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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 30, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaYouth beat by Brian gory about one in 80 girls in Winnipeg Junior and senior High schools became pregnant last year and had to leave school. Of the girls in grades 7 to 12, there were about 1qo known cases of pregnancy and More which were never exactly determined. A few were in elementary these were the figures discussed by an Assembly of peo ple a nurse administrators students school trustees the guidance head at a special meeting in the Winnipeg school Board office last tuesday. They met with the View of determining How to prevent further pregnancies and How to help girls who Are already pregnant. There seem to be inadequacies in our present pro said Harry guest head of guidance for Winnipeg schools. It was an exploratory meeting and nothing definite came of it. Despite the apparent Lull in activity drug use is rapidly increasing among the Young not decreasing. A study conducted by the addiction research foundation of Toronto students grades 7 to 13, showed usage tripled in two years. The percentage using marijuana hashish grew from 6.7 to 18.3. Ltd users Rose from 2.6 to 8.5 per cent and users of opiates such As heroin and morphine went from 1.9 to four per cent. At the current said the foundation within six years everyone will be using which is Why the Federal government upon the advice of the Ledain commission should hurry up. And take a stand.7 when .u.s. President Nixon called University students it was heartening to see a member of his administration Walter j. Hickel speak us for youth. But last week or. Hickel was fired and the last link Nixon had with the other Side was severed. A but i can still remember that one glorious moment when Nixon during his acceptance speech upon being elected said How he was touched by a teenager s sign saying bring us who is William a. Grouse Tell me and win his picture. Clue no. 2 he has More b s than Brigette bar Dot. Watch for third clue in wednesday s column Winnipeg free press monday november 30, 1970 2nd class mail registration number 0286 Eaver moving storage phone 786-6081 member Allied Van lines mailbag dear youth beat referring to the Young offenders Bill which you wrote about nov. 21, you say Youthful offenders May be sent to a training school until they Are when they will appear before a Superior court for in t that Beautiful in t that just on the same Day a provincial court judge said the Law would make it possible for a person to be hanged at 21 for a murder he commit Ted As a juvenile. He also said the Bill sets the clock Back 60 years because it strips children of the special Protection of the existing Law which says they Are not to be treated As criminals. I suggest you Tell people to write to my s to see that this Section is not passed. Name withheld. Did you drop a cigarette package out of your car window today Many people Are so used to it they do it unconsciously then you Are just As guilty of pollution As the univer sity of Manitoba which spews 14 tons of raw sewage daily into the River or any private Industry which belches smoke into the atmosphere. Preventing pollution starts at Home and in your car. Quotable quote Winnipeg is s u c h a drab City that people Start rumours just for the Sake of having some thing to talk about Al Niznick music promoter. Youth beat around t 0 w n Manitoba theatre Centre s second production Long Day s journey into night begins tonight. J. J. Jeffrey Rock band backs up Barbara Araya in the town n country towers. These two girls met Santa Glaus Here saturday. They were among More than 400 people mostly children with their mothers and fathers who turned up at the Bay for the annual breakfast with Santa. The stars of the show apart from Santa himself were Len Andree of Winnipeg Uncle Bob and Archie of Jay to and a live rooster called Charlie who crowed throughout the performance. The breakfasts will be held every saturday until Christmas with sittings at . And . Building plans for Kenaston pour in to City a review by Ronald Gibson Angels in pigtails like choir of cherubim by Douglas Mackay inquiries and proposals for the development of a 61.5 acre plot of City owned land at Grant Avenue and Ken Aston Boulevard arc still pouring in to mayor Steve Juba s office at City Hall. Sources at City Hall How Ever have indicated that Only those developers will ing to Purchase the entire parcel of land will receive serious consideration by the finance committee. A number of proposals