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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 9, 1971, Winnipeg, Manitoba28 Winnipeg free press tuesday november 9, 1971 Telephone Industry s role changing the traditional role of the Telephone Industry is being transformed As society be comes More and More electronically oriented. Facilities which once exclusively car ried Telephone conversations Are now partially devoted to linking computer with com Puter carrying radio and television signals and even transmitting human heart beats. To meet the communications needs of Cana a. Lloyd Clark company limited a Manitoba company established 1928 Toshiba by 32 offset plate maker the mini computer foreground is the brain of the new secs concept. Among its other functions it translates data from Remote terminals such As the cart terminal beside it into the form required by a Large computer Back operating the mini computer is John Drajewicz one of the team of computer communications specialists who developed secs. Engineers holding conference the social responsibility of the Engineer is the theme of a three Day conference dec. 2 to 4, in University Centre University of Mani Toba sponsored jointly by the engineering Institute of Canada Region ii the association o f professional engineers of Manitoba the Manitoba chapter of the association of consulting engineers of Canada and the University. The opening session of the conference will be addressed by Jack Davis minister for the Environ ment Ottawa. The conference will be divided up into three Gener Al discussion areas the Engineer As a citizen the Engineer As an employee and the Engineer and the profession. Speakers include e. A. Of planning metropolitan corporation Pierre Bournival Engineer ing Institute of Canada Harold Morrison Canadian Council of professional engineers and w. G. Mckay former president of the engineering Institute of Canada. Applications accompanied by the fee should be sent to the Exten Sion division University of Manitoba Winnipeg k3t 2n2, before nov. 24. It also makes photo copies let us Survey your copy duplicating requirements. We will be pleased to arrange a demonstration. A Complete Range of copy duplicating equipment available. We service All electrostatic copiers sales rentals supplies Call us 326 William Avenue Winnipeg 2, Man. Area code 204 Telephone 942-220 a s growing computer Industry the trans Canada Telephone system of which the Manitoba Telephone system is a member has announced in the past two years the introduction of three data transmission sys Temms. The first Multi com went into operation this Spring. This service Fea Tures flexibility Speed Reli ability and Economy. The Speed at which it can trans Mit data ranges from a minimum of 100 words per minute to a top of words per minute. At its highest Speed Multi com could transmit the entire works of Shakespeare from coast to coast in five min utes. After paying a Basic monthly rate customers Are charged Only for the time they actually use the transmission service. Banks Trust companies Stock brokers insurance companies and other organizations both Large and Small will find Multi com service extremely useful for inventory control order processing and a multitude of other applications that lend themselves to data processing and transmission. More than million will be spent Over the next five years by member companies of the trans Canada to create a Canadian digital data network. The first phase of the project connections be tween Ottawa and Calgary is underway now and is expected to go into service late this year. By the end of 1972 other major centres will be tied into the network so that it will Span the entire continent. The new network will per Mit data to be transmitted in the digital language in Der Stoody computers. Other transmission systems now in existence use voice or analogue signals which must be translated into the numerical code before they can be assimilated by a computer. All equipment for the net work is being designed and manufactured in Canada. Existing microwave and coaxial facilities will be used to carry the messages. The digital code will y i d e higher transmission Quality than the analogue signals presently being used for transmitting data. Software controlled communications service which was introduced this sum Mer is the third step the tits has taken to meet Canada s computer communications demand. Secs offers a whole new family of computer communications services built around a Minicomputer which acts As doctor policeman and Jack of All trades. The Minicomputer links the Large computer with the terminals or other computers along the system. It accepts transmitted signals translates them into com Puter language and then releases the information to the big computer. Because the Small com Puter is doing All this work the larger much More expensive machines Don t have to waste valuable time doing their own translations Manitoba s own rum. Doubled. On the Light Bri Gauf Ine dark 221 of the list the left. Brigantine Light 274 on the list just pair. Of must each. And can carry on with their main Job. Transmission reliability will be greater since the front end Minicomputer will be programmed to diagnose troubles in the system As they occur. In the future the mini computer May be used to accept information from a variety of sources and terminals in a geographical area. It will then be Capa ble of translating and processing the data As required and directing it via the digital data network through another secs unit to its destination in a Large computer. Through a detailed study of system and hardware requirements potential customers will have their secs units tailored to fit then exact needs. Customers will then lease rather than buy minicomputers from the Telephone system serving their