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Winnipeg Free Press {Newspaper} - 1970-10-06,Winnipeg, Manitoba Wih Hiruy Titu a Ute Uay. Ocie a Kkt 6. Iv7u a vicious brutal attack vets Man five years a 22-year-Oid Man was sentenced to the maximum of five years in prison monday after he pleaded guilty to a charge of Possession of an offensive weapon which he had used a to bring about a vicious sadistic and brutal attack upon his estranged the Man Bruce Cameron appearing in Winnipeg magistrates court also pleaded guilty to a charge of false pretences and received a six month sentence to run consecutively. Crown counsel Hymie Weinstein said Cameron who first appeared i court sept. 28 to plead guilty to the charges had attacked his estranged wife sept. 26. A Btl is is one of the most serious offences of its kind before the court in a Long or Weinstein said that Cameron had lain in wait for his estranged m Ife sept. 26 until she had come Home with a boy Friend Cameron then forced the woman at knife Point to accompany him to the Riverbank by Concordia Hospital and a for a night of terror where he forced her to yield to his sexual de sires at knife Point. Quot i this had been any woman but his technical wife the charge would have been a much More serious one of rape and is for Unis reason 1 ask for the maximum penalty of five years a or. Weinstein told the court Cameron a lawyer said Alco hoi was an influence in the attack. He said Cameron had jus lost All perspective that night. Magistrate Mike Baryluk in passing the maximum sentence said a the attack on this woman who is Only technically his wife was one of the most vicious brutal sadistic attacks i be Ever heard deaths estate auction Sale and Bailiff Sale of 3 pee. 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North of Portal a 7�3-i7ts Peter Wichnick a auctioneer Villi apr a sell on Cen Iii it Nant Are a a for Cash Antoniw roman 78, of 68g Magnus Avenue formerly of to is Manitoba Avenue. Bruce Myles of 503 Bannatyne Avenue formerly of. Uie Hudson a Bay co. Connell Albert Granger of Penticton b.c., formerly of Winnipeg. Connolly Hugh 80, of 555 Lanark Street suite 505. E is l e bars. Edward Florence marie54, of 12 Neptune Bay fort Garry. Emes mrs. Annie Holloway Godfrey 88, of Sprague Manitoba. Farag mrs. Fahmy nadia41, of 555 Lanark Street suite g04. Fowler Campbell Reid of Elp Lionstone Manitoba. Hallett Nellie. Fic of collegiate Street . James. Hillier Percy William of Edmonton formerly of Winnipeg. Holland Mary Madeleno. St of 205 Brooklyn Street . James formerly of Steinbach. Jonasson Wuu Ain Wallace of Sault Ste. Marie ont., formerly of 530 Spence Street Winnipeg. Jones Jane 55, of 819 Pritchard Avenue Forn Erly of Scotland. Jowett Percy a., 72, of 503 Rosedale Avenue. Kiczak mrs. Edith Taw docka83, of Nightingale nursing Home widow of Thomas Kiczak. Knox mrs. Sarah Effie 82, of 347 Drake Boulevard . Boniface widow of William Knox. Lexier Jack s., 79, of Winnipeg. Mcgilvray James w., of Saskatoon sask. Mckay Brendt Lee 18, of Lockport Man. Minkin mrs. Harold ethel65, of 634 Jefferson Avenue West Kildonan. Roseboom John 37, of 95 Cobourg Avenue. Sinclair Cecil 63, of 23 Brownstone Boulevard . Vital. Thorimbert Frank 67, of Manitoba. For furrier information please see classified Dedtha deuces Rivers scheme studied the possibility of making use of the Canadian forces base facilities at Rivers Man., Foi practical training operations Quot As an alternative to Industrial use is being investigated by the ederal department of regional economic expansion Tom Kent Deputy minister said in an interview Here monday. Jle plying to a question regarding the future of Rivers or. Sent said a number of ideas were being studied Quot including one or two Industrial possibilities a but added that alternative uses were also being looked at. He explained a practical train no operations As a Plant which might produce a variety of products and provide training for people As it operated. In Winnipeg to attend the opening sessions of the 62nd annual meeting of the Canadian Institute of forestry As the convention keynote speaker the ormer Winnipeg free pressed or spoke on subjects concerning the department of economic expansion during a news conference at the hotel fort Garry onday morning. He also indicated study was being Given to the establishment More a special areas which would qualify for increased Federal incentive Grants in Manitoba. A a re looking at other towns Power sales expected by Paul Pic Hon Manitoba has High Hopes of Selling Hydro Power to Minnesota coupled with the Export of electrical apparatus