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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 23, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaManitoba Centennial 1970 Winnipeg free press final edition vol. 78 no. 48 Price 10 cents with comics 15 cents monday november 23, 1970 Sunrise . Sunset . Moonrise . Moonset . Forecast sunny -5 and 10 invasion repulsed in Guinea radio claims mercenaries in pay of portuguese from Abidjan Ivory coast up the government of Guinea said today that mercenaries hired by Portugal tried through the night to land on its shores but guinean forces repelled them. The in Security Council at an emergency meeting sunday night called for the immediate withdrawal of All foreign forces in the West african country and agreed to Send an investigating Mission. The fight has not president Sekou Toure s government said today in a Broad cast from Conakry the capital. The enemy is still Here. All night he tried to disembark other mercenaries but in vain. Thus the second Day of the War that portuguese colonialism has imposed upon us is earlier broadcasts from con Akry charged that about 350 eur please see invasion Page 14 planes Over Suez Israel charges ceasefire violated Tel Aviv a egyptian warplanes flew along almost the entire length of the Suez canal today pass ing Over israeli army emplacements in Viola Tion of the ceasefire the israeli military charged. Egyptian planes also flew Over israeli positions sunday a please see planes Page 14 report warns of Trade War Squealer warning pcs elect Haig As president lawyer replaces Spivak at Manitoba policy meeting by Stephen r1let and Arlene Billinkoff Manitoba progressive conservatives left their an Nual meeting on the weekend balancing some political optimism on one hand with a sobering dose of uncertainty on the other. London cp1 a Trade War could a break out. Between the United states and the euro Pean common Market splitting the Atlantic Region into two competing blocs says a report issued today by the British North american committee. The study written by Theo Dore Geiger of the National planning association in Washington says the danger of such a Trade War will increase if Bri Tain and other countries join the six member common Market. The report also says a. Free Trade arrangement among the Atlantic countries would help canadians make the most of their relationship with the United states while minimising dangers they canadians perceive to their economic and Cul Tural a Cigar chief of International studies of the Washington association warns of the dangers of starting a vicious spiral of Mutual restrictions and retaliations Between Western Europe and North America. Statesmanship and Public understanding on both sides of the Atlantic will be needed to Stop a deterioration in transatlantic relationships and prevent a split that could undermine the Security and Prosperity of the West the report says. Please see warns Page 15 soviets chinese sin pact Moscow Router Russia and China have signed a Trade agreement the official soviet news Agency Tass announced Here today. The move was seen Here As perhaps the most important step the two countries have taken toward restoring relations since they reached a new Tow last year with armed Border clashes. The Tass announcement did not say when the Trade agree ment was signed but the new China news Agency reported the signing ceremony was held in peking sunday. Reporting from peking Tass gave no details of the terms of the treaty. Trade Between the two countries Sank to an All time Tow of Only million last year As relations worsened compared to about Mil lion in 1959. The two sides have been try Ottawa up the United diplomatic talks in Pek Dunn the last year to resolve the Border dispute by Russ Peden Montreal up _ fran Cois Roux 21-year-old camera Man testified today he was summoned an apartment being used by Kidnap suspects and warned that they were wary of Froix told an inquest into the death of Kidnap victim Pierre Laporte. Quebec labor minister that there was no open threat in the warning which he said was spoken by Paul Rose 27 year old school teacher. Rose still is sought by police for the kidnappings of or. Laporte slain oct. 17. And James Jasper Cross. British Trade envoy abducted seven weeks ago today. Roux nastily dressed in a dark Blue Pinstripe suit said he was drawn into the affair h r o u g h his Friendship with Francine Belisle 22-year-old nurse. Francine and two other Young witnesses testified Friday they sheltered Paul Rose and three other men being sought on kid Nap warrants at their apart please see Squealer Page i Trade favors stressed states sympathizes with Cana no a s efforts to develop in its own Way even while maintain ing dose . Business links . State secretory William Rogers said today. At the