location. The1 Manitoba Telephone system provides a service in which Rural hospitals can transmit a cardio ram from a patient s bedside to a cardiologist in an Urban Hospi Tal for diagnosis and receive a reply in just a few minutes. This service is in opera Tion Between tie Winnipeg general Hospital and Hospi tals in Dauphin Portage la Prairie and Churchill. Plans currently Call for a fourth Manitoba unit to be in stalled in Swan River. The project is a joint Ven Ture of the lab and a Ray service of the provincial health and social welfare department the University of Manitoba s out reach Grams the Rural hospitals the Winnipeg general hos Pital and the its. The transmission of net work television is another important aspect in the use of its facilities. In recent years Micro wave systems have been extended to Many communities in Northern Manitoba with the result that network television transmission facilities under contract with the Canadian broadcasting corporation Are now provided to grand rapids Thompson Gillam show Lake the Pas and flin flon. Lynn Lake will be provided with network television in 1973 when a microwave system comprised of seven towers Between Thompson and Lynn Lake is completed. The its has also made proposals to the Csc to extend network television ser vice to Leaf rapids Nelson House Norway House Cross Lake and Wabowden. If the proposals Are accepted the communities would be served from the Thomp son Lynn Lake microwave system and from a second system running South from Wabowden to Nelson House and Cross Lake. Through computerized switching the mechanics of the Telephone Industry has benefited from electronics. An Extension to the Alpine Exchange building on St. Anne s Road in Winnipeg will House Manitoba s first computerized switch ing equipment. Sp-1, the official designation of the electronically controlled miniaturized crossbar switching equip see role changing Page 32 technical writing is our business 1 1 1 see us at 1 i creative linguistic Centre Ltd. 402 280 Smith St. Winnipeg 1, Manitoba phone 943-0637 activity reports technical bulletins catalogues booklets press releases letterheads brochures invitations form letters posters prospectuses flyers personalized memo pads labels newsletters envelopes manuals translation conference interpreter printing Barkman safety studded Steps and wrought Iron railings help prevent Nasty Winter Falls. With Winter coming on you Don t need the extra worry of old wooden Steps in disrepair. Call Barkman Concrete for a Winter installation. You la find there in t that much difference in Cost Between wooden Steps and Barkman Concrete Steps but there s a big difference in Quality maintenance time and re placement time. Barkman Concrete Ltd. 10 Kent Street Telephone 667-3310 a few Steps from our previous location Yamaha and Complete outfit for two people Here s what you win Yamaha sl-338c snowmobile carrying trailer 2 Yamaha snowsuits 2 helmets 2 pair Wio boots 2 pair mitts 2 pair goggles How by forecasting the Winnipeg High and Low temperatures and Bright Sunshine for wednesday december 1st, 1971. Fill As Many As you like of the entry forms printed in the free press you la be helped in your forecasts by special forecasts and weather stories in the free press. How to win win 3 Yamaha forecast is a unique and enjoyable Opportunity to win a Complete snowmobile outfit. Forecast the High and Low temperatures fahrenheit to a tenth of a degree and the duration of Bright Sunshine in hours to one one tenth of an hour on wednesday december 1st, 1971 in Winnipeg. The official figures for temperatures and Sunshine will be tie official observation taken a the Headquarters of the Canadian meteorological service department of transport International Airport Winnipeg and will be the basis for determining the Winner of the Yamaha outfit. The Winner will be the person who most accurately forecasts die High temperature or in the event of a tie the Winner will be the person who most occur Afefy forecasts the High and Low temperatures or in the event of a further tie the Winner will be the person who most accurately forecasts the High and Low temperatures and the duration of the Bright Sunshine. Any further tie breaker will be at the discretion of the judges every Reader of the free press is eligible to forecast except employees of the free press and. Professional meteorologists and their immediate families. Win a Yamaha forecasters May submit any number of fore casts on the entry form printed in the press from Satur Day october 30th to saturday november 27th. A entries must be in the free press building by 10 . Tuesday no vember 30th. To assist win a Yamaha forecasters during this period the free press will publish a 30-Day official fore cast the meteorological records for High and Low temperatures since 1950 and Bright Sunshine records on december 1st since 1950. All weather forecasts and records will be supplied by the Canadian meteorological service department of transport. The free press will not be responsible for entries delayed or lest in the mails and will not accept entries with insufficient postage All entries become the property of the free press the decision of the judges shall fee final on entering the win a Yamaha forecast forecasters automatically accept these rules. Supplied by your local Yamaha dealers distributed in Manitoba Thunder Bay by Northwest Cycle motor co. Ltd. 533 Logan ave. 783-7164 win a Yamaha forecast . Box 727 Winnipeg is Man. Reserved before 10 . Nov. 30tfc, 1971 several entries i May be enclosed in one envelope on wednesday december 1st, 1971 i forecast the official at tace Cash fian Seroke of transport air Pott Winnipeg wifi degrees and. Lort Degrom Fafe Timit Lew degrees we. 10a Fahmie cent Bright san min Lohi ?.-r.t i i i

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