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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 13, 1971, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press saturday november 13, 1971 17 protesters Bias sir All those Canadian do goobers who so readily demonstrated against the Amchitka nuclear test should have been More consistent in their Ideal ism. How is it that they never demonstrated in front of the russian embassy in Ottawa when Russia was doing exactly the same thing As the .a.? is Russia their sacred cow surely what s sauce for the Goose should also be sauce for the Gander. S by what stretch of imagination do the same do goobers arrive at the ridiculous conclusion that the Island. Of Amchitka is o n Canada s door step it s Over Miles from Amchitka to Prince Rupert straight As the Crow flies. Some door step As Churchill would have said. The Island is much closer t Russia and Russia did no protest. Why then the sudden panic in poring Over the map have observed that Alaska looks like an Eagle facing rus Sia with its wings spread out while the russian land mass opposite Alaska looks some what like a Bear actually More like a siberian Wolf. How snowmobiles and mice appropriate Volodimir Barabash Calgary Alta. Sabena alive and Well sir in order to avoid an erroneous impression Given in your editorial of november 2 entitled shortchanging Winnipeg May Point out that although our reservations office is now closed in Winnipeg same being centralized into our Gateway City in Canada namely Montreal my services Are still available to our Many customers As in the past information sales promo Tion Etc., Etc. For reservations by Sabena any Iata travel Agency in this City is fully acquainted with our services and has immediate Access to our reservations Centre in Montreal. Incidentally our fares Are the same As by any other airline from Winnipeg to most european and overseas Points. Sabena is still alive and Well in Winnipeg. Dennis h. Furnish resident sales manager Western Canada Winnipeg need for Community clinics sir there has Heen consider Able criticism the concept o Community clinics. Most of i has come from the medical pro most of thei criticism genuine concern Foj Fetije welfare of their patients vat Appet to be moire emotional Ihan rational. Clinics to Tell the Nedical i profession do its Job Only doctors Are trained to treat the i Hedwica the Community what of Community e that the Formuck of system ,.bf adminis care is outdated and fulfils the needs of is needed is a new or. System of and services was costly and meet the Contr uni soft trip Saskatchewan states have i rivet these re per capita costs w e re substantially reduced. There was Laspia substantial re ent system. Eliminated As monetary e " doctor. The among the clinic staff plus an intensive program of preventative Medicine within the Community were also responsible for a reduction in Hospital usage. The length of hospitalization of patients was reduced As a result of clinics being Able to provide Post operative care within the Community. Emotionalism prompted by professional concern and Pride will undoubtedly persist. The fact Rehi Ains that medical costs Are spiralling at an unprecedented rate. Unless new sys tems Are devised to provide medical care for the people medical costs could conceivably bankrupt the society. The provincial and Federal governments have expressed a desire to see Community health clinics but cannot establish them. A health clinic can Only established through Short a Community health clinic is con trolled by the comr nudity it serves Community participation in the planning develop ment and operation a Community clinic is essential. There is an old adage con earning Auu the provincial and Federal govern have Ledus Truhe water. List s drink a Derek a member pro Tern Tomn Unee for the establishment of a Community health clinic for consultation words and music sir it is interesting to watch the Winnipeg symphony or Chestra transform itself from a German to an italian orchestra. While rather less than inclined to agree with musical Winnipeg s enthusiastic self congratulation Over the first two concerts i myself am quite willing to allow Piero Gamba an Opportunity to see what he can make out of the orchestra. While that May take some time there is one thing that the new musical director can do sir the dreadful Amchitka test has been completed As scheduled with the approximate result calculated in charge of the operation no doubt some of the followers of the protest leaders will feel let Down was t at least a minor disaster. But they should t be. Who is to say there won t eventually be a a sir for the first time in our history citizens of the United states Felt the sting of International humiliation two weeks ago Over the admission of communist China and expulsion of free China in the United a ions. My purpose in writing is to advise you that few if any americans Felt embarrassment upon seeing the . Defeated y the albanian Resolution to the contrary the great majority of us were outraged upon of Irving the shameful conduct and unrestrained Delight of our and other communist Loy gun personnel when the Vot no results became apparent. While the to cameras captured a c o n c e r t e d expression of immediately fire whoever is responsible for the text of the program. I quote from the printed pro Gram of october 9-10, 1971 even a modest attempt to. Out line the history of the Winnipeg philharmonic choir discloses a very interesting development of a group satiated of life and inherited of a continually confident Outlook to the in 1922 a few men influential