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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 3, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg nit Prest saturday Octroi in 3, 1970 a remarkable memorandum by Bertraud Russell written Only a few weeks before his death last february at the age of 97, was published in Britain recently by the underground news paper Black Dwarf. It gives an outspoken account of difficulties within the peace and protest movement of the 1960s, in which Russell was such a conspicuous Fig ure. In particular it is a close and candid analysis of his relationship with Ralph Schoenman his american born Secretary and chief lieutenant from 1960-66. This review by Roy Perrott of the document throws important Light on an aspect of the peace movement that Many peo ple found puzzling at the time namely How far were its activities under Russell s own control and to what degree were they influenced by the controversial or. One the whole the Russell memorandum is Wrilen without acrimony and with an apparently objective desire to Analyse what went wrong with the peace movement. Russell admits his own errors with a regretful can Dor. The general composure and lucidity of the writing in Russell s last words clarify views on War protests and at once became involved in left Wing student activities at the London school of economics where he was Reading for a research degree. He was Active in the Campaign for nuclear disarmament. He first met Russell when Russell impatient with the ineffectiveness of and was forming the breakaway group the committee of 100, with its More belligerent philos Ophy of civil disobedience and direct action. This is where the memorandum takes up the Story. Russell begins by referring to a passage in his autobiography where on or. Schoenman s first visit to Plas Penrhyn he found him bursting with Energy and teeming with ideas and in of his mind although it made for considerable superficiality and glib Ness immensely refreshing As i did his sense of fun and a to univ and irony although often created difficulty unrestrained As it was by any sense of decorum. In fact in a world made up largely of people who he Schoenman told me of this As he told me of the Chin Ese episode upon his return and i pointed out that i thought that he had been greatly at fault. He agreed with me. I optimistically believed that he would not repeat these quite in act if at All Only upon second t or More thoughts and i called for rude provocations. Or More thoughts and guard the charge and penalties of har Boring someone forbidden entry to Russell says that it was after the cuban crisis october 1962 that he verse is 4__ during the crisis when i the United states had demanded1 a that Ralph did More than a Good Secretary should have been expected to do but in the Circum it is not quite Clear from the context whether or not he is registering a or. Too much Russell later in the removal of russian missiles much More firm from Cuba Russell Settele whether m plus distance to i it is to president John f themselves Well with subsidiary the memorandum refer clauses his companion said Schoenman s rather in Oulu As Welcome As a delicious fresh some As to this Kennedy and Nikita Thrush a certain confusion was l Breeze on a no Prev hav i Russel adds with a touching Chev urging peace and referring patently beginning to develop in Candor i am by no Means Iiri the unjustifiable action of or Schoenman s dual role to. Folia ten Insl if s anal Sonn Nilu a Breeze on a muggy or. Schoenman s optimism the memorandum goes on fitted him to see the to flattery. It is so rare As i the United states. Russell was Sweet in my ears. But if criticized in the press and else it is very obvious it can Only be where for intervening in a and secondly As a tentative of rus the philosopher s pres his familiar style finally Dis pose of any suspicions that senility had impaired his faculties. A covering note attached to the document dated dec. 12, 1969, indicates the mood in which it was written and rus sell s concern that it should be accepted As his own uninfluenced View. This is my it reads. I told my wife what i wished her to Type and she has typed it. I have read it Over to myself twice carefully and she has read it to me once. I entirely endorse it As being mine and what i wished to by Way of preamble to the document itself he says he is writing it for reference in Case any of his actions in relation to Ralph Schoenman should be Tell Igent if inexperienced and a Little doctrinaire about politics. Also i liked in him what i found lamentably lacking in Many workers in the causes which i espoused a sense of irony and the capability of see ing the humor in what was essentially very serious business what i came Only gradually to appreciate what could Only emerge with the passage of time was his difficulty in put Ting up with opposition and his astonishingly c o 1 e t e untouchable Russell goes on to imply in this part of his autobiography that or. Schoenman took a Good Deal of the initiative in getting