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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 24, 1971, Winnipeg, Manitoba32 Winnipeg free press wednesday november 24, 1971 Cass Beggs goofed Craik teus meet Donald w. Craik progressive conservative member of the legislature for Kiel said monday that Manitoba Hydro chair Man David Cass Beggs wiped out years of engineering Analy Sis and millions of dollars of expenditure. He did not belong to our association association of professional engineers Mani Toba and did not have face his Peers for his income or. Craik to the association s annual general meeting said that should there be a change in govern ment the ensuing would make the Chi investigation Pale by proposals for increasing Manitoba Hydro s generating capacity through the flooding of Southern Indian Lake or through the regulation of water Levels on Lake Winnipeg. Has. Been a. Point of controversy since before the nip govern ment took office in 1969. Manitoba Hydro As part of its Nelson River Power develop ment had favored the i flooding Tio ship is unethical if there is no Independent Engineer in he also reminded delegates in. Such a self policing profession As engineering and Law there is an onus on members to report malpractice or unethical behaviour on the part of fellow members. The reluctance of professionals to take part in this kind of vigilante control might Render the profession less or. Stateson said a professional act should be a tool to assist in the development of the profession that would ensure High standards among the members. The role of the professional should be defined precisely in the Clement Mcintosh who has been appointed president. Of the Manitoba association for children with learning disabilities. He will serve As president for the 1971-1972 term. Price changes called j. A threat to farms -1 the of Southern Indian Lake but president of the. Feder the nip government has pushed the alternative of regu lating water Levels on like Winnipeg monday morning the Engi neers debated their Legal status and the new engineering profession act. Debate centred on or. Craik Ray Mcquade in-1 stray the most efficient manag action of agriculture said Mon Camuy farm will be destroyed unless Farmers can con troth for violent swings in production and prices. Gordon Hill of Varna ont., ups and Downs in production and. Prices can de dust rial Engineer Verne Simon sen lawyer and Jack Stateson Engineer and planner. Or. Craik stressed the need for More moral responsibility among professional engineers. He said the time was Ripe for fundamental Laws relating to professions he predicted the near future would see Lay representatives being assigned to professional councils to protect Public interests and he sees positive aspects to these arrangements. Or. Mcquade deplored the tendency of the profession to avoid taking stands on Public issues. The general Public has the impression that engineers Don t care. It is important to carefully consider the idea of engineers being included in the provisions of. The labor relations act thereby allowing them to organize collective bar gaining or. Simonsen saw danger in relationship Between a professional and his client. There could be a situation where a professional Engineer has a financial interest in the client s venture and that such a rela he told the federation s Annu Al convention that newcomers to farming Haven t a companies that buy from Farmers do not like the unstable flow of products any More than Farmers like the unstable prices this produces he said. If farm ers cannot ensure a steady sup ply processors feed Mills and packers Are going to protect themselves such companies do not want to get into the business of far Ming he said but be forced to d6 so if Farmers continue to bungle our marketing in the future the we be done in the past. And that s the end of the family or. Hill said the farming Industry should be controlled through licensing of Farmers. Farmers he said handle potentially lethal machinery and drugs every Day. A Farmer who misuses chemicals he said can be As dangerous As a quack the federation voted for licensing of Farmers and control of All farm land in the province by licensed banners. It approved a Resolution Call ing for the organization to develop a system for licensing Farmers based on experience training a n d o r management when the federation has developed suitable Means of Defin ing who is a Farmer it will seek. Provincial legislation to carry this in another part of his speech Miv Hill accused the Canadian National. Railways Andice rail of disregard of the health and Well being of calves shipped to Ontario buyers from Western Canada. He said he talked to one beef producer who had a shipment of 104 calves of which 32 were dead. Another producer had 24 dead in one shipment. Cini sent to mental Hospital Calgary up Paul Joseph Cini 27, charged after the hijacking of an air Canada Jet was remanded to a mental hos Pital tuesday for 30 Days Obser vation. He is to be transferred to the Alberta Hospital at Ponoka. Cini faces seven charges four1 of them with a maximum pen Alty of life imprisonment. He was arrested after being taken unconscious from a dc-8 nov. 12. He had not entered a plea to the charges which Are placing an explosive sub stance and a sawed off Shotgun aboard property used for Tran sporting people by air a kidnapping with intent to unlawfully transport outside o Canada kidnapping with intent to hold for Ransom interfering with the lawful use of property extortion illegal Possession of Dyna mite Possession of a prohibited weapon a sawed off Shotgun the six hour hijacking at tempt began in the afternoon aboard flight 812 from Van Couver to Toronto when a masked Man emerged from the aircraft washroom holding by summons no Good Whitehorse . Up the City will have to change its summons forms for parking tickets if it wants to make the charges stick. Recently a Man ordered to appear in Whitehorse Magis trates court did t show up and the prosecutor asked that a Bench warrant be issued. The magistrate examined the summons and said he knew of no such court. The name is he said the magistrates court of the Yukon