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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 3, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaI hanged in effigy by All the women that i am definitely not knocking women for this pm aware of some of the reasons. For example Many women on Lois show would com Plain that when they asked a football question of their husbands they would ignore it and Tell them to watch the game. It s Tough to learn much this Way. Also How Many girls have played football this in itself puts i hem at a distinct disadvantage to men who have almost without exception played the game at some time. A group of women got together in Ottawa last year and formed the soft and with some coach ing from a few sex riders prepared themselves to play football at half time of the Intra squad game. I am sure each of them is much More knowledgeable about the game now than before this venture. Participating makes it come alive in More ways than one. The following might help to in crease your interest in the game or at least Tell you How you As a woman could become a More knowledgeable football fan. The scoring system in attempting to understand or enjoy any sport whether it be football Tennis or hockey you must learn cer Tain fundamentals. It is important that know and have a Clear concept of the idea of football. You should know that a team has three chances Johns to gain 10 Yards. If it fails to Uain the 10 Yards in two Downs the team will usually use the third Down kick. This third Down kick is called .1 punt. You should also know the carious ways of scoring Points touchdown six Points to score a logic Down the Ball is usually carried or passed Over the opponent s goal me. Two things to remember about this Are that touching the goal line is considered to be the same As crossing and if the Ball is fumbled after the crosses the goal line the touchdown still counts. Held goal three Points the team Hist drop kick or place kick the Ball Sci the crossbar and Between the prior hts of the opponent s goal Post. Nis does not apply to a Kickoff. Life to touch two Points if you try pass or kick the Ball into your area and you Are tackled there two Points Are scored by your opponents. An interesting sidelight is at if a safety touch is scored by i team in the last three minutes of her half then the team that has scored against must kick off its own 25-Yard line rather than Possession of the Ball and Start with a first Down from the 25-Yard line. This is to prevent a team from maintaining control of the Balf or this manner when they Are ahead by quite a few Points. Rouge one Point if the Ball is kicked into the goal area and the team receiving the kick is unable to carry the Ball Back across its goal line or if the Ball goes out of Bounds in the goal area then a single Point is scored. Convert one Point after scoring a touchdown one play is Given to score a convert by place kicking the Ball As you do when scoring a Field goal or by running or passing the Ball across the goal line. Again before anyone starts to pick me apart i am not explaining these to the letter of the Law or putting in All the exceptions or special cases. I am attempting to relate the general idea in simple easy to understand terms. The officials now that scoring methods have been explained perhaps i can Clear up some questions you May have about the officials. The officials Are an integral part of the game of football and an explanation of the primary duties of each of the five might help. This will ensure that at the next game you can jump up and yell at the right striped shirt when a penalty is called against your favorite team. The referee is in charge of the officials and he will position himself somewhere in the offensive Backfield when the Ball is put in play. Most of his Calls will be on infractions in the offensive Backfield. He will signal and apply All penalties and this usually takes the Brunt of the fans criticism even though in Many cases he did t Call the penalty. The line Umpire positions himself behind the defensive line and his Pri Mary duty is the play on the line of scrimmage. The Back Umpire positions him self in the defensive team s Backfield and his primary duty is infractions that occur downfield such As illegal interference with a pass receiver. The head Linesman positions himself on the line of scrimmage on the Side of the Field where the Yard Sticks Are situated. His main responsibilities Are to spot infractions on or near the line of scrimmage and also ensure that the yardsticks and Down Box Are Correct. The Field judge has the same duties As the head Linesman other than the yardstick Crew and he is positioned on the line of scrimmage on the opposite Side of the Field from the head Linesman. Now that you know some of the technical jargon let s get Down to really playing the game. In order to do this i am going to put you in the sweater and pads of players in Var ious positions and let you play for them. The positions let s put you in the uniform of number 9 Joe Zuger for the Hamil ton Tiger cats. This is probably the position you know something about the quarterback s Job. You Are now the Field general and you must Call All the plays and direct the offence. You will soon get clobbered on a fake after a hand off and will realize it is not a picnic Back there football is sometimes referred to As get the you must have extreme Confidence in your ability to throw the Ball and Complete passes and when All else fails you must be ready to eat the a or grrr for your life and take your punishment. You must be an adept Ball handler and be Able to put into action the game plan that has been worked on so hard All week. This is the position most people watch for pure entertainment but if you really want to understand and appreciate football Don t watch the quarterback All the time. Next you la Wear the gear of number 34 George Reed for the Saskatchewan roughriders. This is quite a responsibility because you will soon find that As one of the Best half backs in Canadian football every time you go near an opponent he is taking his Best shot at you. You find you not Only have to carry the Ball when called upon but you must also perform blocking assignments when the other backs Are lugging the Ball and get in a real Battle fending off charging defensive ends when your quarterback goes Back to pass. On almost every play you Are in physical Contact with the opposition and when you Wake up the Day after the game you wonder if there Are any parts of your body that Don t Hurt. Now that you have played some of the More glamorous positions yom must go to the trenches As a tackle and put on number 60 Danny Nykoluk for the Toronto Argos. Be care Ful to tuck in the sweater it will be Down to your Ankles. Shortly after the opening Kickoff you will have found out you Are in combat with the defensive tackle and end of the opposition. On every play run or pass they Are trying to annihilate you. You have one advantage and that is you know what the play is and who you must Block. Other than that it is continued he he i he he d d d d club mob club d d d e t t e d d d d defence o f offence too too o e t g c g t be 0 o Otbo 2 he feb key to positions c Centre g guard t e be end f he feb a a quarterback club Comer linebacker mob Middle linebacker s safety weekend Magazine oct. 3.7970 -11

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