same time he Drew at Tention to Canada s heavy dependence on Trade with the United states in a Brief com ment at the opening of annual ministerial talks. Fire . Cabinet secretaries and senior officials sat Down with six Canadian ministers and aides for two Days of Dis Cussion featuring Trade and financing problems. Or. Rogers observed that it is not always easy for Canada to live a distinct Way of life so close to the United states. He fitted that we Are m foil Accord with your to do so. However the Secretary state Wespon wig to to news from external affairs minister Scarp. Which Tod to last year s armed clashes a the ussury River at a Section of the two countries common Frontier disputed by the chinese. Today Index the we Law of 15 41 Clas fied to 41 comes ii com a Page features 7. 1c deaths of Immke slots television 12 Jumble 31 movies 13 sports o women 17 to 19 nearly est Rome Reao Shefree press iffy Zwy hwj7 a spokesman for the Winnipeg weather office said monday that unless a warm front moves into Manitoba the Snow on the ground will probably stay for the Winter. The Weatherman said Manitoba is on the cold Side of a High pressure Ridge that stretches from Wyom ing through the West Cen trial states to Saskatchewan and the North West Terri tories that has sent the temperatures Phim Mumk below the november average. The average mean Tom Pera Ture for Manitoba is about 19 degrees he said but sunday night Winnipeg reached Zero degrees. The forecaster said temperatures would reach a High of 10 monday with mostly sunny skies but could drop to a Low of Between five below and 10 below with winds gusting to 29 Miles an hour. The forecast for tuesday is mainly sunny skies with temperatures of 10 during the Day and a Little colder at night. He said tuesday night will not be As cold As Mon Day night because the High pressure Ridge will have moved farther East. However the Weatherman said a storm from the Pacific coast is rapidly mov ing East and could be Here by late tuesday raging m r e cold weather by wednesday. They elected a new president lawyer Graeme t. Haig of Winnipeg to replace Sidney Spivak la for River Heights and agreed to hold a Leader ship convention within a year. That leadership decision was a crucial Point in the minds of Many delegates though it appeared to bother current Leader Walter Weir not in the least. In Only a passing reference to the matter he told his fellow party members that the prob Lem was not to recruit a Gen eral but to enlist an please see pcs Page 4 Weir hit snap liberals Manitoba conservative Leader Walter Weir carefully skirted the Issue of leadership in his party saturday and turned his fiery rhetoric instead on the new democratic party and the liberals. He told Manitoba s tories during a dinner speech at the party s annual meeting that the state dictatorship of the nip government has provided More jobs for its followers than any other political party in Canada s history. The night before he had sat quietly while conservative Dele Gates mulled Over the props Tion of a leadership convention they eventually agreed to hold one within a year. Kidnap letter studied Choquette says probably authentic Montreal up two letters apparently written by Kidnap Ped British Diplomat James Jasper Cross and a note purportedly from the outlawed front de liberation do Quebec were being Stu died by police experts today. A provincial police spokes Man said no decision had been made As to the authenticity of the communications discovered by reporters for two French language newspapers after Anonymous Telephone Calls saturday afternoon. Justice minister Jerome Cho Quette said in an interview Sun Day on radio station cad the communications appear to be the note signed Fly and the Public letter signed a. R. Cross were being compared with earlier communications apparently from the terrorist kidnappers. The Fly note suggests u Thant United nations Secre tary general intervene to secure the release of 24 so called terrorists in Exchange for the political prisoners sought by the release of or. Cross. Please see letters Page 9 liberals want new tax cure of regional disparity urged As prime target by Victor Mackie Ottawa finance minister Edgar Ben son s White paper for tax Reform should be drastically altered to ensure the proposed new tax program is re shaped into a Strong weapon against regional economic disparity delegates agreed at the Liberal party policy convention sunday. Maitland Steinkopff attend Steinkopf funeral please Sec Weir Page 14 by David Lee about people filled Shearey Zedek synagogue 561 Wellington Crescent at 10 . Monday for the funeral of Maitland b. Steinkopf 58. The key Man in the Celebration of Iio Ahkii help put fund Over the top the province s Manitoba and Canadian Centennial. Or. Steinkopf died at his Home saturday