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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 24, 1971, Winnipeg, ManitobaMunicipal meet starts pages 3 and 34 Winnipeg free press final edition wednesday november 24, 1971 Sunrise . Sunset . Atoo Rise . Moonset . Forecast mainly Cloudy 10 and 25 Pakistan Calls up reserves Indian pm says rebels score major victories new Delhi a Pakistan called some of its military reserves to Active duty today As prime minister Indira Gandhi of India reported Bengali rebels had seized Large parts of East Pakistan and inflicted heavy casualties on the pakistani army. Radio Pakistan said All vote coming up of a ites enclosed mail one of a Serin of mud cd in a redevelopment plan for Winnipeg s Nina Fawn District. R by Ken Ingle a new minion downtown Chinatown Complex to replace the Day s of unveiled at a press conference tuesday. The new Complex located to the four Block heart of the old Chinatown and will in clude a completely enclosed series of malls shops and residential structures. The City s chinese Community recently formed Fet Winnipeg chinese development Corpora Tion limited and Hopes to sell shares in it to raise the initial million it feels is needed to launch the project it in hoped the remaining million can be raised through Loans and assistance from various Levels of government and from commercial invest ment some possibly from Hong Kong and the far East r the new Chinatown Complex i stroked was designed by Gustavo dare serve officers and officers on leave before retirement were being asked to report for duty immediately. T h e broadcast said some men from the ranks also were affected but details were not Given. India had a partial mobilization of its reserves in mid of mrs. Gandhi told the Indian p arli Ament that no Indian troops were fighting inside East Pakistan but she did acknowledge that Indian troops entered East Pakistan after a tank Bat the near the Border sunday. She said infantry by tanks and artillery launched an offensive on the mukti Tahini the East a k i s t a u liberation she said had liberated an area around Bora five Miles from India s Border. Pakistani Armor under heavy artillery cover advanced to our Border threatening our defensive she said. Their shells fell in our Terri tory wounding a number of our men. The local Indian military commander took appropriate action to repulse the pakistani attack. In this action 13 pakis Tani Chafee tanks were de Rhodesia Britain agree Way paved for return to a health but bitter criticism expected Salisbury Rhodesia a the British and rhodesian governments agreed today on terms for the secessionist rhodesian Republic to return to the common wealth and end a six year rebellion to preserve White minority Rule terms of the agreement will not be made Public until they Are announced to the rhodesian and British parliaments thurs withdraws suggestion of drinking heckling tory my by Paul Jackson Ottawa staff prime minister Trudeau tuesday was o red e r e d to apologize to a hushed House of commons for suggesting that an opposition member had come to the daily question period with a Little too much drink inside him in a plea edged with emotion Robert Muir pc Cape Bre ton the Sydney asked speaker Lucien Lamoureux to order or. Trudeau to withdraw the remarks which he said slurred him and besmirched his character. Or. Muir s objection to the prime minister s offending ment took the House by prise. In heated debate sur the prime minister had simply retorted to a comment from the 52-year-old my by asking have you had a the event occurred during some heated debate on Cabinet leaks with pc House Leader Gerald Baldwin member for peace River alta., suggesting that the prime minister had made a criminal allegation against opposition maps for say ing they had egged on civil servants into leaking confidential government documents. Please see pm Page 8 limited catch set on Lake Winnipeg Gpza architect for the new million Winnipeg Art gallery and member of the number Teh architectural group. The Complex will be constructed in a four Block area an Indian government spokes Man said today that Indian i troops have orders permitting them to attack across the Bor Der into Pakistan at any time and any place in self defence and that they already have done Day afternoon a joint announcement said. But there was speculation that they provide for continuation of White control and advancement of the Black majority toward political control some Day. The agreement was signed at 3 . Cost by sir Alec Doug Las Home the British foreign Secretary and prime minister please see Britain Page 18 mail takeover planned program to Aid Small farms commercial fishing will re sume on a limited basis Jan. 1, 1972, on Lake Winnipeg closed to commercial fishermen since april 1970, when Mercury Levels in fish taken from the Lake made them unfit for human consumption. John m. Macdonald assistant Deputy minister of mines and natural resources said wednes Day continual tests of fish by Federal and provincial biologists have revealed that there Are areas in the Large Lake where fish have Little or no Mercury contamination As a result said or. Mac Donald the natural resources department has decided to allow fishermen to take pounds of Whitefish from the North end of Lake Winnipeg Only after Jan. L and in addition to the Pound age limit of Whitefish he said a limit win be established for be flow Pickerel and Sauger a certain amount of which Are taken