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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 21, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaCanada s leading rotogravure Magazine Arctic diving a Young scientist photographs underwater life in the Arctic Page 2 violent history of the Fly Bill Trent traces its path since Mailbox bombings in 1963 Page 6 getting hitched has its hitches oddities in the news. Page 18 ghettos Are Good a Metis favors lumping together people of the same background Page 20 and in the a new Freer Way of 3 it happened Here Page 4 the Herron Folk. Page 5 contralto becomes a 8, dropouts attend 11 they play music together pages 12, 13 Church news pages 14, 15 Book 20, 21 Sketchbook. Page 22 Sun signs. Page 24 and elsewhere in the paper color comics to radio diary Jumble winners 9 entry form 40 Puzzle 43 classified 41 to 54, Fil to 67 letters 13 comics 39, 40 movies 17 Community Calendar 14 night beat. 18 deaths 9 sports 57 to 60, 66, 68 finance 30 to 35 travel 26 to 29 labor scene 18 you threat 7 break winners 2 women 21 to 25 Lortie chose wrong closet Lupone Alfmil night of Haiti Montreal up testimony at the Coroner s inquest into the death of Quebec labor minister Pierre Laporte added new pieces Friday to the Puzzle of How three of four suspects in the Kidnap murder managed to hide in a secret closet under the noses of police. Two Young women and a 19 year old unemployed labourer described How the fugitives built the hide away closet in a West end apartment. The three said they sheltered and ran errands for the four men being sought for conspiracy in the Laporte kidnapping. One witness helped build the hideaway which concealed three of the fugitives for almost 24 hours after the raid in which a fourth suspect Bernard aortic. Was captured. Lortie apparently ducked into the wrong closet when police raided the apartment nov. 6. Three weeks after the murder of or. Laporte. Testifying were Francois be Lisle 19, his sister Francine 22, a hefty blonde nurse and co Lette Therrien a Petite 22-year old student Belisle an unemployed native of Victoriaville que., testified he bought Wood and Wallboard used to build the secret compartment behind the Wall of a clothes closet where the three suspects hid to elude police. Miss Therrien said she bought the tools for the operation and later delivered a terrorist note written by Paul Rose. 27, one of the four suspects. Rose is still at Large As Are his brother Jacques and fran Cis Simard both 23. I Lortie 19, was the key witness at the opening of the inquest nov. 7 and testified that he. The roses and Simard took part in the oct. 10 abduction of or. Laporte who was found j strangled in the trunk of a car eight Days later. Belisle testified the Kidnap suspects Practised hiding in the closet after they built it oct. 21. They canal get inside m bowl one he said. Pkt res of the apartment and cd set were shown to newsmen who jammed the or Wocial police where the the Fate was t of a few Wini War lengthy Lake ban doubted premiered Schreyer of Manitoba said Friday he cannot conceive that commercial fish ing on Lake Winnipeg will be curtailed for any great length of time because of Mercury pollution. He told reporters that Canada s fisheries minister Jack Davis was possibly putting Forward the most pessimistic face when he indicated recently that the fishing Industry on the Lake would be closed Down for up to five years. The Premier was reminded there have even been some recent suggestions that the fish ing would be curtailed indefinitely. J that surely is not possible. Please see lengthy Page 10 behind the Grey cup with ii Jackson Page weekend Winnipeg free press vol. 78 no. 47 Price i0c 15c saturday november 21, 1970 Sunrise . Sunset . Moonrise Midnight Moonset . Forecast clouding Over 15 and 0 Pierre Trudeau a popular Leader Greene tees off on , Trudeau says Fly controlled liberals give Leader full end oration by Victor Mackie Ottawa staff the Fly crisis in que Bec is now in hand prime minister Trudeau assured delegates to the Liberal policy convention Friday As he explained the need for the Cabinet to take the drastic action of invoking the War Mea sures act to Cope with terrorist activities. Labouring under the Handicap of a bout of stomach flu and perspiring under the glaring hot rays of the powerful lights needed for the color television cameras the prime minister was interrupted by frequent bursts of applause. The Content of the speech was excellent the delivery left something to be desired. But the liberals heard his report of his two and one half years of service As their Leader and cheered and applauded him at the close. Earlier in the opening Day of the three Day convention there had been expressions of concern from worried liberals that the liberties of the individual had to be curbed by a Liberal govern ment. Or. Trudeau went out of his Way to Deal with this at length in his 40-minute address. He brought them words of re Assurance. The government had acted firmly and promptly to Cope with the violence and terrorism in Quebec. Its Strong actions had restored order out of what could have become chaos he stressed. An