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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 25, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinning kit miss wid misday no Simbir 25, 1970 farm control Ottawa up the Tim May be the the government will Tell Canad an Farmers How much they Cai produce and How much the can sell agriculture minister h. A. Olson said today. Or. Olson speaking at to opening of the agriculture Congress said the emerging aggressive approach by govern Merit aided by All segments o the Industry indicates a Gen nine need to tailor production to Market there must be careful plan Ning and forecasting to enable the Farmer to decide on an appropriate level of he said. Or. Olson also said a Legisla Tive framework is necessary to provide the Means to Markel products in an orderly fashion. Legislation can also been acted to effect production control by telling Farmers How much they can produce and sell. I am convinced that we must keep Bur prices and products if prices Are not competitive Canada will not be Able to Export and if we cannot Export we cannot he said. The agriculture minister said there has been a tendency in Canada to downgrade Agri culture s importance to the National Economy. Fewer people live on farms and in Rural areas and in a sense because they Are out of sight our Farmers Are out of also few canadians have experienced real hunger and this abundance has fostered complacency. But while the Industry is taken for granted rough every third Canadian House Hok is supported by Money earnet either directly or indirectly from our food Industry. In add Tion the output of each farm worker now needs 40 people compared with 11 prior to the second world War. Agriculture is of such importance to Canada and its people to justify major government involvement or. Olson said ask ing that from the govern men viewpoint the Industry could have a three fold role. The first is to feed the popu la Tion the second As an important Money earner for Canada and third to provide food Aid to the less fortunate in our own society and the world. But if governments and charitable organizations use our agricultural resources to help the less fortunate in the world there is an obligation to spread the costs across our in ire society. We cannot expect the Agri cultural Industry or Farmers to ear a disproportionate share of he or. Olson said the Farmer s returns for his labor capital and management invested is not comparable to that enjoyed y those in Many other sectors if the Economy. They should be and mechanisms must be found to allow armers to share the benefits heir increased efficiency has Rought to other or. Olson told the Congress lat Market research and Dev in pent is High on the govern ment s list of priorities because everything possible must be one to promote capture hold and expand new markets for agricultural products. Cattlemen leery by Johnrika Ottawa staff forecast ers told the Canadian agricultural Outlook conference Here that prospects look pretty Rosy for the beef cattle Industry but cattlemen did t seem Over Joyed tuesday. A conference p a p e r summarizing the beef situation in formed delegates that total beef production on this Conti nent will have to increase by an estimated 37 per cent by 1980 to keep up with predicted growth in beef demand to rising population and growing consumer preference for Steak. Looking at the Short term it said " an average Price of close to for Choice steers at Omaha is expected for the first half of 1971, with summer prices up to fed cattle prices in Canada Are hot expected to vary much from 1970 Levels. But cattleman George Ross of Manyberries Alta., who writes a column for the free press weekly expressed co Sid Erable scepticism about fore ass during his address to the conference on the implications of the beef Outlook. It is helpful to know things Ike the cattle population and he number of cattle on feed but unless lbs can come up Vith More accurate figures we Are probably better off without he said. He said Ottawa should Stop interfering so much in the forecasting business and let armers increase herds As the Narket presents