manufactured by Winnipeg based firms. Industry minister Leonard Evans said monday. He told a news conference that there was a change coming in the a buy american policy now being exercised by Many firms especially Power companies in the United states. The minister returned last week from a four Day Trade Mission to Minneapolis and . Paul. He was accompanied by 23 Manitoba businessmen and manufacturers. Or. Evans said the Northern states Power company is anxious to buy Manitoba Power. He added that once the Nelson River Hydro project is completed Manitoba Mil have periods when there will be excess Power available for Export. And this excess Power should come at the most opportune Imes he said. The minister said that Man Toba Peak Power requirements come in january and february Duke fired gun witness israelis allege torture Jerusalem special tons a egyptian treatment of israeli prisoners of War became a National Issue Here monday As the government publicly charged for the first time a grave breaches of the Geneva Conven Toronto up a Provin Pon. Cial inquiry heard monday of a Israel based its complaint to report to police that George the International committee of Clinton Duke once drove up to a the red Cross on tortures Alle neighbor Boathouse party Gedly inflicted on it. Moshe after a Tiff with a machine gun Goldwasser an israeli Pilot shot mounted on a Golf cart and Down Over Egypt on aug. 3, fired Burels into Lake Ontario. 1970. The inquiry also heard alleged a this death was directly Crook John Papilla say he vis caused by the numerous intuited or Dukes firm to inquire Ries inflicted upon his body by about buying a Lawn Mower be the United Arab Republic auth cause he was Hurt at criticism crities a Israel charged in a of the height of the grass in military press Brief Hig monday front of his apartment House. The Pilot body was not re a it was very embarrassing a turned to Israel until sept. 2, in be told j. J. Robinette counsel a decayed state and with Many for the inquiry. Vital organs missing. An Egypt a you re not kidding me about Tian medical report said it. All this Are you a asked or. Goldwasser died from a cardiac Robinette. Air eat. A no sir a or Papalia replied. The israeli physicians who exp i discussed with or. Duke mined the Corpse could not de whether it was cheaper to buy a Termine the cause of death but Lawn Mower or a noted in their report evidence of he ended up buying neither severe beating. The Pilot left he said. Testicle was missing prompting the inquiry was told by App charges Here that this was done staff supt. J. S. Kay that he had to remove evidence of beatings heard or. Duke tried to keep in that area quiet the fact that he knew or. Also the Israel medical re Papilla and Daniel Gas Barrhill port said that skin had been two men named by or. Morton removed from the pilots wrists Shulman As persons with Crimi after his death a again raising Nal backgrounds suspicion that this was done to or. Shulman member of the hide Marks there legislature for Toronto High a deliberate acts were made Park alleged in a speech to a leg suture committee june 4, Delta Nat Falt it that or. Duke associated with Dart fastest High ranking provincial police Colorado Springs Colo. By the United Arab Republic authorities to raw the signs of torture and to hide the real cause of death of it. Goldwasser a the israeli defence Force said in its statement Given to newsmen. The egyptians also failed to refrigerate the body which a could Only have been intended to erase Signi of torture Quot Israel charged failure to return the body to Israel for 28 Days was Furt Lier evidence of this intent the government stated. While doubting that a Pilot in it. Ciol Wasser excellent physical condition died from a heart attack As Egypt claimed the israeli statement said that such an end could have been from the a cruel and inhuman acts a flicked on the prisoner. The International committee of the red Cross should demand that Egypt bring to trial those who tortured it. I Wasser and take action to prevent the same kind of treatment of other prisoners of War Israel said. Just As the United states government debated whether it would do its prisoners More harm than Gowl to publicize their treatment by North Vietnam israeli leaders engaged in the same kind of argument before mondays Public protest. Save Renta fully equipped Ford Pontiac or Chevy Economy models $2.50 a 24 hour Day plus Gai and mileage. Rent a car at i Rahall 942-3366 now open Oakview place senior citizens personal care nursing Home i set Cir car do ? Topi car i Ria Turing a 24 or. Nursing care a physiotherapy a non sectarian religious services i decor furnishings amp did Fary a facilities Are Deslin a to mint Jan an a Trospher As firm is the it Judenf ohm Home Complete recreational facilities mint Jan an by most in Manitoba a or. Kent admit whue in Minnesota the Peak Quot a a a persons with _ 71� to year old f-106 Delta led a but i can t predict any Power use months Are july and a Quot a a Dart interceptor of the . Air thing about where such an area August investigate the Jyh Force aerospace defence com a b. ,.