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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 19, 1971, Winnipeg, ManitobaHenderson govt. Target see Page 25 leg free press final edition vol. 79 _ no. 45 Price 10 cents 15 cents Friday november 19, 1971 Sunrise . Moonrise . Sunset 4-m . Moonset . Forecast Cloudy flurries 20 and 25 hard fight ahead Aid Bill revived Washington special-1 tons the House of representatives resorting to an apparently unprecedented parliamentary manoeuvre thursday resurrected its billion i foreign Aid Bill that the Senate killed oct. 29. But the move could bring for. The embattled foreign Aid program by. A vote of 269 to 115, the i House adopted an unorthodox revived the old Bill and sent it directly to a Senate House conference com Mittee that will try to fashion a Compromise measure. . Troop withdrawal x pressed committee of Senate approves pulling from Europe Washington special tons the Senate appropriations committee thursday renewed efforts to put United states troops out of Europe As it completed action on a defence spending Bill of billion some billion less than president Nixon asked for this year. At the same time the com Mittee turned Down another amendment to Stop funds for the War in Indochina except for the Money required for with but reconciling the myriad j drawl of tvs. Forces differences Between the con the european withdrawal flirting House and Senate legis amendment Jong standing lation is Likely to prove Dif a cause make Mansfield survived i Don t have the margin and the idea what will come out of con Indochina measure was defeat Ference if said sen. De by four setting for j. William Fulbright demo another Senate chairman o f Tori administration the Senate foreign relations and dovish senators on both committee and head of the sen issues. s seven Man conference i defence Secretary Melyin r. Laird attacked the european withdrawal even voted on by the committee raising vigorous objections which committee chairman Allen. J. Ellander Democrat Mease see troop Page 4 Benson hits 11 hospitals affected backward walkout set . Policy for monday 1 my _ i v panel it Joks like the House is Aid and pin the blame on the said sen George d. Aiken re who will be coat inn 5 by Brian Mea Nulty emotionally disturbed Chil Dren should not be placed in detention institutions said a Winnipeg magistrate thursday in calling for new priorities for adequate treatment facilities. A Young boy found dead in a juvenile reception Centre had t committed any offence for placing him in a prison like situation said the magistrate thursday in faulting the Lack of treatment facilities for emotionally disturbed children. Canada has new weapon by John Mckants v Canada which held and lost the Lead in flying armament with the Arrow project in the 1950s, has now gained world wide military attention again with a new weapon being manufactured in Montreal. It has been Learned that can Adair limited is producing the cd at-9 surveillance drone that has been sold to Britain and West Germany. The drone which win Fly Over enemy Terri tory take pictures and return to base by Remote control is re ported to be Invulnerable to according to an Aero space source. It is eight feet Long and 13 inches in diameter. It can Fly at supersonic speeds and has a Range of 120 Kilometres. It can also take off in its own length making for easy launching and transportation capability. One source said it is the space age successor to the Sec Ond world War Auster which carried artillery spotters and please see Canada Page 6 magistrate i. V. Ubienski expressed h i s concern Over treatment facilities in handing Down his decision of the inquest held to investigate the oct. 24 death of a 12-year-old boy who was found dead in a Small Dor Mitory at the juvenile reception Centre 221 memorial Boule Vard. The magistrate who presided at the inquest held one week ago at the Public safety build ing said he was not attaching any blame in the boy s death. If any neglect lies it lies squarely on said the magistrate. The body of the Young boy was found slumped in the Dor a Mitory about 1 ., by a room mate who had been Al Lowed to watch late evening television programs. Testimony at the inquest revealed that torn strips from bed sheets had been later untied from around the Young boy s neck. Magistrate Ubienski found that the boy had died of As methods threaten throwback to great depression t Montreal up United elites economic policies Are threatening to throw International economic conditions Back to the years of the great depression finance minister e. J. Benson said thursday. In a speech to the first Annu Al Canadian institutional investor conference he said Canada supports the objectives of . Growth Reso Lution of the . Balance of payments problem and relaxation of restrictive Trade barriers maintained by other a disagrees with the methods adopted by the United states. If we Are to avoid the danger of turning the clock Back to the dark Days of the 30s, we believe it is essential to 93 per cent of the 300 technologists involved vote in favor of strike action about 300 technologists and technicians at 11 of the province s major Hosp tals Are scheduled to walk off their jobs monday morning Over a contract dispute with the Manitoba Hospital association. 