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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 14, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press saturday november 14, 1970 25 Andy sends a Complete 20 volume set of the world Book encyclopedia to Marty Mohney age 14, of Williams port Pennsylvania for his question do All the stars move through space at the same Speed our Sun orbits around the Galaxy at about 150 Miles per Sec Ond. It is about Light years from the Centre of the ask Andy system and most stars in our traffic Lane Stream around at More or less the same Speed. Several lanes closer to the Centre move faster. Their stars catch up with us pass and move ahead. Stars in lanes far ther from the Centre move slower and still slower. We catch up with them pass and move ahead. Assembling this general Pic Ture of the galactic traffic was an astronomical Job. Many tiny targets moving at different speeds had to Bex measured from a moving observation Point. The Remote and scattered targets Are at different Dis Tances and everything is in three dimensions. What s More from the moving Earth we can sur vey Only a slice of the total traffic system. The Hub of the Galaxy and the far Side Are out of our viewing Range. The task of measuring Star speeds was presented to the world by Edmund Halley who identified that famous Comet. In 1718, Halley compared his up to Date Star charts with those made by the greek astronomer hipparchus Way Back in 134 . Through the centuries the Bright Star Arcturus had changed its position in relation to its Neihbors by one degree. Sirius procyon and several others also have moved their positions slightly. Apparently the so called fixed stars were not As fixed As everyone thought. The change of a Star s Posi Tion in relation to background stars is called its proper motion. It is tediously slow and too slight to be measured in Remote stars. What s More since every item is schedule approaching us or receding. The radial velocity of certain stars is revealed by the doppler effect the shift toward the red or Blue ends of their Light Spectra. When it is possible to measure a Star s proper motion its Dis Tance and radial velocity a very Complex mathematical method is used to compute them together. This so to speak lines up the moving tar get. Then allowance is made for the moving Earth swinging with the solar system through the Galaxy. Andy sends a world Book Globe to Shawn Fanner age 11, of Superior Wisconsin for his question what makes our fall Trees such Lovely colors the slopes of the Superior Uplands around Duluth Wear cloaks of thick velvety Ever greens mixed with deciduous Trees that shed their papery leaves. The shedding begins when summer ends and the first breath of Winter chills the air. All summer Long the Green chlorophyll in the deciduous Trees used sunlight to manufacture Basic Plant food. But their leaves Are too thin to protect the Juicy sap in their cells from Winter s icy cold. The Complex Chloro Phyll chemicals break up and the Leafy greens disappear. The Green chlorophyll was hiding other pigments in the leaves. When the Green fades these colors get a Chance to show their Lovely faces. Meantime the papery leaves Are withering and finally All the Rainbow colors disappear. Fell weather decides How fast and How brightly the colors will show themselves and fade away. This is Why the autumn displays vary from year to year. If the season brings a Long warm drought the fall Trees tend to be Dull and faded. The colors Are most vivid when the fall season is Cool and moist. Then the tannins and yellow chlorophyll chemicals glow like brass and Gold. The carotene chemicals add Gaudy reds and Orange yellows. Other moving on its own j splashes of yellow Are added by proper motion alone i pigments called Xantho Phylls cannot give the True Speed of a j a n d anthocyanin chemicals Star. We must know its position tinge the Woodland scene with in relation to us and also j Violet purple and assorted whether we Are passing or lag j blends 01 red and Blue. And Ging behind it. Its distance must i around Duluth these vivid be measured and also its radial i Candy colors Are set oif by dark velocity the Speed at which it is i velvety evergreens. New order needed to revitalize India As racial and religious enmities continue to plague India and the revolt against authority in general explodes in various states 30 killed in West Bengal alone in 14 Days oar correspondent examines he ail ments of the Republic As it nears the end of the first Quarter Century of Freedom from colonial Rule. Sunanda k. Datta Ray Calcutta special owns Delhi door ast Delhi is far away is an old Indian saying. It refers to the self centred obsession of a Central Power that has always seemed As Remote to the Fisherman at Charles i s tussle with Parlia ment. Sir Ivor Jennings a Brit ish authority on constitutional Law is cited to denounce Cen trial tactics in Sutlar Pravesh. This sterile debate barely scratches the surface or a striving life. The lust for Power has created an Infra Structure that reaches Down from the Cabinet minister into Village councils. But Only those who seek self aggrandizement Are interested in its perpetuation. As mrs. Gandhi s Cabinet re shuffle culling everybody Down to size dramatically revealed clinging to office is their Only objective. The real casualty is icon Mic Cape co Morin As to the Bengali j Progress. Steel plants. Fort Inizer peasant or the goatherd in projects and Cven tube. Rajasthan. Pandit Nehru s tryst with destiny As he called it when India became Independent in 1947, promised to Bridge that Gulf. Britain s legacy of parliamentary democracy was expected to create a firmly bind ing centripetal Force. India s first Law minister b. R. Am Bidkar balanced the Power equation Between Semi autonomous states and Delhi with meticulous precision 523 representatives from far dung Dis a tricks would evolve a Benevo a Lent Central government re j fleeting every nuance in the sub Continental Kaleidoscope. Fli Stoby Calgary Eye opener had wide circulation by Bob Bowman Canada once had a newspaper so humorous that it circulated in other parts of the world or it circulated when copies were available. Publication was Terni occasionally because the Edi Tor had a weakness for liquor. Sometimes his friends