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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 16, 1971, Winnipeg, Manitoba Residents win fight set Page 3 free press final edition 79 42 Price 10 cents 15 cents november 1971 Sunrise Sunset Moonset forecast overcast 25 and 35 premiers divided on Economy Economy Battle looms no consensus first meeting in a look at Way Canadas econ is being 10 provincial premiers Dis agree monday on most major issues except that like a greater say in future As rough Battle tie drawn be twofer the have and1 have not minister who the premiers to 1 of at unemployment and o the r economic heard differing pay Reform and Job farm issues Foremost Premier Bennett Centre chats with labor minister Mackasey left and premiered Schreyer of appear to be a consensus he told reporters Day of closed three Day the conference turned Tif Federal equalization pay one of the topics that split Ibe and poorer provinces in Riore general discussions British Rich provinces see their tax Money redi Strib among those less Well have called for a review of the the say it is the needs of people if the other say that too heavy a Burden placed on the economic ally successful provinces could came the wholes Oitim to from control Bye Vonfrech Ottawa staff the winds of economic nationalism wafted across the nations Capi Tal Prairies As delegations Manitoba Landsa Slit Fere Nellif the Federal Uke Steps please Economy Page 2 fiddling charged by Egon Frech Pitawa staff Canadas two new democratic party pre Miers monday accused the fed eral government of fiddling we Fth the nations unemployment in an attempt to paint Tracy picture of the Canadian premiered Schreyer of Manitoba and Premier Allan Bla Keney of Saskatchewan both at tacked the government and finance minister Benson in their opening statements to conference of first ministers and in interviews after the opening session of the Confer we must not accept a car Latan remedy for unemployment which cures joblessness by changing the definition of full Premier Schreyer cautioned the Confer ence in his opening statement tout icon government Mutt to repatriate the please see Federal Page 2 Molson plans offer Economy from r Prav Iier de Schreyer of Manitoba led saying that shortsighted Resuli Afoa against the United states 10 per import surcharge is not the answer to the Canadian unemployment sure to but that Canada must begin to take Steps to free ourselves from the effects of decades which have made our country subject to undue influence from american political decisions and economic Premier Allan Blakeney of Saskatchewan followed up by saying that Canada can help the United states out of its cur rent economic difficulties by buying Back United states interests in Canada and thereby providing a flow of capital from Canada to the the suggestions did not seem to find much favor with the Federal which spent most of its time during the afternoon question Jeriod in the com Orins opposition questions a Revenue minister hero r please see free Page 2 Britain determined Heath pledges fight to crush terrorists London up prime min ister Edward in one of his toughest statements yet on the has Reaf firmed his of an unswerving military Campaign to eradicate terrorism in Northern Ireland y the attempt to destroy t Abric society in Northern Ireland cannot be not brutal r More details on Pace 24 Manitoba to enter scheme Montreal industries announced plans monday of a Cash and Stock offer for the common and class a shares of Beaver Laiber a Winnipeg based exclusive of Stock held by president of Beaver confirmed in Exra open tuesday tint after Rad bees Kennedy said Bis company bad tet been sennas Coos rated Tad Tad tie Ober is to be moist class a Towb Tjw Feares sad s2h Cash Tor Eaife five Oceania to or five a stares Beaver by Alice Krueger the Manitoba government has decided to opt into the new ederal unemployment insurance scheme effective labor minister r u s s Pauli by announced this Means that All employees of the provincial a vol ser including those working for provincial Crown corporations Sach As Manitoba Hydro and Manitoba Telephone sys tem win begin paying unemployment insurance for the first time As of that in order to be egg bite Fer Psi evils nos Fer me National after due it has been deemed advisable on please see Manitoba Page 9 London a a govern ment appointed commission said today suspected terrorists were physically ill treated by British troops and Security police in Northern Ireland but this treatment fell Short of brutality or the findings were published in a government White paper and presented to parliament by Home Secretary Reginald Mau the three member commis Sion upheld charges that 11 men under Antiterrorist interrogation were forced to stand hours at a time spread Eagle against a Wall with their Heads in pillowcases and were subjected to electronic de Nied sleep and fed on bread and six it were roughly loaded in and oat of a helicopter at a detention one was roughed hooded and bound tightly by the wrists during arrest and another was accidentally hit and