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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 20, 1971, Winnipeg, ManitobaGrazing lands Denver about three fourths of . Grazing lands or roughly 750 million acres Are located in 17 of the Western and great Plains states. Winnipeg free press saturday november 20, 1971 boxed special Christmas cards Reg. Half Price dept. Store Ltd. 493 Selkirk ave. In North Winnipeg use your free parking across the Street All Laws of average to the contrary three exhibitions concerned with the lives of the native Peoples of this country Are concurrently on View until the end of the month. Though in a critique by John w. I reliant native theme Clicks dependency arranged and widely different in focus style and technique the three shows Are linked together in pairs. At the Fleet gallery one May see a retrospective exhibition of graphics by pit Seolak one of he most important Eskimo artists of the Eastern Arctic who with great spirit and sense of pattern and shape has de cried the ideas and events which make up her personal nor Community identity. This exhibition has a Traduce and celebrate the a Book about the Ife and work of this remark ble 70-year-old woman. In tied pit Seolak pictures out f my life the Book though written by another is the result of recorded conversations with Ler and is illustrated by her own pictures a Means of expression limited to the last 2 years of her life. At St. Johns Ravens our school in fort Garry is another re collective artist Allan Sapp who describes the fabric of the life he remembers through the medium of Oil painting. A full blooded Cree he like pit Seolak is communicating from within but unlike her has adopted the conventional realistic imagery of the european tradition. The third exhibition at the Gallerie fore also deals with the Indian but this time As viewed by an outsider concerned with the effect that the imposed european culture has had upon the Indian. This show ing of drawings by Toronto artist Joe up Seritha is linked to he pit Seolak drawings and prints by virtue both of the graphic Means and the relationship to the publication of his recently published Book Indi and a sketching Odyssey. The Book is the result of the unreserved auction upon from or. J. A. End fun it print rfmf.40 Tab entert Utt Model will Miln Milnrt manuf Turkiw Roll Wei of pressure castings of Cai Ilada Ltd. 1777 Wott 24 25 day1 _ a noun attn mint Stoker e him Wanh unit w Bito 3 Midhet. Plating 41 Llotd it unlined to Nice 180-1800 i 5 67 4 it cd tvs. A Boot amp Udy Llie i 12v-6000 amp. Ch4vw rectifier wre ote ult. 2 2 Moow gents i 2 -60 de late 30 cd loan Pirim Wetter softener e Row rent 2 Nam lot Coper anode e my Mil. Nice som ton e Moo office Furni Tum s vim of mini Ftp print flu it. 10 my day2 m w thu. Pre Fum w my Gorton 3 dlm.nxon.1 Pilot Mph town it ship. It Cross Norton surf. Gilnor in Mant h my Clad. A Dill an eol 24 in Inola. or die Catt no Maui print cml vol he Cemini Meemei 1 we in . 3 87 400 ton . 3mm 400 m my. All Mach Nei Fine Eli before a stove he gives sub Tance and a sense of Perma ence to the old woman by his distribution and build up of the dark tones. The counter play of the sweep ing lines of the boat gunwales and slicing motion of the Man strength of the Man s figure simultaneously secure the Struc Tural composition and define the containing space. He is As equally Able to describe effectively the balancing closed stresses of the couple stretch ing skins As he is to control the agitated free movement of loosely related units in feeding dogs. Good Fob Iron liver red meat egg Yolks whole Grain and enriched breads and cereals dried fruits dried Beans and peas and dark vegetables spinach Are Good food sources of Iron. Cleaning fish United by the a critique by John w. Craham Sapp takes to color one of the most successful drawings is titled stick game and drummer. Here the intensity and compression of bodies ranked behind the players produces an impression of a much greater group with Only a very new actual lines or details. This is a worthwhile collect Ion in. Which the personal in Imayo of the drawing medium s used effectively to describe to the viewer the universality of the human condition. Goofy s one Stop fun shop Homes Sheen Ltd. M. Lecker All i ave. To million invested Washington . Direct investments in South Africa total million about a Quarter of a such investments in africa., Quality name Brand furniture at discount prices Low of Rheid Lou rat furniture Mart 866 main St. Lou is the owner manager salts Man shipper receiver and j i janitor and is located in the Low rent area. 3 pm. Group from if you want to save Money buy the Best see Low Over head Lou at the furniture Mart 866 main Street phone 582.8914 the exhibition of Oil paintings by Allan Sapp. Currently on View at St. Jphn a Ravens ourt is the second time that his work has been if one recalls the occasion presented at the upstairs Gal Lery the first reaction one has this time is the almost startling amount of color present now. The characteristic tendency to restrict Las Pallette to monochromatic t d n e s with Only slights incursions of color has been allowed to relax. The work is still quite restrained in color Quality however so that first viewers May Well find it colourless. A full blooded Cree who grew up in the Parkland North of the Battleford i n. Saskatchewan or. Sapp paints the scenes and people of. His Home Region. Much