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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 12, 1971, Winnipeg, Manitoba12 Winnipeg free press Friday november 12, 1971 wives Issue plea continued the police murders have occurred in the last 12 weeks. The police wives association issued a statement urging that police officers should be Given automatic weapons to match those of the outlawed Irish re publican army now battling to end Ireland s partition. Addressed to the gunmen wives the statement said use your influence to end this Vio Lence. Keep your men off the streets. Both police wives and the wives of their attackers have one thing in common we All have to sit at Home at night worrying whether our menfolk will come the two police officers were shot Down while inquiring about a robbery at a liquor store 50 Yards from their heavily guarded Barracks. Four men walked in ordered the storekeeper to lie on the floor and Cut the officers Down in a Hail of automatic gunfire. The known death toll in two years of Northern Ireland Vio Lence now stands at 157. Meanwhile the Ira issued a statement condemning the tar ring of Catholic girls who courted British soldiers. The official Wing of the Ira demanded a halt to these Das Chiao Kuan Hua China s in delegation chief peking Diplomat lauds . People hardly acts and said anyone defying this ruling would be dealt with immediately. Three girls have been daubed with tar or Printer s Ink this week and had their hair cropped. One 17-year-old girl who was a victim of such a brutal As Sault thursday is still recover ing from her ordeal in a Londonderry Hospital and was said to be still very doctors fear that her sight May have been permanently dam aged. Another who was at tacked tuesday is believed to be determined to go through with her plans to marry a Brit ish Soldier later today. The third girl said she would never go out with a British sol Dier again. In Londonderry today the Iea stepped in to save a teen age Catholic girl from the tar ring ordeal. Hooded women of the London Derry s Catholic bog Side District pounced on the girl and hauled her off to have her head shorn and her face plastered with tar. Just As the girl was being bundled into a car Ira men arrived released her and escorted her Back Home. Through the night hundreds of British troops with faces blackened searched Belfast houses and apartment blocks for arms and Ira suspects. By Dawn the army reported 23 men had been arrested. The arms haul included a Sten gun two Nail bombs spares for rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. More than 900 persons now have been arrested by the army since the Northern ire land government introduced internment without trial aug. 9. About half were later released while 280 Are interned indefinitely and others Are still under questioning. Six British conservative parliamentarians called off a meeting with Ira leaders in the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland after coming under Strong government pressure. Home Secretary Reginald Maudling ordered the tips to scrap plans for the projected meeting less than an hour after the British government Learned of the proposal thursday. The maps Are on a fact finding tour of Ireland. During thursday s eruption of violence James Callaghan former Home Secretary in the Lambor government and Wedgwood Benn former technology minister held lengthy meetings with representatives of the labor movement in Ulster and the Irish Republic. Earlier thursday about protestant workers in Belfast held a mass Demon stration against the visit of Callaghan and Benn. United nations special tons China delegation arrived in. New York thursday. Its chief Chiao Kuan Hua with a smile pledged to safeguard peace and hailed the great people of the United stages. The arrival was the next to last step historic process of putting peking in the place of tape in the China seat in the United nations. After 21 years of Success for . Efforts to exclude China the general Assembly voted oct. 25 to res Tore the lawful rights of the people s Republic of China and to expel t a. Representatives of Chiang an Exchange of cables Fol Lowed Between in Secretary general u Thant and the acting chinese foreign minister Chi Peng Fei. An Advance party of six men arrived monday. The final step will be taken when the chinese actually take their seats in the Assembly probably on Friday. Thursday Deputy foreign minister Chiao and 21 other diplomats and staff arrived from Paris aboard an air France Boeing 707. Another 22 Dele Gates and two journalists arrived later aboard another air France flight. Or. Chiao read a prepared statement at the Airport that seemed to diplomats and Spinolo gifts to support the expectation that the chinese will be Moder ate in their approach to the United nations As an institution without yielding in their Basic ideological Fervour. The statement said it is a pleasure today for the delegation of the government