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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 29, 1971, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press monday november 29, 1971 . Believed ready sell Israel jets Washington special p n s Strong evidence emerged saturday that the Nixon administration has decided in principle resume sup plies of phantom f-4 Jet fighter bombers Israel. The main question is when do it. Following charges from Israel that Secretary of state William p. Rogers had shown signs of an anti israeli obsession and even of anti semitism in discussing israeli requests for More arms a High administration official disclosed that or. Rogers told eight . Senators last week that the timing of future aircraft deliveries will be discussed when israeli prime minister Golda Meir visits Washington dec. 2. Asked about possible re sumption of phantom deliveries Israel presidential press Secretary Ronald Ziegler at the Western White House in san Clemente calif., said saturday we never discuss military sup ply a recounting of the discussion with the senators which initially sparked israeli newspaper charges against or. Rogers indicated that or. Rogers twice referred the timing of new deliveries rather than a decision on whether resume de liveries. Moreover while or. Rogers reiterated the . Belief that the military balance Mideast has not shifted against Israel he said the United states will take into account Israel s feeling of political and psychological insecurity in re viewing with mrs. Meir the arms situation and broader issues of future political moves. High administration official emphasized not the arms but the record of or. Rogers talk with the pro israeli Sena tors. As recapitulated from official notes taken at the meet ing it showed for the a n i s e m i c anti israe charges nor that or. Roger said Israel was breaking up widespread Given the incident in israeli papers and mrs. Meir took pub lie cognizance of the last alleged comment by or. Rogers she said thursday there Are outside forces that want spread a report that the Best of my knowl Edge and awareness is not Ture that the Public in Israel the people of Israel Are split Are breaking up Are falling the incident which threatens personalize govern rent argument Over aircraft originated ii the talk or. Rogers last tuesday with the senators. Four re publicans and four democrats who urged him renew phantom shipments. Sen. Javits told reporters later in what officials considered a fair summation that the Secretary or. Rogers feels it would be the wrong signal the arabs if we resumed Send ing phantoms now but we the senators feel it Rould be the right the israeli newspaper Maaris said sen. Ribicoff refused be interviewed on leaving lest he _ might say things in his anger j for which he would be sorry of but it added that the senators had the impression that or. Rogers was Seething with anger because israeli obstinacy has stymied his various attempts work out a Mideast settlement. It also suggested or. Rogers has an anti israeli another newspaper Davar claimed sen said during the conversation that he was not surprised at or. Rogers remarks an observation understood in. Washington As hinting at an anti semitic note in Rogers sen. Ribicoff could not be reached for comment saturday. The official notes of the ses Sion beyond Points cited above had these highlights or. Rogers reiterated pres ident Nixon s support for Israel so that he said Israel can win a new War if it might break out. But the United states also wants keep its lines open the arabs. Next week s debate on the Mideast in the in general As Sembly will be difficult because israeli intransigence toward suggested settlement has isolated it within the world Community or. Rogers said. When a senator asked if the United states Israel from Arab lands without peace or. Rogers said never. It wants Israel after the in. Session be More forthcoming on terms for a. Settlement say what it will do rather than what it will not do present a better image the world. Israel has a Good Case or. Rogers continued but the world thinks it will not withdraw under any circumstances. The United states does not agree with that assessment but it has been unable convince the on the Point. While the United states Dis tax Bill huddle today continued personal tax rate reductions and increased Basic exemptions would be implemented on Jan. I. Other the conservatives maintain Are too complicated Deal with by b e proclaimed sometime in the new year Fol lowing an enabling motion passed in the House. The commons has been Deal ing with the sections in group Ings agreed by House Lead ers whereby each grouping has been allotted one or two Days or debate. Government Hopes having the subclauses within the groupings passed during the allotted periods have not in most cases been realized. The last grouping taxation for corporations is scheduled for monday. Fearful flyer gets wings sir Wilfrid Laurier collegiate Institute cheer Leader Mcleod 16, her nose broken during a girls football game cheers for her team during the Scarborough Junior finals in Toronto. Her team lost Midland collegiate Institute 