territory. The Case was dismissed. Amite and a sawed off shot gun. The r e m Ai n i n Crew members then were told to take off toward Phoenix but the flight was Cal Gary. He ordered the plane to great Mont and demanded that 1.5 million be assembled and delivered to the Craft while it sat on the runway. A rope was lowered from the cockpit and hauled aboard. The aircraft took off for re g a but turned around in mid flight and landed at great Falls where the passengers and three stewardesses were allowed to leave. Chambers to Cost Joseph Haan of 128 Kildare Avenue East suite 2, Transcona and his daughter Margie 7, look Over the landscaped Windmill that or. Haan built. He took three months to build the whole it is made of matchsticks. Typhoid fever reported port Huron Mich. A the director of the St. Clair county health department re sorted that a five year old swedish girl in Hospital Here has typhoid fever. E. Rowe said lab oratory tests at port Huron Hospital and National communicable disease Centre in Atlanta ga., confirmed that the child s illness is typhoid. Rowe said the. Girl whose identity has not been disclosed is under Antibiotic treatment for typhoid and is expected to recover. The health director stressed again that the disease presents no risk to the general Public in the port area is no official concern that it will spread. He said the source of the child s Case of typhoid remains unknown. However other health officials said it May aboard the swedish freighter Birgit Ragne. The freighter has left port Huron apparently headed for the Welland canal near Buffalo . Officials said the vessel was believed to be somewhere in Lake Erie monday. The child daughter of san Engineer aboard the ship was re moved from the ship last have come from a Carrier i wednesday. Greater Winnipeg s Central City Council awarded contracts totalling monday for renovations to the existing Winnipeg civic Centre s Council Chambers to accommodate the new 51-member Council. The renovations Are expected to be completed in time for the new Council s inaugural meet ing Jan. 4, after it assumes full responsibility for municipal ser vices from metro and the 12 existing municipalities Jan. 1. The Council now is meeting in a committee room in the civic Centre s administration building to plan the changeover in government because the present setup in the Council chamber can Only accommodate 18 Alder men. Council awarded the contract for new desks for the Council doer son and Gronau limited. The firm s bid of was the lowest submitted for the Job. H a n s e n construction com Pany received the contract for installing the desks and making alterations to the Council Chambers. Its bid of was the lowest submitted for that phase of the work. J. G. Turner limited received an order for 55 chairs at a Cost of each for the Council Chambers. The firm s bid was the lowest received for chairs meeting the specifications pre pared by the City. All three firms Are located in greater Winnipeg. Council also approved the spending of to install a new sound system in the Chambers and was approved for a fund to cover unforeseen expenses. Mini Bells ordered London up the world famous w h i t c h a 1 Bell foundry which produced the original Liberty Bell for Phila Delphia state House in 1752 and Bells for the big Ben clock Tower at Westminster has won a Pound Sterling order to provide miniature lib erty Bell models for customers in the United states. For All to sizes stylish deluxe color portable to stand a. If. 24.91 19 98 Yamaha smoothly on genuine casters. Features chromed steel tubing with Walnut trim 2 hardboard shelves. Walnut Wood Grain finished. Great value and Complete outfit for two people Here s what you win Yamaha sl-338c snowmobile carrying trailer 2 Yamaha mows its 2 helmets 2 pair Mio Boott 2 pair Milfs 2 pair How by forecasting the win Peg High and Low temperatures and Bright Sunshine for wednesday december 1st, 1971. Fill As Many As you like of the entry forms printed in the free press you la be helped in your forecasts by special forecasts and weather stories in the free press. How to win win a Yamaha forecast is a unique and enjoyable Opportunity to Complete snowmobile outfit. Forecast the High and Low temperatures fahrenheit to a tenth of a degree and the duration of Bright Sunshine in hours to one one tenth of an hour on wednesday december 1st, 1971 in Winnipeg. The official figures for temperatures and Sunshine will be the official observation taken at the Headquarters of the Canadian meteorological service department of transport International Airport Winnipeg and will be the basis for determining the Winner of the Yamaha outfit. The Winner will be the person who most accurately forecasts the High temperature or in the event of a tie the Winner will be the person who most accurately forecasts the High and Low temperatures or in the event of a further tie the Winner will be the person who most accurately forecasts the High and Low temperatures and the duration of the Bright Sunshine. Any further tie breaker will be at the discretion of the judges every Reader of the free press is eligible to forecast except employees of the free press and professional meteorologists and their immediate families. Win a Yamaha forecasters May submit any number of fore casts on the entry form printed in the free press from Satur Day october 30th to saturday november 27th. All entries must be in the free press building by 10 . Tuesday no vember 30th. To assist win a Yamaha forecasters during this period. The free press will publish a 30-Day official fore cast the meteorological records for High and Low temperatures since 1950 and Bright Sunshine records on december 1st since 1950. All weather forecasts and records will be supplied by the Canadian meteorological service department of transport. The free press will not be responsible for entries delayed or lost in the mails and will not accept entries with insufficient postage All entries become the property of the free press the decision of the judges shall be final on entering the win a yamaha1 forecast forecasters automatically accept these rules. 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