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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 14, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaTelevision Winnipeg free press saturday november 14, 1970 new Leisure by Marilyn Beck everybody s talking about it. In dominates the film land cocktail party Chaiter. It s the basis of conversation in half vacant studio commissaries and the Plush charge account restaurants where one Seldom needs a reservation now Adays. It s the video tape cassette the Home entertainment system which will give Home viewers a rental Choice of every thing from a rated films to classical presentations. And it s what the show Biz folks Are hoping and praying will revolutionize and revitalize the whole Industry. While most Are doing no More than talking red Skelton s taking action. He s so confident the Day of the mass produced tapes will soon be upon us he s building a studio in Palm Springs hell rent out to producers filming the Cartridge presentations. Good old Days Bob Hope told me it Felt like the Good old Hollywood Days when he and just about everyone else who is anyone in town was filming the Duke Wayne Abc special which will be telecast nov. 29. Bob and the Duke and Lucy Ball were sitting on the soundstage of the old Gold Wyn studios where the to show was being shot and where All three of them got some of their Early Day Breaks. Lucy filmed the Platinum blonde there Way Back when. John w a y n e filmed Stagecoach on that same sound singe and Hope made they got me Cov ered he film that boosted him to salary per Flicker. Roger Smith s sex wife Victoria Shaw is Back Home again with their three children. She and the tots have spent the lost six months in Australia whore her parents live. John Ericson is finally fully Roc user nod from his serious virus infection which forced him out of t do. I do Dur ing a Rhode Island run in August. He spent a week in an Eastern Hospital with 105 degree temperature and Long weeks recuperating at a Friend s Home in Malibu. But one thing i m sure in t healed is his rift with i do. I do co Star Jane Powell. His friends report that things wore so Cool Between them during the run of the play it was like ice water vibrations they wore exchanging. Tie s Rod Lex Barker is Hje in Linso town any div now with his wife and most of his Luggage. Lex. Who has l filmed in Hollywood a Only 14 Yoars. Plans to stay Here for at Leas six months. Hell do Somo to Rind movie work including a prime role in Tho inheritors whenever that movie gets rolling. Lex has made a mighty Fino life for himself those past years residing in Barcelona with a luxury yacht practically docked at his front door. Gone Barry tolls to he s itching to do a broaden a musical now that his the name of Tho game is finishing shooting for Tho season. Tho last time Gene graced the Broad boards was some 15 years ago when to starred in bless you All. Vinco Edwards and Burtra of am of Nave made a composer Bun will do an noting spot on a forthcoming Matt . And actor Vince will sing some of Bun s limes on a uni record album. I be my own idea who s getting the better of the Deal. Joey Bishop is smiling a lot these Days. His fans have proved they Haven t forgotten him since his late night show faded from Abc. I la say they Haven to with ill concealed Pride Joey told me he broke a four year attendance Mark set by Sammy Davis when Joey played at Harrah s Lake Tahoe this past month. Patty s moods they re still going ahead with plans at Universal for a two hour Patty Duke to special part of which they Hope to use As a Pilot for a next season show. No one can argue the fact that Patty Duke is a Young woman loaded with Tal ent. But unless she shapes up and starts controlling some of her moods i think there might be some Universal execs sorry they be signed Patty to that new contract. There Are quite a few of the lower level staff who Aren t eager for Patty s next project to go into production. These were the Fellows who worked with Patty when she filmed the season s debuting Matt Lincoln episode. And they re keeping fingers tightly crossed that when Patty returns she won t pull stunts similar to the one she staged during Lincoln location filming at a nearby Ocean Community. She was in a mood and the Story goes demanded to be returned to the studio Pronto. When her demand was t met. Patty reportedly sat in the studio Limo. Pouting for a while before she finally walked to the Road and hitch hiked a ride with a truckload of gis a studio car went roaring out after the truck and transferred Patty to the limousine. She got. Her Way. She was taken Back to the studio. And in style. Watch yourself. Patty. They re not tolerating starlike behaviour around town As easily As they once did. Ask Tony Franciosa. Or Barbara Bain or scoop Mitchill about that. Santmy quilling most of Sammy d a v i s s for feeds i be talked to think Sammy will have a change of heart about his recent decision to retire from Tho show Biz Scono. Life Bogins when he walks on a they remind. And i agree. But 1 take Sammy s pronouncement seriously. T understand that that bout of pneumonia to suffered in Las vegas