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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 20, 1971, Winnipeg, ManitobaIf you can Uve for dont bother to 1hsi we hate to sound like crepe hangers. It s not the fashion anymore. But life insurance is a matter of life and death so Why Duck it and since you re still Reading you obviously realize How Chancy it would be for you As an individual to assume any life expectancy is a sure thing. But for a life insurance company How Long you will live is a simple business risk that is safer than most the reason of course is simple. A life insurance company insures thousands of people. Some policies will be paid off earlier than expected and some much later. But the whole risk evens out for All of the people insured. So if you live to a Ripe old age you end up paying for someone who did t considering the alternative that s not a bad Deal life insurance is a great buy. It is the Only Way that a Man who was t born with a Silver spoon in his Mouth has no investment holdings or other forms of Protection for his family can Supply himself with an instant estate. Yon pay your Money and the return is guaranteed. There s no Gamble in that How much to buy there is no simple answer or rather there is a different answer for everybody. That s Why life insurance must be tailored to Yew. It could be that if you Are a Young couple just starting out you would want to buy term insurance with the idea of converting it to a permanent insurance plan later on. Perhaps if you Are older you have already built a big equity in a participating plan but have just bought a House. Maybe you need a decreasing term policy to cover the mortgage. Or maybe the mortgage is paid and the kids Are on their own and you want to decrease the Protection and increase the savings or retirement portion of your insurance. Life insurance companies offer plans to meet the needs of every conceivable life style. Thais what makes invest ment in life insurance As Complex As it is important it is also Why we Are distressed that people All too often buy insurance As a matter of conscience shove the policy into a drawer and say when life insurance is bought Well and used wisely it s a sure bet to make your old age happier. And that s a sure thing. One of a series from the Canadian life insurance association u King Street West Toronto Ontario the life insurance companies in Canada adoption proceedings were nearly Complete when they received word she was dying Dren estimated at around in Vietnam it is considered a Dis Grace to have a child of another race and they Are usually Given up a birth. The saves faced enormous problems in bringing a child to Canada three years ago. There is no Canadian diplomatic representation in Saigon and no organization existed then to Aid anyone who wanted to adopt a vietnamese child Canadian government officials did not know How to proceed in this situation and Lizette con fesses that Robert used political connections to facilitate the arrival of their son Loui Nghia. He had been in an orphanage near Saigon abandoned by his Mother father unknown. He was three years old on arrival undernourished and speaking very Little. Today he is a healthy six year old with a vivid imagination. He paints and draws for hours at a time and his. Mother notes that besides a Long attention Span he exhibits an unusual sense of color in his Art work. Bonny and Fred cappucino have two children born to them and have adopted seven. They adopted a orphan from Vietnam for the same reason they adopted their daughters from Japan and Korea. Wherever there is a country with a problem we like to help this second baby to come to Canada encountered the same problems with immigration that met the first. Bonny received advice and encouragement from Liz Ette sauv6, but no help from government officials. On impulse she composed a three Page letter and mailed it to prime minister tru Deau. She does t know to this Day whether he received or read her letter but suddenly a few Days later the channels opened. A Secretary from the immigration depart ment phoned them and everything moved swiftly from then on. Their son was six months old when he arrived in Canada and they christened him Tran thai Tong. He is now three years old and described by his Mother As certainly not most of these children tend to be extremely Bright and physically Active. Their parents feel that this strength of mind and body is the reason that these children Clung to life while others were dying around them. Naomi and Herb Bronstein had three children of their own and Felt they had done enough for the population explosion. They wanted More children and decided to adopt. They received a picture of a Little Black girl in Vietnam and fell in love with her. They began adoption arrangements for her and also a Little Krov inf f a. Their arrival adopted a baby in Montreal suddenly increasing their family to six children. The Little vietnamese boy Tran was in Good shape when he arrived having spent a few months in an american Home before leaving Saigon but not the Little Lien. She almost did t make it. Adoption proceedings were nearly Complete when they received word from Saigon that she was dying and would be replaced by another girl. Naomi and Herb however Felt in their hearts that Tam Lien was already their daughter and a substitute was not going to alleviate the pain of losing her. When the second girl died suddenly and they discovered that Tam Lien still lived they asked to have her sent to them. She arrived aged 16 months weighing 14 pounds a Little bundle with big eyes and wasted limbs. She was unable to use her legs and Hospital a rays showed lines in her Bones which indicated she had been close to death several times in her Young life. She also had Marks on her skin indicating pro Tein deficiency. An Effort to find Homes outside Vietnam for these orphans is being made by an australian woman named Rosemary Taylor. She went to Vietnam to work in refugee Camps became involved in orphanage work and decided to stay on and open her own orphanage in Saigon. Called Toh mean ing warm it can accommodate 50 to .60 children at one time. Rosemary brings children in from the provinces and cares for them making a desperate attempt to get them out of the country to Homes in Europe the United states and Canada. Provincial orphanages beg her to take Back As Many babies As she can handle come Down fill up your car. Bring Back a Carload of she tries to respond to their pleas and regrets that she is so Busy caring for the babies in Saigon that she has very Little time. She also has no place to put them. If More than 60 babies arrive we just have to manage she says. But the facilities at the orphanage Are pathetic and there is a chronic shortage of supplies. At times Rosemary has been Down to a few jars of baby food which she uses to flavor Cereal. Medicines Are hard to come by and exorbitantly 20 j Mego me a 1971

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