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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 15, 1971, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press monday november 15, 1971 burning clothing causes most fire injuries by Susan Becker Ottawa up there s still no substitute for parental supervision when it comes to protecting children from flame Burns. But the Federal con Sumer affairs department is trying to make that Job a Little easier. It has just issued regulations setting minimum standards for the flammability of textile products including More stringent ones for material in children s nightwear. An informant said that while it is difficult to get hard Fig ures on bum injuries a study published last Spring said about canadians bum them selves every year. Of these 600 die. About 30-40 per cent of these Burns Are actually from flame As opposed to other causes he said. The study by or. John Birch a staff surgeon at the sick Chil Dren s Hospital in Toronto had shown that about 31 per cent of admissions there Are children with flame Burns. Out of 100 cases 90 per cent had been Burns caused when clothing ignited. Under its new regulations the consumer affairs department now requires All textile products for consumer use to meet a minimum requirement of a 3.5-second Burn time according to a Standard test. This Means in Tex tiles considered dangerously flammable because they Burn almost explosively Are being excluded from the Market. Products with a raised Fibre cancer virus link expected soon by Ken Kelly Canadian press science writer Ottawa up proof that a virus causes some kinds of human cancer is probably Only a few months away or. J. A. Mccarter of the University of Western Ontario said Friday. But this knowledge May turn out to be just As hard to apply against the disease As has been the knowledge that a virus also causes the common cold. It was known for a Long time that a virus caused poliomyelitis before or. Jonas Salk and his group found a vaccine that would protect against the ease. Or. Mccarter was one of four i members of the research advisory group of the National cancer Institute of Canada who reported developments to the Canadian cancer society Here. He said that demonstrating i that a virus causes certain human cancers will be an enor-1 Mous step Forward. Nevertheless the fact must be i faced that the virus May be involved Only in 10 per cent of cancers and May prove to be a j kind that cannot be made into a i vaccine. Another promising line of re search involves the theory that the genetic makeup of human and animal cells includes sub stances which Are triggered into a cancer virus by some chemicals. Some cancers have been produced in this Way in animals such As mice and in animal cells grown in the Laboratory. This turning on of a virus in a cell where none was present before May mean that no cure is possible for some forms of cancer. The weapon then May have to be prevention through Elimina Tion of chemical agents that provoked this change in cells. Or. A. A. Axelrad of the University of Toronto said that re sults will be known in March from trials in Canada and the United states of a mass test for Bowel cancer developed by or. Phil Gold of Montreal. Queen s University University of Alberta and the Montreal general Hospital Are Canadian participants in the trials. In the . They Are Yale University of Pennsylvania and University of Michigan. Or. J. M. M. Darte of memo rial University Newfoundland said new methods of giving radiation to victims of leukaemia has added two years to the sur Vival period. It now stands at five years As a result of giving a dose of radiation to those whose disease had. Apparently been checked by drug therapy. It was found that 30 per cent of patients with leukaemia re lapsed because brain and Ner Vous system was untouched by drugs. By giving a radiation dose to brain and spinal column after remission of the Luke Mia life expectancy was lengthened. F. Lee who i recently was re elected As the alumni association representative on the University of Winnipeg Board of regents. Or. Lee is director of teacher certification for Manitoba. Such As Flannelette must have a Burn time of not less than four seconds because they Are More exposed to air and thus Burn faster. Material for children s night Wear must have a minimum Burn time of seven seconds the same requirement As for bed Ding. The new burning Standard for children s nightwear does not mean a child will be protected from flame no matter what he does an informant said. It meant rather that a Parent might have time to quench the fire before its consequences were severe. With the dangerously Flam Mable fabrics now banned from Sale however there was no time to snuff out flames. In order to arrive at Levels for minimum standards the department has been testing materials for a Long time in its laboratories. The procedure is simple. A five Inch strip of material is attached to a Metal Frame set at a 45-degree Angle and touched at its lower Edge by a flame of fixed heat. Then the burning time of the material is observed and recorded. The new regulations apply to imported As Well As Domestic articles and department officials will be checking ship ments at entry ports into Canada As Well As sampling the Market. The penalties for Selling Tex tiles that do not comply with the new rules made under the hazardous products act Are imprisonment for two years for an indictable or for summary conviction a Fine or six month s imprison ment or both. The department is interested in the possibilities of flame retarding chemicals and is co operating with medical persons to assess whether the chemicals might be harmful to the skin consumer affairs officials also want to find out How Many washings these flame retardants will stand and remain effective. In Britain girls night dresses have to be treated to retard flame but some persons Are unsatisfied because the treatment makes the material less soft. Charge Gulf now accepts charge whale Money rare Tarawa Money produced from the Teeth of the sperm whale was once so rare in the Gilbert and Solomon islands that Only tribal chiefs were allowed to Wear it in necklace form. Swedes subway quiet Stockholm Sweden s capital City has 40 Miles of sub ways with fast comfortable Al most noiseless trains and Well kept stations. In about 15 years Stockholm expects to have 80 Miles of subways. Brand an adventure in flavour with a Story Book ending now All participating Gulf hurry stations honour charge. Of course we still accept Gulf travel cards vbs978 flavour fresh canned vegetables available at leading supermarkets and grocers Crown and processed in Manitoba Morden Fine foods Ltd. Consumer prices decline Ottawa up consumer prices declined in Canada s major metropolitan areas in october statistics Canada re ported Friday. The Survey of prices included St. Johns nfld., Halifax Saint John n.b., Quebec City Mon Treal Ottawa Toronto Thunder Bay Winnipeg Saskatoon re Gina Edmonton Calgary and Vancouver. Declines in those cities contrasted a National increase in the Index reported last tues Day and indicated that the National increase was due to Price increases in smaller centres. For the metropolitan centres the declines were due to Tower food costs particularly fresh produce beef and pork. Hous ing and clothing costs were up. The Price Index for a particular City measures the move ment of prices within that City. Indices cannot be used to com pare prices Between cities. For an cities except Quebec City and Thunder Bay the Index is based on 1961 prices a quaffing 100. For those cities 1969 prices sex anal 100. October indices september j figures in. I St. John s. 124.4 Hali i fax i25.s 125.1 Quebec City 104.3 Montreal 126.7 Ottawa 131.6 Loretto 130.2 Troder Bay j64.s worn Viper i2s.1 124.1 i 2 s. S a solver 728 Jse fast Josal tit be to 334.7 in will Success spoil the executive Jet not As Long As executive Jet passengers enjoy being spoiled. First of All we give each passenger a Holiday passport with his Worth of free food and services things to see and do in Toronto Montreal or Vancouver. Then on the planes we have dictating machines Stock Market reports news and financial magazines for people who want to keep Busy. And we have Playboy magazines food and drinks so Good we re famous for them. And it s All served by great looking stewardesses. Trained to spoil. Also we set up a free executive Jet message service in each City. These Are round the clock answering services for our passengers use. An executive Jet passenger can use the service to receive messages for him in any executive Jet City. In Winnipeg just Call 943-5544 to leave or pick up messages. The fact that thousands More people Are flying up air then Ever before shows we re doing something right. And we re going to keep on doing it. No Success will not spoil the executive Jet. Executive jets Fly to Montreal Toronto Calgary Edmonton and Vancouver. Often. Call your up air travel agent for More information. Chair i "1

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