of the people s Republic of China to come to new York to attend the 26th session of the general Assembly of the United nations. We express deep thanks to the representatives of the United nations Headquarters to the representatives of the countries and All friends who have come to meet us. Mao tunics in shades of Blue Gray and Black and Western Cut overcoats some of them Dou ble breasted. There were four women in the first group to arrive. They wore tunics and Slacks. Ten of the 22 travelled first class including or. Chiao Huang Hua the former chinese ambassador in Ottawa who will be peking s permanent representative Here Tang Ming Chao once the editor of a new York newspaper and one woman Wang Hai Jung a Tocol officer who is said to be a Niece of Mao tse Tung. Drapeau involved in Row com med the chinese people and the people of the world have always been Friendly. The Chin Ese government has consistently stood for the establishment and development of Normal re lations with other countries and has All along supported the oppressed Peoples and nations in their just struggles to win free d o m and liberation oppose foreign interference and be come masters of their own Des that passage was a Clear declaration of chinese support for anti colonial movements and for the Arab Side in the Middle East the statement continued following the established policies of the chinese govern ment our delegation will work jointly in the United nations with the representatives of All the countries that love peace and uphold Justice for the cause aut Opac inflation attacked continued o f safeguarding International peace and promoting human this appeared to be a declaration of Good intentions carefully worded to allow for possible chinese opposition to soviet and . Policies As needed. Or. Chiao concluded on a note of Good will that has been rare in such comparable occasions As soviet ceremonials Here though the wording is Standard among communist or j actors. The people of the United states Are a great people and there exists a profound Friend ship Between the Peoples of China and the United states like to take this Opportunity to convey our Good people of Manitoba without the j wishes to the people of an Benefit of a legislative debate j walks of life of new York City or government exists to and the american or. Chiao who Speaks fluent English read his statement i chinese and a woman Transl Render service at Cost and rot for use purpose of making a profit from the people. I am calling on or. Schreyer to immediately slash premiers the five to eight per Cerit by Vrbich they have been world population new Yolk Poala the Tor read it in English. The Dele a t i o n Dis Ribatt d copies in English and French careful preparation by or. Cap i has a personal account to Settle with and added he would Start Legal proceedings. Earlier the hotel s general manager l o r e n z o Tonissi said he Laid a complaint with Montreal police that the mayor was illegally removing hotel property. But George Gould lawyer for the hotel said the police ignored the complaint mayor Drapeau dismissed these charges and said the hotel had plenty of time in the afternoon to get a warrant or a seizure order. He obtained an order of Sei Zure before judgment thursday afternoon allowing him to move the furniture out. Or. Gould said the court now would decide who is the Legal owner of the disputed property. Or. Drapeau said the Furni Ture was to be removed thurs Day night this was changed to thursday morning because the hotel was removing Vais seau d or it was then that most of the trouble occurred. Movers fled with hotel Security men in front of the hotel and or. Dra Peau engaged in a Brief shoving match with a Security Man in Side. He tried to Stop me from entering my restaurant me. So i pushed him out of the Way he pushed me and i pushed him the mayor said later. The hotel tried to Stop the re Moval of furniture by putting a lock and Chain on the restau rant s door but several Security guards hired by or. Drapeau broke the lock on the door. Mayor discussed the Dis Pute with reporters after he conferred for nearly four hours in the vacant restaurant with lawyers advisers and police. He said the agreement signed last Friday gives the restaurant All the furniture and equipment not mentioned in an Annex to the agreement As staying with the hotel. But or. Gould said the agree ment does not mean what it appears to mean. By the other goods not men t i o n e a we certainly did t mean those goods Linen China silverware and glassware which the Windsor hotel bought for the use of the restaurant and which were never the property of the mayor from the the dispute originated last january shortly after the restaurant closed when the hotel 0f Worth of of Mitre and equipment from Quebec super Jort to cover unpaid rent or. Drape an retaliated by Fil ing a counter soft for defamation of character Doe to Adverse Job fixity following the leprosy Bacilli isolated