in music circles became conscious of the need of a Large mixed voice group susceptible of performing major choral he has travelled millions of Miles returning More than a Hundred times to several coun. Tries which has enabled him to speak eight now from the program of october 23-24 in 1956, Ashken Azy instantaneously came into International protuberance with an electrifying Victory the demand for his performance germinated to opulent proportions As word of Ashken Azy s Majestic Victory encircled the Ashkenazy s subsequent Tours were met with symmetrical the question of literary Art is scarcely involved in this Man gling of meaning. If Winnipeg is not to be the laughing Stock of Canada in an undeserved Way it had better begin by eliminating those ways in which it deserves to be. Surely Piero Gamba could find someone More qualified to write Gram in any High school English class. Winnipeg mrs s. Ann Collins a ten megaton next diction leak that will cause some harm even if it takes years or More they should have Faith in those Lead ers. They have witnessed the greatest protest Organiza Tion Ever attempted. The nucleus of this world protest was right Here in Canada. Now that the americans have exploded a 5-megaton charge we can expect vat least a 10 megaton explosion by the rus sians. They won t be satisfied with their previous 6-megaton Effort. Of course the French and chinese May have their larger weapons ready for test too. So come on protesters Don t give up let us direct our protestations to the other nuclear Powers and let s make them peaceful protests no rough stuff not even broken windows the americans Are More tolerant than some. .1 think it is. Time we All stopped testing bombs but in future if the americans feel they have to test Why Don t they copy the russians and do it secretly of having so Many poor souls worried sick Winnipeg g. A. Piggott unseemly Uiese in the United nations glee As Nixon t e r m edit most americans agree with a s. Ambassador Bush when he regarded the action As one of unrestrained hostility towards the United states. I am inclined to agree with the feelings of both president Nixon and ambassador Bush that there was a Gleeful Hostil Ity apparent in the in chamber but additionally As an american Veteran of the second world War it is with a great sense of personal disappointment that i View your government s action and conduct of your personnel when it was apparent Canada and other of our Long time friends and allies had successfully Defeated the ,. Over this Issue. Certainly no one believes. Canadians were that delighted Over their Victory in seating red China or expelling nationalist China but i believe every american is cognized the cheers and applause for their real meaning that is the mighty . Had finally been Defeated and publicly disgraced in the in. While canadians mexicans French m e n italians israelis and other Long time friends of the . May hot feel this is of serious import or concern you should be aware that we regard it so. Your country is certainly entitled to vote and act As it seems Wise on any matter but in Praise of Gordon us hts oot Winnipeg in North Winnipeg child s right in Law sir every once in awhile some irate portion of the Community rediscovers the fact that juvenile court proceedings Are conf Dwvid usual motivation is to cause Public embarrassment for the children and to use this As a weapon tip deter then from any future Brea cd of Exoo cents of Tju s deliberate practice of see real value of Public that it upon a of the family members this can include the m o t father Sisters cousins dogs and hamsters. No ofte in eth. A. Clear perspective i Jwied advocate the cation of juvenile court proceedings. However some Public awareness of the inner Workings of juvenile court is necessary. Just recently the citizens committee on corrections Winnipeg has had its attention drawn to the plight and dilemma of a fifteen year old Mani Toba child. L for years it has been the Cus Tom in Manitoba to Transfer certain children to Ordinary court. In most cases the Transfer of a child to adult court has resulted in the child s eventual incarceration in an adult institution. This Transfer of a child to an adult facility brings gratification to that Section of the Community which gets its kicks from the punishment of a child inflicted on the Hundred or so pounds of flesh that constitute a boy or girl. Those who Are enlightened and especially those of the civil service in the correctional continuum weep and Wail moan and groan. To them it is a source of considerable self flagellation and conscience. The experts Are Only too Well aware that the younger the child who aves in an adult penal institution the Darket the future and the less likelihood of Reform and the adoption of a realistic life style. Canada s recidivism rate is out of All proportion. Recent riots in Kingston and elsewhere surely Point to the fact that something is radically wrong with our treatment process. What happens to a pathetic child who arrives inside our prison Monument to social fail ure the potential v it imitation of a teen Ager within an adult prison need not be spelled out. Any Community which will employ imprisonment As a response to the problems of a teen Ager should be aware of the possible Price paid in terms of the child s exposure to Homo sexual overture and in terms of preparation and schooling for a fully blossomed adult Crimi Nal career. The Cost to the tax payer can be phenomenal. The practice of Transfer of children to adult Orisons has occurred in Manitoba for years. We believe that the majority of our Community does not con