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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 29, 1971, Winnipeg, ManitobaCommunity clinic Start 3 Winnipeg free press final edition 15 cents monday november 29, 1971 Sunrise Sunset . Moonrise . Moonset . . Forecast mainly sunny 10 and -5 e. Pakistan fighting escalates bitter Border fighting rages As India Pakistan clash Marathon sum Mitry Trudeau to see Nixon from route rap new Delhi up bitter fighting raged be tween Indian and pakistani forces along the East Pakistan Border today with both sides admitting a general escalation of the conflict. Rhodesia a boisterous fan joins Hie band sunday during the Grey cup game s half time show in Vancouver s Empire stadium m. The musicians in uniform Are Mem Bers of the beefeaters band of Vancouver. For full game coverage see sports could t watch big game by Barry Mullin Ernest and Pearl Smith Wor on a Grey cup game they could t watch sunday be cause the excitement woul have been too much for their heart conditions. Instead the elderly couple live modestly at 443 Waterloo Street took the advice of a nurse who had nursed them Back to health after their heart attacks and missed almost Al of the heroics that the Calgary stampedes went through to give the Smiths top prize in the Manitoba Golden sweepstakes. Or. Smith turned on the radio for the last and most exciting two minutes of the game but did t know the outcome until a Neighbour came Over to Calgary goes wild Calgary up City foot Ball fans went wild sunday night and tied up traffic in the downtown Aree. Blaring car horns and cheer ing fans carrying go Stamps go signs mobbed one of the main streets to celebrate Cal j Gary stampedes 14-11 Victory Over Toronto argonauts in the Grey cup game at Vancouver. Hundreds of pedestrians joined the wild Parade mostly headed by teen agers As police tried to keep traffic moving. One police officer said Noth ing would be done in the Way of arrests As Long As they Don t Start throwing Beer it s Okay As Long As it stays in a Jovial he said. It was an end to a 23-year drought for the stampedes. Who were to a honoured this afternoon by the City for their j first Grey cop win since 1948. J teen agers sat on moving cars or ran among other vehicles. One youth Fen off a car j Bat managed to rofl oat of the j Way of an oncoming vehicle t while the game was in Progress most of the streets j were deserted. The temperature was Only 17 degrees above Zero. A pose depart Oest is ponces j Sam fixers bad to toss of several inns at the Best of Luck with their prize. Although the unexpected Cash Windfall was exciting for the Smiths the past three Days have been trying ones for the elderly River Heights couple. It makes you wonder whether it was All Worth said mrs. Smith a few hours after the Stampede win. We must have had 80 Calls in the past few Days people Call ing to help us invest Money and making suggestions. It s been pretty mrs. Smith explained that Larry Mabee the 24-year-old Selkirk apprentice electrician who held the Manitoba lottery ticket drawn on the Toronto argonauts had offered to split the total for the top two prizes no matter what the out come of the game. In Vancouver or. Mabee said i wanted us to go for a 50-50 Deal but she was undecided. I could say i was disappointed after paving off a debt or. Mabee who attended the game with his wife Jean said he rest would go into savings i Don t plan to take a Vaca Tion or anything else this year maybe with the next said the 24-year-old run Nerup who has two years to go before he becomes a Jour Neyman. Next month his hourly rate will go up to if he d won the big prize or. Mabee said it just would have meant that i d been Able to re tire quicker. I probably would continued please see couple Page 7 time off Welcome Vancouver up Calgary mayor Rod Sykes has declared a civic half Holiday this afternoon so Calgary Stampede fans can Welcome Home the Grey cup winning team. Mayor Sykes said his declaration has no official status but he expects the schools will close and i Hope every Good Cal Arian gives his staff the afternoon Toronto up extremists in Rhodesia might remove prime minister Ian Smith from Power if they Felt his actions were giving too much Power to the country s Black majority British opposition Leader Harold Wilson said sunday. However he did not elaborate on. His fears of actions by extremists but said that he is concerned White rhodesian might not live up to the terms of a settlement reached last week Between Britain and Rhodesia. Or. Wilson Here on private business told a news Confer ence he expects his labor party will take the View settlement does not Nieset the five principles the British govern ment had previously demanded for rhodesian Independence. One of the five principles was unimpeded Progress toward majority Rule. Or. Wilson criticized or. Smith s method of Selling the agreement to White rhodesian b y emphasizing there would not be Black major Ity Rule in the rhodesian prime minister s lifetime. Or. Wilson