaken with a terrible calamity a fever from which he suffered left him Stone deaf incurably and for Ever and he was Cut off from the career of action and War which he had hoped for. Later in life he wrote there Are men who Are Doo med to pass their lives on broken wings because some malevolent Chance has excluded them from thai sphere in which alone they could accomplish the highest that is in them to do he came to the University of Bonn in 1851 and following the usual course of study of a Young German became absorbed in the intellectual activities of the place. He made the acquaintance of the Patriot poet Arndt. Tie under the influence of Dahl the historian of Denmark. In 1859 he became a teacher at Leipzig and his inaugural Effort was a trea Tise on the state which in effect was an abstract justification of monarchy. The essence of the state he argues outraged by Britain s pre Eminence. Let there be mistake that a deep antipathy to England Suchke and his friends. The foundations of the sentiment Are partly historical and partly moral and in treats cake must be. Looked for in his character As a Man and a Patriot. The world Domin Ance of Britain offends him As a Man almost As much As it outrages him as1 a German. He despises it for As. It seemed to him its immorality arro and its self confident Security. He attributed Junglan a s Success in the struggle for Power to Germany s pro occupation with higher and More spiritual ends. Had Germany not been absorbed in such pursuits and the civil religious strife engendered by that absorption she Mig it in the 17th and Isth centuries have established a Gorman Empire extending Over the Balkans As far As the Indus. He believed that England s energies throughout the Isth and 10th centuries had been devoted consistently to the suppression of Prussia As soon As her future Power had been suspected. But behind All these beliefs lies the intense conviction that Britain s Power out of All proportion to her real strength or to her Worth or value whether that Worth be considered m the political the social the intellectual. Or the moral sphere. To him the whole fabric of British civilization was a Sham in this world of ours a thing that is wholly a Sham wholly Mav endure for a time but cannot in of the British. Pm treats cake gave Little credit to Pire and came Mann pre of valour or skilful diplomacy. It was gained he held by the Chance or her insular situation the Supin eness of other countries the limitless Chi Canery of her ministers and the inborn hypocrisy of the nation As a whole it was a monstrous colossus with fee of and he had the conviction that Uch a Power could be overthrown. His nil nation and hate was concentrated Pon England and As professor Cramb ays of his lectures they seemed the died to by the cod of the sixteenth Century. During tic seventeenth Century Ypres was taken to the French four times and belonged to them until 171b. Its Fortl cation to acre dismantled in j855. St. Miles Northwest o Valenciennes is a town with a popu Laulom of 14.50o, situated at the con flu once of the Scarpe and the Elorion it originally i Tiv Uji. Around Abbey founded by St. Armamd. To Little remains of the Abbey. Has been incorporated with the Hote Rte Volle. Nearby Are Baths of sul pen Roux water and of mud said t Aff part Relief from rheumatism. Belgian Village 1 Miles East of Ghent on the line t Antwerp. It is situated near the Southern Bank of the Scheldt. Galician town 4 Miles Southeast of Cracow. It stand on the River Gonajec at the base o the carpathians. The popu Latto numbers and Large Rel Law Hhope form the chief Industry. Thor is an old Church and a Castle to Miles Kong Shcutte in so Lusta is a town o russian Poland with a population o Over half of whom Are jell has Large Zinc works and a pro duct the Coal mine. Hungarian town Hel Liy tie is so Miles North East of de Brechin on the Jato Rcd River. A mixed population of jew germ ans and ruthenian numbers about the jewish element is the most numerous. Iron Alum and crystals Are obtained in the surrounding District. The celebrated of Hross of , situated about two Miles from the town is now used As a Penitentiary it dates from the Middle Ages and or perched on a High Rock. A Reader s notes a flyer world within the world the peace of god that answers prayer to ill like Dew from the air. From the Golden books. Looking the Cathe Cufal cd. A. Lowell up suddenly i found mine eyes confronted with As the Minster s vast Forest league red Ocean s slow re Breeze born Roto surf of and sir a two volumes Deal first european visitors five with the else of Kew France four with the English invasion three with the red plan in Canada seven with the path inders and pioneers seven with Noli Freedom and null Ona sky and to with National highways. From he twelve already issued i happened o take in. William Wood s winning of a chronicle of wolfs who s everybody s hero. You can. Read it n a Long evening without skipping a Page and if you Are still fond of a a you do not Lay the i Boole Down until you have turned the last Hetber you remember or forget your Cana Dlan history. Or. Wood certainly tas caught the trick of writing history with Charm and he has made the Story of Wolfe s campaigns in Canada a Story that will enthral a la Young peo ple who love a hero. I would rather e Able to write a. Little work like that Terma of the people than know All lord act on knew. And he is said to Lave known More genuine history than any one Man that Ever lived. The method employed in these chronicles s devised to win the interest and imagination of the youth and of that very Arfe population whose historical Edu cation has been neglected especially concerning Canada. In. Any Young Days Canadian history was deadly in its dullness. Terrible As War was in 1759, it looks almost like a Friendly game compared to the wholesale murder going on now in Europe. The opposing leaders Wolfe and Mont Calm How Noble they look to us through the perspective of a Century and. A half. Such Friendly Felicitits to wit As the following Montcalm s treatment of the wounded Captain. Ouchterloney i once lived on a Street named for that same Soldier and Wolfe s Promise of special Protection should. He take Quebec to the general Hospital where Ouchterloney was , both sides ceasing Fin while a Captain came out to report his a party of French ladies were taken prisoners. Wolfe gave them , entertained them dining with stories of his visit to Paris and the next morning sent them the City his own. Aide in de a. Flag of truce. Again the French of flyers sent him some wine Able in. The British Camp and he returned the. Compliment in kind. Would i present