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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 26, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaPrinted and published Dally Wipt sunday by company limited 300 Carlton strut Winnipeg Manitoba. R. S. Malone publisher and editor in chief Peter Mclintock Maurice Western executive editor Ottawa editor r. H. Shelford general manager Winnipeg free press Western Canada s National newspaper Winnipeg thursday november 26, 1970 pages 39-56 Freedom of Trade Liberty of religion Equality of civil rights another increase the Schreyer government is on the look out for ways and Means of getting More Money out of Manitoba tax payers. On tuesday municipal affairs minister Howard Pawley told the Union of Manitoba municipalities that legislation will be brought in at the next session of the legislature designed to shift much of the responsibility for education from taxes paid by property owners to what he called the ability to pay area a phrase to which nip ministers Are much addicted. In a later interview or. Pawley said that inasmuch As the personal income and corporation tax Fields had been pretty Well used the next area for examination was the sales tax. The implication is that the sales tax will go up by one per cent or even More. Or. Pawley is not Likely to be contradicted on his statement that the government has milked personal in come and corporation taxes in Manitoba to about the limit. Figures released by the Canadian tax foundation show that As of july 1, 1970, Manitoba s Fate of personal income tax expressed As a percentage of the Federal Basic tax was 39 per cent rates for other provinces were new Brunswick 38 Saskatchewan 34 Newfoundland and Alberta 33 Prince Edward Island Nova Scotia Ontario and British Columbia 28. Quebec has its own arrangement with Ottawa on income tax. On the same Date Manitoba s corporation tax was 13 per cent As against Newfoundland s 13 Quebec and Ontario 12 Saskatchewan and Alberta Prince Edward Island Nova new Brunswick and British Columbia 10v thus Manitoba has the highest provincial income tax and shares with Newfoundland the dubious Honor of having the highest corporation tax. V these figures provide one sound political reason for the government to pass Over income taxes next time round. Another however is the fact that Manitoba tides not by any Means have the highest retail sales tax. Is therefore quite a lot of Opportunity for or Pawley and his colleagues to work this province up to Ward the top in this area also. Manitoba has a five per cent sales tax. The same rate applies in Ontario Saskatchewan and . Alberta has no sales tax. Newfoundland Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia All Levy a 7 per cent tax while the rate in new Brunswick and Quebec is 8 per cent. One can understand the Appeal that the safes tax has for or. Pawley. There Are however other areas of provincial taxation in which the government could move and could justify an increase by pointing out that such taxes Are higher in other provinces. The gasoline tax for example. In Man Toba it is 17 conts a gallon. It is Only 15 cents in Alberta 13 cents in . But in Saskatchewan and Quebec it is 1 cents Ontario 18 new Brunswick 20 Nova Scotia am Prince Edward Island 21 Newfoundland 25. Manitoba taxpayers would probably take s hints of a sales tax increase More amiably if they though that it would do what the government Hopes it will do remove much of the Cost of education from property taxes. But this is such an old and worn song in this prov Ince nobody believes the words any More no matter who May be singing them the Roblin government made Brave promises of relieving property owners of much of the Burden of education and poured much More Money into this area Money which it first raised from Provin Cial taxpayers. Indeed when the sales tax was first proposed or. Roblin said it would not be imposed unless he could guarantee that it would result in substantial reductions in property taxes. But As the government has put out More and More Money for education All that seems to have happened is that education costs have risen to match and the property taxpayer has seen his Bill increase each year not grow less. In the Light of past experience there is Little Hope that or. Expectations will materialize to any greater degree than those of his predecessors. A that is certain is that taxpayers will pay More one Way or the other or both. Roadblock to protectionism by Tim defence co Ope ration in Europe o n Don Ces and air Tustan p r e s s u r e s j. Gurzon Harvey j. Gurzon Harvey who died on tuesday at the age of 64, was a Man who devoted much of his life to the service of his City and its people. A lawyer by profession or. Harvey had sat on City Council for More than a Quarter of a Century longer than any present Council member. Over his 26 years he served in Many capacities and on Many civic bodies. He was chairman of the Public utilities committee and a member of the finance committee the civic pension Board the taxicab Board of Manitoba. He had been act. Ing mayor on occasion chairman of the traffic com Mission and of the Winnipeg enterprises commission and a member of the Board of the general Hospital. His was indeed a life of service to his Community. Are combining to revive the idea of a european defence Community operating within the context of the North Atlantic Alliance. It was no coincidence that it was Geof Frey Rippon the chief com Mon Market negotiator who