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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 13, 1971, Winnipeg, ManitobaYou and the Law starts today on Page 8 Canada s leading rotogravure Magazine my first Century on wheels r. S. Mclaughlin recalls a lifetime of making carriages and cars Page 2 1 no miracles just Faith Hope and dignity restored Dorothy Betz has helped hundreds of other Manitoba indians Page 8 the non disposable Man just imagine what would happen if nobody took away your garbage Page 12 an old lady revisited cartoonist Ben Wicks visits London Bridge in her new Home Page 24 and in the Winnipeg free press j of 53 in and vol. 79 no. 40 Price Loc with comics 15c saturday november 13, 1971 Sunrise . Sunset . Moonrise . Moonset . Forecast some Cloud 35 and 25 axe blow ends Hijack terror Canadian history Page 2 country dinners. Page 3 it happened Here Page 4 the Herron 5 mom pop festival. Page 6 world of now music Page 9 Marcel Marceau. Pages 12, 13 Church Newt the Rock scene. Page 18 Book pages 19-22 endangered Page 23 and elsewhere in the paper t color comics to radio diary Jumble winners 15 entry form 66 Puzzle 42 Bridge news 66 labor. 66 classified 39 to 58 movies 29 Community Calendar 10 night beat. 66 53-to 62 deaths. 4 travel 30, 31 finance 33 to 37 youth scene 12 letters 17, 18 women. 23 to 26 was t the place i for boy testimony by Brian Mca Nulty proper facilities at the Juve Nile treatment Centre were not available for the treatment of a 12-year-old boy who was found dead in his dormitory on. Oct 24, an apparent suicide the Centre s superintendent testified Friday at an inquest called to investigate the death. The body of the Young boy was found by a dormitory mate who told the magistrate s inquest that he noticed torn strips of sheeting hanging Down from a bunk when the 15-year old returned at . After watching television. Medical testimony was Given describing bruises around the Throat As consistent with hang ing. Evidence was also Given that four of the Centre s residents were refused late night television privileges after a coun a seller became suspicious that the boy and three others had i earlier been involved in a plan to go Over the Gerhard suss the superintendent said the boy who had been at the Centre on previous Occas i o n a was unmanageable when admitted to the Centre. The juvenile detention Centre was not the facility really where he should have said or. Suss and it did not have proper treatment facilities for a child with his problems. I would consider him emotionally said or. Suss who described the boy As one of the regular members of the Between various attempts to find More suitable place to treat him. Bergen said he noticed the boy and three other boys had to stay out of sight after being allowed into a fenced in Yard after 6 ., when the gymnasium normally used for Early evening recreation was t available for use. Or. Bergen said the boys were in a group of some 22 Resi dents of the Centre who had been served dinner around . The four boys were grouped in a Corner and tred to stay out of my sight and they car ried on in a suspicious Man he said. I tried to get close enough five or six to learn what they were doing said or. Bergen. The impression i got was that one of the boys had got to the other three and they intended to go Over the said or. Bergen in describing what please see Centre Page 5 talks on Deal unveiled the boy at times had shown signs of belligerency and would commit acts of obstruction in doorways or by laying Down at places of his choosing in the i Centre he said. J a counsellor on duty Between j 3 . And 11 . On the Day preceding Hie death Victor i loosing for hockey equipment this and under Mise i Kae Oas articles for Sak 59 hockey , Chad s is Assort the Etta reds of is today s classified seed Seco adj save so free press by John Gillespie Hamiota Man. Staff the Manitoba government has been conducting negotiations in an attempt to keep the my Nedosa distillery operational on a year no my basis but is not very optimistic about the out premiered Schreyer Jug Friday night negotiations Haven t ended but i m not an that optimistic j that a Deal can be reached or. Sci Breyer said. He was speaking to about 100 people at an nip rally in Srap port of it nil a Bellboy tree please see talks Page 5 cycled no i ii Mil on Page 11 Calgary up eight hours of High Altitude terror ended Early today when a Crew member of a hijacked air can Ada dc-8 Jet apparently clubbed the Hijacker with a fire axe. It was reported that capt. Vern Ehman of Montreal pleaded for Calm chief Purser lauded by Gerry Sutton great up the chief Purser probably kept everybody said. Robert Scolnick of Toronto a passenger on an air Canada dc-8 hijacked Friday. Or. Scolnick who sat across the aisle from the Hijacker in the first class Section praised John Arpin of Toronto for per forming efficiently throughout the the v Purser was. Exception i know sever Al times he kept the Man Calm when he thought he was going to set the dynamite off Heroid the Man he would do whatever he wanted and not to Hurt anyone on the or. Scolnick vice president of inter provincial diversified holdings ltd., was interviewed after he and 117 other Passen Gers were jetliner Here for a Sec s was very Good. They kept the Economy class completely in the dark and kept the first class people very