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Winnipeg Free Press {Newspaper} - 1970-10-06,Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free press tuesday october 6, 1970 mixed temperatures Are expected Aero Canada during october according to the to Day weather Outlook of the . Weather Bureau. Light rainfall to forecast for the Southern Prairies with moderate precipitation for the rest of the country. In i Clear Crisp voice Mon Day morning a 31-year-old be spectacled Smarty docs cd Man pleaded not guilty to a charge of capital murder during formal arraignment of 20 persons at the opening session of the fall assizes of the Manitoba court of Queens Bench. The trial of Thomas Mason Shand was to commence monday at 2 . In courtroom number one. Or. Shand is charged with capital murder in the june 27 stabbing death of Winnipeg detective Ronald Edward Houston 35. The charge Laid Only in cases involving the death of police officers or prison guards is the Only one remaining in Canada to carry the death penalty upon conviction. The Crown is scheduled to Call 47 witnesses and defence counsel Harry Walsh has not yet specified How Many witnesses he will Call. The formal arraignment monday morning was held before or. Justice John m. Hunt who will precede Over the judge and jury trial of or. Shand. The Crown was represented by Gil Goodman. Director of prosecutions for the Manitoba at Tomey general a department. 20 arraigned As assizes open Mary Elizabeth Cromarty 26, an Ontario resident pleaded not guilty to a non capital murder charge hut guilty to a charge of manslaughter in the aug. I beating death of Marcel gun gras 49, of Dryden ont., who was found in the doorway of 185 Pacific Avenue. The guilty Lea to the reduced charge of manslaughter was accepted and miss Cromarty was remanded to oct. 24 for a sen 23,867 convicted Ottawa up a total of 23,867 persons were convicted of impaired driving and. Offences related to Bratli test Laws in the first six months this year the Dominion Bureau of statistics reported monday. Of the total 14,559 were convicted for impaired driving 6,758 for having illegal alcohol Content leading of .08 or Over and 2,550 for refusing to be tested. Tence pending preparation of a pre sentence report. Joyce Edwards 18, of the Roseau Indian Keser a pleaded not guilty to a charge of no capital murder in the May 27 shooting death of her father Luke Edwards 41, at the Roseau i Zesei pc in the municipality of Franklin. Her trial has been set to commence at 2 . Nov 2 in courtroom no. 1. Nancy Ann Gelley 47, of 356 Madison Street St. James Assiniboia pleaded not guilty to a charge of manslaughter in the Iuzie 6 stabbing death of her husband Joseph Albert Gelley 5at the couples Home. The charge was reduced to manslaughter from non capital murder after evidence at a preliminary hearing failed to support the higher charge in the opinion of the presiding magistrate. The trial of mrs Gelley will commence at to . Oct. 21 in courtroom no 1. Wilfred Edmond Ducharme. 49, of 2c5 Laura Street suite 10, also pleaded not guilty to a charge of manslaughter reduced from non capital murder in the May 2 beating death of Tobie leeches 56, of 519 Logan Avenue in or. Ducharmee a apart ment. His trial will commence oct 26 at 10 . In courtroom no. 1.other charges scheduled to be heard before judge and jury during the fall assizes include robbery theft rape incest trafficking in narcotics Possession of an offensive weapon and attempted breaking and entering with intent. Soviet imperialism a threat meet told avoid epidemic Atlanta a. 6ap an epidemic of German measles predicted for the Early 1970s May be averted because of rapid Progress being made Iai a . Immunization program the National Centre for disease control says. About in million children already have been immunized in the program started Only 18 months ago it eventually Hopes to immunize 60 million children. Discini nation barred Oslo a the International convention of 1965 Banning All forms of racial discrimination was ratified recently by Norway which also has enacted new Laws making racial discrimination a punishable offence. Or. B e h d a n Stebelsky of Toronto told about 400 people at the 20th anniversary meeting of the Canadian league for the liberation of the Ukraine that soviet imperialism which dominates the Ukraine Aims to Rule the world. Or Stebelsky appealed to the free people of the West to fight the soviet threat to Freedom and Independence. He referred to a period during the second world War when the ukrainians had to fight two totalitarian fees a the reds from the soviet Union and the fascists from Germany. Many of these fighters had to escape from the soviet Union to avoid prosecution and Many of them have found a new life in Canada. Or Stebelsky who is on the National committee of the ians and other National groups in a struggle for the liberation of the ukrainian Peoples from communist enslavement. The meeting was held saturday night in the pros Vita Institute Hall 777 Pritchard Avenue. Among those attending were archbishop Maxime Hermaniuk first metropolitan of Tjie ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada consumer affairs minister Ben Hanuschak of Manitoba representing premiered Schreyer who is on Holiday Alderman Nick Malanchuk of Winnipeg representing mayor Steve Juba