done this archaic destructive and inappropriate practice. In Stead we believe that adequate facilities for children Are critically overdue and that most of Pur Community would be in favor of realistic service for our youth. For a Transfer to an adult court to occur the child must be or appear to be Over the age of 14 years. Additionally the decision must be in the Best interest of the child and the Community. In our opinion it is never in a child s or a Community s Best interest that the child be lodged in an adult jail or Penitentiary. In our further opinion Mani sir or. Peter Crossley in his View of Gordon Lightfoot s nov. 4, concert says it is Dif cult to write a bad review on Gordon but in our opinion he made sure he would have something bad. To say about him no matter How Good his concert was. Sir commentators Are Al ready hailing the admission of the people s Republic of China to the United nations As the Dawn of a new Era for the world organization. Unfortunately in spite of the excite ment among diplomats and the new Power groupings that May emerge More nearly Universal representation cannot by itself solve Many of the urgent prob lems before the in and throughout the world. Sir i notice in the free press of nov. 1, a Canadian press report from the recent National conference on Law and poverty held in Ottawa. I am quoted As having said to the conference that All but a few Winnipeg magistrates exhibit a Lack of sympathy for the poor. In addition the magistrates have Little appreciation of the social the quotation is accurate but sir i see where Joe Borowski is thinking about forming a new party if the Manitoba convention of the nip to be held later this month fails to adopt what he considers to be some very important planks in its platform. And he plans to name it the Christian Democrat party. It is my impression that with in the present Cabinet the Hon o r a b 1 e ministers Cherniak sir i am n substantial agreement with your editorial line of oct 27 in which you the remarks of at times he actually presents the True Gordon Lightfoot for Gordon Lightfoot s music is great. He is a very talented Man with a guitar and a but then he gets Back to criticizing.-. We Don t think or. Lightfoot condescend in the least audience if anything he por trays himself very much on the same level As the audience. The two examples or. Cross Ley gives in the sixth paragraph of Ine review Are in out up nun Complete misinterpretations. Our dismay and disappointment Over this obvious hostility Anc intended insult will Long be remembered. Your ambassador s actions during this trivial incident unfortunately reminds us of the enormous personal sacrifices made by our country during the first world War and the Sec Ond world War on behalf of our Freedom Loving allies yet the question1 we now ask of our selves Why in these threat ening tiniest of continuing communist aggression should Ameri cans join in a common defence in the real crisis of the future m. 0. Turner san Antonio Texas It s too bad when a great Ca Nadian artist comes to Winnipeg draws sellout crowds and then receives such poor press coverage. Winnipeg Irene Giesbrecht Linda Giesbrecht what the United nations needs at last year s session a Reso Lution was passed requesting member nations to review the United nations charter and present suggestions for revision to the Secretary general by july 1972. What is being done in Canada at a recent meeting of the Winnipeg Branch of the world federalists of Canada a draft Brief on United nations Reform was circulated. This is an excellent Start and no doubt the United nations association will also be presenting suggestions to the Secretary of state for external affairs. But How Many other organizations have Given thought to this important mat Ter whether we belong to the Junior chamber of Commerce the rotary club or the Mani t o b a naturalists society to name a few of our Many inter est groups it is important to us that Canada s delegation make judging in context somewhat misleading having been removed from the context in which it was Given. Or. Jus Tice Hall of the supreme court of Canada had earlier stated that judges and the Legal profession generally had not All been born with Silver spoons in their Mouths and therefore they had an appreciation of the problems of the poor. I replied that most lawyers and judges Are now Able to afford Silver spoons and i believe that As a group they have Long since for gotten what they May once have known about actually being poor including the attitudes that go with poverty. When i spoke of Lack of sym Pathy i was not referring to a Lack of desire to be sympathetic but to the problem of trying to be sympathetic to a Way of life totally different from one s own. I applied this comment a last Hope Green and Miller Are among the More ambitious members of the House and my political Crystal Ball discloses that should Joe form his new party these three individuals May Well be among the first to join. Now if you say that the three August gentlemen mentioned Are not christians and there fore could not possibly qualify May i respectfully remind you sir that in the True sense of religion cultural commitment they appear to be not very jew ish either. Nor for that matter could Joe or any of his Camp followers consider themselves truly very Christian behaving unabashedly As they do. As a matter of fact it would appear to me that the entire Jude Christian base of the present legislature seems to have been rent asunder. With mendacity and avarice leading a workable presentation on in charter revision before next july. Will any of your ideas