was talking about the future of european defence at appropriately the Western european Union. Twenty years ago almost to the Day France had advanced the idea of a european defence Community. Although the treaty was signed two years later by the six coun tries of the european steel and Coal Community the Vanguard of european integration the defence Community was abandoned. Part of the problem was British aloofness but the treaty was rejected by the French Asly Hump Lirty Britain is promising that if she is admitted to the european be a transformation in Western european defence co operation. F Sembly. Realizing that Western european defence stake the government of sir Anth ony Eden offered a major o n g -1 e r m commitment largely responsible for the establishment of the Western european Union. Britain was thus Able to play a leading in the european defence system without getting involved in the Community. How things have changed now the British government s saying that if Only we can join the Community we can offer a new Deal in co opera Ion. Or. Rippon told the we Assembly that once Britain is n the common Market the whole setting for defence co operation and co ordination Between her and the six will be he had in mind some arrangement More formal than now exists Between the european full members of nato and Ranee. The French were cautiously responsive a ording to the British. I that they contribute some Cash As Well As kind. Instead the British govern ment pledged to major cuts in government spending is offering an increase in forces the aircraft Carrier Royal an expansion of army reserves and an in crease in Raf support air Craft assigned to nato. These says defence minister lord Carrington represent very valuable improve ments in our military contribution to costing about million Over the next ten years. Differences in the two approaches which undoubtedly will be resolved in time by Compromise illustrate the problems of european co operation on one proposal let alone an entire foreign economic or whatever policy. Several meetings had failed to find a solution. The West German press became irritated. One paper suggested that these matters cannot fail to have their effect on the Brussels the Bonn government spokesman commented that indeed that might be True setting off a Flap in London where the two defence ministers were supposedly hav ing a fundamentally useful and constructive meeting. A european governments in nato Are feeling the pincer grip of on the one hand having to Shore up the communist armed forces. And general Goodpaster the supreme commander report ing on recent manoeuvres of the Warsaw pact their larg est Ever said the pact s forces far exceed in both conventional and nuclear capabilities the forces needed purely for but nato s problem is summed up in prof. Raymond Aron s dictum that nothing fails like Success. When one of the advantages of being head of a government rather than in the opposition is that a prime minister can pick and choose when he wants to fill any seats that May be vacant in the Assem Bly or legislature. Thus it is Premier Schreyer s right to Call a by election in Ste. Rose when it suits his convenience or to put off a decision in definitely if that is what he wants. But while it might be politically advantageous in the Short run for the government not to fill the Ste. Rose seat kit vacant when Gil Mol Gat was appointed to the Senate on oct. 8. It could be discs weakness on the part of the government that it was afraid that its candidate would be beaten and that it did not face with equanimity the Prospect of its margin in the House being reduced by one. These Are the political aspects. Far above and beyond them however is the Over Riding fact that if a by election is not called be fore the legislature meets the people of Ste. Rose will not be represented at the coming session. No political advantage can outweigh the scorn that would be heaped on a government which deliberately kept a sizable throws in the Long ran. The group of people without rep for political reasons the bait though obscure was plainly tied to British Mem b e r s h i p in the european Community. In the future As the Unity of Europe spreads and deepens defence will have to be included with in the same framework of what or. Rippon did not spell out was the hard truth that whatever happens to the common Market application there Are other compel Ling reasons for getting to Gether on defence. As he was speaking. President Nixon was meeting his National Security Council in Washington to consider the extent of modest american troops i reductions in Europe perhaps in the 20.000 to 30.000 Range out of a total of and in London. Brussels nato european pillar and on the other keeping their own economics in order. Here lord Carrington is a minister in a government committed to spend less and reduce taxation increase its commitment to nato and maintain forces in the far East. Not Only that he must work within a four year Bud get that allows million less in 1974-75 than in 1971-72. There have been the usual warnings about the state of the Alliance. Secretary general manlio Bros to said the other Day All the Europe an members should increase their defence budgets by five j per cent a year if they Are to j match the growth rate of complacency is rampant in the european nato coun tries according to a recent Independent study. It was undertaken by Litas internal t i o n a 1 a Public relations firm for sir Trank Roberts p r e s i d e n t of