the mayor involve Only Small portions of the property. Others want to leave the construction of roads and Public facilities up to the City. These would be developers Are unlikely to be successful in their bids for land sources say. On nov. 19, finance com Mittee heard development proposals from three groups r. C. Baxter Ltd. Of Winnipeg a Winnipeg consortium made up of Western realty Ltd. I bling Mich nor and associates and Aronovitch and Leipsic Ltd., and a Calgary consortium made up of Cal mor industries Ltd. And Fred Morton holdings of Winnipeg. Of those the Western re Alty group is least Likely to be successful in its bid to develop the land since it has Stilu Latch the City take care of roads Street Light ing and sewers and water As local improvements sources say. Sky View developments co. Ltd. Of Winnipeg has written to mayor Juba expressing interest in the Grant Kenaston land and the company promises to have scale models of its proposals ready within a month. Number ten architectural group of Winnipeg has informed the City that it Bias two clients interested in developing the land stress ing various types and Levels of housing for a Vari Ety of Columbus courts incorporated of Winnipeg has asked if a parcel of the land would be available for a 24-Nnit senior citizens Home. Myer Kuznarsky a Winnipeg architect has in firmed the City he is representing two clients one who would require Square feet of the property for an unspecified project and another client. Central Park lodges of Canada Ltd. Others who Nave expressed Ira Erest m the land whole m part Are Green blam Lun associates we mpg we Teml a hmm cock i Engineer anal fam Bueg w v h n Peters a eve Toper setting is far houses a i my Etc 0cm a Large enthusiastic audience greeted the Chil Dren s choir on sunday after noon at the Winnipeg. Auditorium. The choir was directed by its founder Edith Moeller with Paul Baner at the piano. We have Long enjoyed this charming and versatile choir. They have been described by Dylan Thomas As Angels in at. Their Best they sing like a veritable choir of cherubim. They have a tone which by turns can be incandescent or veiled. The Quality is always so pure and diction is so Good that they should be a Model for adults. The personnel consists of female voices plus five adolescent baritones who sing without the by catchiness of Canadian adolescents. With one or two deep contralto who can Supply a Tenor tessitura they can sing mixed voice music in a highly satisfactory manner. They have Many soloists All most capable and they were never better employed than in the Solo parts of Schumann s Ballad Gypsy life. Each Solo was excellent and the Youthful baritone was most refreshing. It was a pity that the management allowed late Comers to be seated during the opening item Mendelssohn s song of the Lark. These rude people ruined the effect by banging seats whispering and opening their lunch or so it seemed. Smetana s song of the Swal lors showed up the female Clement mannequin s Long de voices Well and illustrated the essentials for Good part singing Good outside parts. Throughout the program there were Many Beautiful effects such As the final chord of the 16th Century composer Sefl s chiming at Speyer with its ethereal Diminu Endo. The pro Gram never pandered to popu Lar second rate taste but maintained a High calibre through out the Mast Lovely singing came in that delightful Madrigal of the netherlandish Genius Orlan do i Lasso Echo song. For this fan voices placed at the Back of the choir provided the scrip Tive piece la Guerre is splendid in its variety of rhythms and descriptive phrases. It is almost As famous As that composer s be chant Des Noiseaux. It was Sung in a Fine flexible manner and in spite of its length maintained pitch very Well. Of the German folksong the Sun shines no More was very typical with its nicely curved phrases in a major Mode. Of the other folksong deep River was charming but lacked the yearning that we associate with performance by Southern negroes. The japanese group offered a problem. We Are so used to the ersatz Type of Oriental songs found in the Mikado of Gilbert and Sullivan that these songs sounded much like them and also spurious with their additional 19th Century Western har Mony. In the Kentucky Ballad the Cherry tree Carol we had a Young lady with a Low contralto voice singing a Tenor part with great Beauty of tone and phrase. This was the same Young lady who announced the program with a Fine speaking voice full of warmth and Enthus s i a s m three 20th Century pieces by Distler Orff and Brit ten