Calm. The Only persons who heard the shot the Hijacker fired from a Shotgun were in first class. I please see chief Page 5 knocked the Man unconscious As he Bent Over to put on a Parachute while the aircraft was approaching Calgary inter National Airport at feet. H o w e v an air Canada spokesman who talked to the Crew after the plane landed said things weren t quite Clear because the Crew was tired and in a state of they were to Tell their Story later today. The Hijacker a Short Swarthy Man with dark curly hair presumed in his late 30s, said he of the Irish re publican army. He was armed with a gun and 10 Sticks of dynamite. Ramp said Early today they found a sawed off Shotgun on the plane. He apparently threatened to blow out the Back of the plane unless an emergency window was opened to allow him to bail out. V the Large Jet returned Here about . Cost today. Knific. It jul ext mail had left Here with 118 Passen Gers and nine Crew members on flight 812 from Vancouver to passengers earlier were released Falls Mont. None was. Harmed. They were reports say Captain felled Hijacker flown to Toronto on an air can Ada Relief plane from Calgary Early today. The plane landed at Toronto International Airport at . Get. When the plane landed Here the Hijacker was whisked by ambulance to Calgary general Hospital. Or. Raymond Chow said the Man under Kemp guard had a concussion and a two Inch laceration on the Back of his head and was in the in Tensive care unit in fair Condi Tion. The Calgary Landing ended an unprecedented Canadian Hijack ing Saga during which tiie plane zigzagged through skies Over Alberta Saskatchewan and a Tell if com Vil Bulow. It All started in late afternoon just East of Regina when the Hijacker who used the name Dennis held a gun on a. Stewardess and demanded million Ransom and a flight to Northern Ireland. He diverted the plane to great Falls Mont., 300 Miles Southwest of Regina where was waiting for him. The Money was raised by Bankers in the City of while the aircraft circled for More than two hours a sheriff s office Secretary delivered the Money packed in a suitcase to the Airport. The Hijacker had demanded that a rope be lowered from the cock pit to enable the Money to be brought aboard but the Money was put aboard through the Normal Entrance. The was recovered by ramp in Calgary after the. Plane landed. While the Money was being delivered an Fri agent tiled to talk with the Pilot by radio but was warned the Hijacker had a radio set. The communication then ceased. Edwin Volkomener manager at great Falls International Airport directed surveillance of the dc-8 from his office. He never took a Telephone from his ear. It was connected in a con Ference Call with Montreal Cal Gary Washington new York and los Angeles. The Fri agents packed the control Tower and at one Point imposed a news blackout. The plane then left for re Gina and the Hijacker said the passengers would be released there if he got the remainder of the Money. Only the. Passengers in first class were immediately aware of what was happening. The others found out when the plane stopped at great Falls. On the Way to Regina he changed his told the Pilot to return to great Falls. The dc-8 turned and was escorted Back by . Air Force fighter aircraft. At one Point the Hijacker who wore a Long Black coat told capt. Ehman that he was willing to die for his cause. Later Sean Kenny North american Leader of the Ira said in Vancouver there was no connection Between the move ment and the hijacking. When the plane landed at great Falls for the second time the passengers were re leased. The Hijacker apparently changed his mind about ire land because when the plane left great Falls again it was southbound. He could t decide please see Hijack Page 5 i was real scared expected death for All govt. Agency wanted investment control in report after it. Onetime. The Crew a report to the Federal Cabinet says a government to Encl air Ovid Powers should be be t up to Coli tool foreign investment in can Ada. The report was prepared by-1 committee under National Rev Enue minister. Herb Gray and delivered to Cabinet six months ago. It has never been officially released. But Long excerpts from it were published Friday by the Canadian forum a monthly Magazine which devoted the entire december Issue to the Gray report. Managing editor Abraham Rothstein an associate professor in political Economy at the University of Toronto said Friday he thinks Cabinet members who ment problem ire blocking release of the report in Ottawa Sti fiem progressive conservative party Leader promptly called on the govern deny the authenticity of the forum version or Stop playing the secrecy game and release the full report for pub Lic debate. In Ottawa a statement from prime minister Trudeau s office confirmed that the december Issue is based on a Cabinet document but said it is Only one draft of a study prepared for see investment Page 5 leaving Vietnam More troops pulling out Washington special tons president Nixon announced .1 Friday another troops will be brought Home from South Vietnam in de Cember and january the highest monthly rate and the shortest time period of All six of his troop withdrawal announcements. Or. Nixon said the size of his next withdrawal increment to be announced before feb. 1 win depend in Large part on the North vietnamese infiltration