the Atlantic treaty association. S. R. Green chief executive of Litas presenting his report to the Assembly said people everywhere have a feeling of revulsion and Hor ror about War and military activities that creates great problems even when Selling the concept of prevention rather than the nato Public relations prob Lem Lay in the convention of not facing up to fundamentally unpleasant concepts. He thought a lot needed to be done in Selling the concept of the benefits of collect per cent West Germany 3.5 per cent cent Canada 2.5 per cent faced with such limited room for manoeuvre govern ments can discharge their responsibilities o n 1 y by closer More sensible co operation. Perhaps o u r tanks might be a Little cheaper and we might be Able to build More of them if in the future we could agree to use the same kind of or. Rippon said. But he also pointed out that there Are four times As Many tanks in the East As in the West. As Long As that imbalance persists the West Ern europeans will be con ducting diplomacy on two Broad fronts among them selves to get better value for Money and with the communists for signs of willingness to sit Down with nato and negotiate Mutual and bal a n c e d Force these negotiations even if they started next year and progressed favourably would take years and would not be a substitute for Western integration. W7ashington Senate ,.w supporters of free Trade Are intent on delaying final c consideration by Congress of the protectionist Trade Bill which Canada and other . Trading partners Are vigorously opposing. If the delaying tactics succeed the Bill will lapse with adjournment of Congress in mid december making it necessary for supporters to reintroduce it when the new Congress commences in the new year. As they Brace for the the anti Bill forces have been heartened by signs of new administration concern about the dangers inherent in the Bill. This note had been struck by Treasury Secretary David Kennedy and others. With time running out for this Congress a group of 21 senators of both parties wednesday spoke forcefully against the Bill and spoke confidently of the possibility of preventing it receiving Senate approval. The House of representatives gave approval last week to its ver Sion of the Bill which is basically the same although somewhat less protectionist than that to be considered by the Senate. The Bill was one of the main topics of discussion at an Ottawa meeting this week Between members of the Ca Nadian and american Cabi nets. Canadian ministers strongly restated their opposition to the Bill which would impose quotas on imports of cheap asian textiles and footwear. Prior to the Ottawa meeting Canadian officials had bluntly voiced heir concern and the Cana the . Protectionist Tondt Bill it cantly tit proved by the House of nay not make it through these note and will therefore have to be brought Biek next year for an other try. Reject fresh and arbitrary Trade urging modifications of Trade restrictions in Europe and Japan As Well or. Ken Nedy said the current trend would unquestionably Lead to damaging retaliation and a general deterioration of International of the . He said this nation must not Retreat from its dedication to traditional trading policy and a determination to move others toward a balanced increase in world in an indirect attack on the Bill the head of the . Governments s anti Trust office warned that the raising of import barriers would Aggra vate inflation trends which have not abated As the Nixon administration had hoped and Are a matter of increasingly acute concern. Retalia Tion against american exports would mean a Worsen ing of unemployment. This too is a Prospect the administration cannot face lightly As it moves towards the 1972 presidential election. Today s scripture the Fishers Alto shall mourn and All they that cast Angle into the Brooks shall lament and they that spread nets upon the Waters shall languish. Isaiah Dian government had formally indicated its opposition in communications to the . Government. Trade minister Jean Luc Pepin has referred to dangerously protectionist ele ments of the Bill. In aides memoirs to Washington the Trudeau government has stated that the Bill would have serious Adverse effects on Canada and has urged the Nixon administration to resist it. In recent months the pres ident has not taken a Strong position on the Bill which in the House passed form incorporates elements he favors notably textile import restraints and a balancing free Trade provision related to key chemical tariffs. The latter provision is absent in the version to be considered by the Senate but in a new York speech wednesday or. Kennedy said the . Must observers Here Are keeping a close Eye on meetings be t e e n administration officials and japanese representatives. These talks could result in an agreement for voluntary limitations on Jap anese textile exports to the . After some initial Progress however the negotiators Are showing some signs of bog Ging Down. Failing an agreement the administration will have to weigh the need to protect its political position in the textile producing South against the dangers inherent in a Trade Bill incorporating a series of protectionist Fea t u r e s one consideration which looms Large in the aftermath of the recent con Gressional and state elections is the threat of foreign retaliation against . Agricultural exports including soy Beans and grains. The pres ident s party lost a Good Deal of ground in the Midwest As a result