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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 8, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaHawaii All m Days for each of 2 passengers snaring room mom As per brochure fort Garry travel service 453-4630 1170 Pembina h Way Winnipeg free press thursday october 8, 1970 class mail registration number 0286 moving packing storing phone 786-6081 for of tit test late or brochure a Mai i Allie Van Linell 5-Man group protests brawls on main Street Gordon Stanley 689 Jubilee Avenue is a Man who treats the discovery of a three Diamond engagement ring in a Carton of Laboratory filters from Toronto As a very matter of fact happening. Nor does or. Stanley feel that a lot of people would be tempted to just pocket the ring without any attempt to find the owner. Or. Stanley is the storekeeper at the pharmacy faculty of the University of Manitoba and he found the ring in a shipment from the 0. H. Johns scientific Supply firm in Toronto. He took his find to the faculty office and the Toronto firm was contacted. It turned out to be the engagement ring of one of their packers a mrs. Sarah Cormier. It s no wonder that h. W. May president of the Toronto com Pany writes me that mrs. Cormier is now an enthusiastic believer in the honesty of Western canadians. And i d like to believe that everyone is As honest As or. Stanley sometimes it s not easy. Dick Kirk president of Power vac is the source of another unusual find Story. One of his firm s units was cleaning out the heating system ducts at 514 Stra Brook Avenue recently when out came a slightly aged certificate for five shares of transcontinental and Western air incorporated. The face value of the shares was shown As each and the certificate was dated feb. 15, 1935. It was made out to a John w. Beckett but no one knows of his whereabouts. Transcontinental and Western was taken Over by North american Rockwell and the five original shares May be Worth a lot More or nothing at All. In any event or. By David Sinclair a delegation of five main Street merchants appeared be fore the Winnipeg police com Mission wednesday to complain that an area along main Street where they have their Busin esses is rotting and will soon be like a bowery if preventative police Protection and ser vice in t supplied after hearing the groups sub Mission commission members agreed that it might be a Good idea for some of them to take a first hand tour of the area in police Cruiser cars before the next meeting of the commis Sion. The delegation headed by Frank Dojack co owner of the Winnipeg musical Supply com Pany 660 main Street brought with it a document containing the signatures of about 70 other businessmen in the District who share their views. Or. Dojack told the commis Sion that the area of concern is on main Street Between Rupert Street and the subway at main Street at Higgins. The area is becoming completely intolerable and getting More and More out of hand every Day. In fact it s getting so bad along this stretch of main Street that people Are afraid to fre quent our businesses anymore out of fear of being he said. Or. Dojack then presented a list of seven grievances to the commission saying that these were some of the everyday happenings in the area. The list included merchants in the area Are being refused insurance for plate Glass windows and burglary rates Are being increased because of the High crime rate. Persons Are urinating on buildings and entrances publicly with no prevention action being taken against them. Fights and occurring brawls on the streets and Side walks All the time. _ being accosted on the streets by persons begging and threatening. Drunks sleeping in door ways of business establishments preventing owners from opening their stores. Persons in the area Are continuously out of hand be cause of a shortage of police in the area. Drunks coming out of beverage rooms Are assaulting peo ple on the Street. Or. Dojack said that this list of grievances adequately out lined the problem in the area and that if More police Man Power or some better solution could t be supplied then the merchants were going to lose their business altogether. The reason or Dojack sup plied to the commission for the trouble in the area was there Are too Many Beer Parlours and Pool Halls in this one area As Well As it being infested with transients. In one Block alone on main Street there Are eight Beer Par lors and three Pool Halls. These places Are regular hangouts for transients who Are forever staggering out into the streets and causing or. Dojack said that the obvious solution to the problem would be for the City to Supply More police for the area to show the criminal element that they can t keep getting away with the crimes they Are com mitting now. Another member of the Dele gation William Stefanik related to commission members a happening outside his store last week which he described As All too in this happening he said a Man standing outside my store was beaten up by three men just As he was about to come into the store. The Man was bleeding from the head and lost three Teeth in the beating. With things like this happen ing All the time in our business he said it s no wonder people Don t shop at our stores a suggestion by member of the commission Douglas Groff to have four instead of two policemen walk the beat in the area was greeted enthusiastically by both his fellow commission members and the delegation. Or. Groff suggested that the police split up and two walk on each Side of the Street. Prof. Ruben c. Bellan an other member of the commis Sion suggested that since the problem seems to be one of a major social problem in Winnipeg the matter should also be referred to the City welfare committee for further after a comment by a delegation member about More Light ing might Stop the mayor Juba also suggested that the commission members Check out the lighting in the area and see if it could be improved. Acting police chief Constable John c. Webster said that he would give the four Man beat idea a tryout on the weekend and report Back to the commis Sion at its next meeting in two weeks. Beckett or any of his