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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 15, 1971, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg Nuoc Mack 13. Daily crossword Farmer 44. Royal diggings 46. City in Nevada 47. Of the Eye 48. School boy s ordeal 49. Yule Symbol Down 1. Hootch 2. Factor 3. Botch 4 was 4. Unnecessary activity 6. Make believe 2 was c. Well no 7. See 3 Down 3 was 8. Tiny Alice play Wright 9. Plubious 11. Postpone 17. Athletic group 23. Consume 25. Phosgene 27. Informal Farewell 29. A courant 31. Rate of move ment 33. Bottling establish ment 34. Officer material 35. Nimble 37. Attain 43. Liquor portion 45. Nilotic tribesman across i. Fit for a King 6. Yonder 10. Baffled 12. Luau diversion 13. Break in rank 14. Prefix for dexterity 15. Relative of the Ostrich 16. Repeat edly to a poem 38. 19. Informal affirmative 20. By birth 21. Grassland Var 23. Being up 24. Fremy Hay 28. Miss Kitty s Friend so. Coup 32. Demon Strate fi.34. Crow s cry is. Thrice mus 38. Spire ornament 89. In the past 40. Wooden Core 41. Storage Box daily crypt quote Here s How to work is Longfellow one letter simply stands for another. In this Sample a is used for the three l s. X for the two o a Etc. Single letters apostrophes the length and formation of the words Are All hints. Each Day the code letters Are different. A cryptogram quotation ism Elu Rwm Tjw i dam zit a Arad Ems Elu Rwm Ulm i dam ism Mhd s Jan Vlf to 14 to i zit a the better o 3971 Sag feature Syndicate inc Goren on Bridge by Charles h. Goren the if71 in tin Chiuli tribe it Bridge quiz answers vulnerable As South you hold 4kh43 v87542 085 44 the bidding has proceeded North East South 1 4 Dole. What do you bid Choice it for a birr Eade bid of three this May keep them out of a possible in a minor suit or goad them into a Fame in hearts Aca Init which you have some defense. Q. 2 neither vulnerable As dealer you hold what is your opening bid this hand measures up to All the specifications of a three no Trump opening and Tho such an answer must be accepted Correct this depart ment has a very self it preference in favor of an opening two Spade bid. Such a bid provides an add tonal Chance for sate Landing place if partner should have some weak hand containing four hand which would provide no Good play for nine tricks at no Trump but would nevertheless provide the distributional to produce 10 tricks at Spades. Ourthe Traore the two opening does not preclude m eventual to Trump contract q. Vulnerable As South you hold 482 vak1032 the bidding has proceeded South West North East 1 pass i 4 pass 2 v pass 3 pass what do you bid now As you have opened with the minimum Valuer permitted in our code just 12 it behoves you to take no farther step unless forced to do to by partner. Partner s one bid was of course forcing for round and you discharged your obligation by re bidding two hearts. His raise to three hearts however is Only an invitation to proceed an invitation which you must emphatically decline. Re member partner s hand is not As Many As 13 Points. If it he would have contracted for game himself. There fore pass. Bids is of course clearly indicated. It is a close Call Between a jump raise to. Four Spades and a jump shift of three diamonds. Either May be accepted As Cor rect. Our own taste runs to the latter by a narrow margin. It vill have the Merit of ferreting out a possible slam on some few holdings. Take no credit whatever if your answer was three Spades. Such a rebid by opener is not forcing. Q. Vulnerable As South you hold 4k5 w53 oqj54 the bidding has proceeded West North East South 1 0 dbl. Pass what do you bid is a fair Prospect for going places with this hand and a response is recommended which is Apt to keep partner interested one no Trump. Had the clubs been Spades or hearts the suit would be shown first with the intention of trying no Trump later. Q. Are South vulnerable have 60 part score and hold 4aj95 57 the bidding has proceeded South West North East 1 0 pass 1 v past 1 4 pass 4 v past f what do you bid now has made an urgent plea for a slam. Tho a bid of three hearts would have been Over score and thus a slam try partner has it More emphatic by bidding four convey ing the suggestion that his heart suit is self sustaining. Yon should cooperate by bidding five clubs denoting Possession of the and permit