while Whitefish fishing. The decision to reopen com Mercial fishing on a limited basis was made after biologists proved that Mercury pollution in Lake Winnipeg is confined predominantly to its Southern end. They biologists Are at a loss to explain How this could happen but they do know that there Are certain pockets in Lake Winnipeg where the fish Are completely free of Mercury pollution or Are at least Well below the danger level. Biologists have also decided that the pollution free areas at the North end of the Lake will support a Harvest of so Many thousand pounds of fish he said. The approved fishing area Likely will extend As far South As Matheson Island said or. Mac Donald but we Haven t really determined How far South is until biologists approve of cer Tain areas. The ban on commercial fish ing on Lake Winnipeg was an please see limited Page 34 Alexander Avenue. The chinese Community is proposing to construct the Ini tial parts of the Complex on land made available through closing of Pacific Avenue which runs East West through the Centre of Chinatown and on land which can be made Avail Able for redevelopment without forcing any of the present Mer chants out of business. The Complex would begin with a red coloured chinese Gate at the former Entrance of main Street and Pacific and then Overlie a Street level Storey of parking. A two Storey sky lighted East mall would be surrounded by shops which would be topped off with two Storey walk up Low rental Tow housing units. A peace Bridge a Glass enclosed mall with boutiques see Chinatown Page 18 India previously has denied its troops had or would Cross the Border under any Circum stances despite pakistani allegations of Large scale attacks by Indian army units along the Borders with the rebel province of East Pakistan. The Bora area about 45 Miles Northeast of Calcutta Borders the Jess Ore District of East Pakistan where the Pakistan government announced monday that 130 indians were killed and an estimated 500 wounded in fighting that involved tanks. Bora also is across the Border from the area where India claims it shot Down three pakistani f-86 Sabre jets Mon Day. Pakistan said it lost two sabres but insisted the Battle with Indian gnat fighters took place Over East Pakistan not Over India As claimed by new Delhi. Chi will soon show profit Evans gets assist from inmate the Multi million Dollar government aided pulp and paper Complex at the Pas should be come economically viable within four to five years Industry minister Leonard Evans said wednesday. Or. Evans at a news Confer ence said that with Good management and a Rise in a i record Low Price for pulp and j paper Churchill Forest Indus tries Manitoba Ltd. Should be come a profit making business. However he admitted that the company is now confronted with some serious financial the Complex was placed in receivership by a court order on Jan. 8. By Egon Frech Ottawa staff Canada s Federal and provincial agriculture ministers Laid the ground work Here tuesday for a new Rural development program to help Small family farms and provide improved opportunities for Low income Farmers. In a joint communique issued at the dose of the two Day farm Outlook conference the ministers stated they agreed on the principles necessary to establish policies and programs aimed at assisting Canada s Rural areas. The communique did not go into detail on what the policies or programs would be saying these would be worked out by a joint technical committee. However the general wording of the document seemed to indicate a new program of the same variety As Arda and whereby individual provinces will be Able to enter specific agreements with the Federal government in accor dance with the particular needs of farm people in that prov the agreements would e within an agreed National framework the communique said. No monetary values were attached to the new program however Federal agriculture minister h. A. Bud Olson later described the agreement As a Long step Manitoba agriculture min ister Sam Yuskiw said in an interview following the meeting that the Federal government had accepted almost totally the joint provincial proposal that land Banks should be established to buy up non product Iive farms. The agreement on the land Banks which or. Yuskiw said form a key part of the Rural the red suit May be traditional but sometimes Santa wears stripes. Inmate John g. Decided to ask the Christmas Beer Board of greater Winnipeg to play Santa for him last Winter As be was lied up for some inside his Tetter was a Cheque written from an on Tario Penitentiary. Beer Board officials mailed an Jhc Duje tax receipt Back to fee Teader hearted inmate accordia the Sotl procedure j i cashed tie of Cesae and it Difert a Wax so it was a so Cere fee wrote tint be Toped fee fee Joe Weed my fee at fest Stew Dag. Juwer Board Dren recalled mrs. Lois pin fold executive Secretary of the organization. You too can help the Christ Mas cheer Beard bring Christ Mas to needy families in greater Winnipeg. Just mail your donation to the Winnipeg free press Christ Mas Beer fund 300 Carton Street or you can de fiver it to the classified Adver Tising coaster on the main floor of the free press boo my. Receipts a Fol be give for a Chwae tax purposes. Persons interested in Donat ing toys or who can assist m packing Caa Contact Chris snap today Yov Ritsem 37 classified.39 to 53 conks.54, 55 death is 18 a is Matt 42 so arts Kcf Evisia 28 nearly everyone reads the free press