be included As Well As continuing to press for representation for All peo Ples at the United nations canadians must face the need for change in the in charter if that organization is to become the realistic and effective system u Thant described and we All Hope for. Winnipeg mrs. D. Longman not just to magistrates but to All lawyers including myself As the Globe and mail report on the conference indicates. As to the general Lack of appreciation of the social sciences i regret that this comment also must be applied to the Legal profession As a whole and not just to Winnipeg magistrates. Norman Larsen Winnipeg a Long list of broken Sinai tic sir i have been following with some interest the Issue of Banning snowmobiles. It is an emotionally charged Issue with few facts being put Forward by those for and against Snow mobiles. Those people who Are against snowmobiles for safety or environmental reasons seem to have very few facts to sup port what they Are saying. Consider the charges made by or. Pruitt Edmonton Jour Nal nov. 1, he claims that snowmobiles crush the Pukak layer of Snow forcing the mice to the surface thus killing the mice through exposure while they Are crossing the snowmobile tracks. He fur ther claims that a Man on snowshoes May make Over 50 passes without disturbing this layer. A 350-Pound snowmobile carrying a 200-Pound person exerts Only .77 of a Pound per Square Inch or one ounce. I sincerely doubt that the Snow ecology is being ruined in this Way by Snow mobiles. I also suggest that a mouse who Dies from exposure while crossing 15 inches of snowmobile track is in serious difficulty anyway. I would fur ther suggest that or. Pruitt spend some time in trying to ban the automobile As Many More wild animals Are killed crossing highways than mice crossing snowmobile tracks. Vehicle safety is. Another Issue in which the snowmobile has become involved. Those who wish to ban the Snow Mobile have tried to snare the beast on a number of safety items. I question the Validity of the conditions under which tests Are carried out. A firm in Michigan tested snowmobile seats and found that the Best seat Only absorbed 15 per cent of the Impact from a four foot drop to a Cement floor time mar. 15, aside from a four foot drop to hard surface equating to quite a snowmobile jump what person would be seated for a jump like this they would most certainly be squat Ting or half standing. Yet these types of tests Are carried out figures released and Little thought is Given to their mean ing. If these types of tests were carried out on horses years ago the horse would have been banned. So instead of passionate cries of crucify let us examine ways of adapting ourselves to it. My suggestion is that in Winter we abandon our cars and take snowmobiles to work. Thus we would save on Snow removal by the City eliminate traffic congestion and save on car expenses. If this is going too fast for most peo ple to accept perhaps the Golf courses could be opened for snowmobiling in the Winter. I know that Golf enthusiasts Are going to say that newly planted Trees get knocked Over. However i m sure or. Pruitt s mice Knock off a few Trees too w. R. Friesen Edmonton Alta. For a better City sir although not disagreeing with the development of the Centre Section of the. City i think that As the uni City coun cil will soon be operating the the East Side of the City should be Able to get some Long and Well needed improve ments for their part of the City started As soon As possible. There May be other things of More importance but those in mind Are 1 straightening out of the West end of Talbot ave a wider and new Louise Bridge 3 a wider and new Redwood Bridge and 4 the South end of 7.1ain Street widened with a wide overpass for the Railroad and wider Bridges Over the red and Assiniboine Rivers for the Southeast Popula Tion. There Are other improve ments in the Centre of the City that should receive attention be fore Long and they Are the straightening of the Crosstown Highway the straightening of Osborne Street Between River and Stradbroke avenues and the widening of main Street be tween Higgins and Sutherland Avenue. This Means taxes or Bor rowed Money but it is thought More worthwhile to Start As soon As possible for the people on the East Side of the City than for government Loans or government guaranteed Loans for the development of privately controlled enterprises in the City Centre. Name withheld St. James Assiniboia riparian rights sir riparian Means that amount of deposited belongs to which pertains to the Shore of a body of water. Rights Means the advantages and their modifications that accompany the ownership of a parcel of land which has a Shore line. That some consideration should be Given to these parcels and their owners was recently brought to my attention by 1 an incident near where i live 2 a Chance conversation with a Surveyor 3 a proposal some time ago that the govern ment should buy the Shoreline of Lake Winnipeg 4 the number of governmental Grouns now studying various aspects in that parcel of land. Since it was brought about by natural forces Only the owner is not responsible for either the causes or effects the other change on the Shore line is erosion. Should the change in volume of direction of the water be effected by natural forces then the riparian owner alone must sustain the loss or take measures to pre vent diminution of his property. A riparian owner recently paid per foot for a breakwater. This was soon carried away and he alone had to Bear the loss because the water was not controlled by human Agency. Connection with the proposed we now come