34-17. Xmas parties Are better at the Village inn motor hotel 2.75oid up i pm. 837-5871 i agrees with israeli policy or Rogers said there was also publicity a criticism and doubt within Israel Over israeli policy. The military balance in the Mideast has not changed or Rogers reiterated. Egypt knows it cannot Cross the Suez Cana with Force. The United states is watching however what effect the new Supply of six 10 16 Badger medium bombers from the soviet Union might Lave on the balance he said. Entire military balance will be reviewed with mrs. Meir. The United states recognizes that Israel feels Uii cer Ain but. Or. Rogers basked Klos optically what is Israel s future five 10, or 15 years from 6w? the United states believed it should include a peace settlement which or. Rogers contended that egyptian pres ident Anwar Al Sadat wants. The latest National intelligence review of the Mideast arms balance shows in con Trast israeli claims that the soviets have not supplied one new mlg-21 or any other air Craft Egypt since july with the possible exception of the Badger bombers which May be piloted by russians. In comparison the United i in couple hits big 1 Jackpot continued before he becomes a Jour Neyman. Next month his hourly rate will go up if he d won the big prize or. Mabee said it just would have meant that i d been Able re tire quicker. I probably would have used it on my Hobby or. Mabee who did attend a Winnipeg Blue bomber game this past season admitted he lad change loyalties the Toronto argonauts when his ticket on the Eastern division team. Norm a 11 a i would have Een cheering for Calgary in irent of the television but mrs. Smith who won a 500 Consolation prize on the Rish sweepstakes in 1930, decided take the Chance on the top Cash award. What do the Smiths plan do with the Money it s All so said mrs. Smith 74, we Haven who have been married for 42 years were represented at the Grey cup in Vancouver by Frank Bud Pierce a Nephew. Or. Pierce phoned mrs. Smith during the interview and told her that it had rained most of the Day and during the Grey cup. States supplied 16 subsonic a-4 sky Hawks Israel in july a gust mid september. Many movies the Spanish government re ports that 38 american films with total budgets of More than million have been produced in Spain since 1967. Had time discuss our plans she said that she and her husband a 79-year-old retired optometrist who managed the optical and hearing Aid depart ment of Eaton for eight years before his retirement Likely will go on a Holiday next year. But Only if we feel and the will also mean that the Smiths can continue live in their House in Stead of being forced move into an apartment because of the High costs of maintaining their Home. The Smiths who were both born in Portage la Prairie and i Hope you were under cover Bud. I Hope you did get a chill or get wet it was a Lucky break for us and i can thank you. Enough for representing me but i won keep you this is Long Dis however her Nephew continued Tell her about the game and ask her about her health. Mrs. Smith who suffered a heart attack shortly after her sister died suddenly last june said i be been Tak ing it quietly thank you and i Don feel too she told her Nephew that they did want take the Chance of flying out Vancouver be cause of their health. When you re As old As we Are you can take trips around As often As you d she said her husband who re tired 14 years ago suffered heart attack about five years ago underwent a serious opera Tion they did give him much Hope and then suffered a stroke that paralysed him for a Short while. Or. Smith 79, has since Reco Vered from the paralysis and said during the interview that they have lived modestly for weekend Accident toll 36 by the Canadian press four persons killed in a two car crash in the Parry sound area of Ontario and two others killed in separate Auto accidents minutes apart a t., intersection were among at least 36 who died accidentally in Canada during a Survey by the Canadian press from 6 . Friday Midnight sunday night local times showed 32 dead in traffic mishaps three in fires and a Man crushed under a tractor. The 32 Road victims in Addi Tion 27 who perished in traffic accidents during the pre Vious five Days brings at least the number of per sons killed on Canadian roads since Jan. 1. Ontario had 15 weekend traffic deaths three fire casualties and the tractor death for the highest accidental death count in Canada. Quebec and British Columbia each recorded six traffic deaths. Time it s easier. That afternoon we go up again and Keith casually announces we will do our Power off stall. Power Cut nose held up. Squeak. And then just a tiny Little Jolt As the plane pitches downward a bit and Ever so smoothly Keith puts on the Power and we re flying smoothly again and we can look Down at the miniature world below. Would try it Keith asks. I m eager. It does work just like everybody said it would. It s fun. Meanwhile fearless Keith cautious Keith patient Keith Keith who could probably Fly the air plane without Gas kept teaching Power on stalls s turns 45-degree turns glides slips 70-degree Steep turns rectangular course. The next