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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 13, 1971, Winnipeg, ManitobaNew Leisure Winnipeg free press saturday november 13, 1971 features threads by George Walkey Winnipeg s Winter coat scene is crowded with so Many choices that no Man no matter that his shape size or tastes has to Settle for less than his dream coat. Here Are a few tips on what to look for and what to avoid when choosing your new coat the Broad shouldered Man should avoid Coats with padded epaulettes extended or caped shoulders. Another thing to stay away from Are Coats that nip in close at the rib Cage from the armhole to the Waist. Coats this tapered will accentuate too Broad pick a simple coat with a narrow Collar. If you have Short legs a Long coat will Only appear to shorten their existing length. A Short coat coming to mid thigh will give the lower leg added length. This works in reverse for those of you with Long legs. Coats below the knee to mid calf conceal Long legs. The Midi coat was made with you in mind. Heavy men should chose a tailored classically shaped coat. The Blazer or Reefer Are two styles that will compliment your shape most. Dark solid colors in non Plush or furry fabrics Are sliding. I too Skinny add volume by wearing a Smock or Trench Type coat in a heavy fabric. A few such fabrics now available Are deep pile brushed Wollens Wool fleeces heavy Wool tweeds Geometric double knit jerseys Blanket plaids thick Bulky canvass or quilted Poppins. The Midi suits the very tall Man like a Glove particularly if a belted Trench coat style. The Belt serves Well to Cut your body s extra length. For the Short Man a neat Little body coat closely tapered without the Belt or ornamentation will Best accentuate your Good Points. Suede or leather Coats Are very smart looking for both casual and dress Wear but they do have their drawbacks. Unlined they fit close and appealingly to the body but in our cold weather you d freeze in the fall you d swelter. If you Are Only going to buy one coat be practical put off the unlined suede or leather coat until later. Now that we have Snow All the ski enthusiasts will be heading for the slopes. When it comes to fashionable ski Wear for the teen Ager i think it would be better to Overlook it. After pric ing a lot of local ski Wear i be come to the conclusion you really have to like the sport and have a lot of Loose Green stuff. The teen Ager would be better off putting his Money towards Good equipment. By this i mean Quality skis boots poles a Good pair of warm quilted pants and a functional ski jacket. It is important to Start with Good equipment. For the older More experienced skier who wishes to dress in High fashion so Wear the local shops Are fully stocked. Items such As flared ski trousers fashioned sweaters with built in full action shoulders and a variety of Long or Short racer Model to Long lift Type ski jackets Are generally available. Are knee High boots Selling in Winnipeg according to a number of major footwear shops no. Why i would think that most Likely the Large Price tag and the Lack of interest in boots keep them on the shelves. Come Winter their sales Are expected to pick up. The most popular of the three or four types offered is the tightly fitted and shaped knee High Boot with the Chunky cuban Heel and Bubble toe. Fashion happen Vas Unicorn shops Are As promised planning to hold a fashion show. It will be titled party time "72 and will be held in conjunction with the Manitoba Hairdresser s association at the International inn. The show takes place nov. 14 at 9 . Women s party fashions will predominate with the men s fashions being secondary. Tickets arc available at both Unicorn locations. A new clothing shop. The Bottom drawer has opened up on Portage Avenue. The merchandise is mostly mens but could very Well be termed unisex. Most of it is geared to the average University and High school student. I d like to congratulate co owners Al Kravetsky and Al Feldman on their attempt to create Competition in Winnipeg s surprisingly limited Field of Quality boutique men s Wear. More congratulations go to Kenneth Pruden for trans forming his hairdressing Salon into what seems to be Winnipeg s first combined men s and women s Salon. Alterations should be completed by mid december. Cleaning out your closet to make Way for a new fall and Winter wardrobe the clothes you Are disposing of would be greatly appreciated by Many charitable organizations. If you have any fashion problems or questions mail them to me care of new Leisure Magazine. The Herron Folk by Shaun Herron Winnipeg the students and faculty of the Ontario College of Art sent an official declaration of War to the pres i d e n t and executive of the United we must encourage this sort of thing. It is a great improvement on the professor in Newfoundland who was heard to say on radio talking rather like old Edward g. Robinson in his hey Day that he was taking his garbage to the front Lawn of the american Consul general s House at St. John and would Welcome All who wanted to dump their garbage there. An official declaration of War by the student body and the faculty is a gentle Manly sort of thing. Gentlemen always declare War. Gutte Snipes dump garbage on the front lawns of the most sacred of All the personages involved in the