the new movement going and intended it to grow into a mass movement of Gener Al opposition to government nuclear policies so Strong As to Force its opinions on the govern ment directly. It was to be a mass move ment no matter from How tic ability of ideas that anyone it 1s Verv can Only be where for intervening in a ?.eu. The philos owner s pres less hopeful would Steven at irritant of and Touchy situation and for the Tige Behms him this emerge tempt Tot Arr to s Are was another incident in More strident anti americanism at the Helsinki peace Confer others to work for 1965 Russel when he was that was detected in messages ence in july 1965. Rusell re owner sch work reluctantly persuaded by or. And letters apparently auth Calls hat while it was in ses their reverse Schoenman to lobbying oried by him Sion he had not attended i Bucu Icv Ciao Blue. A _ my Enlil a Tala for ideas. But cities had their reverse see Schoenman to join in lobbying of my the Are in a British of u s russe11 refers to or. Schoen they Are in la Par for his based tendency to at the House Man s initiative in the perhaps i should never he halfhearted promises a Large sign and have sent the telegrams that has representative or. Schoen Cial s Artir Maros that Russel should be gave Khrushchev an opportune Man had caused uproar Cid help Are Fum promises photographed holding it. He to to Send his open letter of Mendouse provocation of peace to then proceeded like a Monkey withdrawal had it not been for it said Bertrand re a to it. I Russ fill be act foundation Lis which will be confirmed and a Ticu truce Hueu use a Moncey win arawak Nadir not been for already s a stick to a encouragement Pace foundation already confirmed. Had after credited. Essential you Diss Oci a i Ai Ato vat Vircol of Uli Coall already confirmed. They i motor car i in order it Al my Foi his firm belief that ones Long and hard can extract support from even ashamed. Ote Russel reflects to flout the Noneo re. Use reels t if he but police. It was All quite foolish the critical Days having sex that he was much Dis enough he and undignified and i was tracked a Promise that or Turbed final of ppr from even Schoenman would Wake him if turned out to be an the most reluctant target. Rus again after or. Schoenman s anything further transpired he one and that perhaps sell claims that or. Schoen ostracism by the British govern did not Wake me but woke my if was or Schoenman s inter i which in ment he had been refused per wife to obtain her backing m mention that had made it so. Diccian to Ann _ f n _ t _ Man s self Assurance Aviu ecu Iti of jul Dell hc1 Juilu kill 111 tabled him to carry through a Mission to enter the country by sending a further Telegram to tons that would have been in the Home Secretary in 1968, but Khrushchev the possibility of possible without it also permit came in illegally Russell says which we had discussed. It was Ted disastrous displays of tact that he appeared at Plas per sent and when i awoke i a Hon done up in a preposterous proved of its having been the memorandum refers to it did not occur to As an afterthought Russell spoke for himself he took up the German and other criticisms with or. Schoenman on his return. Or. Schoenman replied that he had resent Tive but As a Delegate in his own right. On this occasion he claimed to have made it Clear that he was speaking for himself. Russell contented himself with pointing out that the aim could have been achieved with More tact. Or. Schoenman he says indicated that he would try not to commit such impetuous and provocative errors a certain unease was apparently developing among officials of the Russell foundation whose work was largely financed by royalties from rus sell s in the summer of 1966 one of its directors re signed saying in his letter i feel that Ralph Schoenman has captured the foundation and turned it into a monolithic expression of his own limited interests and there had been other com plaints Russell says but they were so vague that he mostly disregarded them. One example was of a and supporter who wrote claiming that Many each workers were concerned by the feeling that Schoenman s propping you Russell says that he largely accepted or Schoenman s View that Crit cism of an energetic worker Ike himself was More than like trained As Secretary general of the War crimes tribunal i be came increasingly doubtful of his usefulness to the work and remonstrated with him both frequently and definite break Russell concludes by saying that he made a definitive break with or. Schoenman in two let ters sent in 1969 followed by a Public statement of repudiation. While Russell s memorandum much clarifies a previously Obs cure area it is permissible to ask whether it should not have been even More searching on some Points considering the important effects the relationship had on the protest movement. Russell mentions one or two occasions on which he and or. Schoenman intervened with in his View great Success As with the Khrushchev there were a number Russell s doubts in with the War crimes w la