crisis was learning land. About four o clock the next morning i go out and give the plane a pre flight Check. Keith finally arrives and we do five. Or As we aces say we shoot five takeoffs and landings we taxi Over the parking area. Would you like take it asks Keith. I shout. You re ready. I would let you go unless i thought you could do and fearless Keith As also very de finitely cautious Keith. But i Don like the word ill i say. would you like practise some patient Keith asked. i answered. I mean not really but if that will change the subject Okay. We go around three More times. We touch Down and Keith again tells me slow everything Down. I d like Point he a Little continued that you have just made three takeoffs and three land Ings and i Haven said a word or touched a All right. Get i d rather be in Hospital than thought a Coward. The minute he left the air plane the quaking stopped. I was in charge. Flying pounds of air plane by myself. Mother Keith father Keith and All those other Keiths were gone. I never once looked Over at the empty seat. Everything Keith told me Sticks this time around. My right hand is solidly planted on the throttle. I finally quit trying taxi the plane with the wheel and use the rudders instead the first take off goes smartly if i say so myself. Down the runway at 50. Lift the nose. Up 60. Lift the plane. I m flying an air plane. All by myself. Fear is overtaken by an enormous sense of Pride. Completing the required three takeoffs and landings i taxi Back. The Mechanic is there first with congratulations. Then Keith and Gaylon shake my hand. I did it. Now Many Wear false Teeth with Little worry do your false Teeth annoy and Embarrass you by coming Loose when you eat laugh or talk then Sprinkle on fas Teeth venture adhesive powder. Non acid a Teeth gives dentures a longer Rmer steadier hold. Makes eating easier. To Gummy pasty taste. Dentures that fit re essential health. See your dentist regularly. Get easy use fas Teeth. Adv. Suits any dresses pantsuits hot Pant outfits 159 i a. Nova Scotia and Alberta each reported two Road deaths while Prince Edward Island reported one traffic fatality. Newfoundland new Bruns Wick Manitoba and Saskatchewan were fatality free. The Survey does not include Industrial deaths slayings or known suicides. Just Bare Staples i any sweaters or knit shirts Pullover Cardigan a neck Turtle neck or and pressed. Regular s1.05 each. 49 Rea. 2 or More continued actress 111 Boston a Katherine Hepburn has been admitted Massachusetts general Hospital for treatment of an undisclosed illness a spokesman says. The spokesman said the illness was nothing serious. They re asking for dolls and we just can possibly do that this year we can buy any through the Christmas cheer Board of greater Winnipeg families like the is can receive a Christmas hamper clothing and a toy for each child Christ Mas Day. Send your donation the free press Christmas cheer fund 300 Carlton Street or de liver it the classified Adver Tising counter on the main floor of the free press building. Persons who wish donate toys clothing or Volunteer their help at the Board s King Edward Street warehouse should Contact the Board office at 730 Alexander or save on household cleaning too drapes no no uneven hemlines will Perth s exclusive Bolij finishing i into i lined thru and thru Rug cleaning with Perth s exclusive deep clean Rug process. 7c compare and save with Perth s Square foot pricing. Comforters sleeping bags bedspreads 12? pillows n turned in new 199 Lea. And each Day we have 6 non stops Toronto going Toronto we make it easier with a Choice of 6 non Stop flights every Day Al winterlong.435 . 7.25 am 10.05 pm 6.10 . And 7.30 pm meals served Chi a these flights. And we have 6 non Stop daily bring you see wha youve the past five years going out Only frequently. The Smiths bought three tickets on the Manitoba sweep stakes and oddly enough it was the last one they bought and the one that mrs. Smith gave the least Chance that proved be the Winner. She explained that she asked her pharmacist at Dixon s pharmacy 1437 Corydon ave nue save her a ticket and she expressed doubt that she would win because i m not very Lucky with these the pharmacist jokingly told her that she would. Win first prize and he would win second she said. Mrs. Smith kept her part of the joke. The pharmacist was that Lucky. Five other Manitoban and a Saskatchewan woman won Manitoba lottery Money on the outcome of the Gray cup. Richard Rafton of 37 Fern Wood Avenue St. Vital receives because the West won the annual classic. His ticket was selected for the Saskatchewan roughriders. Be cause the West won he receives the larger portion of tie minor i award. Mrs c. L. Sawchuk of Sheho sask., won for her j ticket on the Hamilton Tiger i cats the runners up in the j Eastern conference. J in the Early Bird draws. Koogias Henry of Portage la Prairie won the top prize for having is ticket matched up with the whining Calgary slur Peders. J. W. Sothern of of Auita. I who the Toronto a in Early Bird Sec j of Ore lottery Wax s5.005. Pagan of fun flew if a Muffi a award for her Kiel

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