rate during what is normally a critical period for bolstering enemy forces in the South. He noted that the infiltration in december and january nor Mally determines what the Battlefield activity will be in South Vietnam Between april and july. Though it had Long been expected that the monthly withdrawal rate in the announce ment the president had promised for mid november would climb to about the Brief time Span was a Surprise As Well As a disappointment to Many War critics Congress. At an unannounced news con Ference in the White House press room or. Nixon main aimed that As . Forces dwindled the United states could retain bargaining leverage with the enemy by restricting he withdrawal increments to Hort periods. Of . Prisoners and agreeing to an All Indochina ceasefire that would assure a total . Withdrawal. Failing a release of . Pos or. Nixon seemed to make Clear that a residual Force of unspecified size would be kept in South Vietnam. The current monthly average of Over a seven month period that began last May 1 will bring the authorized troop level in Vietnam on dec. 1 to about with More to be with please see troops Page 4 by Gerry Sutton great Falls Mont. Al Solosky of Ottawa looked into the Forward lounge of an air Canada Zethner Friday and thought the 118 passengers and nine Crew members were going to die. I saw the gun waving and then heard the he said in an interview. My first thought was that the Hijacker had killed the stewardess and we would be or. Solosky 33, a trans Canada Telephone system employee had boarded the dc-8 flight 812 at Calgary in route Back to Ottawa after a business trip. My seat was in the first Row of first class and the Hijacker sat directly behind me. I could t help but notice him when he got on. He was Wear ing a beige Trench boat but toned All the Way As soon As the plane left Calgary he jumped to his feet and went into the lounge at the front of the aircraft. Please see expected Page 5 aut Opac rates not inflated Pawley he discussed Steps the enemy could take including release comically to press Canada n by Ron Campbell the five per cent figure pre Mier de Schreyer referred to in connection with aut Opac premiums is not a part of the Premium at All municipal affairs minister Howard Pawley explained Friday. Or. Schreyer has been say ing that aut Opac premiums in of about by Dave Ablett elude a margin cent to be used he premiums in years j in fact or. Pawley said the i five per cent represents the expected return on the investment i of aut Opac premiums and is not j a part of the premiums them selves. Or. Pawley is chairman of the Manitoba Public insurance corporation which administers aut Opac the province s Public Auto insurance plan. He described this investment income As a Cushion which would be used to stabilize a topic premiums and As a fund for unforeseen contingencies i he said he has no doubt j about holding the line on pre Ziuras Over the next two or there would be a surplus result ing from investment income. That statement was made when aut Opac rates were made pub Lic or. Pawley said and no fuss was made then. Or. Pawley termed Deli berate cunning the statement Friday by progressive conservative Leader Sidney Spivak that aut Opac com Puter cards Cost apiece and the government is shopping for cheaper cards in Hong Kong. Please see rates Page 4 jobless situation Normal fee foreseeable Quebec up prime min ister Trudeau says unemployment in Canada is Normal and remain so because Citi Are free not to work where state sends or. Trudeau was speaking to it s Beth Effig to look a lot Ike do rim when Peg for Efcy another of tace Imperf my Rise Decow tire fights along Portage we m tace downtown were on. Tree Tori stews Trees a loft tace yes Row strip Are few. To tree chem Tom Wood tace class Parade Comet to vow Stafay. Washington United states Treasury Secre tary John Connally intends to push vigorously to eliminate or Pawley said. Canada s million Trade sur Given the Normal projected plus under the lucrative Cana j pattern and frequency of j claims the investment cd da-. Defence sharing product have to used Tion agreement the Vancouver he said Sun has Learned. Or. Connally but it would t be sound Donald Doyle Ottawa Corre key Man in the stalled world business practice if the Cush Sponden Quebec City Trade negotiations intends to do Ion weren t there. _ interview this by pressing for removal of j the r e s e r v a or surplus i m an interview Canadian tariffs from defence amounted to of Flam m Sas to be published in today s Edi it Eros made in the . Kat Chewan under the Job in Aon of the newspaper. He is also after removal of Auto insurance plan there mr., prime minister said that the Canadian preference in the Pawley said. Ujj. That he Sam it Likely would be a allows Small Canadian firm s Butk ass in Manitoba because marginal profits to com of Pete against . Firms for he said it was sales to the can Diati Aru Jed forces. White it been reported that teamed revision of please see of Sally Page 5 a topic questionnaire on Page 71 All Canadian unemployed Coom find themselves a Short term Job if they were to do work Wick a did not answer pre a noticed a Ceil to Timeir Hopes. There Are lots of jobs in Canada which Are Phirne Mirin Star Trade at said. Mining centres 5-Sce sad in err o35t, or see jobless 5

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