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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 21, 1970, Winnipeg, Manitoba10 features Winnipeg free press saturday november 21, 1970 new Leisure consumer s Corner exercise care caution when buying toys in spite of the sweeping changes in regulations on toy safety As announced by the Federal department of consumer and corporate affairs parents must still exercise care and caution in their toy purchases. Seme of the new regulations take effect immediately but with others it will take until nov. 1, 1971. To become effective. The new regulations Are designed to remove poorly constructed dangerous toys from the Market and single out baby toys for special at Tention. Toys which expose Metal spikes or Sharp wires when they Are broken Are banned. So Are those with Loose eyes or rattles with Small parts which could choke a child. Straight pins used for attaching bows and decorations to dolls Are prohibited. Toy arrows and other projectile toys will be required to have protective tips and the shafts of push pull toys will have to have protective fittings to prevent injury to toddlers. Detailed regulations control the use of any substance in a toy which might be poisonous. Paint used on toys must meet stringent Stan Dards limiting Lead Content or other hazardous ingredients. Also banned Are substances which Are corrosive or irritating. The material used in stuffing toys must be clean and free of dirty or noxious material. Drawing materials such As crayons and modelling clays must be non toxic. Not included in the regulations Are chemistry sets which Are being dealt with under separate regulations. Electrically operated toys must meet safety standards set by the Canadian standards association. Provincial regulations now make such safety requirements mandatory but their inclusion in Federal regulations permits strict enforcement on a National scale. Wet cell batteries used in electrical toys must be leak proof when subject to rigorous shaking and dropping tests. As Well any toys with hot surfaces such As toy stoves or Irons which could Burn a child Are also subject to regulations based on Cha standards of safety. Celluloid toys with the exception of table ten Nis balls Are subject to an immediate ban. Doll s hair or the fur or Manes of toy animals must net be of dangerously flammable materials. By i Anderson in november 1971, standards governing mechanical hazards associated with toys will go into effect. Fasteners Glass panels plastic exposed nails screws and bolts and Spring wound driving mechanisms will All have to meet specified Stan Dards of safety. Other rules will prohibit danger Ous features in such things As noise making toys play trunks Finger paints toy steam engines Kite strings and elastic used in prams and playpens. The new regulations should not affect the Price of toys now on the Market since Many Ca Nadian toys meet the requirements. There has always been a certain amount of legislation both Federal and provincial for your Protection. In Manitoba and Ontario provincial Legisla Tion covers the use of new White material for stuffed toys. Since these two provinces represent a Large part of the toy Market in Canada most Canadian manufacturers meet this requirement. This was not binding on toys coming into Canada from other countries so a British standards Label on stuffed toys is your Protection on imports at this time. Legislation in effect nationally includes the Federal food and drugs act which protects the consumer against the inclusion of certain con tents and materials in construction. While the hazardous products act of 1969, under which the new regulations were issued has the Power to ban any toy which May be deemed a danger to safety because of its design construction or now that the new standards have spelled out some of the problem areas it should afford even greater Protection from Many of the hazards that have been encountered in the past particularly since this legislation now applies to imported toys As Well. The Manitoba Branch of the Consumers association of Canada has received a number of complaints regarding toy safety one of which was traffic Jam a game played with balls through an eight foot plastic tube. Many parents Felt that this was very hazardous. The association referred this complaint to the Federal department of consumer and corporate affairs at Ottawa and after testing it was judged not hazardous since the tube was a heavy plastic with air holes punched throughout. The con Sumers association did not consider this a Good toy for children both because of the Price and the idea that youngsters might try to imitate the game by using either a garbage or dry cleaning bag. Mrs. E. V. Tithe Ridge Manitoba president of the Consumers association said they were gratified to learn that our provincial minister of consumer affairs Ben Hanuschak feels As the association does regarding this toy and approve the action taken by his department and also wish to commend Simpsons Sears for their co operation with the consumer Bureau in removing the toy from Sale. Another problem that parents should be aware of. Have you heard a bout the Wasp gun evidently it is a real noise maker As the ads claim. On tests made in the United states the noise produced by this toy reached a Peak of More than 150 decibels. Normal speech generates 48 decibels of sound while a screaming Jet is approximately 140 decibels. According to re searchers sonic Levels in excess of 130 decibels could be harmful to hearing hardly an appropriate toy for a child. Mrs Friesen problems chairman of the con Sumers association was contacted Long distance by a concerned Parent about this Cap pistol being sold in Rura. Manitoba. Following through on this complaint mrs. Friesen contacted the buyer of the distributing Chain and on explaining the situation received their immediate co operation in recalling the offending gun. The association Felt you should be aware of this situation in Case any of these Cap pistols Are still around. A request has been forwarded to the Federal department of consumer affairs for a nation wide ruling on this toy. If you Are interested in getting in touch with the Consumers association of Canada they Are listed in the Telephone directory or through Box 123, Winnipeg 1. Washington i am Happy to report that the people of the United states Are no longer in a mental depression. They Are now paranoid. The Day after the election i ran into round table who was shaking visibly. The trouble i asked. I Don t know what s going to happen. Pres ident Nixon and Agnew said if they did t get a majority in the Senate and the House there would be crime in the streets violence on the campuses and pornography in every that was just political rhetoric Rounda i said. They did t mean "an.1 the democrats said if president Nixon remains in the White House there will be a depression and All americans will lose their jobs their Homes and their social you should t believe everything you hear during a Campaign round table. The party out of Power always says the same i Don t want to cried round table. You re not going to republicans said if they did t win the election president Nixon would t be Able to end the War in Vietnam or stand up to the russians paranoia has set in in the Middle East or the cubans in the carib be they were just trying to scare you into Vot ing for then., round table. It s part of the game the democrats said if they did t win we would All die of pollution or go bankrupt bailing out the Penn Central they were scrounging for issues round table. They did t expect you to believe Why did the president stand up on his car in san round table said. I Don t know Why. He probably thought it was a Good idea. I know Why he stood round table said. He stood up because he was hoping they d Stone his i Don t believe Well the chief of the san Jose police said his car was t if he said that then there s nothing to worry about no except that the secret service said his car wa-5 stoned and the president went on television told everyone he was stoned and he said if we did t elect the candidates he supported we could expect More of the same from the anarchists in the the president was just trying to dramatize the Point tha there has been a breakdown of Law and order in the country and the democrats were responsible. That s fair comment during an election the democrats said the republicans purposely played a bad tape of the president s speech so the people would accuse the to Media of sabotaging the Nixon we Don t know that for a fact though do we he sobbed that s the trouble. We Don t know anything for a fact. I m look Friend everyone gets frightened during an election year but in a few weeks it will All be forgotten. Well still have violence in the streets student unrest unemployment pollution and trouble with the russians and it won t come up again until the presidential that s Why i m said round table shaking. How s if this is the kind of stuff they re going to throw at us in an off year election what the hell Are they going to do to us in

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