of be trusted. Montcalm is drawn in a few phrases As the splendid Man he was the great est Frenchman of the new wounded twice Over he was held in his Saddle while he Rode from the Battle into Quebec. Of look at the Lla Cruis he s killed he s cried a woman. Making a supreme Effort Montcalm sat up straight to say it is nothing at All my kind Friend you Mu-st1 not be so and he passed on to die. Repose. Silent and Grey i Iff left Inland by the treat. That hears afar the and Longs. Remembering shocks clo my and fell sume sliding Down the baffled Decu Man _ it Rose before me patiently Remote from the great tides of life it breasted once. Hearing the noise of men As in 3. Dream. I stood before the triple Northern port. Where dedicated Shapas of saints and Kings. Stern faces cleared with immemorial watch. Looked Down benignly grave and seemed to say. Be come and go incessant we remain Safe in the hallowed quiets of the past with the be reverent be who flit and Are forgot f Faith so nobly realized As this. The grecian sluts me with its perfect Ness unanswerable As Euclid self contained the one thing finished in this Hasty world forever finished though the barbarous pit fanatical on hearsay stamp and shout if a Miracle could be encoded. But a this other this that never still climbing luring fancy still to climb s full of morals half divined As life Graceful grotesque with Ever new Surprise of hazardous caprices sure to .ptea.se. Heavy As Nightmare airy Light As Fern imagination s very self in Stone after the storm. By Hui Are Belloc whatever shall emerge from. Tho present darkness from the storm now three quarters Over the sky nations will certainly re emerge. The Conception of Mere domination without persuasion without the spirit of Cul lure has mechanical follies always fail amid organic things. It has failed in Ireland it has failed in Alsace Lorraine it has a Jed in Poland. Orre Spon Den be regulation of Bill boards. To the editor the free press. Notice with much satisfaction the letter of prof. Stoughton of Mani Toba University and would like to give another instance where in my opinion the Power to regulate is required. I allude to la recent Effort on behalf one of our auctioneers. If an individual has such a Lack of Good taste As is evidenced by his so called and it is High time someone in authority should censor such efforts. I am not a but englishman and shall feel ashamed of. The City of any adoption if this master piece is allowed to disgrace one of our leading avenues. Winnipeg oct. 5. Fair play Power but it is a moral Power ail in Antwerp at Bat. Interest in the War centres today in fateful struggle at Antwerp which the germans Are trying to capture by throwing away of All Tae advantage assault. The reports from Friendly in Era of pubic the Vatious Are that sir James Whit Ney s successor has his work Cut out for in preventing the splitting of the party which sir James Heil so successfully. 0v this Avo Klu. Since the Ivar began tiie world has teen displayed and advertised to an unsuspected degree the t Ruit of Prus Sian militarism in All its Ripe Poison yet it is doubtful if this foul . Monstrously grown has Ever More crudely and vulgarly vaunted i Svir Ilian is the Cade in a lengthy arioso in current Issue of Der can a German weekly printed in i . The article in question is Tho couriers own although it is to be noted that the latter persists in it.-, pro germanium and in its at tiie allies. I Hen c. A. To 1a Lurainor Nie Ravijit or the Reich s Imit for Many the budget of the Liberal party sources As to the probable Fate of the City Are not re assuring. Its fall with in the next few Days would have a direct effect upon the Campaign in France. Apart from the Mora effect which would be considerable this re sult would release two Hundred thous and men for service at the reinforcement that might create problems for the generals of the Allied forces. The one circumstance that suggests that perhaps things Are not so Des Perate As the dispatches indicate is the admitted appearance at Antwerp of a Relief expeditionary Force wit i heavy guns these reinforcements Are presumably British and further it May be assumed that they Are of considerable strength. The allies would either leave Antwerp to its Fate or virtue of its moral Quality the author Ity of the state is final and without Appeal. He became a Friend of Bis Rock and he plunged into the Strug in of the latter to assert the prussian Ascendancy Over Germany which was then in Progress. He became a Mem Ler of the Reich Stag and wielded an influence Akin perhaps to that of John ill in British politics. At later Stuart periods of his life he taught at free Berg Heidi Welbers with immense Suc Cess. The advocacy of pan germanium. But his chief Force was his pen and the position which he in intellectual world of Germany is com parable Only to that occupied by car Lyle or Macaulay in great Britain. Probably no German processor has Ever onion handed such an audience. In his lecture Hall there gathered a concourse beside which the London audiences of Bernard Shaw or father Vaughan Palo he had a gospel inborn belief of Che greatness of Germany her past Ner went and the illimitable Deshany which awaited her . Was treats cake s tale and theme and it u the Central idea of his volumes whether the nominal subject was his tory or politics. H he had no philosophy of history in the sense of Hosel or buckle he had another that philosophy of history which is common to All German historians some theory of the work of god in a. World drama in which he is the supreme actor. The German idea was the greatness pm Prussia the glory of an army which a. Nation and of a nation which is n army. It was necessary that Prus should dominate Germany in order to give Germany present Unity and future grandeur. Diatribes against Britain. Treats cake urged to Roqu p Hersell for the High of cles Day of reckoning with Bri Tain the great enemy for whom he had the respect due to a Foeman worthy of is steel. A believed that Britain had misused her opportunities and the civilization which she at tempted to impose upon one Cru Arter the would Send a sufficient Force to offer a formidable resistance to the germans. To Send a Small Force would be site ply to lose it and the artillery accompanying it. Furious fighting at Antwerp will be buc there is taxation sex thus some reason to Hope that the columns of surrender of the City is not imminent Stavras Battle is at Tol in mean while there is virtual Silenc-3 from the front in France but there is something in the dispatches suggests that the Climax of the Call

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