captured by a rubber Bullet these 19 cases constituted ill the commission eighteen others suffered hard but the commission added we Are not making a finding of it meant inhuman or Savage cruelty with in difference or pleasure toward the victims we do not think that Hap it the commission investigated charges that brutality or Tor Ture was suffered by 40 of t h e 342 men arrested in Northern Ireland 9 internment it is continuing inquiries into allegations on behalf of men arrested since More than 900 men now have been arrested under the special Powers act in the Battle against the outlawed Irish re publican the Ira is fighting to drive out British troops and unite Ulster with Southern Ireland by of those at least 476 have been the rest Are being held As Ira suspects without trial in jails and intern ment complaints from British and Irish press reports and the amnesty International organization have claimed that up to 70 of the men were Tor tured or treated the commission was set up by Home Secretary the British Cabinet minister with Day today control of Northern Ireland after detailed allegations of ment in Irish and British news please see rough Page 9 the British Leader said in a to a banquet monday terrorism serves Only to postpone the Day of reconcile a t terrorism Mast be brought to an end and that we Are determined to Heath spoke on the eve of publication of a report by a government appointed r three Man commission on tie British army methods of extracting information from suspected terrorists in Northern As Heath opposition Leader Harold Wilson was Tell ing a Belfast news conference that the Ulster situation has become very very Wilson is visiting government and opposition leaders in Ulster and the Irish while stressing the governments military commit n e n also expressed willingness to discuss political re forms with Ulster leaders and opposition if at some future the majority of the people in North Ern Ireland want unification and express that desire in the appropriate constitutional Man i do not believe any British government would stand in the with campaigning three provincial by election candidates today put their Hopes in the hands of eligible voters in the Wes Central Manitoba Riding of a longtime conservative the seat has been held for the last 11 years by Walter the former Premier whose conservative government was ousted in 1969 by de schreyers new the by election has been called a test of nip Rural t h e have been working to elect a c o m p a n i o n for their three members in the 57seat Legisla the Assembly has 31 new 20 one social one in dependent and the one with polls open from 8 to 8 the weather of fice predicted Early morning Clouds would be followed by a sunny and tempera Tures climbing to near 30 Abov by the Riding is mostly the Only Large Minnedosa has a population of and there Are three other with about farm issues have in tin China takes hard line at in makes principal villain in Survey of world problems United nations Kuan Hua called chivas presence in the general Assembly monday a defeat for the United states and japanese plans to create two chivas Here and a Victory for Mao tse tunes revolutionary line in foreign please see today Page 10 Sale pact i revealed by Bill Pethick please see Heath Page 10 Israel denied jets defies mob role Marta weds her Soldier see 3v0is0v Page looking for Winter tires this wast and Sader Iscel articles for Sale 39 Wofter is 7t7j is among it Gaias of Tead reds today ass sifted Ani Sare a free the bankruptcy of Industrial Mills under a 1969 agreement Between Churchill Forest industries Manitoba and the Manitoba develop ment now the Manitoba development would allow Chi to buy All assets of paper producing com plex at the Pas for a court hearing was told the Legal document was admitted As an exhibit during the second and final Day of a bankruptcy hearing against Industrial by two claiming close to in debts against the one of four owner firms at the Goi Vemma entailed Northern forestry Justice Israel of t h e Manitoba court of Queens has heard this along with a previous bankruptcy Case by three other firms against the judge adjourned final arguments by the lawyers in the until he has made a written decision in the Chi he said there were parallel Legal issues no Progress in talker postal strikes continue by the Canadian press carriers in Ontario and Nova Scotia launched the Sec Ond Day of 24hour rotation strikes against the office to protest hiring practices with walkouts today in Toronto and several other on Tario members of the letter Carrien Union of Canada shutdown mail1 delivery from the main Post office in Halifax and sever Al in Saint hit monday by a letter carriers walkout the men were Back on the to the letter carriers walked of of two Post offices in Toronto West end and shut Down mail delivery in Northwest of the other walkout tar gets included Catharines and Thorold in Southern in Hamilton and the two nearby communities of burning on and Stony the mail men returned to their jobs today after walkouts today described s illegal by Post office of involved