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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 1, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press thursday october 1, 1970 37 daily crossword 4. Yet 5. Gloomy 6. Theater perform Ance 7. Tree s. Agitate 9 i qua non 10. There fore 14. Cabbage dish 15. Plait 19. Pre vent 20. Pay dirt 21. Troops 22. Statute 24. Failure 25. Gelder land City 26. Cozy room 28. And Vance 31. Pitcher 34.0blit Erate 35. Vase handle 36. Maintained 37. Inspired reverence 39. Morsel 40. Jacket a hurts 3qhoh i 3qhhh Ohli Aki Hub he my Hanhy Ooala 41. Ibsen s peer 43. Sports Caster Allen 44. Bulgarian monetary unit across 3. Appraised billiard shot 11. Wedding attendant 12. Active 13. Find self fulfilment Colloq. 3wds. 15. Be mistaken 16. Macgraw 17. Old time Auto 18. Trademark 20. Sharif 23. Did a Garden chore 27. Summary 29. Musical work so. Complete 32. Elysium 33. Endowment 35. Got you 38. Sea for 39. Implore 42. Ethics for the now generation 2wds. 45. Glazed Frost 46. Attack 2 47. Confuse 48. Happening Down 1, discourteous 3. Hebrew Lyre 3. Norse god daily How to work it is Longfellow one letter simply stands for another. In this Sample a i used for the three l a x for he two o a Etc. Single letters apostrophes the length and formation of words Awall hints. Each Day the code letters Are different. A cryptogram quotation Obj Apac to hot to he Civ a Der Obj in oct v an Viz Ako or but by to u. Acc but yesterday s crypt quote the sower of the seed is assuredly the author of the whole Harvest of 45 4ft l v b or t s Goren on Bridge by Charles h. Goren re to. Or a Tim Triton vulnerable. South deals. North ak92 a j 10 8 oqj8 j54 West East aa8 465 ok7s 4kq1087 4j3 South 4qj10743 v void 0 a 10 5 4 4ac2 the bidding South West North East 14 Dale. 2 24 pass 44 pass pass opening Lead King of a shrewd diagnosis of. The Declarer s predicament enabled West to pin a defeat on South s four Spade contract by. Pressing Home a lethal assault against which the latter had no effective coun Ter measure. West opened the King of clubs against the final con tract and East Fod owed with the nine As the beginning of an Echo to show a do Obleton. South realized that if be we the trick West could be expected to put up the Ace of Spades when tramps were led and then give his partner a club Ruff. La an attempt to disrupt his opponents line of communications Declarer followed the Deuce of clubs permitting West to hold the trick. Now it was the latter s turn to deliberate. South was marked with both of the missing aces to warrant his opening bid. Altho a club continuation would ostensibly present the Declarer with a trick West might still give his partner a Ruff on the third Viding that he made the proper Lead at trick two. West continued with the Queen of clubs not a Small one and South was in with the Ace. A Spade was led and West put up the Ace to Lead a third club. East ruffed and returned a Diamond. South played the four from his hand and West scored the setting trick with the King. Observe that if West had led a Small club at trick two Declarer can put up North s Jack and then discard the Ace of clubs on the Ace of hearts. When West gets in with the Ace of Spades to Lead a third club South is in position to Over Ruff East and thereby limit his losses to one Spade one Diamond and one club. By continuing with the Queen of clubs West placed the Lead in the Declarer s hand and inasmuch As the latter had no Quick entry to the Dummy for the discard on the Ace of hearts he was unable to prevent the Ruff. History hitchhiking in 30s under freight trains by Bob Bowman this year efforts have been made to Cope with the hitchhiking problem and especially to provide accommodation for thousands of Young men and women who have been travelling throughout Canada. Present Day efforts Are a great contrast to those of the depression that began in 1930. Canada s population was about of whom about were on in some parts of Manitoba and Saskatchewan More than 90 per cent of the families were depending on Charity for food and clothing. Unemployment was severe in All parts of the nation and people who had jobs often worked for starvation wages. One example revealed by an enquiry was a girl in Toronto who worked 18 hours a Day for four dollars a week. Thousands of men and boys took to the Road and lived like tramps As they travelled across the country looking for work. Their method was to jump freight trains by getting into empty Box cars. Sometimes they had to ride the rods underneath the trains or hang on to the ladders be tween the cars. It was always dangerous and often bitterly cold. The Federal government tried to Stop this movement of unemployed by ordering the ramp on oct. 1, 1932, to prevent men from Riding the freight trains. However while the ramp were trying to do this the policemen of cities towns and villages were ordering transients to get out of so they were caught Between two fires. The situation eventually led to serious rioting. One of the worst riots took place in Regina in 1935 when a policeman was killed and about 100 peo ple were injured. Other events oct. 1 1535 Cartier arrived at hoche Laga Montreal 1674 Quebec was established As a Bishopric with lava As the first Bishop 1764 civil Rule replaced military As proclamation of 1763 came into effect tumbleweeds and Yoo try to think of it As a figure of speech Kerry Drake smitty 1835 Toronto Globe was issued per As a daily new spa 1876 first wheat was exported from Manitoba to Bri Tain 1958 Canada House new York was opened maybe the Olp boy had a death rav zeroed in on has visitors i be been wondering about this Light the Way it s aimed at the chair beside 6elly3 it was ham05 to smart what 15 this Motif she int Samv books school i l Abner Tell it like it is Wasye Arnin White Servo thinks of thinking laugh Baa Temuco de Auto that shoo and suede mtg Thev s Saccom Lopatin lrlcritters.1 cil Thorp or floor d6w5. Doctor told me that m cast comes off Toafe Well have to celebrate by going out to a Nice restaurant How and if we invite Gil. Maybe hell pick up the piloting the plane when hearted pid Yousa today paper Robbie Cannon received quite a write up he earned it i Wonju nope be Doewat let All this instant Fame go to if head Friday Foster Dennis the menace Horoscope by Frances Drake Losk in the Section in which your birthday comes and find what your Outlook is according to the stars Friday october 2, Fitt March 21 april m Aries j under present influences unusual mat-1 ters can move Forward perceptibly As j can daily routine if you Are systematic. Avoid extremes. April h to May 21 taws if you Don t try to put a Square Peg into a round Hole you will find the Day satisfying. Stress your versatility and i personality. J May 22 to june 21 gemini avoid discouragement. Stress Confidence. October 24 nov Smiht 21 Star excellent planetary influences. Your judgment foresight and reflexes should be at a Peak now but re member that Good management will also be important. November december 21 j Shafit tarts devote your attention j to completing routine tasks rather than attempting Long Range undertakings. A j Good Day for advancing in business. I december 22 january Ca i do not hesitate to ask for assistance or information. The More Heads at work the More know How to j be pasted around. You will face com sure foot dress. Display your innate petition but you can Best it. Stability. January 21 to february june 22 to july 23 cancer use hold off in those areas some of those new ideas More investigation but persons in your Job or business May be Sofeo your once you have the necessary data so As not to lose extremely interested. Don t be vague when expressing opinions especially in the . Be direct and you wifi avoid confusion. July m to August 23 Lea there is More to Day than May be obvious at first so dig deep for its treasures and believe that you will succeed. Don t overshoot Safe Marks however. August 24 to september 23 Vir considering an the opportunities available Yon surely Short pot to Best use Yoor variety of talents and Yoor Edge in proficiency and strategy. Aim High september 24 to october a of tolerance Ana

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