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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 27, 1971, Winnipeg, ManitobaNo potatoes at Buckingham Palace even the Queen has to watch her weight. Here s How she does it by Patricia Lewis a few weeks ago a letter on Buck Ingham Palace notepaper arrived at the door of one of Britain s most famous chocolate makers. It regretted that her majesty the Queen would no longer be placing regular orders for boxes of Peppermint chocolates her favorite since childhood. The reason was simple. The Queen was on a at 45, Elizabeth still insists on keeping her weight around 126, about four pounds lighter than she was on her wedding Day in 1947. That s Why potatoes have been left out of recent Buckingham Palace menus replaced by extra fruit and vegetables. Princess Anne too la menting that she weighs More than her Mother is carefully watching what she eats and steering Clear of the breakfast porridge she has always enjoyed. The Queen no longer has to diet drastically. But whenever the Royal scale shows a three or four Pound jump she knows the situation Calls for severe will Power. Elizabeth has admitted to a few close acquaintances that controlled eating Practised for Many years has reduced her appetite. This regimen began about 20 years ago when she ballooned to 150 pounds. It was after the birth of Princess Anne that she made a determined Effort to get and stay slim by consulting a noted dietician. It was recommended that she go on a Low liquid diet allowing no More than four cups of fluid a Day. Also there was to be no sugar alcohol potatoes Jam or any form of confectionery and a minimum of Salt. Even Root vegetables were banned. So was fruit for the first week. And any bread the Queen ate had to be free of butter. Sticking doggedly to the diet she lost More than 10 pounds a month for two months and has never put it on again although she s been Able to liberalize her diet Wilh More liquids and occasional sweets and starches. However it has t been easy. She has her Mother s love of Hearty coun try teas and has always confessed a liking for Fried fish and chips. None of these is allowed any More. Indeed if you Ever went to Tea with the Queen a Page would bring in a Small trolley containing Tea very thin White bread and butter Plain biscuits made in the Palace kitchens and perhaps Shortbread. The Queen might have a piece of bread or perhaps a biscuit but no More. She would however allow her self perhaps three cups of Tea her favorite drink. At Home she always drinks a special Brand of darjeeling Tea specially blended for her and kept in a Jade Container that once belonged to her grandmother. When the Queen goes abroad her Tea Caddy goes too. So on occasion do supplies of English water if the Tea in t to her liking she will leave it or take two polite sips. No members of the Royal family Are very keen on alcohol and the Queen drinks least of All knowing that a few drinks can quickly put on a few pounds. On the other hand it s difficult for her to refuse All liquid hospitality and she has Over the years worked out a satisfactory Compro Mise. She May take a Glass of Cham pagne on formal occasions but she will never finish it. Veteran Royal re porters have noted that she will take two or three sips and then unobtrusively put the Glass Down. At mealtime she might have a Glass of Sweet White wine and a dry Sherry before the meal. Occasionally on the Royal yacht she has been seen with a Gin and tonic but far More tonic than Gin. At Home she prefers soft drinks preferably Orange Squash although she dislikes Orange juice and Dur ing meals with the family will usually Settle for a Glass of water. Only during the family s summer Holiday at Balmoral does she occasionally relax her diet and walking and Riding for hours most Days it s hardly surprising. There instead of the Normal Toast and Lea breakfast served to her with the papers at Buckingham Palace she can often be tempted to try Bacon and eggs or even a pair of kippers. When she returns after the Holiday she has often put on five or six pounds and immediately returns to her severely controlled eating Rou Tine for a week or two. Royal aides have noted that wherever she is the Queen always wants to know exactly what she is due to be served during the course of a Day. Each morning her chef Middle aged londoner Ronald Aubrey sends up a daily menu for her approval. Some times she alters a dish invariably making it More simple. If a special meal is being planned Aubrey will come up to the Queen s second floor office in Buckingham Palace to discuss the menu. Some times she will ask him to include dishes she has eaten during foreign Tours but usually the fare is Plain and very English. When the Queen and Prince Philip Are eating alone lunch is usually finished in under 20 minutes they Don t enjoy lingering Over meals. Usually the meal will consist of some Type of roast meat often beef or Lamb and a vegetable. Invariably the Queen will not take potatoes but will have an extra vege table instead. She is particularly fond of Young fresh vegetables like French Beans carrots and Garden peas. In Stead of a Sweet she will generally have a piece of fruit an Apple or Pear while Prince Philip has cheese and Coffee. Certainly her weight watching has paid off. Her Waist measurement of 25 inches is in perfect proportion to her height of five feet three inches and statistics used by Royal dressmakers have not changed significantly for years. Elizabeth s healthy diet reflects not Only in her weight but in her appear Ance too. Only when you get close to the Queen do you realize what an exceptionally Fine complexion she says a journalist who has covered More than a dozen Royal Tours. Her skin seems so pure it almost the other members of the Royal family have joked about the Queen s dieting for years but recently Prince Philip found the joke was on him. Watching a television film of a Royal procession held earlier that Day the Queen laughingly Drew her husband s attention to an unflattering shot which showed the Prince sporting a double Chin. Lock up the said the Queen. "1 can see somebody else needs to Feam about i i Fehrt weight watching has certainly paid Oft for Queen Elizabeth. At 45, she still has a 25-Inch Waistline and weighs less than on her wedding Day. Not. 27. 1971 11

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