24 airlines agree on cutting fares Honolulu a chief executives of 24 transatlantic airlines which have been flirt i i u 11 is with an All out fare War look for solutions to the present reached a International imbalance within the framework of expanding rather than contracting or. Benson said. Please see Benson Page 5 Compromise agreement that will reduce Many rates Between North America and Europe. Basic agreement on the new fare Structure was announced economic pressure i alarming to govt. Ottawa up i the contract go to Lockheed ment alarm at . Economic which has suffered layoffs in Shahnaz Mohammedi 11, holds the eight Pound baby girl to whom she gave birth in me layer wednesday thereby becoming Iran s youngest Mother. Shahnaz has been married to Morad Moham medi 16, for two years. Me layer is 500 Miles South West of Tehran Iran s capital. 600 expected for 3-Day nip talks Physia caused by strangulation As a result of the tightening of the sheets. Although critical of existing facilities magistrate Ubienski said he could find no neglect on the part of the juvenile recep Tion Centre or staff members who supervised the residents that evening. Please see society Page 2 by Alice Krueger Brandon staff the 10th annual policy convention the Manitoba new party opened Here Friday with Only about 100 of the 600 voting delegates registers As the three Day convention go under Way. Convention organizers blamed Adverse Winter driving conditions for the poor turnout on the opening Day and were expect ing the majority of delegates to Tod fat expos .37 a fits share a Little bit cheer Board help started arrive later Friday or Early saturday. A group advocating relaxation of abortion legislation attempted to have resolutions dealing with abortion Given High priority. That attempt was rebuffed by a vote of 59 to 45 and the Abor Tion resolutions will now be dealt with As they come up on the order paper. The convention got under Way j Marine aircraft pressures on Canada intensified thursday in major disputes be tween the two countries. The commons s Teve Otto parliamentary Secretary to sup ply minister James Richardson called for a special debate on a . Senate decision which he said would close half the manufacturing plants in Canada. And defence minister Donald Macdonald told the House he is being pushed hard by the . Government and aircraft Industry to buy million Worth of new submarine tracker planes in the . Or. Otto was referring to the . Senate vote approving a proposal permitting . Firms to set up exporting subsidiaries International sales could defer taxes on income for up to 10 years. The Senate disc Bill is a variation of a Bill passed by the House of representatives and is based on a recommendation of president Nixon. Or. Otto asked the House to Stop debating the tax Bill and consider the Impact of the disc plan which he said would cause a massive exodus front Canada of .-owned manufacturing subsidiaries to take advantage of tax Breaks at Home. His motion did not get the required unanimous consent. Or. Macdonald replying to former prime minister John Diefenbaker said he was under pressure to buy one of three possible . Replacements for the 30 aging Argus anti sub . Now he said the . Government is More concerned about its growing deficit on International transactions in its hard or. Macdonald said he would have to decide on the question within 12 months. He listed five options the Lockheed Orion the British Nimrod the Boeing 707, the Douglas dc-8, or a refit of the Argus itself. The minister insisted he would choose the plane Best suited to Canadian needs regardless of the heavy pressure to buy the . Versions. Meanwhile officials have been engaged for More than a week in what Are termed Deli Cate negotiations on changes in the .-Canada defence production sharing arrange ments under which Canada has please see economic Page 5 thursday night by h. Don Reynolds assistant director general of the International air transport association at the organization s annual general meeting. New rates on key transatlantic routes were described As a Compromise Between West Germany s Lufthansa which first moved to slash fares reluctant american carriers. The lowest individual round trip fare Between London and new York was set at com pared with the present it is for passengers who travel in Winter and stay 22 to 45 Days. Reynolds said the fare Pac Kage will be submitted to a dec. 2 joint conference of at lactic carriers in Geneva Swit Zerland for ratification. Rates also must be approved by governments of the countries involved and will effect either in february or april Reynolds Lufthansa forced the fares Issue by refusing to agree to a rate package proposed at an August meeting in Montreal. The airline announced that it was filing a round trip excursion fare Between new York and while the potential effects of the walkout Are Uncer Tain Hospital association pres Dent e. L. Bud Casey said the 11 hospitals involved six in the City and five in Rural areas will begin emergency planning this weekend and Start reducing Hospital