atmosphere of hero Wor ship pervaded the ballroom of please see Trudeau Page 9 by John Auk a Burlington ont. Staff Energy mines and resources minister Joe Greene lobbed ver bal napalm Over the pol Utec great lakes to. Burn the ears of the White House in Washington Friday in a blistering speech he charged the . With causing 80 per cent of the pollution in the great lakes. He said he was tired of get Ting rhetoric instead of re1 suits from the . Federal government which has consistently promised a cleanup drive with out delivering it. Or. Greene s speech markedly More anti american than his famous Denver attack was made during opening ceremonies of a research unit at the Canada Centre for Inland Waters Here on the shores of Lake Ontario near Hamilton. It follows fisheries and for Estry resources minister Jack Davis s attack in new York thursday accusing the . Of not doing enough to clean up eyewitnesses Al Danang. 100 he great lakes pollution prob Miles South o the zone in the Northern part of in answer to questions or. Vietnam said nearly 50 Greene said he did not know v s f warplanes whether pome master tru armed and Deau was aware of his attack in had talc in off from the Amer. A last mute insert to his for can Basc there through Oil the j Mal speech. It is my he a said. I up to 300 other jets were or. Greene said the . Sci available from bases in thai Asper pleased with Day pcs to pick chief within 12 months but Weir is Safe at least till end of next House session by Arlene Billinkoff progressive conservatives in Manitoba will hold a leadership convention within 12 months but after the next session of the legislature is prorogued. And their present Leader Walter Weir said Friday he s pleased about the move. After a first by Paul Pihi Chyn Ottawa staff Manitoba Liberal Leader i. H. Asper says the province s Liberal delegation had a Good Day Friday at the National Liberal policy conference Here. I it was the opening Day of the three Day conference and the Manitoba delegation was successful in getting two major areas of concern to the West on the convention floor. These two areas arc an equalized regional development program and a program to please see Asper Page 10 a Stormy n first session Friday of the conservative an Nual meeting and policy Confer ence which ran two hours Over schedule and saw More than 30 p e a k e r s vent their spleen bout the leadership Issue Dele Gates gratefully and vocally and without a recorded vote approved the Compromise Reso Lution introduced by Gabriel Girard the la for Emerson. The decision of the meeting was welcomed by or. Weir who before discussion of the Issue began told delegates that the concept of a leadership review would be in the Best interests of the party. After the four hour debate which was interrupted by cat Calls Boos cheers and a minor electrical malfunction which silenced the microphones or. Weir was grateful that it was Over but pleased with the results. I m extremely pleased that there is an amendment to provide a regular nor was he upset about apparent declarations of non Confidence in his leadership. Referring to an earlier hassle on the floor or. Weir opined that proceed Ings might have been hastened if delegates had received writ Sec leadership Page 11 won t Walter Weir a Happy Leader pre try court Case acquits sergeant . Fighter bombers Pound North Vietnam Saigon a Waves of United states fighter bombers pounded North Vietnam today in the deepest raids since the american bombing halt. Over the North More than two years ago. Night just before inc air raids began. In Paris the North Vietnam Ese delegation to the Vietnam peace talks said the . At tacks gravely affect the Paris by Stephen Riley allegations of discrimination against the Marlborough hotel have not deterred Manitoba progressive conservatives from holding their annual meeting and policy conference there. The conference began Friday Mere hours after a temporary injunction until the Case is heard was issued from Mani Toba court of Queen s Bench preventing the hotel from discriminating against indians. No injunction was granted restraining the hotel from de Faming indians on the ground there is no evidence defamation now is going on. Sidney Spivak provincial pc president said the party s exec1 Utvic Council agreed unanimously to go ahead with the convention. We certainly do not condone racial discrimination but at the same time we do not think we should prejudge a Case that is before the he explained in an interview. I David Church inc. President of t h c Manitoba Indian brotherhood had filed a claim in court alleging that inc Marl i lease see wont Page 11 Manson denies in lists and the state govern please Sec Greene Page 10 land and from two carriers off the Tonkin Gulf one of which steamed into position Friday conference on to h c Nixon administration must Bear entire responsibility for All consequences arising from its hostile acts against the democratic Republic of Viet a statement issued by the delegation said. The statement called the bombings an extremely serious act of War against the democratic Republic of Viet Nam a Brazen violation of its sovereignty and North