�., i a a a. S Evans said. Co tenants in an apartment but he added the province building Early this year but they also wanta to couple the Sale of never met there. Manitoba produced electrical # Marion Phillips visited or. We Are looking at Brandon Dauphin Portage and others. The problem at Rivers has certainly strengthened the Case for doing something in that he agreed that Rivers Vospher As firm is the it Judenf ohm Reat onal facilities a licensed dining room amp cocktail lounge 3 acres of Park like property offering landscaping ind Gai Dening Ficili Trei. Ujj a Jam 3reni i i 888-3005 i 2395 Ness ave., James Cintro Chi. Locsin buv3afd5�t�s transformers i Duke at the apartment it he transmission towers with was not More than a Quot dear the Export of the Hydro electric Friend who gave her business Ity. Advice. Fifteen of the 23 Manitoba for Duke treated mrs. Business men who accompanied or Evans on the Mission last week were on hand monday for the press conference. One of these men a n. Is the governments incentive program might help and there Are some Industrial he then said an alternative could be the training facility but said the final solution May be either Industrial or training. Or Kent said the departments incentive program had proven helpful in the maritime provinces Eastern Quebec and received i in if Aninha in the Oro irom my Yesota m Manitoba in stabilizing the Economy in those areas. A a unofficial buy were to Orcas Tisci but in mini in a Aida the Pait a he said a a Loris time it is in t True primary because of the development incentives. till is have been More fair he expected the do Mamion co. Ltd. Of Winnipeg will govt. Mav v produce drugs by spread across the the store that Brite diamonds i accounts Chen Moss .3 sine Ilio is wooo shown cumin Mill cd Wick �77 p0ptta61 90�gt Jammalo for thanksgiving a classic arrangement Beautiful mites Poms and fall foliage in Brit int autumn Hue Rasta fully or Rar gtd in a keep sat Codo vast. Special compit phone today Uit Sam a a Sunburst carnations a fact a Lon Clastic 80.95 a Oka or 10 Cash 6 carry a a a do sir to tto Aitio Milf Amneh in a vim a add $2,00 a autumn Harvest asm Tad Fth foliage Imit Mck Aci a font too att to arcs of a ring Ammu it at Otto Lang regrets a loss Contini the Alto be receiving inquiries about structural steel transmission towers from the United states. Although few or no firm orders were received by Nipes Burin Esseo in the twin cities most agreed that the Mission had Given them the Opportunity to Quot get their foot in the door and conducts that were made will Likely Lead to new markets. The spokesman for Western flyer coach Ltd. Said Bis firm has already made a contract with Dayton Ohio to sell buses and is now dealing with another continued he said it was not for reasons. Of health or Over any difference . City in respect to policy. Quot nothing spokesman said the com like that said or Lang. A the a a hich took part in the wheat Board chief commissioner fusion Hopes to take and Felt that once he had passed Mil he should be thinking of retire rant made by the . Fed ment and has picked a time to local Bodum do it when the wheat situation transport Uon a has brightened. In a sure he will ,. Be available for consultation by the Mission were Liis colleagues and counsel and my in advice Niu not be lost to manufacturer other equipment manufacturers Engineer or. Lang Sakl that or. Mcnamara is recognized throughout the world As an authority on Grain marketing a both for his wartime and Post War work in helping to feed a hungry world and since then for his us pub leadership of Canada of Grain marketing Quot he has rendered invaluable service to the people of Canada for the past 21 Yean i deeply regret losing Hii abilities at the Board. However i made stand i his reasons for this More and wish him every Success in his new ventures a said or. Lang. Or. Mcnamara has been involved in Grain malice tiny since 1924 when be helped to organize the Saskatchewan wheat fool which he served for is years. Since joining the wheat Board in Imp be has travelled extensively to most con Atnes of the world