former British prime minister said it is impossible under the terms of the settlement to predict the number of years for majority Rule to be achieved he added it will not be in reason Able concerning Britain s recent decision to enter the european common Market or. Wilson said he opposed the terms of entry because they will greatly please see Rhodesia Page 2 an Indian govern men spokesman fighting was continuing near the strategic Border town of bail Ghat where Indian troops knocked out three pakistani tanks saturday Mak ing a total of 17 in the Las he also accused Pakistan of shelling numerous Points across the Border. Pakistan charged India with launching another big offensive on four fronts around the Border but India admitted Only one crossing by its forces. A pakistani army spokesman in Dacca reported sunday that heavy fighting was raging on East Pakistan s Western Border near Jess Ore in the East near Romilla in the Northeast at Syl Het and in the North at Dinar Pur. Please see Pakistan Page 8 Washington up prime minister Trudeau an president Nixon will meet i Washington in Tate december during a Marathon session o sum Mitry by the Nixon a ministration. In All Nixon will have talk with five Western and asian leaders of countries Hurt a . Economic policies particularly the 10-per-cent . Import Levy. Prime minister Trudeau took the initiative for the meeting with Nixon. Strong pressures have build up in the Wake of re c e n t american protectionism and future moves in Congress of expand it. Revised estimates in Ottawa a that jobs could be Ost in Canada if the . In Wrt surcharge is on the books or a year. The warning to the Ameri ans is that Canada will be exerting the Vitou administration continues a protectionist course. Peter Roberts prime min Ster Trudeau s press Secretary lease see Trudeau Page 8 jordanian pm killed in Cairo assassins believed to be palestinian extremists by Jessie w. Lewis or. Cairo special tons jordanian prime min ister Wasfi Tel was killed sunday afternoon by a Fusil Lade of bullets fired by three men As he entered the lobby tax Bill huddle today of Cairo s . King Hussein of Jordan today named Ahmed Lozi 50, to sue need or. Tel As Premier. Three men were arrested within minutes of the shooting egyptian prosecutor Genera Muhammad Maher Hassan said hey belonged to an extremist palestinian group called the Black hand of september. Apparently the name is a refer ence to the september 1970, civil War in Jordan Between palestinian guerrillas and. Govern ment troops. Or. Tel 51, who was in Cairo t the head of his country s Del Gacioh to the joint Arab de ence Council meeting was an adviser to King Hussein during that conflict and became prime minister in the aftermath of the lease see jordanian Page 2 Outlook brighter to revalue currency looking for a pet this want and under dogs cats Birds tropical fish 21 Champion sired top poodles ready for Xmas. Selkirk 482-4347 or 222-7370. Is among the hundreds of bargains in today s classified Section. No matter what you need shop and save in free press want ads. Rome special hints that Japan is now ready to offer a substantial upward revaluation of the yen As part of a general realignment of world monetary parities have Given fresh Hopes for a Success Ful outcome of this week s meetings of the finance min ister of the group of ten Trad ing nations. However if Japan does Start the Ball rolling with a firm offer to revalue the yen this will almost certainly increase the pressures on . Treasury Secretary John b. Connally to agree to a modest increase in the Price of Gold and devaluation of the Dollar As part of a world package Deal. Or. Connally who will chair the meetings arrived in Rome saturday evening giving him self plenty of time for bilateral contacts before everybody sits Down together on tuesday and wednesday. On sunday he met with italian Treasury minister Ferrari Angradi and today he was expected to see British Chancellor of the exchequer Anthony Barber and japanese finance minister Mikio Mizuta. Meanwhile deputies of the group of ten ministers will be meeting All Day today to try to Clear away the Complex tech Nical assessments of the Situa Tion and the finance ministers of the six common Market countries will hold a separate preliminary meeting of their own tuesday morning prior to the full dress discussions. Those taking part in the group of ten talks Are the today youths inc. 3 Grey cup to 19 classified .30 to 44 comics 47, 48 deaths .2 finance .10 to 13 Jumble 33 movies .54 sports .17 television .53 women .43, 46 nearly everyone reads the free press City zone total United states United kingdom West Germany France Italy the Netherlands Belgium swe Den Japan and Canada with Switzerland sitting in As. An observer. These nations among themselves pretty much Domi Nate. World Trade and monetary affairs. W i 1 e the japanese have carefully avoided any official Public statements As to the Atti tude they will take in Rome neither have sey said anything to Dampen unofficial