to the principle involved if the change in vol ume or direction of the water my i be caused by human Agency of these parcels. When the land j regulation of that Lake. Was bin Rivers were the thoroughfares and each Narcel was Given Access to that body of water. The chief characteristic of each Narcel is that there is not a Legal nor a surveyed Boundary Between the land and the foreshore. This in d i c a t e s the most important right the unobstructed communication Between the land and the water. This is the right of Access. These rights May be consid ered in respect to three cons tit cunts 1 the bed 2 the water 3 the foreshore the the water the then the injured riparian owner has basis for complaint and action. This principle was manifested in a recent judgment against a Rural Manitoba municipality after they had Al Lowed their works to cause damage to a Farmer s property. It is also Manifest in an inter National Case where in the Gretna Neche area a Road built in Canada caused water dam age. A joint committee from the two countries ordered extensive and costly alterations to protect property from further damage. Principle is not Compro to Call upon Larry Desjardins stable Bank. Remuneration then paid for to undertake the remains of the a parcel of no damage to property is based incumbent government and at paria As tempt without any genuine Hope of Success mind you to bestow upon it some meagre semblance of respectability Al owner bed the to Possession of Middle of the other disasters such As holocausts. Stream. This applies even though the water through relic beit posthumously As it is Laid j disappear. Shortly to its eternal rest if the principle held in the municipality and internationally will it hold on Lake Winni Iii Nipes m. Erenberg Canada s risky foreign policy the russian build up of Power in that area. Unlike our own great Power friends he also has n e t r a 1 i t y As the ultimate foreign policy goal of the Cana two great Power enemies such a parcel carries with it i Peg when it is controlled by a the use of the water for Agricu-1 human Agency there seems to natural Domestic and Man fac j be an uneasy feeling in the Turing purposes. The Manitoba minds of those in control of that water rights act covers this j Agency that it will. Hence the when it provides that the owner three official groups now study to the ing phases of that control. A however i similar uneasiness prompted Toba should immediately act to president Tito on his recent provide the appropriate and re Canada. Situated As he quire resources for our Chil Dren. The alternative represents a continuation of a Barba j ineffective and wasteful i or. To Ujj in _ Waichi May us not prime minister who seems to is or. Trudeau interested m Dian government must be a reasonable use. The proposal that the govern think that a couple of rapturous such an acrobatic performance in terms of_defencc1 the costs the ment of Manitoba Purchase the surrounding Lake win most recent proposal re j 4 l 4.1 i Waitr Carnes Eulai Jimo his expressed desire that soviet Power and not b r o the r 1 y con Jess he riparian rights of relations with Canada might be kindness Calls the punches can that owners adjacent to shorts As Friendly As those Between we really afford to be without passed from one to the of Lake Winnipeg. It is suggest ,11., permit Manitoba contest is still on. His remarks moreover would seem to Sug Gest that walking the Tightrope of neutrality is at times not All Canada and the United states Jan ally he has two j docs that statement not imply Edmonton Alta. Roy a. Prete Radical pied pipers a disciplinary Council sir for a lives site of should be made to resign if her with pornographic a sir. For die University have been arrested. Beyond the Board of governors right to prevent the of above sea level. Since the level talk about heroes Rev. Kim s. Warne citizens committee on m a n i t o b a to give into the j corrections Umsu demands would be a the Leader o. I tragedy for the people of Mani Josve of University before they take of j Reeves of the province of Mani purposes. Toba. For those who Don t know the Umsu paper filled fice and the Chancellor should what these initials stand for. It j Purily. Hydro to build a dam and the owner also has the Rte to Power House across the current to exclude the Public from fish j a n d in return that human ins in his water. If the water i Agency will Promise to keep the he has not the water Between 711 and 715 feet of in sir co Ratut Etkes to your the struggles of the Brave is Etc students Union of the uni a i the demands that Are Cle about Tito a personage perhaps those who wrote our history boots after the second worm War dial Cosmer Hia Etc right kind of hero. Officers of the Umsu should be j of the University and chosen by water Craft nor to prevent tiie of the Lake depends upon pre Union after i okayed by the Chancellor of the a secret vote of the mayors and of the foreshore for travel capitation and Over nearly half .1 -------.------1 a million Square Miles it seems May occur on a it May be Queen s Bench court up when Loose Earth is rights. We the people of Manitoba earned by the Cirre it to in a. S. Conr Aings Are going to have charge of the cre3se the Shore line. The whole Middle Fenrch Man. Discipline of the University or All Grants to the it the marxist was concerned with right or wrong. Prime time sir is it really Trae that school hours rather than after demonstrate yes Are snore effect classes Are the Iosh for fee Tive if they Are carried by Day Sis dents Aryl professors wimp Peg fat Rogers

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