where Canadian Grain is sold. He was instrumental in opening Many of the new postwar Mart sets for Canadian wheat and was one of the grit Canadian businessmen to visit the Rar Ioos socialist countries a a Potope and Asia in Boling f sales of Canadian grains. Or. Mcnamara has been a key film at Nany iat Eraa tonal Gran , Mirtic Olary Ibe negotiating Carfer it fees for successive Imeraj tonal a Lieut Agre mems. Be is ing and architectural consultants and other members of the Manitoba Hidu trial Community. Or. Evans a id in an inter View that the Mission a a used up to his expectations and that a firm foundation has been Tabu bed for increased Manitoba exports. He said the twin cities should be a natural Maet for Manitoba products because it is located closer to Winnipeg than any Large Canadian City. He added that the Kennedy round of Tariff discuss ads de sifted to lower and ease Trade restrictions Between the two countries will enhance the province position in trading with the United states and particularly Mima Aota. Thirds of the total expenditure at the Pas and that the group of four companies were putting in on third. This in no Premier Schreyer was misled by the principals of the com Pany and also i would by be was misled to a degree by former official of the Manitoba development the four Oom Panieri inv Dvo in the Forest Indus Iii project at the Pas 315 Miles Northwest of Winnipeg received about s9z million in Loans lion the Manitoba government the Loans were made through the Manitoba development fund under an agreement negotiated during the previous conservative administration in Manitoba. Pm a snub upsets minister Foo a a doers Woi hard. a . The cleaner that actually floats on a Cushion of air powerful Nolor for really effect the cleaning. Large disposable bag can be changed in ten seconds and your hands never touch the dirty wrap it around Vinyl furniture guard. Double stretch Hose won t Kink or full set of Dean ing too by Leasky wands combination Rug Aid floor nozzle dusting Brush fabric nozzle advice tool and tool rack. The Collete canister cleaner. My m it is riled you can Altot Ditmor or con need Spock denounces Agnew fun mss Pri Ladelpha a it _ or. Be Mii speck has Deacon cd critics bulb dig vice presided of Agnew. Who name by Book of Chad Icaria for flies. Carrent Quot Peixia Ismie Petra i he feed m As a leading a whim Ity \ to a j m Grain m foam he pm if i Ibn of the work. or fhe his first stir Winall a of a did Tfir a i to wheat he in sip min a of car Piasac a Man aft Tom. Grain in Iper Njeim Yob Hentsi. La ism. He to ats ecu ref cat of the Hyta. He a Wei Deely Viot 3v Law Bel Fri ill mm4 Frei his i it he Nam not or Cerea a Etc re Iper Anui a my Wka m Aad Oliai d mini Sukk my a r. A a i Cani Tate Ere in he it awed Peaple Wlaz Lorne Erk eds m a Aftahi a Hatt teaches yer mrs wow Mem. La vat to4 in the Burayi Hested Iti film vinits disappoint Flent at not being Able to see or. Trudeau the ambassador said a a i Don t deny he said his foreign minister wanted to see or. Trudeau. The visit might be rescheduled Quot maybe in the an Cut Kraal affairs department spokesman said he did no to know whether the reported reason for the postponement was Correct he said Nort visit of foreign ministers to Otuwa Don t i chide interviews with the prime minister Thoo a some do. A Spiesman far or. Ten Deau said there Are a number of cases where visiting fan Ign my a Sten have been Abie to see the Priale min iter. A recent one was nitric is Ortiga manster Ihsan Sahn Gay Angil the spokes Ian said or. Tradean tit Octabie is a Iver loaded because a a Taaning for his conic visit to Massiat the scope Ihirg of Parfian mat and preparation of of Thrace Speedl is Wen As Caho it Aad Caha aet Cyva Pittee Ini Linn be Azenda no it Aive Al exports 6 Canda were exp care Twat anon or. Calf i win a a a Day i mar Cavada it Fly to Lara a win a was to Yoi in no the Batter Sim Cha As a floor Caner then Ria or the handle Aad it Oon erts in Seo oods to a hand eld Deaner for above the boorjobi.newdeb0a Fleory nah with fun Samd action easily co vats for a aeon Wanfoon orca Peting. Law easy it Banc i Poi ask big. Your hands Newet Lonch a in diet hang mip Hole in hand it the it Vena tile Deaner on the Madoc padded Widi Hoover Toj Mqry a Bertony on r cd t1�. A Oak of action Giva a 1 Hob. Floor Pooh goes a intr. And Baa if Feen Bemeda is a sgd i a Jok Gondi file with i and up a Nihil. out a for Oil Paliy Dir Lotf of wave he minces let Youresta. A Waw wow who rom Unghi View Jupo Foh Raper is a Mumo fun Mitobe m7 p�r�a9� aet a Arnm a no

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