and Alexander Mel Nyk president of the Winnipeg Branch of the league. Saint honoured Vatican City a St. Caterina of Siena 14th Century league for the liberation of the Mystic teacher and spiritual Ukraine said an Independent writer who worked to bring the Ukraine is the key to world papacy Back to Rome from peace. Avignon. Sunday became the it offers an Avenue for the de second woman to be proclaimed Striction of russian Imperial a a doctor of the roman Catholic ism which would remove one a Church Only about 30 ints threat of another world War Ever have been awarded this or. Stebelsky said the league i title for their learning and Aims to unite Canadian Ukrain the dentist q my if they re just Folit 0 come out anyway Are baby Teeth so import tacit a a Early and regular dental care is essential for the maintenance of Good health. The primary baby Teeth require the attention of a dentist just As much As the permanent Teeth. Some of them primary Teeth must serve the child until he is at least 12 years old sometimes longer. Healthy primary Teeth Are important for chewing food and they assist in Normal speech. They Are vitally important in Stimis Patiag the Normal grow Ali and development of the jaw. They act As pathfinders for permanent Teeth and guide hem into their proper place. A neglected baby tooth can cause pain infection impairment o f general health damage to the underlying permanent tooth and premature loss of the baby tooth. Q a that Caa happen if a baby tooth is lost ahead it time Siace it will soon be replace a a crowded irregular permanent Teeth Are often the result o too Early loss of one or More primary Teeth not to mention the obvious loss of proper chewing ability for the child. Each baby tooth is reserving space for a permanent tooth which will replace it. If the primary tooth is lost prematurely there will probably be a loss of space resulting in an inadequate amount of room for the permanent tooth. Q a what can be do a if i baby to mtg is but to Early a a the dentist can prevent the space from closing by the use of an appliance Leo own As a space main Tainer. This May be necessary in order to prevent the remaining Teeth from Drifting into the space which should be maintained for the permanent tooth. This is especially important if the baby tooth lost is the one directly in front of the first permanent molar a a Why bother to fill a to mob that is to last a ily aae Oer no Neils or so a a cavities tend to term in Teeth that Are next to students to debate vew setup Teeth with unfilled cavities. Then there is always the possibility that any untreated cavity May cause pain and in some cases infection. It is unwise to leave Active decay in the Mouth even for a few months. Q a Are there serious consequences result Iii from the less i a first Perra agent molar a a there most certainly May be the first permanent molar which erupts directly behind the baby Teeth is often called the Keystone of the dental Arch and is the largest and most important of the permanent Teeth. If it has to be extracted As a result of neglected decay the whole dental Arch can collapse into that space. Also if the first permanent molar is lost chewing efficiency on that Side of the Mouth will generally be reduced by As much As 50 per cent. Q a do baby Teeth have Roou a a yes they do although at the time the Teeth Are shed the roots have been almost completely dissolved through a process called resorption. It i de baby Teeth have leaves a a yes they most certainly do and these nerves just like those in permanent Teeth Are sensitive to decay or injury q in by Elm Haa a decayed Smth. Will to Hart him 1� have it filled a a this depends on the Dep of the cavity and the child s sensitivity. With modern techniques and equipment however the filling of any Topi can be virtually painless. Charleswood project gets govt. Loan a s315.210 loan to metropolitan Homes ltd., for coi Striction of a new Low rental housing project in Charleswood Man. Was announced monday by Central Alor Gage and housing corp. The project will consist of 30 three bedroom bungalows expected to rent for $194 a month. Families earning s7.760 a year wih qualify for occupancy. Says Church needs Young priests parishioners of the bless University of Manitoba Sto dents Umon has called a meet i of. 3 to discuss of a new Pou Ticay Wiehler natio Ihl a Sandest organization. Wailing Trow of so students by 9t�ide�t a by slip a Israel Lyon said is an itetiew5��"j�, Metrow Litas titty six universities Tove of far a to tax Quot cat Hob Curch indicated they �10 attend tie a Ca a a i a meet my to be my at the la 5�� a a a Tjie . Priis we. Timbre in been m it ionic arc Bacup he Mumk so ii s6�s�?Tebaliee be oct a Yew theste. I taker 19si. We of cute he cd beg Paioa pc Smerts pcs pc Ferri Iii a a a no ii act a macs Rel air fax ifs. Lum a Aii Emlott Ker. Rsm . Fms into my a Boss a a by tar of the Benei a Ait Ubai ims tax new a Al we emf sea deals team Gaeri Gia of a for yobs of am try since pcs in him. A i in is a Nav St the we a Jay of i Mac Oei for Jar two 9pnbh 9 Vomm is we �0. A a j. 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That s Why we say Canada savings Bonds Are Good today better tomorrow an invest intent that grows and grows. I by Yaniri Titan a Lwis Iii Iwuc

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