we really Don t know at this Point it s come As too much of a Surprise to know what the effects might said or. Casey. But certainly the effects will be pretty Alvin r. Mcgregor Legal counsel for the 300 Hospital workers said the technologists and technicians held a special meeting thursday night and voted 93 per favor of the strike action. There s no question about it now they Are walking off their please see Hospital Page 2 Everett and Frankfurt. Other carriers followed suit and began trim Ming rates. The fare announced thursday on that route was com pared with the fare pro based at Montreal. Under the new fare Structure first class fares will not be reduced but youth fares on some airlines will increase. Youth fares Between North America and Europe will be the same As excursion fares ending special discounts but the Youni travellers will not be subject to excursion fare time limits he said. Praised former Mill head seemed Gullible he told reporters . De Fence Secretary Melvia Laird had sought last Spring to have some people Are thinking about Christmas already. Somewhere beyond Ore Bronze Buffalo Down at Broadway and Osborne Street we Bear an of fice Coffee Klaudi has decided to give up its annual Bofidar it needs every bit it can get the Board s goal for this your donation a few Dol Lars or a few cents can Beto. Last year free press readers contrib towns to the free press Christmas cheer party Aad pack a Christmas find helped boy Christ Haff Iper for a needy family m was tempers for needy Fame fies a greater rfcs Peg. Inside was a gift for Eata 3n1d a the Stead. A focal hockey teas made e first assist Josatta jaws last Mwasi a Chet de teis Affias cheer Board wuss Efriom. For it Wais one got please set cheer Page 5 with the usual ratification of rules and election procedure and adoption of the convention Agenda. This was followed by reports from the party executive including nip party pres Dent Lawrence Bell. Guest speaker at the opening session Friday morning was Saskatchewan attorney general Roy Romanow. More than 200 resolutions were submitted prior to the opening of the convention and delegates were expected to move right into session Friday afternoon in a Effort to get i rough the heavy Agenda by Sonday. Premiered Schreyer was Ottawa up charging please see delegates Page 2 is oot to bust the postal Union Leader Roger Demark said by Vern Fowlie Clarence Ayearst former president of m. P. Industrial Mills Ltd., was told thursday that it seemed he had been Gullible and was asked Why on at least two occasions he had not resigned from the company. Strikes considered looking a _ bedroom site this want and under Farai to sort sturdy 3 Steve to shatters tace fett Aldreds in today s Sert xxx. No Natter a fact seed slip sus same is Tret press thursday an emergency meet ing wih be held monday Tot twos. Or. Ayearst was being Cross examined before the commis Sion of inquiry into the Chur chill Forest industries Complex by f. 0. Meighen counsel for the Manitoba progressive conservative party and for former Premier Walter Weir former finance minister Gurney Evans and party Leader Sidney Spivak. Replying to a number of questions by or. Meighen or Ayearst testified thursday that he thought or Alexander Kasser president of techno pure inc., of Montclair new Jersey was directing the whole m. P. Industrial Mills Ltd. Project that he was told or. Kasser did not have an interest in the firm s West German Parent companies or in the turnkey contracting company in Swit Zerland that he never thought Rinaca about or. Kasser possibly being the owner and not Jost the organizer and that he did ing or. Decarie said. Or the not knew who controlled the blasts Post office Manitoba economists and business leaders praised the re port of senator Douglas Everett s committee on National finance released thursday for the emphasis Given to More open Public discussion of eco nomic policy. The two Manitoba professors who formed part of the Long list of distinguished economists called to appear before the committee were prof. Clarence e. Barber head of the economics department at the University of Manitoba and Rubin c. Bellan Dean of studies St. John s College. Prof. Barber said he strongly endorsed the committee s recommendation that there be More open discussion of eco proposals. Prof. Bellan also said one of the chief values of the commit tee probe and its report is the Public discussion that it encourages on economic policy. Please see finance Page 6 More details on Page 12 chinese set off a blast mails already bonding towards their annual Christmas Peak could be disrupted by rotating or other a common services company at the forestry Complex. Washington a the United states announced thurs Day that communist China had set off a nuclear explosion in the atmosphere at Midnight Cost first nuclear test by that country since oct the . Atomic Energy commission said the test con ducted in the Vicinity of lop Nur Western China had an sex Carsner Union of Canada made select Bat said ins be after a Dativa win be feat Isacon Day Josg be eos via after wast leg Fri the attitude of the a fee new Toyer

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