relatives May have the certificate by contacting or. Kirk. When Kathleen Brown and the James Duncan singers appear in the Manitoba Talent showcase for the University of Manitoba alumni Homecoming oct. 16, they la be doing a Medley of College songs that should evoke some memories. Paul Kligman Libby Morris and Diane Landry Are other Welcome features of the alumni show according to Elizabeth Zimmerman. Jesus people9 establish Headquarters on main St. By Douglas Mackay the Jesus people their Abe Kovnats was an interesting seatmate on a slight Back from Regina last weekend where he d handled the line Umpire duties in the Roughrider Louette game. Abe whose Kodiak parking firm operates the nine floor Northstar inn parking lot is just in town Long enough to get used to the new elevator now operational for the nine floors before he s due to return to regina1. Hell handle the referee s chores in the bomber Roughrider game this weekend. People and places friends of an old time Winnipeg athlete Dick Buckingham Are hoping he pulls through a serious Hospital session. Dick was a member of the 1925 Tammy tigers the first Winnipeg team to play in a Grey cup final they lost to the Ottawa senators. A Star at several sports he was also a member of the Cana Dian All Star Lacrosse team that won top spot in the Competition at the 1932 olympics in los Angeles. If mount Carmel clinic at 120 Selkirk Avenue just a couple of blocks East of main continues its open House Tom now from 10 . To 2 . It s an Opportunity for the general Public to visit a United Way Agency while it s per forming the Job it s done for 50 years providing medi Cal attention dental care free prescriptions and Psychia tric help to All who cannot afford to pay. For a look at peo ple doing something for people visit mount Carmel Tomor Row. Name is their own Choice have come to Winnipeg they Are setting up shop at 496 main Street South of City Hall. In what used to be an antique and curio shop the Brethren Are establishing a combination cof fee House boutique. They Are sandwiched Between a Beauty parlor and a billiard Hall that offers Girlie movies 25 cents and specializes in adult books. Ostensibly running the place is a fervent bearded Young Fel Low known Only As Cousin. But. In fact he says it will be run by the body of Jesus who s paying we re getting he replies. Already someone has found it in his heart to give them and an electrician has offered to come in and take care of the wiring. He is also donating paint. The Jesus people known on the West coast As Jesus freaks Are latter Day christians. They Are largely Young and ear Only a physical reset Ilance to their confreres the they minister freely to anyone offering kindness food and help and Are militantly anti drug and anti alcohol. They depend As Cousin says strictly on Jesus Christ for financial survival. They Are gloriously unorganized. We re not taking a Bible and shoving it up to your said Cousin. What the lord wants done is to show people his working with Cousin amidst a the shop and a Small stage will be set up for anyone who feels like entertaining or addressing the gathering. Informal prayers will take place in the evening. The Jesus people s resemblance to the established Church is slight. Cousin for example is not a minister. He regards him self simply As one drawn to the City to spread the Good word. He is a native of new Bruns Wick and came to Winnipeg via Vancouver the current Jerusa Lem of Jesus freaks the trouble with organized christianity these Days he says is that there s a Price tag on it. People go to Church to show off their new suits. A lot of churches Are really messed says Cousin. They re just not where he s he shies away from harsh criticism of the Church however. The goal of his Faith after All is to achieve purity through Christ and the love of fellow Man. Asked if the shop on main Street is receiving the financial backing of any Winnipeg churches Cousin replies no but adds gracefully that the Brethren Haven t really asked for it. S All the while Cousin and his Friend Phil Wichern drag lumber around the ruins of the store spinning off tales of Mira cles in Vancouver healings in Berkeley and the Joy of living or Christ. Praise the he says raising a hand to the sky. Visitors should Pav fee official weather report morning bulletin tacit car Tel unt he fat my he tin item Tut mum in. Artic Tir n Mac la n not m m he Mir tar 4m. Historical resources held Sun Day to wednesday at the hotel fort Garry. Americans fully expect it there were Many Ameri cans among the visitors who have registered at the lower fort so far this year. People Don t always appreciate what they get for he Sti Ted at a press conference. The Selling of souvenirs at such Sites the economic Bene fits to a Region when a historic site is developed including the labor Force required. For Large scale restoration and maintenance different techniques developed in restorations and knows have for Christ years and you know the Coffee pooling of expertise All these bad a place on the Agenda of the Federal provincial Confer the meantime the House is saved. We will proceed gradually with research and restoration and interpretation of the Story of Louis the same situation prevails at fort Prince of Wales and York factory Sites which will be developed when transportation facilities make it possible for Large numbers of people to get to them. So we will stabilize interpret and protect these Sites until then. You can t justify spending Large sums of Money on places seen by Only a few or. Bennett said the fur loft at lower fort Garry is arousing great interest among All who visit it. Some restoration will Ake place at the site of the former Village just South of the fort and the farm area immediately North. Eventually a new interpretation Centre will be erected on the West Side of the j i Highway. However he does not anticipate that any old build Ings from other parts of Mani Toba will be moved to the site to is necessary to distinguish be tween projects of National significance and those of Provin Cial interest Only he added. Cousin works on the Jesus shop christianity time to get straight there have been two bad drug