itself. One minute we Are told to grow wheat the next we Are old to grow cattle and a few Hort months later we re told of to grow wheat. A lot of Western banners Are of too Happy right now sitting it there on their summer allowed Fields. The trouble i think is tha More cowboys in Ottawa and More Ottawa representatives in the West although give minister by Olson full credit for doing e Grything he can for Wester or. Ross said the situation would be greatly improved free movement of Grain be tween provinces was Allowe and the beef grading was adjusted to changing conditions. We Are docked about Hundred on heifers and i hav yet to see Heifer beef on any meat he said guess their sex changes in rout front Alberta to he said packers Are netting As Little As two per cent profi so it must be some other Factor that denies producers a fair share of the consumer Dollar. Something i s drastically wrong when producers of a commodity like beef can Only truck robbed Miami up men robbed a Wells Fargo truck of Cash at Miami International Airport tuesday the Dade county sheriff s office reported. The Money was being taken from first National Bank of Miami to a Bank in Freeport grand Bahama Island. Deputies said the truck had pulled up to the pan american Mai room at the Airport and the Money bags were being taken out of the truck. Two men who appeared with handguns and wearing cargo workmen s put the bags into suitcases and fled. Net Back at the most four per cent on their invested capita when you can turn around and double your Money in Bonds or triple it in other guaranteed c. A. Gracey who also delivered a beef Outlook paper was just As sceptical of present forecasting methods. Much of the source data is not highly reliable and certain critical types of information such As expected marketing is hardly available at he said improving data Gath ering and analysis is More important than Outlook conferences because the beef in Dusley if allowed to respond unhindered to economic signals will adjust to maintain a Nice balance Between Supply and he said projecting beef de Mand to 1980 is simply a sterile academic exercise because beef production will adjust to demand of its own Accord year 0 year. A it should be Clear to every one that our ability to produce beef is much greater than Pur ability to consume or. Racey said. O expansion in beef production should never been courage other than As a result 1 economic signals Market place. Still another source of flexibility lies in the fact the a ional Supply can surge ahead r fall Back As a result of fluctuations in Market weights i effective use of this Dynah c Means that Supply can be Al ered either Way by one or cent in the very Short period of a week to 10 he added that the trend to Ards higher percentage of feedlot finishing of cattle can t o much further because Al Ady 85 per cent of All eligible cattle ire graded Choice or Good and half of the rest of the Young beef fall into that thoroughly respectable Grade known As Canada he said it appears that both the growing National beef Herd and declining National Dairy Herd Are approaching stable condition. Thin red line Calgary up the question of whether calling a Nian a communist Over the Telephone constitutes abusive language caused a magistrate to Reserve judg ment at the trial of Slavko Stanimirovic. Magistrate Fred thur Good adjourned the Case against the Calgary Man who is charged with Violat ing the Alberta government telecommunications act by using abusive language Over the Telephone. A decision is to be Given Noy. 30. Testimony monday from the recipient of a Telephone Call said that or. Stani m i r o v i c telephoned him and speaking in Serbo called him a communist and made disparaging remarks about the Man s Church. Or. Stanimirovic testified that he did Telephone the Man to complain that he had been overcharged for some help Given him but he denied calling the Man a communist. Play Canada hundreds Are Here Are just a few Early winners Winner or. E. A. Buchanan Tweed Ontario. Winners mrs. Aileen Haid Saskatoon sask. Mrs. E. L. Garden Brandon mrs. R. A. Snelgrove Ardon Man. Mrs. H. Pas lat Winnipeg 4, Man. Or. L. D. Hollebeke