an itus Schoenman replied that be Hac or. Schoneman s visit to China i him that he was exposing me to adds it did not occur to me gone not Only As Russell s Ren in Hie behalf in 1qr9.1? a on of called in question. He adds that he is also writing it for my own satisfaction since i have been told that whatever i now do or say in regard to him is said or done in reality by someone else using my name. This is not True. My relations to him have been mine from our first meeting when he came to see me at Plas Penrhyn rus sell s Home in Merionethshire towards the end of july 1960, to the time of my letter breaking off relations dated 19 july 1969." in some ways Russell s account confirms How strange even unlikely the collaboration of two such disparate men was from the Start in others one can see How i quaintly representative of the bewildered 1960s the relationship was. On the one hand the most eminent Small beginnings the scheme seemed to have great possibilities indicating that it was mainly Schoenman s idea and the More i talked with Schoenman the More favourable to it i in the memorandum Russell says that in the first draft o this passage he was More adversely outspoken but that he had toned it Down because he did not wish to injure him in any Way or his position in work ing for causes that seem to me to be he had originally written he says that he found or. Schoenman not Only impetuous but aggressive and entirely undisciplined and i realized that these characteristics might Well make him seem a dangerous Young Man As i had been warned that he was to anyone of approve. Whom he did not exponent of the English Liberal Radical tradition already an octogenarian when the two met on the other a Clever and self assertive revolutionary Socia list with a Princeton degree whose militant Outlook had clearly been shaped by the pressures of mid Century Amer ican life just As Russell in his turn had been nurtured in the cooler atmosphere of Cam Bridge rationalism. Or. Schoenman now aged 35 and living in the United states came to Britain in 1958 i Early recognized his Lively instinct for the memorandum goes on his swashbuckling Assumption of the importance of his own role in the Centre of the stage. His conviction of his unshakable be Lief in the penetration and breadth of his understanding were obvious. I was impressed by his courage both moral and physical although it too often flouted necessary caution and resulted i n unnecessary provocation. And i was impressed by Bis generosity in helping anyone of whom he thought Well or thought to be suffering injustice although it often led to use less waste of Effort and Money both of which might have been far More advantageously spent. Lauds courage were i to list his kindnesses to me the list would be very Long and would include Many generous deeds that must have Cost him dear in worry and work. I found the quickness on his behalf in 1962-3 As an example of this. He took it upon himself to teach the chinese whom he met the Folly of the moralities and customs inculcated by their though he and his companion had been courteously received by Premier Chou in Lai they later had to be chided for their and tactless indiscretions while in China and their sponsor Russell was rendered suspect. Relations Cool to my distress and the grave embarrassment of our work i have never been Able to recover the warmth and Friend Liness formerly accorded me by the chinese Here again Russell recoils on his own criticism in a rueful tone of voice As though he had spent a Long. And wearisome time and this is indeed the main theme of the document tying to reach a final judgment on the Sharp contrasts in or. Schoenman s personality. He re Calls that or. Schoenman had gone to China bearing a Mes Sage from the late prime min ister of India Pandit Nehru which he hoped might have found a Way out of the entangle ments of the suit Indian Border dispute in late 1962. Against great Odds he and his companion had managed to reach Nehru and obtain this message from him no one else i believe would have done this. No one else would have believed in the possibility of doing it or had the persistence and Hardihood to achieve it. It provides an obvious example of the dichotomy of Ralph s work admirable up to a Point but finally ruined by his Impe much the same thing happened on one of or. Schoen Man s visits to Israel on his behalf when according to rus sell he took it on himself to lec Ture the former prime Minster David Ben Gurion on his and the Israel government s Short comings a lecture naturally resented by its recipient y. But leased Unco tribunal of 1967. He had be come increasingly aware that while or. Schoenman was Good at developing an idea he was disastrous at carrying it out. Again there was the Dicho Tomy he says the tribunal might not have got off the ground without or. Schoen Man s intense Effort but with less provocation of critics it might have worked with far less Cost in human frustration futile work and Schoenman ceased to be rus sell s Secretary in 1966. Russell complains however