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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 26, 1971, Winnipeg, Manitoba1 London that nuclear club May expand Winnipeg free press Friday november 26, 1971 liberation of nuclear weapons is decades for a country of 6co _. _ what happens after an air crash contained Tion of Jane s weapon system the authoritative reference Book on arms development recently published in London. In a Forward the editors note that just As the Book was going to press Washington reports were claiming the existence of Pae 77 the Canadian government s aircraft Acci sent investigation division the december Issue of header s digest reveals How this dedicated team of investigators will go to almost any length to pinpoint the cause crash Thev 600 accidents a year. And inquire into a Tiger disaster. Out How Canada s air crash investigators Are work ing to make flying safer for you. In the december header s digest. Get your copy today. A new israeli 300 mile Range missile called Jericho. The mis Sile is said to be in Small scale production and capable of car i trying a warhead of Between argued that a nuclear s probable. The editors recall that Israel has frequently said she would not be the first to introduce nuclear weapons into the Middle East and there has been no authentication of the report about the Jericho s capabilities. How Ever they say there is Little doubt that if Israel considered that such weapons were needed would be forthcoming. The other country mentioned As a possible impending candidate for the nuclear club is India. Defence analysts there have foreseen the possibility of India s acquiring a nuclear capability if Only to insure an adequate voice in the next two 1971-1972 Edi million people in an Asia in which Japan too May Well have acquired the bomb. Jane s weapon systems contains a diagrammatic presenta Tion of the relative manpower and equipment Levels of the world s nations which shows that India is already powerful. Last june the Indian minister of defence production v. C. Shukla said that missiles Capa ble of carrying payloads of 175 pounds and pounds were under development. Other Indi an sources have stated that at a Cost the capability exists to provide nuclear armaments in the near future say the editors. Another major theme in their foreword is the initiative now held by Russia in weapons technology. This is a reversal of the situation throughout most of the Atlantic treaty organization nato countries had a Clear Lead in the development of sophisticated weapons. The soviet Union is the Only country with an anti ballistic missile abm system already in operation and according to airborne radar. The editors also draw Atten Tion to what seems to be new wave of rearmament through out the world. Although there have been cuts in defence spending in some quarters the procurement of weapons seems to be on a rising curve. Particularly significant in this context Are new arms deals Between the soviet Union and Egypt which Are also the subject of attention i in the report due to be published next week by the Independent Stockholm International peace research Institute. Jane a there Are indications that the . Has a Clear Lead in supersonic bomber development and in some kinds of items in limited quantities personal shopping Only 0.1. Outdoor Christmas lights decorate your Home. 15 lights per Box. . Townhouse. Set 6 it. Xmas tree 6 scotch Pine tree. 109 tips with 4" Needles. Each 17.47 fresh daily from our carry out food bar. Imported Bedspread richly textured Dan ask in throw style with rounded Comers. Matching 2 a fringe. Assorted colours. Limited Quan Tity in twin bed sizes 4% 4% 4% Only. I y us twin size. I j i double led sheepskins they make the idea gift. Small prices effective till nov. 27, 1971 Reserve the right to limit quantities. Ladies Pant Coats double breasted styling with Melton outer Shell quilted Lin ing. Sizes 7-13. Each. Belt. S15 children s gloves acrylic knit. Assorted odours. Sizes 2, 3, 4. Pairs men s jackets Active Corduroy outer Shell. Quilted or pile lining and Zipper front. Broken sizes. Each woolco 126 color film for Beautiful color prints drop in Cartridge. Each Bauer Curling shoe Oxford style Curling shoes. Suede uppers fully fleece joined. Padded cd Ilar Arvi Tongue sizes 6 to 12. Coors Wye. Green red or stopping Centre Grant fart Plaza Sussia Centre squeeze e. Germans Honor Saigon special owns South Vietnam s minister of the Economy Pham Kim Ngoc seems to thrive on in popularity. On one occasion last year his photograph was published on the front Page of every newspaper in Saigon Over the caption the people s number one now he has stirred up anger with a new economic package including devaluation a Raissez Faire import and Export policy a new tax system and incentive pay increases to troops in com Bat units. Predictably the package was condemned by Many parliamentarians and newspapers As a plan the poor and fatten the Rich. But president Nguyen Van Thieu freshly in stalled for a second four year term manifested his support for the program by personally delivering some of its main Points to a joint session of Par lament. The package contained to real surprises. Or. Ngoc had worked out most of the Mea by Leslie col1tt Berlin special owns Gen. Karl von Clausewitz has been returned to his native soil. The mortal re Mains of the widely quoted prussian general have been removed from a cemetery in the polish City of Wro claw formerly the German Breslau and reburied in a military ceremony in von Clausewitz s Birthplace at Burg East Germany. It is easy to see Why the poles agreed to Issue the exit permit. The general in their eyes was just another prussian Militarist and to Boot in 1831 led an army against them. But Why Are the East German communists so interested to have von Clausewitz buried on their territory for one thing the general was no Ordinary Sabre rattling prussian