of. The subject matter is re collective and frequently anecdotal while we tend to think mental figures moving slowly the painting or the very Flat toward the slightly open door of treatment of the houses and the log building in going to the treeline in harness belongs to dance. Less imposing but just j my brother. . Evening at Albert Stonias explore Winnipeg s most exciting store spooky Ciftci adult toys for adult Itai. Inexpensive novel gift goofy s Bazaar 247 notre dime at Albert free parking next open Friday evenings Beaver the cold his handling of night. As with several same specific location is presented in Daylight in this Case he successfully evokes the sense of substance in space and the cold Winter Light illuminating the dried grass covered with a sparse snowfall. Generally the composition of elements within his paintings has the kind of literal arrange ment that the candid camera snapshot might produce. How Ever there appears to be an in giant Light and re creased concern with the affect of the placement of specific shapes and lines upon the total effect. In the night scene chop Ping Wood in front of my old place the vertically extended effect of the figure with Long pole cutting through the Moni Ousler descriptive i Rale Gold from the late after noon Sun while ice he reserves the addition of Pale Blue to a otherwise biege toned landscape to effectively articulate the translucent Quality of the newly Cut ice blocks. Or. Sapp is an unaffected re Alist in his painting who must make sure that just As he paints what is familiar to him a dip which he can directly re late he paints in a style which Tauv Auu tour be Wuhu go Pic minds us that it is also a Region i Horko Natality of the spice dra of Grey overcast weather with a Maizes the lamp illuminated minimum of prominent physical Between foreground and features in the landscape. This in a similarly con f planning a Kitchen or rec room Cambridge rental apartments immediate occupancy see today s classified Section coupled with the separation of time Between the act of paint ing and the event being de scribed is undoubtedly a contributing Factor in his very my Dued color use. Many of his most successful paintings Are those in which he is presenting the faintly Lumi Nous Quality of a Winter night in which forms appear simplified in their mass in contrast to the Pale surface of Earth and sky a Quality of Light and dark Seldom experienced in the electrified Urban night scene. This is most powerful in the Monu scions manner the location of the Brilliant color of the plaid shirted figure in the doorway in the stable balances and holds in Check the Radiant Straw filled free press gift guides important festive rth your daily Don Gaylord singing of Triu Reserve now for Sadie Hawkins regular menu prices space seen through the gaping Scano ined Structure. This quite unified painting is much More sophisticated in technique and the handling of the implied texture than is demonstrated in most o f the other work. Naturally no Artis can be expected to continue unchanged from year to year unless his work is entirely superficial. In or. Sapp s Case evolving out of a self trainee beginning and exposed to in creasing amounts of external not necessarily relevant influences the hazards of change Are More critical than migh otherwise be. In a number o instances tricks of technique have been picked up and applied before they have under gone the necessary integration into his of painting. The weathered Staves of the barrel in a dried up Slough Are almost commercial in their handling As is the Brush stroke application of the Canvas covered farm machinery and Snow capped be n be Possin going Home for lunch when compared to the remainder of the hearing Aid m sounds too Good to be True i experienced a wring a firm Cin l believe Bow uracs Tetter they Beer with Tori qty Ami re Nar Bible new hear voices clearly less background noise or Sou ids Send Coupon for full information -------1 hear it soon of Mai co own iffy hearing Aid cd the 713 soft drink prices increase the prices of most soft drinks sold in greater Winnipeg have risen or will Rise shortly. A spokesman for the Winnipeg Branch of coca cola limited says a two to three per cent increase in the Price of its product took effect thursday morning. She said it Means the suggested retail Price of 26 ounce returnable bottles of the soft drink would increase to two for 59 cents from two for 55 i cents. J a spokesman for Blackwood j beverages Ltd. Says the Price i of its drinks went up two per cent nov. 10. J a spokesman for Arctic drink i manufacturing co. Said prices of its Orange drinks will Rise next wednesday. A 12-bottle Case of 26-Onnce returnable Bot ties a Fol Cost wholesale in j i Stead of j a spokesman for Pepsi cola j Canada Ltd. And schweppes j said the company s Brand name j soft drinks increased in Price j wednesday. A merchandising official for Canada Safeway Ltd. Said Bis Comeauy s supermarkets had raised Teir retail drink prices last by two cents on a bottle. Call us first. Jim Hannibal Pembina Stafford store 474-1325 Jack Taylor 2527 Portage ave. 88s-7900 in Home sales reps. We can save you time and Money Well visit your Home and show you samples of our Many Fine materials even give you a free estimate Call us now Here s How we can help we re specialists and Well design your new Kitchen or rec room to suit your personal needs. 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