about 700 letter carriers in including 194 in 184 in Windsor please see postal Page 9 chairman of the new chinese took a hard ideological line in his Maiden repeating Stan Dard peking positions in sur vey of world and United nations he spoke after 55 nations had made speeches of this was the final step in the historic process of putting peking in the place of Taipei in the China seat in the United after 21 years of Suc Cess for efforts to exclude the general Assembly 25 to restore the lawful rights of the Peoples Republic of China and to expel the representatives of Chiang Chiao touched on these Points in his in which he made the United states a principal villain and barely mentioned the soviet Union by name he expressed Chin Ese support for the Peoples of the three countries of Indochina in their War against aggression and the seven Point peace proposal put for Ward by the Vietje cig provi is on Al revolutionary govern please see China Page 4 controls planned paper car Frozen Washington special pcs Israel will not get any More phantom Jet fighter planes at this time because the United states government has j concluded that the soviet Union j that came it in both bankrupt has exercised restraint in i by arms shipments to state irrespective of the Chi Deci department officials a knowl said or Justice edged this appeared to mean that Washington intends to hold off on farther deliveries of the supersonic f4 jets unless an escalation of soviet shipments warrants a finding that the bal Ance of Power in the Region has shifted against the decision also pats additional pressure on Israel to negotiate an interim arrangement Washington renter the in a re Versal of an earlier ruled that new car prices must remain Frozen until the Price Board gives a verdict on whether increases arc jus i president Nixon Cost of Liv ing Council bad earlier exempted car makers and other big firms from applying for govern ment permission to raise prices for reopening the Suez canal in v o 1 v i n g an israeli pullback from the which officials have said would in it self affect the military balance Londonderry a p under a cloak of army secrecy Marta the Wye Aroh j for a honeymoon somewhere roman Catholic girl who was in tarred and tied to a lamp Post i the wedding place in the j m for dating a British Welga unfed Chapel of an army withdrawal to a less Desensi defied the mob Rale of London not in St co Tambas b 1 e they Derry bog site District monday i As troops with i weaken israels position and married machine ens the ready Isaeff Keatly to respire its forces be a eng to replace naked the it arrays daring to have additional a a b r locks bog Safe Wawa shared As Martas ordeal began last West Baton a secret Cost set up of by a jote Wawa Favron please were the Evite aim that 0e balance has not w been affected Maite the end of a special review was o of a see Page Nitika i would doubt very much if the matter will he indicated either Side j m cases where the wage Bill in the two cases could take his j went p after three month wag Price which ended under the earlier an n o u n c e d last Ford motor said it was increasing the Price of its Pinto and its German built Capri and was considering increases in the prices of its other Montreal up the a Ette says that a confidential Rivy Council document reveals that the Federal government has decided on the creation of a screening Agency to serve the main cog in its new policy on foreign in an Ottawa the news paper says that it has come into Possession of the signed by superintendent of Cabinet entitled Domestic control of the National economic Environ the report says i the Cabinet agreed in Prin Ciple that the main policy approach to the Issue of foreign ownership should be the creation of a screening mechanism that would cover the takeovers of Canadian firms doing Busi Ness in Canada and that the further extent and scope of the functions of a screening mechanism would be examined at an Early september it the minister of finance Shoum proceed with the preparation of a memorandum on please see controls Page 10 please see Page 11 today fab 45 cites fwd 31 to 5t conies 23 Deaks 2i of Fence 2s Jumble 34 set fits 21 Hearty Maryone reads the free Pris Trade Gap widens Washington special Bat the Cost of Irving Council tons the United states re changed its mind big corded its greatest balance of corporations now Mast notify j payments deficit in history in the Price commission i ad1 the third the govern Ance of any planned j ment reported the Commerce department said the deficit the difference Between what the country takes is and what it spends overseas any planned Price increases by a big firm one with animal sales More than Sid Filka is delayed wide the Price Mission decides whether Sadi in increase is under Nixon Post freeze arsed at cat jag offer Tom has by tax Ead of Alexi Cost of in Sig sets go feral doubled from the second Quarter to the third to a whop Ping bits of after seasonal the je5dt me assured is Ings a effect aws pc acc please see tit we Page 4

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