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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 20, 1971, Winnipeg, ManitobaA game of cosmic please see Page 22 Canada s leading rotogravure Magazine runaway wives their flee from Home husband family responsibility boredom Page 2 Rotten weather for football compress our football season Andy o Brien suggests Page 6 the Selling of Endre Szasz How an artist in Toronto is making himself a Fortune Pafe 10 Cut up your furs. Page recipes for Grey cup Day Page 28 and in the vol. 79 no. 46 Price inc 15c saturday november 20. T971 forecast Clearing colder 25 and 5 Over Public Aid to private schools Schreyer threatens to resign by Alice Krueger Brandon Man. Staff premiered Schreyer has threatened to resign unless the emotion charged Issue of Public Aid to private settled this weekend by delegates at tending the provincial nip pol icy convention. Informed sources said the Premier put his leadership on the line Over the Issue during a noon hour session with his legislative caucus which met at the Prince Edward hotel in Down town Brandon. He just said the Issue had to be resolved one Way or the other at this convention or you can find yourself another Lead a caucus source said. See other stories on Page 5 the Premier s threat also was confirmed by one of his Cabinet ministers who said everybody at some time reaches a Point where he just has to say look i to a Resolution that the Mani Toba government introduce a Bill providing Public Aid to Pri vate parochial and innovative schools at the next session of the Manitoba legislature was passed Friday night by an Edu cation policy workshop. Passed by a 39 to 14 vote the Resolution asked that the matter be dealt with on a non partisan basis at the next session. Please see Schreyer Page. 5 the world of backstage Page 2 i a Man and his clothes Page 3 it happened Here Page 4 the Herron Page 5 the senior citizen. Page 6 world of now music. Page 9 autumn revisited. Pages 12, 13 Church news pages 16, 17 the Rock scene. Page 18 Book reviews. Pages 19-22 Amateur theatre in Winnipeg. Page 24 and elsewhere in the paper color comics to radio diary Jumble winners 4 entry form 10 Puzzle 40 Bridge news.11 classified 37 to 55, 63 to 67 Community Calendar 13 68, Deans. 4 finance 29 to 34 letters. 61, labor. .10 movies 18 night beat ,.12 sports 57 to travel. 14 to 16 tooth scene 65 women 23 to 27 for walkouts lab staff votes for strike emergency plans being made by David Lee eleven Manitoba hospitals began placing emergency plans into effect Friday in preparation for a general walkout by their Laboratory technologists and technicians. And while the Laboratory workers have set 8 . Mon Day As the Start of the strike they say it could be advanced at any time and we could be off the jobs in half an the 300 technologists and technicians members of the Manitoba association of medi Cal Laboratory technologists voted 93 per cent in favor of strike action at a secret meet ing thursday night at dispute Are two clauses in their collective agreement with the Manitoba Hospital association involving hours of work and management rights clause they feel Ives hospitals far too sweeping Powers Over the Mha which represents the six Winnipeg and five Rural Manitoba hospitals that a Fol be affected by a walkout held a special meeting that lasted until late Friday to discuss plans for cities should be Able to handle most emergency duties. As Well the technologists have agreed to return to their jobs in cases of emergency but have left themselves the right to define what an emergency please see Hospital Page 4 Sale killed Energy Board to t allow Export by Wayne Macdonald Ottawa staff in an historic and in Many ways unprecedented the National Energy Isoard on Friday turned Down applications to Export some 2.66 trillion cubic feet of natural Gas to United states. Officials of the Board immedi Tely declared at a news con Ference the decision was in no Way retaliation against the United states for its 10 per cent surcharge on imports and other recent american economic moves. The decision however is Al most certain to be interpreted in some quarters As being anti american and will undoubtedly result in a furore in the natural Gas Industry and in parliament the Board said it was unable to approve licences for the Export of the requested amount of Gas Worth an estimated Bil lion because Canadian projected needs Over the next 25 years have been found to be too great in fact Canada s current Dis covered reserves indicate the Domestic Market and already committed exports will be Short an estimated ii trillion cubic feet in the 25-year time period. The Board stated however it feels confident this deficiency win be met through future new Gas discoveries and through improved technology which will at Al Cio president gets cold reception from organized labor Miami Beach Florida special tons presi Dent Nixon told the Al Cio convention Here Friday that his game plan for phase h will proceed with or without organized labor. Jack Stewart Manitoba lotteries commission director and three staff members Are swamped with Golden sweep stakes to Kkt books that have been sold and returned to the commission office. With or. Stewart Are left to right Leona Laker Eileen Henry