got the paper out for him. The newspaper was the Calgary Eye opener and the editor was Bob Edwards. One of its most delightful features was the society column. Typical items would be Maud de vere of Drumheller arrived in the City wednesday after noon and was run out of town wednesday night. It is a pity that miss de vere is not a race horse. She is very or the family of or. And mrs. W. S. Stott Lith Avenue West All had mumps last week. A swell time was had. Or. Stott will not be Able to deliver his address today at the rotary Conven Tion much to the Relief of those who have heard him Bob Edwards was fearless and poked fun at the most influential people in the land. His definition of a statesman was a dead politician and this country needs More of Whei the Canadian Pacific railway refused to allow the Eye opener to be sold on its trains Edwards published All the pictures he could of the railway s accidents. R. B. Bennett who became prime minister of Canada was the rail Way solicitor in Calgary and Edwards published his picture with the caption another . later Edwards and Bennett became great friends and the railway lifted its ban on the Eye opener. Actually Edwards was a visionary and a progressive wrote about the dangers of pollution Early in the Century. He was a conservationist Long before Many people were think ing about saving soil Trees and water. Head located Hospital insurance old age pensions votes for women and Reform of the Senate. Bob Edwards died nov. 14, 1922, and was buried in an unmarked grave. Later a Tombstone was put in place the gift of an Anonymous Citi zen of Calgary. Members of two Canadian clubs were asked to vote for the most colourful personality in West Ern Canada. A number of pioneers were nominated but Bob Edwards got the most votes. Other events nov. 14 1606 Marc Les Carbot presented the first drama in Canada at port Royal Acadia 168 Bishop Laval sailed for France to resign 1775 . General Benedict Arnold began siege of Quebec 1954 Premier mendies Francc of France visited Quebec and Ottawa 1955 four months strike ended at de Havilland Plant at Toronto 1962 Sioux Rock depicting Indian legends was found at Thunder Bay ont. Dennis the menace Wells arc prizes for political allegiance. A minister demand j de an Airport for his Village constituency even though one existed already Only 20 Miles away. With 7c per cent of the world s largest electorate unable to read or write votes arc sought through the ancient institutions of caste and Community. Legislators do Justice to this parody of people s government. Of 236 members in the tamil j Madras Assembly 93 not even finished school. A West Bengal legislator is in jail on multiple charges of or a vat _ the monsoons have washed marshals i away that dream. The West j have frequently to eject riotous minister system has turned parliamentarians during Oner in practice to be totally Orrele tempestuous session a vant to the country s social and Tor who was quoting from economic needs. Delhi Brit Eer Simc May. The British Pun j ish India s capital and now the j on parliamentary scat of mrs. Gandhi s minority suddenly snapped shut the Mas administration does not re-1 Sive Tome and hurled it across Fleet the aspirations of 5001 the floor at his opposition. A million indians. The Majestic j Well aimed missile makes a Pink Sandstone of the palaces More telling Point than a Well the British built for their vice argued peroration roys and Imperial officers now most ominous of All. Politics Dennis the feel Eoo of Tell it like it is the Home of Sovereign India s president and parliament is shrouded in the same Distant unreality that clings still to the impressive pile of the red fort a mile away where India s Moghal emperors held court for two centuries. But the parliamentary game flourishes with far greater Subt lety than Anglo Saxon Genins could Ever have devised. The supple Indian mind takes easily to Law it manipulates the electoral process to clothe with the trappings have savagely undermined the administration. The steel Frame of the civil service is twisted officials depend on ministerial favor for promotion. District administrators Are at the Beck and Call of whimsical politicians. Untutored ministers control colossal development plans. The police in several states Are accused of political partisanship. And there is talk now of a committed judiciary. National Congress j rejected Gandhi s propos j itself without giving the landless labourer a sense of participation Universal adapt suffrage has made him a once the object of coercion and the most Rosment of pressure. Or. Am Bednars boast Bat ibs was both Isth tar and Federal att diag to is wryly re called every horse and Carriage Are the Rotge is Loep Violes a Congress Regone Kew a. When Independence had been j won is widely blamed for this perversion. It com afford j to be ruthless daring 23 years of rate i deft and the states. It was a toes Tiou of the Between the state of Congress party and its Central . Fast of fee girl. S2-year c. K. To exacted tors for m off tumbleweeds listen you think yer foun anyone with that push camouflage you re Cal i i Coulp just scream Kerry Drake tip Battles for the pistol the Leopard perhaps Rome Berins Meade has dropped stepped on Tail sup Penly Springs at lefty to disarm the biting kicking Palowa sell i l Abner Ima Shafto destroy Der v whole .a. To get Dot ome Liddle r Schwin Hundt Cap n Eddie rickety Especial by drop Der pf6chlngg and return to we. Hafa Nice. Padded cell von Holeka smitty i or i Viz low3sow out or Vuk Good 6su8 j 601ta 8usm-s Gil Thorp guess we Learned from tin experience i guess so. After t y know the Only what i did to you j reason i joined m having Jimmy win team was because the game wanted to win you quite the thrill i. Away from Nevinf thought if would be i did t realize a inc he to be a to Sitt Friday Foster Alan Fojt i m. tcthinkak3utuhcw to think Awlit-0ncf lookup Calm inf own that 9mircam 1dni0ht on stage hot Krone we we have work to 00, that s they wet to she has no twin that s want spot of this know what the Atwo Schect he Huff go Amy. I is Venus. They pm Witto Don t even ought to prop in merc Andy Capp not Worth Chan fun me opinion of Ter f two an six 7ustthebioke if Dollar or Lent me last redeye

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