that he constantly heard and read of his having made pronounce ments As my Secretary or rep despite Russell s insistence verbally and in let ters that this should Only be on letter. Of occasions in the decade when rus sell spoke out effectively just when the sick room hush was settling again. But judging by the memorandum he seems to have underestimated How far the credibility of his wide rang ing crusade was impaired certainly in the eyes of Fleet Street probably among a Large Section of the Public too be cause of the emotional slant of the anti americanism which could assault the integrity of the Warren commission report on the. Kennedy assassination in much the same tone used to decry the Vietnam War be sides the multiplicity of causes taken up and the lingering uncertainty about who was really running Russell s attack. If the memorandum raises further questions it is hot Possi ble to find easy answers. Much of the fascination of the Story of which this documents the Kernel lies in its complexity. Radicalism was changing in the 1960s and becoming the Irequi site of a militant minority. It specifically agreed occasions. Schoenman claimed that it was not his fault others took it for granted that he was still Secre tary despite his denials. Over the last two years rus sell says Schoenman had worked without reference to his colleagues in the foundation and had flouted his own criticisms. His actions since 1967 have become so egregious that he appears to me no longer to would have done so without Russell s intervention. But it might be said that he and or. Schoenman like the direct action group of and triggered off have any value in carrying on the foundation s but since the foundation had be come a limited his approval he no longer had any say in Schoenman s tenure of office in it it is for his col leagues to give the facts of their in working with difficulties Earl Russell walking a London Strett in 1961 with his gift and his Start Tail Ralph Schoonman on Earl Russell s after expressing regret about the breach Russell raises the question which Sticks out implicitly throughout the memorandum Why Given the difficulties he mentions did he not break with his chief lieutenant earlier the reason Russel says is that for the last few years he was the Only person who could and would carry out the work that i thought should be done. The balance of his accomplish ments Over his drawbacks has Only gradually been reversed. His faults and mistakes were of less importance than his ability to turn vision to practicable effect and his courage and of in carrying out our the idea of civil disobedience As a political weapon in Britain for the first time since the suffragettes. Russell in his eighties was ready to move drastically away from his traditional Liberal Posi Tion in which he had worked on the Conception that the voice of reason could prevail in world politics. He began to see things in much harsher terms of Black and White. The opinions of his aides May Well have influenced him quite openly in this and Russell mentions or. Schoen Man s initiative in the Case of the Khrushchev letter and the launching of the committee of 00. But Russell strongly firms in the document that he kept his Independence of mind. Whether Russell was right in saying that the lieutenant he chose was uniquely fitted for the task is ment the who had seen so Many causes come and go evidently Felt that in the a bomb and Vietnam Era with the Odds against him so enormous and obdurate that Only an in fighter of intense de termination like or. Schoenman could succeed. However it is surprising to note How unreal in some ways were Russell s expectations of or. Schoenman. Russell can All along be seen striving to see the food Quali ties in his aide. But a revolutionary socialist is in fact a a matter of judg aging rationalist i j w ideas. When some time after revolutionary for whom tact is the cuban debacle he finally not necessarily a desirable Vir took the bit in his Teeth and tue. Later careened away unrest Tooter Var str vat i tourist dictatorship governs lives of visitors in Russia to ctr v by Stanley Karnow Leningrad special tons there Are two dictatorships operating Here in the soviet Union the so called dictatorship of the proletariat for the russians and the dictatorship of the i tourist Agency for foreign visitors. After four weeks of travelling across this vast land i have become familiar with the in tourist autocracy. The experience has left me wondering whether soviet citizens live1 under an equally exasperating in route. I tourist denied responsibility and referred her to Aeroflot the soviet airline on which she had flown. Aeroflot sent her Back to i tourist j which again referred her to the airline. Back and Forth she went for several Days her Petty insistence on having her suitcases rapidly fraying her temper and. Of course spoiling what had promised to be a thrilling adventure. Ideal tourists in contrast Ideal tourists from the soviet Point of View Are Francis Cornwall a retired contractor from Long Beach