and Faye Belfield. Israel presses for More jets Jerusalem special said they were Uncertain tons israeli officials said i whether the to poles delivered Friday that the recent soviet to Egypt this month would be please see Gas Page 4 India hardening i on Pakistan dispute Hospital care during the strike afterwards Hospital spokes men said they were reluctant to discuss what emergency Mea sures a Fol be taken because we Don t want them the technologists to try to scuttle however the spokesman said a severe cutback in admissions is certain and elective surgery and Many other Hospital ser vices a Fol be sharply reduced by monday. Affected by the strike will be six Winnipeg hospitals the Grace St Boniface Victoria miser Iconia and Winnipeg general hospitals affected outside the City a Fol be the St Anthony at the Pas Hudson Bay and Cha Stoa Gen Byle Lescaze Calcutta special tons India appears determined to push for a Quick end to pakis Tan s military control of East Pakistan a course makes an India Pakistan War seem the most Likely Climax to the months of tension which began with the Pakistan army crackdown in Dacca East Pakistan last March. Pakistan has two an Indian official said Friday. Yahya Khan can admit total failure and with draw from East Pakistan or he can attack in slightly different terms the Bangladesh Bengal nation exile government Here is equally emphatic. After so Many of our people have been Konfed and a spokesman said there is no scope for any settlement through dialogue with Yahya ksan7 eral at Fin Fjon and the India s prime minister Indira Brando n general and As Gandhi has asked her govern sin Boine at Brandon. I meat to waft a few weeks to the Laboratory workers Are see if foreign pres j responsible for Condo Fig tests j Sere can Affie Djate fee crisis j analyses to determine bet be was reported to have Pasesas a i Tom a Poskal wee test is Dess j o f treat nest j5ss week whether j Oft Eft their work wants of Cones foreign efforts or not or postpone 3% crisis via be reserved to Teri surgery. 53 Tow Al Casey. Lesser vague about the timetable. India s decision to take a More direct part in the East Pakistan fighting which has led to several recent battalion sized and larger Indian attacks across the Border results from the accumulated pressure of the please see India s Page 7 delivery of at least 10 More to Polev-16 Jet bombers to Egypt underscores Israel s need for More United states phantom warplanes. The . Has been Tempo izing on Israel s repeated requests the past 14 months to buy an additional 50 Phan Toms. One israeli official suggested that an announcement of fur ther soviet weapons deliveries recently to Egypt might be forthcoming in a week. He would not elaborate nor say if new shipments of War planes preceded accompanied or followed Moscow s delivery this month of the Tu-16s. He said however that Egypt is the recipient of a continuing flow of armaments from the .s.r. The . State department announced thursday in washing ton the latest soviet delivery of the Long Range subsonic Typo assigned to egyptian or soviet squadrons in the Arab state. London s Institute of strategic studies credits Egypt s air Force with having 18 Tu-16s. But it is known that soviet pilots Fly some egyptian based and egyptian marked to poles on Mediterranean sea recon please see Israel Page 7 Auto Pae Survey hatreds Manitoba Drivers Kave already responded to Survey is last Saterian s free press Mumm Fobe notes it Otier age Der a Capac the i etude s n Thyce Myers of Survey it appears Agana n free press Page 8. Msj the Jasmins Ami it free press Matt pc 3tt cd rom Street. 8 m today s free press several levs to Egypt an announcement received Here with sour Satis faction and punctuated immediately with a renewed request for More phantoms. Some israeli officials said the delivery of the to poles Dis proved . Secretary of state William Rogers published con Tention last sunday that the .s.r, in the last four or five months has operated with some restraint As far As Wea Pons shipments to Egypt Are concerned. Wishful one israeli official snorted adding that the delivery of the to poles raised of is next month 50 by 2d to girls a Fol receive dolls i Ana his Tather Contention Flat Baad Woodtor oed Beds or cribs a Arab Fera Efi of Pitary Bat made b Sace has not shifted against Ais country. J contributing this j the state department an year have already knitted i now Cement of thet Potev Defi a pairs of mittens and 300 j very came As great Surprise j sweaters and a cited scores of Feere. Israel officials have been j Dofis mrs. Piso said. Can Yon spare a toy the Christmas cheer Board of greater Winnipeg needs toys. Thousands of toys. Last year Board workers selected and wrapped gifts for More than City children of needy families. In our business we need every Type of says Lois Pinfold executive Secretary of the Christmas cheer Board. It does t Cost much to make a child Happy Christmas morn ing. But the number of gifts needed is staggering. Last year of the Board s expenditure was on toys alone. Not an the gifts Are store in Josd by. Filey Are a pm Taedt tie i pred Sig fat i it old Send More ass of j Egypt to co fora wifi its Moscow test i a w a r a stash As donated gifts will be Gra in shy accepted As Josg As feel Are