Gravelbourg sask. Mrs. D. Craig Moose jaw sask. Mrs. N. Scheper Edmonton Alta. Mrs. L. Holmes Calgary Alta. Gottenberg Vulcan Alta. Mrs. S. Schmidt Edmonton. Alta. Mrs. R. Marchak Edmonton Alta. Mrs. E. Burnett Vancouver . Mrs. J. Tymko it. Coquitlam . Winners mrs. M. Dupuis Springwater sask. Mrs. E. Tunnah. Estevan sask. Mrs. L. Hansen Grimshaw Alta. Mrs. W. Cosman Surrey . B. Harris Victoria . Winners g. Riley Winnipeg 13. Man. Mrs. F. Mistel Bacher St. Boniface 6, Man. Mrs. N. Hall Portage la Prairie Man. Mrs. M. Worobey Winnipeg 12. Man. Mrs. W. Rempel Steinbach Man. Mrs. M. Mostowy Selkirk Man. Mrs. M. Stone Virden Man. Mrs. A. Johnstone Boissevain Man. Mrs. J. Wright Winnipeg Man. Mrs. D. Comstock Winnipeg Man. Mrs. M. L. Anderson Virden Man. Mrs. A. Barrett Winnipeg Man. Mrs. A. Wintring Harn yellow grass sask. Or. 6. Gibson Regina sask. Or. P. G. Page Winnipeg Man. Mrs. C. Smith Winnipeg Man. Mrs. R. Reschke Winnipeg 19, Man. Or. M. A. Protosavage St. Vital 8, Man. Mrs. H. Deslaurier St. Boniface Man. Mrs. R. Wasnik Winnipeg 22, Man. Mrs. G. Lawson Winnipeg 15, Man. Mrs. G. Muir Wheatland Man. Mrs. E. H. Allen Winnipeg 13, Man. K. Iwaschuk Winnipeg 3, Man. Mrs s. Dudar Winnipeg 9, Man. Mrs. We. Dolinski Winnipeg 17, Man. Mrs. V. Khalian Winnipeg 17, Man. Mrs. T. Weston Winnipeg 19, Man. Miss m. Wurtz Man. Mrs. M. Dany Trehuk Winnipeg 2, Man. Mrs. G. Knight Winnipeg 5, Man. Mrs. U. Morissette Fanny Stelle Man. Mrs. G. Ferguson. Brandon. Man. Mrs. V. Majcher Brandon Man. Mrs. R. Spence Winnipeg 2, Man. Mrs. E. Cassidy Winnipeg 8, Man. Mrs. I. Cochrane Winnipeg 8, Man. Mrs. P. Smith Winnipeg 5, Man. Mrs. A. Andrews. Swan River Man. Mrs. E. Lajoie Winnipeg 13, Man. Mrs. J. R. Karelson Winnipeg 10, Man. Mrs. B. Butler Winnipeg 14, Man. The staff j. S. Wood Public Library Saskatoon sask. T. G. Carlson Saskatoon sask. Mrs. A. Krilow Saskatoon sask. Mrs. H. May Bienfait sask. Mrs. L. Kirchgesner Denzil sask. R. B. Morrison Moose jaw sask. Mrs. R. Paraschuk or. R. J. Gabruch Saskatoon sask. W. J. Marinier Regina sask. Mrs. R. Webb Regina sask. Mrs. H. M. Peterson Saskatoon sask. Mrs. D. Shore Prince Albert sask. Mrs. G. Verschraegen Saskatoon sask. Mrs. W. Junor Regina sask. S. Elenko Saskatoon sask. Mrs. 0. Johnson Climax sask. Mrs. M. Langlois Wolseley sask. Mrs. F. W. Fossey Saskatoon sask. Mrs. W. J. Macrae. Winnipeg 10. Man. Mrs. C. Hanke Winnipeg. Man. Mme. E. C. Mars St. Pierre Man. Or. J. C. Stewart Winnipeg Man. Mrs. V. D. Pelland Winnipeg Man. Mrs. A. Sylvestre St. Boniface Man. Or. R. G. Berry Winnipeg 3, Man. Mrs. J. D. Walker Somerset. Man. D. Crabtree. Portage la Prairie Man. Mrs. A. Munro Winnipeg Man. Mrs. G. Mckenna Winnipeg Man. Mrs. A. Peden Pine Falls Man. Miss j. Hildebrand. Swift current sask. Mrs. M. Demetriff Norwood 6, Man. Mrs. A. Protosavage St. Vital 8, Man. Mrs. M. Watt Winnipeg 3, Man. Or. V Millar Winnipeg Man. Mrs. D. Romaniuk Winnipeg Man. Mrs. 0. Watt Brandon Man. Mrs. 0. Hendricks Winnipeg Man. Mrs. V. Rogers Selkirk Man. Mrs. L. Teichroeb Regina sask. Mrs. V. Poirier Selkirk Man. Mrs. R. Dugas St. Boniface 6, Mark miss f. A. Fraser Brandon Man. Mrs. C. Moffatt Brandon Man. Or. D. Eastwood Portage la Prairie Man. Or. T. Gorda Regina sask. Mrs. A. M. Kenler Redvers sask. Mrs. S. Ochi Twa Regina sask. Mrs. C. S. Williams Moose jaw sask. Mrs. J. Artishuk. Lloydminster sask. Or. R. Wanner Vanscoy sask. Or. G. R. Mulching Yorkton sask. Or. C. We. Gould. Regina sask. Mrs. A. Schmidt Winnipeg 3, Man. Mrs. E. Bell Minnedosa Man. Or. R. N. Hill Winnipeg 12, Man. Mrs. B. Prytula Brandon Man. Or. H. Potier Winnipeg 13, Man. Mrs. J. Kirby Winnipeg 5, Man. Maxwell House is a registered Trade Mark of general foods limed. Thousands More will win play now Here s How contest Mies 1. Phr hmm my comm Emfs Kwh m h tout in Ike u w. My h my in m m Iluk Imam Uno co. Spies Tel m r pm cup Sci Wulw w warm m mum with met my to most it Nous. Sejm i Pibo fluff Naff web in if frit War f 1. M jew Csc womb laut ism or a pfc w9ha ii a Mac Vijh Batons food Ateria downtown Only meat specials pork Butts freshly Cut whole or half. Per in. 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