Vietnam said in a radio broadcast that the attacks were an extremely serious act of in Washington defence Sec i rotary Mclvin r. Laird said the american planes were hitting Moscow special tons i Khrushchev family or from hos j North vietnamese missile and Nikita Khrushchev is in the hos sources. I anti aircraft gun positions in part in killings fort Hood Tex. A . David Mitchell was acquitted Friday night in the first my Lai Case to reach a court martial verdict. Mitchell 30, a 10-year United states army Veteran had been charged with assault with intent to murder by shooting at 30 unarmed civilians at the South vietnamese Hamlet March 16, 1968. Nine other american soldiers arc charged in connection with the incident. At fort Benning. A. The prosecution in the court martial of Lieut. William l. Calley or. Turned Friday from testimony about bodies found on a Trail near my Lai to a ditch filled with bodies of vietnamese. One of the specific acts with which Calley is charged is the murder of 30 unarmed Vietnam Ese civilians along a Trail near the Village. Another charge Al Leges that 70 others were executed after being herded into a ditch. Thus far in the court martial. J w h i c h began tuesday no witness has testified that in i saw Calley kill anyone. He is on i trial on charges of murdering 102 unarmed vietnamese civil Khrushchev Back in soviet Hospital Pital again with heart trouble soviet journalists said Friday. While the journalists Are usually described As informed sources there is no evidence that in this Case they got their information either from the our air Ite pawed or series traces Trail in recent months enough heroin has been smuggled into the United states to provide Iso million fixes enough for every person in the Between 75 and 24 to have had foor apiece. John editor of the Christian science has spent five months tracing the inter natio roil sources of this dreg interviewing Optima growers in Turkey underworld dealers in France smugglers in he Reg seven part report the grim mfr not apr for Wyto Stefy in free nov last monday Tass and soviet i response to attacks on newspapers published a state unarmed reconnaissance Menthy or. Khrushchev deny ing that he had had anything to do with the publication in the j please Sec bombers Page 9 West of reminiscences attribute de to him. It was the first time the press had quoted or. Khrushchev since he was oust i Edas party Leader and Premier j six years ago. There was nothing in the i statement saying that or. Khrushchev had never written or spoken comments that Coom be used As material for reminiscences Only that he had never Given anything to Western or soviet publishers. The official Job fiction of the statement clearly meant that somebody m the Kremlin wanted discredit the purported the West into suggested that either the secret a Rifaei ties attack or. T Woff kelp fee los Angeles a i be killed no one and i be ordered no one Charles Manson declared in a dramatic unexpected monologue that wound up testimony in the Sharon Tate murder trial. Out of hearing of the jury j and Over his lawyer s objections the Short dark haired clan Leader talked for about two hours Friday. He emotionally expounded h i s philosophies railed against society and re butted portions of the state Case against him. As he approached the stand a military jury of seven officers including six Vietnam veterans returned the Mitchell i verdict after six hours 50 min piously had been described by j Ulics of deliberation. Their lawyers As eager to take j Ujj Inchcl was a squad Leader the stand and confess to save j in company c. The same outfit withdrew their requests to testify. The judge recessed the 23 please Sec Manson Page 10 in which Calley was a platoon Icador. The army still is processing charges against eight other members of the America division. 4 share honors t As first donors he told his three women co defendants you Don t have to testify and the Prc-1 sobering up device ditched London a a sober ing of machine was removed from the House of commons Friday As British maps Sim mered at what one called a Savage Star on parliament s to bold its i Wor. Set Raffier the device was Gas feed fuss than 24 hours after its stat Tatiom at bar. A place a Edttge for Scatti War King secretaries manager set we the sober ing of apparatus. He said it might help to Wrace Road accidents. There was hardly time for a discreet Hiccup before a Horas of protest Rose from ranks. Mitch Elf ordered to explain inn nest week face fire the Ca the Honor of being first to donate to the free press Christmas cheer fund is divided this year among four people. They Are b. W. Reilly 672 Queenston Street f. C. Weeke Matlock. Man m. L. Neal. 732 South drive. Fort Garry and Carl Atkins. Morden. Man. By sharing Jost a Little of what Yon have you can help to make it a merrier Christmas for families who cannot afford to Hare a Christmas by themselves. Address Yoor contribution or. Be Ginam Bennett. The West Tamer tart Rale m Tite or Rural Kwh we of s jvevvn9et.5 w a Sawi we Penn Senift far fee Eva Snaw sort few looking for .4 out the want and under ing

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