Brand see Saidl one. Voc meter repairs for fee Board the ins so fat for re off Twy sources j please see tax toc 7 5q.cevt tickets mini sweep studied lome a. Leech chairman of the Manitoba lotteries commission said Friday the commission is studying the possibility of introducing a weekly 50-cent mini lottery. Or. Leech said in a state ment the present ticket Price is leaving a lot of people out of the the commission is also planning to discuss reciprocal arrangements with other Canadian provinces to Al Low Sale of Manitoba tick ets in other parts of the country. That discussion will come up at a january meeting of provincial attorneys general or. Leech said. Don Duguid 1970-71 world Curling Champion signalled the Start of the series e Golden sweepstakes Friday by throwing a Rock at the Highlander Curling club. The series based on the Canadian Curling championships March 10, offers a total of i prize Money. An Early Bird draw is set for january 21, and the final draw win be held March 3. The major finalists win be flown to St Johns Newfoundland to watch the championships. As labor officials tit tired scornfully the president said that his obligation to halt the Rise in the Cost of living was. To everyone not just labor and that he intended to fight inflation to the extent that my Powers allow it. Or. Nixon was plainly taking up the Challenge issued thurs Day when Al Cio president George Meany said that labor would Only continue its participation on the pay Board under certain conditions. Or. Meany said that if the president did t want labor membership on our then lie knows what he can the president said Friday i know exactly what i can do and i am going to do it i think it is time that we All under stand just where we stand on this but even this Tough rejoinder to or. Meany stirred Little open reaction among delegates who had been told to sit on their hands in what one labor official termed silent contempt when the president appeared. When or. Nixon entered the americana hotel ban room there was no band to play Hail to the chief As has been Cus Tomary for the appearances of previous chief executives. Dele Gates gave the president polite applause but Many of them did not even stand. There was no live radio or television coverage of the pres farm incomes to drop ident s address although re Quested. An Al Cio official said broadcast Media did not request live coverage of or. Meany s speech thursday and what s Good enough for George Meany is Good enough for Richard after the president spoke the 77-year-old or. Meany did not acknowledge his presence As or. Nixon was escorted off the platform. But when or. Nixon started shaking hands with delegates along his exit route or. Meany rapped his Gavel and or see convention Page 4 by Egon Frech Ottawa staff farm Cash incomes will drop while operating expenses for Farmers will increase in 1972, the Canada department of agriculture said Friday in its annual Agri cultural Outlook. The report said there would be generally lower prices for grains and better prices for Many of the other major farm commodities during the coming year. It was prepared from a series of Outlook papers covering All m a j o r Canadian agricultural commodities As background material for the 32nd annual agricultural Outlook conference in Ottawa nov. 22 and 23. Total farm Cash receipts for 1971 were expected to be up by million to billion while expenses for 1971, including de predation were expected to be billion. However inventory change was expected to bring total net income to billion this year. In 1972, Cash incomes were expected to fall to billion while expenses Rise to Bil lion for a decrease in net reve nue of about million from the 1971 figure. Despite higher world wheat production in 1971, the Outlook expected Canadian exports of wheat in 1971-72 to reach or surpass the 1970-71 total of 435 million bushels. Please see farm Page 7 Juba s health causes concern s Lookin foie a brass bed this wast adder Mislej nobs arses for Sale 58 brass 6sd, sex Sosa. 33mzs. Awong tie baby reds of is today s and save free or. Roper g. Cad am win Peg s chief medical health of icer apparently is concerned bout mayor Steve Juba s health. Or. Cadham s concern was expressed in a letter sent tins week to tie 10-iaember executive policy committee of greater Winnipeg s Central City Totol Cal mayor Juba chairman of the policy committee apparently City s chief medical health officer. When asked about the letter Friday or. Cadham said any inquiries about the letter should be made to j. W. Gordon the mayor s executive assistant the doctor wooh neither con firm Dot deny that he bad writ ten the letter. Or. Gordon in a Telephone interview Friday simply said tra not aware of it mayor Juba Wasat available Fer comment a reporter went to ins was Speg borne Friday of Isget bet acre a scat aay is saw. The Posy one Mittee tiers read or. Cad Atn s letter at a dosed door session of fee com Mittee tsp Erskay m a apparent attempt to a re Joest for staff for fee Romayor s office. Or. Apparently Day took so action on or. Cad agreed test fee a Ayr so Wpm fears s fester appear soy be stave add Joni asst Fasce. It of sex of cows or. Staff for so was was iss cos j a Jesse see pts 7

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