last month might not have Boon pneumonia at All but a mild heart attack. La was serious enough. I m told to have sea Rod Sammy into determining to take life easy. If you be Ever seen Davis perform in person you la know there s no other name entertainer who exerts him self so physically. There s talk about finally releasing the confession a film Ginger Rogers and Ray made Back in 1964. Object of taking it. Off the shelf they Tell me is to take advantage of the Appeal of one of the players who was t that big a thing with fans six years ago but who s certainly bringing them into theatres now. Who Elliot Gould who else c o n f o s s i o n in t Tho Only Flicker Ginger Rogers would just As soon forget. There s another she made with Carol Clanning. The first travelling Saleslady. The indies both detest it so that they refer to the 14-yer.r-old him As death of a Saleslady. Ballet High on to nov. 25 after a successful debut at the National arts Centre. Ottawa followed by a sell out engagement at Toronto s St. Lawrence Centre for the arts Canada s first and Only Rock will be telecast in color on Csc to nov. 25. Ballet High bringing together the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and one of Canada s top Rock groups Lighthouse is creative idea of the Ballet company s permanent choreographer Brian Macdonald. He describes it this Way Ballet High is not a Complete work it s a happening. Some parts of it Are improvised some parts rehearsed to the last Eyebrow. My intention was to bring together the elements of Rock and Ballet in a kind of controlled the to production of Ballet High was taped at Csc s studio 7, in Toronto during the first week of the Toronto engagement. It is produced a and directed by Csc s John Coulson. Because Ballet High is a sound and movement happen ing involving the audience to some extent in the to finale the audience joins in and certainly dependent on Audi ence reaction it was taped in the presence of an invited audience. The setting is functional Lighthouse being grouped on a platform supported by a tubular Structure with psychedelic lighting effects. The music composed and improvised by members of Lighthouse Lead drummer musical director Paul has a High Decibel count. It is full of Energy and Youthful drive. In his Toronto Star review of Ballet High last August Nathan Cohen wrote the dancing itself begins with the members of the Winnipeg Ballet coming on stage one by one. In pairs and groups to practise at the bar or to lounge about and listen to the musicians. Then they burst into a kind of peace festival frolic. It is hair As it were with people who can really dance. All of this is in preparation for two major sequences. The first somewhat reminiscent of Kenneth Macmillan s solitaire is a Vignette about a girl superbly danced by Christine Hennessy. Who experiences the feel ing of Moss Brian Macdonald is Canada s busiest and most internationally recognized choreographer. He has been choreographed for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet since 1964, at the same time travelling Ali Over the world to do freelance work to serve such recognized companies As the Royal swedish Ballet and the Harkness Ballet in the United states As artistic director. Currently his ballets Are bang performed in nine countries. In the past year since july 1969, he has created a now work. Dangerous games for the Avant Garde Ballet theatre cont Morain in Paris France served As Tempo Rary director of Canada s Les Feux fillets directed Amsterdam s dutch National Ballet company in a perform Ance of time out of mind one of the ballets he created for Tho Harkness attended the debut of dangerous games by the Paris company at the Warsaw festival of con temporary music created another modern Ballet. Five Over thirteen for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and at tended is debut at the National arts Centre at Manitoba celebrations also attended by prime minister Pierre Trudeau. On the latter occasion he met the pm and his t Imus guest barbra Streisand. He describes the is a very exciting evening. Miss Streisand had studied in new York with some of the same jazz Ballet in abhors t had. She is a very droll lady Macdonald s wife is the swedish Ballerina Annette of Paul they have a Home in Stockholm. He was a widower when they met and he has a son Brian or. Aged 16, in school in Wales the family spends a lot of time and Money flying to see each Macdonald reports. They sometimes meet in London take in some theatre. Ballet High was part of a Royal Winnipeg Ballet con temporary program which includes five Over thirteen to a score by Harry Freedman and the poetry of Leonard Cohen. Mcdonald s wife danced this work in Paris with she Winnipeg company when one of its Solo dancers was injured. Annette a Paul starred on stage and to in another of Mcdonald s ballets for the Royal Winnipeg Rose Latulippe based on a French Canadian Folk tale. R. Ian Macdonald is a native of Montreal who did his Early work for Csc variety programs. His first stage work was the choreography for a Canadian satirical revue. My fur lady

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