Specula Tion and news reports that they Are now ready for an upward revaluation of the yen of some thing around 12 per cent. If this were then accompanied by a new fluctuation margin of two per cent up or .1cyitj it would come pretty close to meeting the 15 per cent yen re valuation the United states is seeking. In the three months since the monetary crisis broke with president Nixon s mid August measures to defend the Dollar by suspending Gold convertibility and imposing a 10 per cent import surcharge on goods coming into the United states japanese business has been continued please see monetary Page 2 Ottawa up House Lead ers from All parties were expected to huddle today to negotiate the Fate of the government tax Bill. Since the commons began de bating the Bill in september government spokesmen have reiterated their of getting the Bill through parliament by the end of the year. But Progress has been slow. After three months the com Mons sitting in committee to study the Bill Section by Section has Given approval to Only 75 of the Bill s 333 provisions Many of them minor. With less than a month left the government is in a Tough position. New democrats and social creditors probably would Settle for government amendments in a few key areas. Both parties want More Gen Erous tax treatment of co oper and credit unions beyond concessions made in two series of government amendments introduced Over the last two months. And the nip has supported the conservatives in demanding a lighter proposal for taxing Basic livestock herds than is contained in the Bill. But the conservatives they want the Bill split. They would co operate in get Ting it through the commons and passed by Christmas if the government would agree that Only popular measures such As please see tax Page 7 say Bare Maples terror was her co Pilot White knuckle flyer gets wings after to was r. The srs4 Ward from a Axce radio is a Eft it when associated press news features writer Kay Bartlett sat Down in the Pilot s seat fear was her co Pilot. But 13 boors and 12 lessons later the original White knuckle passenger was an accredited flyer. Byway Bartlett Augusta. Kan. A Yon can can me Ace. Not too Long ago my sole criterion for pilots was How quickly they switched off the no smoking fight after Takeoff that shoved they were confident they weren t going Back Down. Each Safe Landing was a simple Case of cheating draft once again. And teen the Boss said toil tale a few flying lessees and write a Story afoot it gift a wrong per Obj a a5 sos fix. Bass a strange sense of humor. That will make a better and so there i was in Kan Sas. The Day was perfect Bright Sunshine Blue skies no Clouds time for my introductory plane flight i met Joyce Case. We Chat Ted for a while and i didst mention my fear. She showed me the ailerons of the single engine Cessna 150 aircraft the Rodgers the trim Tab. Hmm very interesting. We taxi to the runway. Would Yoa Fike to take it she a secs Caso Fly. Take i shudder. off we Start Down fee run Way. My Palms Are already soaked. I toe Isy eyes to the ref Ziway. I Dost watch Auy a3 i is to fact Are 38 fit Fife Dorfe of Doc the Paud sad tomcat appears Jofre give we pull up a bit on the elevator the half wheel looking thing right in front off we go. Very she says. That was it to be much later that i figure ont that sneaky Joyce was not Only eyeing some of those clocks Dos Ely but she also was applying a Little right rudder pressure to neutralize the torque Factor. That s How we aces explain that the air plane wih head off to the left unless the Pilot treads a bit on the right Rod Der pedal. We take off and land three tinges. Now it was off to flight school where i met Keith hers Bener 27. I got a to St cot Poter a St sri Booc Flat weird for Posada. A Workbook with or per Ujj safer and a tape text order. Tbsp was the the Cessna integrated flight training system. For the first a. Hours i listened to the tape recorder As i watched the screen. The Sun was gone before i finished. So it was thursday morning before i went up again. Keith spent one hour and 12 minutes in the air with me teaching me straight and level flight and medium turns. Back to the books. I have to finish flight prep two before i can Fly again. Gayum Chamberlain the chief Pilot at redwing Avia Tion takes me on my Seco Jid Fig Jet of toe be Cost ride. It s approaching darkness As we take off. A increased fear Factor bring Ber it to Abaci 3m says Goyim. Way. Gay egg to s slow preaching stall he casually explains As we re cruising Way up there. Gaylon sees i m petrified. We won t fall out of the air if we he says. Put on your Carburettor neat and Cut the rpm to Gaylon says. Normal cruising is 2500 rpm. Bring your nose up to cat the he orders. Down to 80, to 70. To the stall bom that s conveniently placed next to my left ear Al ready is starting to squeak. Down to 30 and it s wowing and we Are Over a thousand feet above Kansas. I m ready to opt to beg Gafoa to

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