the minister said be bad met tuesday with the advisory com Mittee of the receiver and a Progress report showed that so far this year pulp and paper production had exceeded tons. He added the Plant was currently operating at Between 67 and 70 per cent of its de signed capacity and Fth capacity should be reached in about two years. Or Evans said the Chi com plex was pumping about a month into the North Ern Community through wages and fringe benefits. He said estimates for next year predict Miffin is wages and fringe benefits for the Pas. Please see off Page 32 a 19, men feared lost in Lake Basterville Man. Up three residents of this Northern Manitoba settlement Are missing and presumed drowned after their snowmobile went through the ice of Cedar Lake while the men were on a trapping expedition earlier this month. Thomas Mink 47, Stephen milk 39, and Alpheus Mink 31, left the settlement about 250 Miles North of Winnipeg nov. 13 to Cross the Lake on a two week trapping expedition. Percy Mrak also of was t e r v i 11 a discovered the empty Camp tuesday and abort a stifle from Shore discovered a freshly Section of be Terai bad a Cap and arts cues Ess rip say so tuba were to Begis a sex Rob for daddy leave studied by Bill pet fuck maternity leave for fathers the suggestion was put Forward tuesday to the legislature s standing com Mittee on Industrial relations studying possible changes in Manitoba labor Laws by Alan s. Carmel an economics professor at the University of Manitoba. He said he was serious in his presentation As an individual but added if it was incorporated in new legislation i Don t know whether you d Call it mater nity leave prof Carmel who is married and has two Young sons said there should be some consideration Given to whether this should be included in new legislation for men whose wives Are hav ing babies. He said suggestions bad been made to Widen the labor Laws for we facing women to have maternity leave and Stih be Able to go Back to the labor Force after Chad birth Iba Strating his Case be said there Are occasions Ubea a woman Caa be preg Nast and not be Abie to take care of owner do Eldrea in the he suggested sat a Case a leave for the father to bet soft development program was not recorded in the communique or. Olson said later he disa greed with Only one portion of the provincial proposal Al lowing land assembled by the land Banks to be leased or rented to Farmers who Are just establishing themselves. This proposal according to the Provin Cial ministers would reduce the need to raise the Large amounts of capital necessary to Pur Chase land and would reduce the extent to which banners must save out of current in come in order to pay rent. Or. Yuskiw said the acceptance of the land Bank concept by the Federal government was a major achievement in Agri culture he said it will allow Low in come Farmers who want to re tire to recover their capital in vestment by Selling to the land Bank. It would also allow the government to assemble Par cels of land which would make viable economic farm units and sell them to prospective banners or to sell individual please see ministers Page 34 Ottawa up the Post office will take Over mail Deli very service now handled by private contractors in 19 cities and postmaster general Jean Pierre Cote said All employees will be offered Post office jobs. He added after the commons announcement tuesday that the employees will be in exactly the same position As Mon Treal s Lapalme workers if they Don t accept the offer. See Story on Page 3 the former Lapalme Drivers Lave been in dispute with the government since last year. But he said unions Are co operating with the Post office in he change Over. Negotiations with labor had begun during tie summer and ended last please see mail Page 34 More derails on Page 7 Rogers refuses jets Washington special tons the White House announced tuesday that president Nixon would meet israeli pre Mier Goha Meir in Washington next week As pressure mounted in Congress for us administration to Sefl Israel the additional f-4 phantom fighter bombers it mid. Ballots burned St. Johns fld. Up the outcome of the oct 28 Newfoundland election May not be known until after Christmas because somebody burned the ballots in Sally Cove. The progressive conserva Tives lost one of their 21 seats tuesday when a recount of votes in St Barbe South was dropped after or. Justice h. G. Puddester of Newfoundland supreme court received Confirma Tion that 105 ballots had been burned. Conservatives said they would take immediate Legal Steps to Force a by election which could be held within five or six weeks. Premier Joseph Smallwood and other Liberal government spokesmen declined to com ment on the likelihood of a Bye Lection. The abandonment of the re count left liberals and conservatives with 20 seats each. Tom Burgess new Labrador party Leader returned in Labrador West promised earlier be would support the pcs in the be gis Latare conservative Leader Frank Moores was oat of fee province and could not be readied for seeks. I comment. Tree Cai Aej an official coast from the shortly after a la partisan i Earth West coast District earlier group of eight senators bad a i this month showed conservative private Exchange with i de Hays Ixl votes j Secretary of state Wiff Iam p. I and Liberal Trevor Bearett Rogers. At tee Swetish or Berzett rapes u Page 38 reverse Aad i k0chcs Page 38 please Sec Ofia. Page 38

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