Montreal Cdr Lazlo Kato known world wide for his research into leprosy said thursday he has succeeded in isolating leprosy Bacilli in a test tube first step in the search for a vaccine against the disease. News of or. Koto s achieve ment came through the Cardi Nal Leger and his endeavours organization a group collecting funds and material for the former roman Catholic Arch Bishop of Montreal now a mis s i 6 n a r y in Africa among lepers. The breakthrough in leprosy research is the culmination of different tests by or. Kato and associates at the University of Montreal s Institute of microbiology and of More than 100 years of similar at tempts in research laboratories of Europe and North America. Or. Kato who has been work ing on disease at the Institute for More than 20 years said in an interview we just succeeded a few months ago in isolating the Hansen Bacilli cause of the most acute Lepro Matous Type of leprosy. Lepro Matous Type is marked by the formation of hard nodular swellings teeming with bacteria in the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes Throat nose and sometimes the internal organs. Bacilli Are a Type of bacteria that cause disease by entering and multiplying in human tis due. Or. Kato a hungarian who has been working Here since he came to Canada 20 years ago described his accomplishment As the first primary culture of the leprosy Bacilli isolated in pure synthetic it s Only a very very hum ble first step leading to a vac Cine not a major breakthrough he said. The next step is to develop the primary culture into a sub culture by Breeding More and More generations until a popu lation of the Hansen Bacilli can be kept alive and isolated indefinitely in a test tube. Once a subculture has been produced work could begin on the development of a vaccine. The Montreal Institute and or. Kato under the direction of or. Armand Frappier represent the Only group in the world attempting to isolate the leprosy Bacilli in a synthetic medium. Or. Kato said Speed of new developments depends on the amount of Money available for equipment and Well trained peo ple. Lepro Matous leprosy is communicated generally by extended close Contact with a leprous person. Origin of the disease is indefinite but records indicate it was endemic in Egypt possibly As far Back As 4000 ., and in India and Japan around 1000 It is believed the crusades were a Factor in bringing the disease to Europe. Suite of brushed Cotton melted jacket with contrast Stites lag. Popular part Brown Burgundy. Find twirls vots and primary prices a. Dress Pattat set. Long or sleeve wit ii Collar and Long p wants. Fabrics set 7 Jill primary Grade stays Boa Fife a not Vest soft. B s knit in and Silver k pigs and fancy patterns. Two. Waist love and Wear easy care of 9 a knit 4-6k pr., plovers softly rib knit puh overs a Lii from ims a crepe is Tiffe styled barrel cuff and i oaf pointed Collar polyester in Matec Brown bed Bone and More f to 848, a Dye ea., f a Cord Jan Tel Plush elephant irate Coral pants flare lag Belt Loop choose Green. Brown or Grey. 8-16. H. Fashion knit sorts a great Topper to ouf elephant cords Long sleeve styling. Choose from Plains and knit lean style in Tore. A Grade girls sleeve if in a a Pantti i fifth Crew wore a Rit appeared to be a chii3 of Caps Oise to is e-3-Ope bankruptcy proceedings. Or. Drape a said thursday he will take action against All those who have in one Way or j another to 4he vast web Sty of what has happened rests Treaist Ope see in a some Snow to go Winnipeg May be in for a warm weekend that could see much of the Snow Al ready on the ground melt ing a weather office spokes Man said today. Warm air that has been Over the area for the past few Days is expected to re main for the weekend bringing temperatures in the 40 to 45 degree Range however some Cloud is expected with the possibility of rain and freezing rain at night today there win be fre quent Cloudy periods with temperatures from 35 to 40 degrees. It will be Cloudy overnight with tempera Tures in the mid 20s. Saturday will be partly Cloudy with slightly warmer temperatures. The same is expected for sunday the Day of the Santa Claus Parade. Winds Are expected to be Light the spokesman said that temperatures would be five to 10 degrees Wanner if it were not for the Snow that is already on the ground. Much of the heat goes into melting the Snow. So the temperature is kept Down a bit however if most of the Snow does melt this week Era. There is a Prospect of slightly Wanner tempera Tores. 26 year 3t fun Zuffi a . Church gains new York asst 3959. Festering a string w bers3sj tit ils. Wer eased by of Cestra wines Cosea personal a Beffle 22 Bobeia 3ar7ag the 3ttd i Pang k they y by by 8se As cd Tvares a sons 73 the Tele buy 783 2fl2 n hour service. Just dial 7864586 or 7864587 Gore your Tasae address Aad Bay Saaber. Order of flee Reco Riks. Shop the Bay Friday 930-930, saturday

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