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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 14, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaNew Leisure Winnipeg free press saturday november 14, 1970 features your Antiques by Jack Jamieson almost better than Hooky Britannia Metal is the name of a High Grade of Pewter discovered about 1770 in England. In its Best Quality it consists of 90 per cent tin and 10 per cent an Timony. Occasionally traces of Bismuth and Copper Are used As Well. A cheaper and common commercial Grade consists of 90 per cent tin five per cent Antimony and one per cent Copper. The remaining four per cent is anybody s guess. In its Day this Combina Tion was known As White Metal. Later the name Bri Tannia was introduced. In 1817, in the first recorded use of the term. Brownell s Sheffield directory listed 73 Britannia Metal manufacturers. Britannia Metal was not subject to the same regulations in manufacture As Silver or Sheffield fused plate or even Pewter. It was Dis covered at an Early Date that it was suitable for electroplating and by the Middle of the 19th Century was the most important base Lor electroplate for which it is supplanted by Nickel Silver about 1890. The stamp illustrated is that of a firm started by James Dixon in 1806 and first known by his name alone. It became the major manufacturer of Britannia Metal. In 1822 the firm moved to their present address. Cornish place. Sheffield so named because of their Large consumption of Cornish tin. Dixon was joined by his sons in the business. Wil Liam. James and Henry and his son in Law. William Fawcett. James Willis Dixon looked after the american Side of the business and was a major exporter to the United states from 1830 to i860, living in next York for part of the time. Most of the firm s wares Are marked James Dixon James Dixon and sons of cd and s. Some have no name but Are marked with a Bugle stamp. After 1891 imported pieces were stamped with a country of origin and some time about this period the letters Epim for electro plated Britannia Metal and pens for electro plated Nickel Silver began to appear on Silver plated Artic Les by All manufacturers. James Dixon and sons were very successful. They expanded to London set up in Australia Italy new zealand Switzerland. In the 1930 s they took Over an american firm. William Hutton and sons although they had been trading in the United states for Over a Century and held Early american patents for Nickel Silver. Not All items stamped James Dixon were Britannia Metal. They also manufactured Sterling and the cd and s stamp is Likely to appear on their Silver particularly that in North America. Britannia Metal resists Wear much better than Pewter Ami Many Early pieces Are still available. Unplayed pieces Are usually dark but not As Black As tarnished Silver. They can take a Dull polish in their natural state or can be Silver plated in exactly the same method used in the first half of the 19th Cen Tury. Quality and weight is generally better than cur rent Silve Plale value about the same. San Diego Calif. A it s almost better than playing says a Pupil at Patrick Henry High. That s the school were no one gets an of and every one decides when what and How to study. Most of the pupils say the unorthodox learning environment suits them Fine. But some of their parents have yet to be convinced. Devised two years ago by principal Donald Giddings Patrick Henry s Experiment views pupils As individuals and tailors teaching accordingly. We Don t teach a class of 30 students but we teach 30 says Samuel Turner chairman of the English department. The sys tem is designed for students not a Pupil decides whether he will study do leisurely read ing see an educational film take a rest or rap with his schoolmates Turner said in an interview. Learning packets designed by teachers outline work expected of pupils during a semester in order to win an those who Complete a course but fall below the two top grades get a or or credit. Replacing the traditional of is an no or no credit. If a Pupil gets a no credit rating in a course required for graduation he must re peat the course. Each course packet lists an objective on which the pupils Are they decide they arc ready. But there is a limit to this Freedom. If at the end of the 12th Goren on Bridge by Charles h. 1c Imi by try tall weekly Bridge quiz q. Neither vulnerable South you hold i Ojus the bidding has proceeded East Smith West a crts 4 pass 1 v As what do you bid now q. Z both sides Vulner Able. As South you hold oaqi07 the bidding has proceeded sort Nowik East 14 pass Zvy pass t what do you bid now q. As South vulnerable you hold 02 4as the bidding has proceeded West a mob East swab 14 pass pass 24 34 pass pass what do you bid now q. 4-As South vulnerable you hold 4kmz of 4a93 the Byumg Lias proceeded i hts East Sottek pan what Yoo kid q. Vulnerable. South you hold 4aqim 052 j the bidding has proceeded nth East some West pass pass 14 due. 44 of what do you bid now q. South vulnerable you hold oq12 the bidding has proceeded West North East South Dwe. Pass 24 Paw 34 pass what do you bid now q. 7-Botitvuinerabie. As sooth you hold 4aqs4 4qj9m the bidding has Pic ended Smth West nth pass pass 14 24 pass 14 pass what do Yon bid now q. Side Vulner Able. Sooth Yon hold oaqw2 4km3x the do Fajg has West North East in rats what a wind f look fur own tors week the report card is still Turner said i begin to counsel and take Giddings said Many pupils had advanced further in the first two months of the school term than they would have under traditional meth ods. Our Man Hoppe by Arthur Hoppe Good morning housewives and other shut ins. It s time for another tee Vee chapter of John s Only wife. The heartwarming Story which asks the question can a kindly old pipe puffing attorney Genera allow unlimited free speech and still preserve Law and order and his As we join John and Martha John is puffing his kindly old pipe and Reading his unkindly old newspaper. Martha is pacing the floor trying to conceal her growing agitation. It is late at night. Martha with false Well. Dear. I think i la go upstairs and dial a Nice Shower i mean have a Nice Shower. John without looking up from his you need t bother. Martha. I found it. Martha found what dear John the Telephone you hid under the lid of the com Mode. Martha of. Johr. You re horrid you Don t Trust me. John now. Now. Martha you know you promised to quit. Martha Bui not cold Turkey John. I m having withdrawal symptoms. Look at my dealing Finger tremble. John Martha if you won t do it for me. You must do it for our president. He s so Happy. He has i seen your name in the paper for 48 hours. Martha i will John i will but t think 1 ought to taper off gradually. My system can t stand the Shock. Please. John just one Little Call As a Nightcap John this administration stands four Square against permissiveness. You arc ruining our image. Martha falling to her just one itty Billy Loral Call i know i could dial the time and talk to the record ing. John now. Martha you know How that first Little Call leads to another. First thing you know you la be off on an All night Binge calling newspapers across the country. For the Good of the nation and the party you must renounce calling forever. Martha pulling herself you re right. John. Never again. I swear it. She resumes her pacing wring ing her hands. After a Long silence she says Well i think i la go out on the Balcony and ring up look it the View. John i found that one. Too. And the one you hid in your mattress. And the one you hid in the aspidistra. And the one John if you Don t lot me have one Litile Call. I m going to talk smiling what could you say about me Martha i won t talk about you. I la talk to you. Y of know How i can go on for hours about senator half right and those Dingy professors and those Liberal communists and those John does t our marriage Man any thing Martha it s one or the other. John. I moan it John a Defeated Man. Rises slowly removes a Walter Keane painting opens a Wall Safe and hands Martha a Telephone trembling by she dials and with a a sigh lifts the receiver to her lips Martha hello is this that Nice up reporter now Here Are my views on Pablo Casals. Golda Cir and the Washington senators All 100 of them John contentedly lighting his better him than to. Well tune in to John s Only wife again next time folks. And meantime be Happy that John has but one wife to give to his country

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