trips in the past month for James Skubovius and both were trips to the same Magis trate. And appearing for the second time in provincial magistrate s court before magistrate John j Enns Skubovius lost. This time he lost two years. Skubovius 20, of 380 Spence Street appeared on charges of. Trafficking. Sept. 8, he had been charged with Possession of marijuana. That had set him Back for which he was granted time to pay. Skubovius had paid in his instalment payments to the court but needed More he told the court. Skubovius than tried Selling the goods he had been buying. Unfortunately for Skubos Sioui his customers were on the other Side of the Law. He was arrested sept. 17, when Selling 20 tabs of Ltd and two Grams of hashish for court was told. In a bar of soap the ramp also located another eight tabs of Ltd. Skubovius told the court that he had been using drugs for be tween five and seven years. Time in an institution would provide the Chance to straighten himself out said Skubovius asking that he be sent to a mix mum Security institution. Magistrate Enns said it would be an unfortunate situation if the Young Man had become a trafficker to pay his Fine for his sept. 8 appearance. The appointed defence coun Sel for the accused said Skubos Vious s business ability was open to question. In some respects he appeared More of a Middle Man than a trafficker. His Price for 20 Ltd tabs and the hashish was not a fair Market Price in Winnipeg. Magistrate Enns responded to Skubovius s request for time to straighten out. He received a year for each of the two trafficking charges to run consecutively and six months for Possession this term to be served concurrently. Ence which was not open to the Public. There Are now 600 National historic Sites in Canada Jid or. Bennett who sees a tre upsurge in interest asked if Indian Mounds such those at Pilot Mound Are considered of National significance or. Bennett said a re source paper has been commissioned in which such Sites win by assessed role necessary ombudsman an ombudsman is needed in provincial government depart a Canadian provinces have decide today s society because of us ments to realize the extent of de an ombudsman is necessary the government s association and that he enhances not a the serve Coffee to anyone and who wanders in said Cousin again counting on the lord for the Money required. In Canadian history much of he finds Manitoba holding its Ual r sparked by the 1967 with other province As George w. Regards its interest in history i wednesday. Involvement of govern ment in the lives of the i divid j with the individual. Manitoba s ombudsman Tennial. Or. Bennett stated that be cause of the present period of austerity some historic Sites in Manitoba Are in one or two Racks of clothes i eluding the Riel House. We will Likely occupy a Corner of have to establish priorities. In Centennial always in j All Are departments of gov Maltby said j a mint o the people for the i people and by the his first Public speaking although it was True the Trade the conference was attended i engagement since Bis appoint tonal function of members of by 33 archivists historians Arment april 1, or. Maltby told j parliament and provincial legis de mines the democratic process. He does not in any Way de tract from the effectiveness of the legislative Assembly be cause in fact he is an officer of that Assembly and is responsible oncologists and government of the Brandon women s Canadian futures has been to listen to in j to it and has to report to if and the territory forecast charges of inefficiency denied 25 30 Fri frit for in facials from and the provinces j club in Brandon that one need j div dual grievances and to use Only to took at a list of the their Good offices to remedy the situation it was becoming More difficult for the political representative to conduct a thorough investigation into All com plaints because of a dramatic increase in population. The total Impact of the ombudsman s activities on Public administrations is much greater than the cumulative importance of cases dealt with or. Maltby said. The total desired effect bad Faith and dirty dealing be my Back we . Tra Larl t u a j us charges of Gross inefficiency have been dismantled behind i can t explain or. Carrie cause of or. Wider said. Saying such things about the however or. Reed cited the the veiled at the Dafoe Library or. Carrie also pointed out m be said referring to backlog of books by Tiff one mands Yeative govern i is to reduce complacency moreover. My. I the University of Manitoba the article out 20 to 39 fad time the article. It just does t of the Library rooms As an Campus Are not what they Are employees of the Library Weem make Sesse. Bee be or. Car ample of apparent Nunag Eniet cracked up to be. David Wilder be Laid off if a practical oomph be asked far his to . Director of Library kit Civ in Teri Ltd Book ordering system go to Victoria to work there we or. Wider Emmea Tiftz of heated a tote Bun interview costing the Bra by Wen Nam Raby granted it it fort any books Aid the a Mem wednesday. Set of. See soon. I Don t be cleared a recent article the Maui de editor of flue Man however. Or. Said be Toban. The new Sapei. Toban the author of fre or. Wilder said he left Wrid be pm mag a copy of or. A med Geram Corrie a sys Storr which appeared Friday. The Matt Obj editor had the Amer s letter to or terns amidst re Dewoy rescued of cat fews to the Timmy Orr of i a Duff of n it a Fol tit. Kid fee twoes Jet tots done a Munt Saal Lemmex Widter fed Tor Tun it is the Doty of the govern ment to govern and to Deal with matters of general Public con Cern sessions Are but Mug so org led that Mem Hus have Befle time to do Jestice to mid it Java grievances. Or. Makby said that whatever die arguments for or against the tart remains that for the Hope a that the ombudsman a Fol be Able to convince complainants that the official or. Marby said. In dealing with comp eans from div idols against the and satisfy himself that the complain fat is valid. Us mros and. After ass drag that the a Wottawa is he Siaw hts a of Miff to and cd flee a monster to wite

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