officer. It was von Clausewitz who reflected in his Book on War that War is an Extension of politics by other an insight that has since. Been interpreted to fit a number of philosophies. The political right has used it to rather cynically justify War As being inevitable. Lenin on the other hand wrote that von Clau wrong Pill costly sures Many weeks ago in close co operation with United states economic but waited until after or. Thieu s re elec Tion before announcing them. This did not prevent the Mea ures from being linked with he . Senate s recent Aid even by the minister him Elf. He said the Washington decision was a Good Opportunity or the Sputh vietnamese to vake up and free themselves rom foreign dependence. The economic package is so vast in its ramifications that it will take several months to assess its effectiveness. Broadly it has two main Aims. One is to increase government revenues through a simplified and improved system of direct taxation and customs charges. The second is to create conditions for the promo Tion of exports. During the past 12 months the government has been relatively successful in stabilizing the War inflated Economy. London educated or. Ngoc told me now we Are ready to move into the period of h e estimates that by 1973, if not be Rore the . Aid picture will e very grim indeed. At present South Vietnam counts on receiving about million a rear in various kinds of eco Omic Aid from the . The budgetary Gap will have o be met by a combination of taxation and Export revenues including income from the Oil now known to lie off South Viet Nam s shores. Or. Ngoc also intends to con front the generals with de mands that they trim the size of the armed forces which at present Swallow 60 per cent of the budget we need the fighters but the army has too Many men shuffling the immediate result of the new economic package has been to Send consumer prices up. Despite the abolition of in popular austerity taxes Many imported goods Are dearer be cause of the devaluation and higher customs charges. Amid these Belt tightening measures the South Vietnam Ese hardly noticed president Nixon s recent announcement of further troop withdrawals. If anything perhaps or. Nix on s statement was better than Saigon had expected and his commitment to maintain a residual Force unless there is a negotiated settlement Watt especially welcomed. Los Angeles a a drug firm that filled a faulty birth control prescription for a woman will have to pay in expenses to raise her unexpected child. That decision was handed Down by a Superior court jury wednesday for Maxine Pearson 46, who consumed the wrong drug a sleeping Pill then became pregnant and gave birth to a son. The jury decided it will Cost to raise David now 6, until he is and that was the judgment levied against on drug co., where the drug was prescribed. We love Lite the Mother told the jury. He is not unwanted but he is Sewalz began to realize that War could not be separated from governments and classes. War is not simply an invasion in which peace is violated and then restored Lenin interposed. The High regard with which Lenin and Friedrich Engels held the incisive works of von Clausewitz no doubt go far to explain his new stature in East Ger Many. When the general was again Laid to rest with full military honors the Cere Mony was attended by High ranking East German generals and the director of the German Institute of Mili tary history one col. Prof. Or. Reinhard Bruhl. Von Clausewitz was a re former of the first order. In 1809, together with the chief of the prussian department of War Gen. Gerhard von Scharnhorst he introduced Universal conscription ended the system under which Only noblemen could become officers forbade the recruitment of foreign soldiers and abolished Cor poral punishment. All this made for a satisfied army and an efficient fighting machine. It led to the de fear of Napoleon s armies at Leipzig in 1813. Von Clausewitz also briefly served As a general against Napoleon in the tsar s army. This personification of the Russo German Alliance also explains Why the East Ger Man communists who have been referred to As the red prussians now Call von Clausewitz an out standing Patriot who served the National and social liberation of the German peo ple by military von Clausewitz joins a thin line of. Prussian Mili tary men who enjoy favor in an East Germany which heaps abuse on most other great men of German history. They include four of his contemporaries in the War of liberation against Napo Leon Scharnhorst Prince Blucher of Wahlstad Wellington s ally at Neithardt von Greisen a and Yorck von Wartenburg. Their statues now stand in a Small Park on East Ber Lin s Unter Den Linden. Across the Road in front of the memorial to the Vic Tims of fascism and militarism the former Royal prussian guard House a remarkable ceremony is enacted each Day. At noon the two East German guards in front of the build ing Are relieved of their duties by a detachment of High stepping soldiers to the tune of Yorck s March by Beethoven As in the Days of Frederick the great the elite unit of the East Ger Man people s army consists of men All Over six feet tall. San Francisco it s not As Steep As you think be Wop air fare from Winnipeg 30 Day round trip Economy. Good most Days. La. Winnipeg Arr. San fran. . Return la. San fran. . Arr. Winnipeg . Only on up air a free Holiday passport for exciting savings in san Francisco. See your up air travel agent. More claims from deafness. Says Engineer Toronto up an Engi n e e r said that workmen s compensation claims for Industrial deafness Are tripling every five years in Canada. Arthur Lancaster of Winnipeg vice president of cowl industries ltd., said there is re doubt that the noise we in Durre is damaging to oar health both physically and emotional the Levels to whips Are All subjected at work and at Home have

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