California and his wife. Jane i the other Day in Moscow when i. In violation of my own decision to Roll with the punches staged a Small Tantrum. I exploded after an i tourist cashier re tray it is institutionalized. For example a visitor can select his hotel Only by paying i tourist a 125 Premium otherwise be is assigned a room and fused to accept a torn Bill i up in a place like that she herself had handed which looks in change a few hours before i tractor factory crumpling the Bill into a Small Ball i threw it at some must do his sightseeing in Anat Mealtimes. Without him the group while those who pay guest is doomed since Only he through the nostrils for deluxe receive a personal guide and automobile. Deluxe usually Fea Tures a hotel suite while first yields the equivalent of a Broom closet tourists travelling in is authorized to Issue table assignments. Once seated the next problem is to signal a waiter or waitress. This is an extremely difficult task As soviet waiters Are Espe places simplify this process by arbitrarily taking a handful of coupons from unsuspecting for Eigners. By the time a tourist times called the Comrade Hil j still lower classes Are Given Dally trained to elude winks Broom closets without Bath. Books and was once visited by Lenin. In the summer particularly tourists nay find themselves in the care of foreign language students has reached this Point usually an easier going lot he is prepared to tolerate Al a my guide in one provincial most anything in order to be town was so easy going in fact. Meal tickets or hotel vouchers that were originally purchased for hard currency. Nor win in which Conw be seeded up by employing snails for waiters. One theory has it that restau Mentele. At that Point they ration out grease stained menus and vanish leaving the guest for at in All fairness to i tourist officials it should be stated at the outset that they display an usually honest attitude toward Berian City of Irkutsk a couple foreign visitors. Quickly and can of weeks ago. They had arrived tourist that be is not really Wei aboard the primitive trans siberian railway to be Tom by ing the gesture with a few in printable expletives. To my sur prise she and her associates burst into laughter. Then still chuckling she picked up the Bill ironed it out with her Palm Andi returned lit to me. I confess class Ana reimburse my we so that customers will become dishes. Table a Annm he s a a Zug a Sis ass i the face off lying greenbacks. Cal. A ttys delegations of to when i offered to in leaving us country a the one thing that other gestures until they Are the hardest Day s night i tourist cannot Cash in unused an classes is restaurant service j ready to accommodate their Cli have had in a soviet restaurant meal tickets or hotel vouchers a High in 1" frankly. Her sole passion As far was at the Aston hotel Here Mas i could judge was Rock Leningrad when after Finaghy music which is frowned on by tourist i rant service is purposely slow least a half hour to select his that customers will become dishes. Seated by the soviet regime next to a records she informed Are ease Rigours payment or As More accepted notion is i official in Moscow explained to that waiters and Over a11 mail her a couple she shrugged visitors to the soviet Union and room Nilmei tit acc Shaf All provided they Are not so vice resistance As wild therefore the waiters did not arts stat s torn or mutilated lots of Green trades Lack the incentives to Duck with red cabbage and to ousts backs and a willingness to earns extra to fast Viar fixed blah is. When spend them lavishly can ease i tourist also earns extra special treatment the inefficient and costly As the tourist who humbly accepts the fact that the soviet authorities Are negro dangly tourist doing him the favor of permit de an Ling him to see their com try to the will save Wear and tear on Bis Maata dined nerves. Anyone who comes Here a wether five to Myers Back los Angeles travel ire two exhausted. Ski Rucj ii Sci us even distribute menus to the despite its gloomy officials neighbouring tables until the service Wrabness and Gen bad finished their eral Lack of Joy the soviet Ito to in w Tor try for research indicates that it is usually impossible to me in a restaurant that caters to foreigners less than three eaten sri Day in the Union was Here in fee Otter by or a to iwo tace t Sig laity. Yet he responds As the customer essays each to rising Manta specially. No longer cares in the end. The meal consists of borscht seas Dir and the in eve table Ca camber salad. In ode Taoy the food is Svaby Peirce red at intervals. Bet at tins stage the guest no Tafter cares he has been starved into Iwig Wii vol n a soviet no Tajii Down and 37 of Fin nobody for the trave Der ought to visit his eyes and ears open. But a Good Many North american tourists i my if imn Gly to i lining Here possibly leftist Fea Angs Are these Days perhaps they equate eroticism of the or Eikost with the worst period of the com Crar. Typical of Ane cams

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