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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 12, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press thursday november 12, 1970 former French Charles de Gaulle who died monday was buried in this cemetery at Colombey Les Deus Eulises. His Daugh Ter s Tomb is in the foreground strike is taking increasing toll Detroit a the strife by the United Auto worker against general motors appear to have made its most noticeable and immediate Dent in the pocketbooks of the Corporal giant and the organization which represents its labor Force. But each Day the world s largest manufacturing concern is shut Down the strike takes an increasing toll on workers Auto dealers companies that Supply goods and services to pm Anc government treasuries that rely on the firm for tax revenues. Law and pm reached Tenta Tive agreement on a new National contract wednesday but the company is not expected to be turning out cars at its nor Mal clip until dec. 1 at the ear Liest. During the strike which began sept. 15, the Law used up All its million strike fund on weekly subsistence pay ments to about Union members. Pm lost million for the third Quarter which included the first two weeks of the strike. This w a s pm s first quarterly loss since 1946, and it is expected to show More red Ink in the fourth Quarter. Steel companies railways trucking firms and airlines were among the industries har dest hit by the strike. State and local tax collectors also suffered. The strike became a political Issue in Michigan the state hardest hit by the shut Down. When Republican gov. Wil Liam g. Milliken announced jus before the nov. 3 which he budget Cut would have to be made because of tax losses traceable to the strike his democratic opponent charged the governor with poor planning. Glenn Allen Michigan s Bud get director said the strike has Cost the state about million in reduced sales tax collections and about million in in creased welfare costs. An oct. 29 report to Milliken said the cities of Detroit Flint grand rapids Pontiac san Gina. Lansing and Highland Park had lost in the first month of the strike a total of nearly million in City income tax revenues. Jones and Laughlin steel corp., which Sells about 32 per cent of its output to Auto firms announced layoffs for Ivor kers Kelsey Hayes of Detroit a major supplier of Auto wheels Laid off at its Detroit firm the f. J. Bou Ell driveway co. Of Flint mich., Laid off 600. Including 450 Ruck Drivers. The grand Runk Western Railroad Laid off do workers As Auto shipping orders fell off Firestone tire co. Laid off or 10 per Cut of its work Force As the orders from Detroit fell and so it went. Quebec Assembly reviews crisis Ledain worker charged not governing that the Quebec government was trailing along behind a More forceful questioning of the government s action is expected to come from the Porti Ucb Crois. Highly critical of widened police Powers under the War measures act. The debate began after a ver bal clash Between a handful of Liberal backbench ers and members of the parti Quebec Cois who tried to question or. Bourassa and or. Choquette about the crisis. Carman flax by Claude Adams Quebec up continued questions by opposition parties of the Liberal government s handling of the Cross Laporte affair will highlight activity in the Quebec National Assembly today. An emergency debate on gov e r n m e n t Steps in the first major crisis of its six month old life began wednesday with opposition Leader Jean Jacques Bertrand voicing the impression that Quebec was trailing along behind or. Bertrand will resume his talk at 3 . Today when the Assembly sits again to be followed by Camil Samson head of the 12-Man gallic mint credit Isth party and Camille Laurin. Spokesman for these Ven member parti Ucb Crois. Premier Robert Bourassa will speak after the three opposition lenders. Treading lightly. Or. Bar Trand gave the Bourassa government inc Benefit of the Toronto up j c my doubt in its actions since the cd Hough of Carman Man Kidner oct. 5 of British dip wednesday won the world flax Lomat James Cross. Championship for Manitoba the but he demanded All the facts., first Victory since 1963 for the How can the Competition show that a state of App re i the winning variety chosen hended existed m i at crop championships Quebec before the Federal War preceding the Royal Agricol measures act was invoked in Tura Winter fair was Noralta Ottawa oct. 16? Marilyn Lebsack of Vulcan. How much did Ottawa inf i a 11 a was judged Reserve Cnoc Justice minister Jerome Champion for a Raja variety Choquette a statements oct. 10 title was won for Mani. M which he rejected the terror Reba in 963 by John e Coupon St kidnappers for the of Ken file year s Cham release of 23 convicted or a was Harom Hansen of used Ter roasts Vulcan. Aita. Who took the had Ottawa or Quebec taken world whoa championship this the initiatives and response Vear abilities in negotiations with the Jodi Chubey of so Pierre front de liberation a Quebec i for the release of or. Cross i and Pierre Laporte. Quebec labor minister kidnapped oct. I 10 and murdered a week later was there any basis