each tested the choir s Abili ties and were a Welcome Vari Ety to the earlier music. After a very taxing schedule it was to be expected that these Young people would tire and this showed in some loss of pitch in the two folksong Little fills us with nostalgia but no sadness. We regret tie passing of the Small but the Large one with its indifferent acoustics and generally uncomfortable chairs so tightly packed together on the main floor that As we squeezed ourselves into them we were forcibly reminded of the Limerick about the Large Bishop who bought a Small car the Bishop has bought a new Austin and of it is really exha Uslin. His feet and his Knees they fit in with ease but his Abdomen has to be forced however culture lovers be not Down hearted. The auditorium will still be used for a limited time for boxing and wrestling school system rapped the secular Public school sys tem came in for critical exam. Nation sunday night at a panel discussion at Deer Lodge United Church panel members decided should have some role in education but no clearly defined role was established. Or. W. C. Lorimer Deputy minister of education defended the government s position of state support for Public schools Only but conceded the Church has a role in education. We have already achieved technological competence. Now we need to achieve social and ethical or. Lorimer said. Other panellists wanted to see state support for a wide Range of private schools and More emphasis on religion in the schools. Bill Trebilcox free press columnist and panel member said the Church has to do one thing in. Education teach a Basic moral that moral Law or. Trebilcox said should be based on the Judaeo Christian heritage of the majority which draws its Basic moral attitudes from the 10 a Basic belief we have no moral background on which to base or. Trebilcox said. The whole private state school controversy in Manitoba no longer hinges on the old roman Catholic protestant conflict a j. Muller superintendent of roman Catholic schools said. Of the 54 private schools in Manitoba today Only 24 Are roman Catholic operated or Muller said. In a pluralistic state support for Educa Tion should not be limited to a monolithic trustee a. H. Conklin of St James Assiniboia s a i of churches should be concerned about the moral aspects involved in education today. The Church he said is losing its fluence on the Young. Public schools have to give he said. Such leadership includes guidance coun Selling but programs offered such As drug talks do not dwell on the spiritual the fear of proliferation. Of schools or. Lorimer said was a reason for state support Only to Public schools. A democratic society can have Only so much diversity before that society flies pressure for state supported private schools he said comes from parents who want unusual education for their children or expensive private schools supported by Public one Parent speaking from the floor in favor of Public schools said. Little children learn to know and like each other before they learn Why they should hate or fear some one else because of different Echo and milling could have More Beautiful 50 schools to see show the Yong company of the maw Fafek theatre Centre started its few a dots m fee brother come dance with me and Mary went through a Forest of thorns. It was a pity that the piano was not closer to the choir. This. Would have corrected a time lag. Which made the piano appear to drag in certain accompanied works. Or. Baiter s Harp Glissando i the Britten Deo Gratias were most effective. We feel that Between each folksong be should have waited to avow the tonality of one. Piece to die out before we were a fringed into the new tonality of the next piece. We believe that the Peculiar minor introduction to deep River was an Accident but the choir never wavered. I Edith Oefler has that Essen ital for a choral Trainer and j conductor a teen ear for i her car Tau Unave to her and they Are a Botn Eweul her Floare was m Morley k was a Lew he lass Tmur of Pfail trim i to w Al icy Isu Mircu t a it Frare. Tace first put Ott Pragna weather report morning bulletin the in Ririe inv Man skim octo cow Vav Taw Meta he to lion Ami three after j hmm of. Pm vol Vomm in 2wv in pc Jacc by hmm clump m not 10 is Byttow in my my to in my Moth. Int Mimi we my . 20 and 30 decrees. Forecast no h 39. T. 25. Lew 3t 71 x Thompson u 3 -2 3 3j Tucey a s Terr Hacig Haw fahd tas Dot piece was left tin it Tewy nor. Ami pc 29 i -1 -j2 5 3 j 38 37 s3 23 ft3 .5 Howth you guess Iggett Hemford in 3.3

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