inter course of nations the innocent pm miseries. It continues to be astonishing How Many Gutte Snipes manage to get themselves paying jobs in that Grove where it is still believed scholars Ana gentlemen Brood Over the condition of Mankind. But How to wage War on the president and executive especially from a College of Art in Ontario. I Hope the members of this College Are As anxious to keep us in formed of their modes Operand As they were of their declaration of War. A state of War existed Between the College and the . Executive Branch As soon As the blast went off at Amchitka. And to be Young was very tuesday Bernard Levin has been to Wexford. He went to the Wexford festival and heard the worst news they have had in Ireland since they Learned that Bernadette was pregnant and unmarried in a Catholic country. He heard from the most Beautiful woman in who was dropping hot House grapes into his Mouth one by one which is a damned lie because the most Beautiful woman in Ireland is a Friend of mine and does t do that sort of thing with Strang ers that this year the pub closing Laws were to be enforced. It turned out not to be True so Levin of the London times and other publications gave the town the full treatment i broke the Public in gently arriving in my daytime cloak which is made of Green Loden and has a lining of glowing red. Then summoning my three dress ers my coif Feur and the Man whose Job it is to warm my Wristwatch before i put it on i retired to dress for the opera i left behind my Ebony stick with the Silver head but next year Wexford will have the i hear Tell that this year s Wexford festival saw the consumption of John Jameson go up with a Wallop. Levin was there. Wednesday i be had a circular and a request the join the Canadian civil liberties association. The accompanying form letter is signed by Barbara Frum june Calwood Robert Fulford Bruce Rogers Csc Pierre Berton nip Bruno Gerussia nip and Dalton Camp How did Dalton get in there and is he the frosting on the cake i suppose they had to get somebody who was t nip to make the thing plausible. Dalton Camp a Mere Token but the civil liberties association used to be about civil liberties but that was Back in Keviler Mackay s Dav. The accompanying brochure has a number of pictures people behind bars the poor a police Bug and Over one picture Cam your civil liberties be abolished Over this question is Over a picture of two Young men being led away and under the picture this statement on october 16, 1970 they what night was that the night the War measures act was invoked. The credibility of the civil liberties association got very thin then it got thinner when they set up their own commission of enquiry into that invocation with As it s members leaders from what party the nip of course. The civil liberties association is now under the direction of its general Council a. Alan Borovoy a pressure group for the nip that s a pity. There Are things to be done that non partisan people could achieve they d be trusted. Thursday like what Well the work done to liberate us to some extent from the secret grip of the credit rating people was done by a professor at the University. The work done to put a crimp in the people who gorged the Public who spent their Money buying on time was done Fay a committee of the Manitoba bar association under the chairmanship of Harold Buchwald. Friday i know nobody reads my column right to the end but if you be got this far please finish this item. Have you Ever heard of a Man named Allan Sapp who Ever did Well they know of him in London in los Angeles in Vancouver and All Over the place. And when we talk about Canadian culture i suppose few of us think that Allan Sapp might be malting a very important contribution to it. Very important because he is Good and very important because he is Indian Cree from the red Pheas ant Reserve in Northern Saskatchewan. Born in 1929, Allan Sapp had spinal meningitis that kept him bedridden for months at a time. He Speaks a Little English and can t read or write he can sign his own name but there it ends. His paintings however have been exhibited in London England that is in 1970 and again in 1971 and both exhibitions were sellouts the same in the United states. For those of you who Don t like my wednesday entry David Lewis is among those who collect Sapp s pictures. The Point of this note is that san a first Winnipeg exhibition is to open at 12 noon november 17 wednesday at St. Johns Raven court. It will be opened by e. B. Osier my for Winnipeg South Centre and this is a Good Opportunity to see the work of an Indian Painter from the Prairies whose paintings Are now to emotionally recognized and esteemed and scarcely known Here. When we talk about Canadian Multi culture Here is one of its elements not by a Long Way its least important element and in painting at least on the Way to becoming one its most important elements. The number of Good Indian painters is a creasing. See Sapp. Saturday Mary Robinson Rno wife of professor Gordon Robinson is a Dar Lin girl. She has a new siamese Kitten. She has called it Miro. She proposes to put around its neck a Silver Chain with a medallion on which it is written Miro in paperback at All Good Book Lovely girl Mary Robinson. Us Ulster parishes stick together

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