for the j rumours that a group of veil meaning citizens planned to form a or a Paral id Ertler by sap port leg the liberals or taking Orangeville out. Up Lawrence Paul Rubin 27, of Winnipeg has been remanded to next May 21 in provincial court on a charge of possessing hashish. Rubin was among 205 arrested sept. 7 at a Rock festival in nearby Rockhill 35 Miles North West of Toronto. Rubin was not in court Mon Day when the remand was granted. In Ottawa it was Learned that Jef. Rubin has been work ing in Winnipeg on a part time basis for the Ledain commis Sion which is investigating the non medical use of drugs. His employment has been suspended pending the outcome of the said James j. Voore executive Secretary of he commission. Or. More said or. Rubin had been working for about free weeks for the commission As an assistant but that proce dures for his formal appoint ment had not been completed. I understand that he was charged with an offence several Voeks prior to his association Vith the commission although Lis Case has not yet been Lino sector in he said. T was apparently made aware of this situation but mistakenly was under the impression that he had been cleared of any charge. His employment Lias been suspended pending the outcome of the charge. It should be pointed out that the commission has a policy which stipulates that As a con d i to o n of employment no m e m b e r of the commission staff will use illicit drugs. It has not been suggested that there has been any breach of his Rule in the present airline features Jet sees London a a British airline is putting mini skirted secretaries called jct secs aboard its Long distance flights for businessmen who i would rather work in the air j than watch movies. I British United airways in i produced its first two Jet secs at Gatwick Airport we docs i Day. The girls Pamela Taylor. 26. And Jacqueline Geiser. 23, will Fly on a jetliner Between London and Nairobi. Kenya. Special offices have been rigged up for them aboard the aircraft so they can take dictation and Type correspondence for passengers. Their services will Cost clients an hour. Communes believe in psychic arts by John Dart los Angeles special tons extrasensory perception and other psychic phenom Ena Are considered common and valid experiences by members of the new . Com m u n a 1 movements say re searchers who visited 22 com mines in the last three years. The experiences reported Range from telepathy to Clairvoyance to prophecy to rein car n a says or. Stanley Krippner of the Maimonides medical Centre in Brooklyn. Whether or not the events actually or. Krippner said it is remark Able that belief in the paranormal is virtually an act of Faith held by communal inhabitants not questioned As it would be in Many sections of straight this was the Case he said throughout the great variety of communes visited primarily in Northern California new mex Ico and new York state by or. Dripper and Don Fersh a student at the University of new Mexico. Their observations were reported in a paper for the society for the scientific study of religion. Or. Krippner who has the appearance of a conservative businessman said he and or. Fersh visited communes that ranged from the crash pad to religious Community to self sufficient ranch from ones with much sexual licence and drug usage to Little or none from groups open to any visitors to groups that require trial membership periods. The researchers said they suspect the widespread reports of psychic Phenomena can be attributed to the altered states of consciousness induced by drugs in some cases and by yoga Type meditation in others. These altered states tend to recondition a n individual making him predisposed to extend his beliefs toothed areas in which he May have harboured scepticism that is god the life after he said. Or. Krippner director of the Maimonides medical Centre s dream Laboratory gave several illustrations of the acceptance of the paranormal which he and or. Fersh observed in their travels from 1967 through 1970. At the Holiday commune in California s Santa Cruz mountains a newcomer was asked not for his name but for his birth said or. Krippner. Most of the inhabitants had an extremely superficial under standing of he added. The newcomer s birth sign seemed to be used As a Means to pigeonhole the stranger and As a base upon which to initiate or avoid a at the Road no 721 com Mune near Mendocino calif., the natural setting of the com Mune Fosters a Type of pantheism in which god is found in All forms of life As a result paranormal communications spiritual entities he said. With animals and Birds As Well visited life there was punctuated by rumours of ufos sight Ings and by stories of be jurians a subterranean peo ple who were supposedly the descendants of a lost Conti nent s he said. Inhabitants of new Buffalo commune in new Mexico often utilized Tarot cards to Ascer Tain future events and the ouija i Board to communicate with As with humans is taken for he said. When the Krishna commune near it. Shasta calif., was steel Centre Pittsburgh one fourth of the nation s steel comes from Pennsylvania plants. 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