night apparently of a heart attack. He was 58. Lieutenant governor w. John m c k e a s former lieutenant governor r. S. Bowles. Premiered Schreyer of Manitoba progressive conservative Leader Walter Weir and i. H. As per. Leader of the Liberal party in Manitoba were among the dignitaries present at the largest funeral Ever held from the synagogue. Rabbi Lawrence Icsis con ducted the service which was followed by burial in Shearey Zedek cemetery. Pallbearers i Ottawa s programs for Eli min a t i n g economic disparity in various have not areas across the country came under attack from Manitoba s Liberal Leader i. H. Izzy Asper. Other Dele Gates joined in criticism including Lloyd Axworthy from Winnipeg who was particularly critical of resolutions dealing with poverty. Or. Axworthy said it was within Ottawa s Power to end poverty and it must act. Or. Asper made a Strong Impact on the convention and a favourable impression of a Young new forceful provincial Leader with the drive and Energy to keep pressing Home his Points. Some Federal Cabinet ministers were not too Happy with his activities which de lighted or. Asper who reported or. Benson had expressed the forlorn Hope that the critic of the White paper would ease off now that or. Asper had become a provincial Liberal Leader. Surprisingly unemployment and inflation the two major economic problems confronting the Federal government came in for relatively Little attention at the plenary sessions. Dele Gates were snowed under a mass of resolutions dealing with a very wide variety of subjects designed to provide planks in the party s platform for the next general election in 1972. The delegates were also con fronted with a new voting tech Nique. No simple rejection or adoption of resolutions occurred. Instead on their bal lots they had to Register they strongly or simply were not disagreed or strongly disa please see Steinkopf Page 8 by mid december every year the Christmas cheer Board is More than in debt. It depends largely on the free press Christmas cheer fund and similar campaigns for Money to provide hampers and gift certificates to Hose in need. In past years it has Only been a last minute Rush that has put the Board Over the top. But there is always the Chance that the won t reach its goal. Please see liberals pase 2 Asper Impact Felt bosons win University of Manitoba by sons outclassed the univer sity Ottawa gee gees sat urday in Tenno s vanity Stonum to retain the col by Paul nun and us vaster cup. To Manitoba team be feat i their rivals to us to take please see help Page 2 two years see Story in Page is. Stalin insane Khrushchev alleges York a reminiscences attributed to Nikita s. Khrushchev describe Joseph stain As a madman wow re laced Lenin s Devohr Tiwary ideals with term. Winse name now is being whitewashed in the soviet uni i it a few of military Feri pleas for help were pets against him. Khrushchev makes a Fea to dear a names for these Stalin executed imprisoned. The reminiscences Are the first a for part series fee Tamei by the editors a year Kaw wig then he adds that a Boft they to fee fart that Ibe amt states is Canada s pot funds. He in write tint is. To fee Anitol say Towl his me to w tace Saviet wars Agency says irks Date Wiki in i Whf Khrushchev As Premier began the Campaign to Down Grade was evs Teu Famh Power in 1jm. The reminiscences begin with Sayini he lives like a Hermit in the outskirts of with Chwae him. No Early week pm with a life it Fht we Law of so i me. Awl o. To it mat win live we recur s. Khrushchev remembers con tends that Stalin the Best military and political brains in of soviet Yunnu and at the same time threw aside Many of Lenin s i seats. Lowest Tecarl Ijen mists. De voted to the cause dec the cram time Ottey were Ibe first to when slam a named acis arbitrary Rule the party. An be fire Back Ottawa staff Oliree weeks after he took Over the ruins of the Manitoba Liberal party. I. H. Asper made his appearance on the Federal scene. And with his a Man delegation to the National Liberal policy conference made an Impact like no other Manitoba delegation has done before. Standing firm on his Reform package that gives equal Opportunity to an canadians. Or. Asper wheeled and leafed and managed to get few major resolutions on the convention floor. And accepted by the other Dele Gates. The resolutions collectively Are designed to remove Region 1 Al disparity for us Dpi Emeji areas of Canada. I the reason for the Impact j we have be said in m i interview saturday night Are these resolutions. They Are res on Timis that stand for inf chs that i can t lire it was these same Pouv fes that or. Asper stood on when be won the provincial Leader ship oct. 31. We flow. Tel fowl wcvmk5i 9 Mats site my that this Koniuk my

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