of its farm policies and will he leery of risking further losses in 1972. Constitution new or renewed Tive Security relating to the future. Twenty years of peace in Europe should be contrasted with the outside troubled world. Lulled into this false Secu Rity encouraged no doubt by the communist propaganda about a european Security conference the Peoples of Western Europe Are in no mood to spend More on defence. To this extent the soviet propaganda has Al ready succeeded. Incidentally Only tiny Luxembourg is now spending less than Canada on defence in terms of Gross National product. The . Is spend ing 8.6 per cent including the Vietnam War Britain 5.1 Short ran advantage of filling the vacancy in not j resent Tom simply to Bonn defence officials the Ward the Aims of the party j trying to wrap up a House is that it would other in Power. Theigs being equal assure european package i i or. Shreyer should set creased defence resources to the government of a Roa Jori fear at rest by calling the offer be americans in an Efry. Though a ten one. By election in plenty of time he american through fee next Fegi Slature Lor the Ste. Row la of cutback to he minimum session. The seat was Liber whatever party he May be. Before nato ministers and not to fat it would to attend fee nest session meet in Brussels during the fee i ctn fee i a m few weans Hay to agree j As feat it i inn wows awl met Terry in is Nie fee Tang to in to font to Tatt is hmw9w we Tow 9n 9, Ottawa the prime min ister in his a d d r c s to the Liberal policy Conven Tion spoke of a renewed Constitution designed to Ca with the problems which face Canada in its second Cen in the actual ballot Ting delegates supported two resolutions one calling for Patria Tion and a suitable amending formula the other urging a new Constitution for Canada which would reflect its present status As a bilingual Federal and in dependent a renewed Constitution is one thing a new Constitution something else and much More difficult of attainment. It is altogether improbable however that delegates regarded their vote on the latter Resolution As in any Way a criticism of the Trudeau policy. Interpretation is difficult in the end presumably it involves mind Reading. But the possibilities of confusion Are obvious and May Well have been compounded by the additional wording which had the effect of shifting the emphasis to bilingualism. Federa j list and Independence. Surprisingly Little attention has been directed to another reference by or. Trudeau to a constitutional problem. This came during the accountability it is of particular interest because prime Minster Studem his grave Dom hts about ome pro posed Chute in the my a act which until received to thing hut from most governments. The prime minister took Issue it is not surprising tha most governments looked with favor on a system which promised to be extremely convenient for governments. One of the arguments raised against it in these columns was that it might greatly complicate the prob Lem of accountability to the citizens through their representatives. It is d i f f i c u 11 enough to obtain information of a sort that governments Are not anxious to reveal when jurisdiction and administration Are centred in the same authority. The of or unities for Buck passing when they Are separated would be very much greater. But there is a much larger Case against delegation and or. Trudeau made it. This deserves to be placed on record because it is so frequently ignored. The prime minister said quite frankly i have very serious reservations on that j Powers and very soon we be faced with a Spe Cial status de Facto or Jure in certain provinces of Canada and particularly of course i am thinking of Quebec. I Don t think that if inc system developed that Way it would be workable because you would have a member of parliament for instance from shall we say Manitoba or Saskatchewan which delegated a great Deal of pox vers to Ottawa you would have a member of parliament there from these provinces speaking in Ottawa for a great number of prob 1 e m s on which the member from Quebec would be unauthorized to speak because in this Case there would have been no delegation of Powers and indeed there would have been under this hypothesis Dele gation in reverse. So you would inevitably end to find that members of parliament in Ottawa Don t speak As equals. Some would speak As much More import ant representatives of their provinces than others. Then you would have the Rome of ministers from some provinces who would exercise authority Over the of Canada but not in the province from which they ame because the Constin score. I am not absolutely i Tion would have delegated of Pojta to it but i would i Power away from the Federal prefer proceeding towards government. So you see it is with a proposal which for j amendments of the cons Titu j a possible system but i Don t years has been very fashion j Tion and Reform along the i think it is workable in the Abie and when. Indeed has i fines have been following Long ran and compatible with often been treated As if its j now and they do not include i federalism which Shoum tend merits were beyond a ques delegation of Power. I will to have More or less All Tion. Teh you Why in a very Short parts of Canada on More or the of Teton Favreau forum f phrase u is a Hawse there fess equal la was More than a scheme i wow of tend to develop Owr a there is thas a for Efferding formal Start period

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