partner to fix the final contract. Q. Are vulnerable partner opens with one Spade and you hold 4108 754 what is your response is the Type of hand for a preemptive raise. Yon have great playing strength but no defense. Bid four Spades. History today Ned Hanlan became world s greatest rower by Bob Bowman in recent years Canada has developed world Champion athletes in a number of sports including track swimming skating skiing Box ing and others. The first canadians to win International recognition were rowers which was understandable because water transportation was so important in the Early Days. Regattas were also great social occasions. The first canadians to win International recognition were a Crew of four from Saint John n.b., who Defeated the Best Crew in the . In 1855, and then went on to win the world s championship at Paris this was before sliding seats were introduced. Toronto began producing great rowers including Dick tinning and Thomas Loudon and they helped to train Ned Hanlan who was probably the greatest sculler the world has Ever seen. In 1876, Hanlan won the Philadelphia Centen Nial race of three Miles and was challenged to knee e. A. Trickett of Australia in a race on the Chanier in Britain. It was held on the famous Putney to Mortlake course Miles used by Oxford and Cambridge in their annual contests. For some reason All the Money was on tric Kett and the bookmakers must have made for tunes. Hanlan Drew away at the Start and soon had such a Lead that he would wave to the cheer ing crowd. Towards the end of the course he stretched out in his Shell and rested until tric Kett caught up and then he beat him to the Fin ish line during his career Hanlan rowed 350 official races and won 338 of them. He May have been the first athlete of any sport who called himself Champion of the world and won More than after turning professional. An Island in Toronto Harbor is named after him. Other great Canadian scullers have been Lou Scholes Joe Wright Jack guest and Bob Pearce All of whom won International championships at Henley other events nov. 15 1765 French speaking lawyers and jurors were granted the right to use their language in courts. Rev. George Henry held first presbyterian ser vice in Canada at Quebec. 1760 ship l Auguste Sank off Cape Breton with 114 lives. 1827 Monument to Wolfe and Montcalm was unveiled at Quebec. 1857 William Hall of Avonport n.s., son of a former negro slave won the Victoria Cross 1873 first lightship began operation outside Halifax. 1877 Northwest territories Council passed Laws to try to conserve Buffalo. 1948 w. L. Mackenzie King resigned As prime min ister after setting British Commonwealth record for Long service. 1962 liberals led by Jean Lesage won Quebec elec Tion tumbleweeds would a t it be better to spell outtheworp5? Kerry Drake Sheila says these were new and look the soles show almost 5 Wear Happy has note a puzzling fact about the Peak woman s shoes but her boy Friend told us he and Carmel Culver Pancer for hours last i m sorry am this Extension in t working but there s a phone at the foot of the i be cot to Call sgt. Drake., and Tell him to pick up own again. To answer some More questions i l Abner you crying my Dollin Dotters should Cal have raised Peh gurus Umstad Sadie Hawkins be of us Gong Oliver Wendell but 31 Fork i proclaimed Sadie Hawkins Day you were. Both Gung was list i would t have to watch my no Good sister Gat smitty Horoscope by Frances Drake of Avent finished com no ugh that what it Man s meat is the Man s redeye safer mining Charleston w. A. Bituminous Coal mining in the . Is twice As Safe As it was 1910, considering hours of worked and volume of production. Washington an average truck in the . Pays More than four times As much As passenger cars for licenses and i at cast twice As much for fuel taxes. I Dennis the menace saturday s answer us Abs Amo Abc Uit ail nil qemal Atril be m e n Der 0 i so com in is has t 1c 0 m a t 6 up Mth u r l o r ii ii boots Stresse a r n Sta r e Ole a a m it Art Ada amp Pitte a7sbdcnats to a p r e As s t e i in d o r sep e v i Lrsen if cd Ink i c in w exp a l m 0 v e i Asp i n i Anta s l t Isager Imp Tetef i ves ia6ag its Stosl Kour in serbs Tel tar As s Ems t j of bashes g5i the family circus i m for the pc Lbw Guys you pc Tang the slue guys.1 me

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