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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 9, 1971, Winnipeg, Manitoba14 Winnipeg free press tuesday november 9, 1971 shopping s a pleasure for French housewife Beverley Bramsc is a former member of the Montreal Bureau staff of the Canadian press who married a French Man and went to Marseille to live. In this Story she tells of the trials the a housewife grocery shopping in Southern France. By Beverley a raffle Marseille up a proper French housewife goes shopping once and often twice a Day. Horrors you say once a week is bad enough. Remembering the Friday night crush around the ground round at Montreal supermarkets i d agree. But in France if you Aren t in a hurry shopping is a pleasure. It was also a daily Neces sity until relatively recently with the appearance of ready sliced cellophane packaged bread Frozen dinners and of which Are still regarded with a slightly jaundiced Eye if i can judge by the people i know. Where else does the Butcher poised Over a series of Lamb half an hour in ardent discussion with each customer and then Point out that if that s All the. Money you have this morn ing you d better hang onto it and pay for the meat another i once made the mistake of trying to buy a roast of beef on sunday morning. In my neighbourhood it s mainly the husbands who do the shop Ping on sunday and by the time i reached the head of the line at the Butcher shop it was too late to Cook the roast. The morning of de Gaulle s funeral the local women a students catch up their lost grades Toronto up one year i tired Grade 9 and is keeping up ago a 13-year-old boy from with the regular High school program. His Progress suburban Etobicoke enrolled in Grade 7, counted on his fingers. He could not multiply did not understand the difference Between a cent and a Dollar. This fall the same boy few men attracted by the noise and the Ticu lating with a knife in one hand and leg of Lamb in the t i e Resis Tance deliberated Paris and repatriated the French algerians. But the favorite subject of my Butcher not surprisingly is the High Quality of is meat and the Low Quality meat of most other Butcher shops. The first time i ordered a leg of Lamb he noticed my accent and inquired some what fearfully if i intended to Cook the Lamb in the in g 1 i s h meant boiled. He looked relieved when i said no then proceeded As he will often do with his custom ers to advise me on the Best method to Cook the herbs to use the temperature and timing. Buying fruit and vegetables is just As agreeable. The Man behind says no no take this head of lettuce it is prettier the woman in front has a rec ipe for Tomato sauce and the Salesgirl has recipes for everything and never tries to slip a Mouldy Orange or a bruised peach into my Bas Ket. At the where you buy milk butter cheese and the various canned goods which find their Way onto French merchant is a Stout and Doughty Matron who has lived in the neigh boyhood for 63 years and knows the skeletons in her customers cupboards better than they do themselves. Discretion is not one of her Virtues and with each familiar to her store she likes to discuss the amount of Money Madame. So and so spent on. Cheese this morning. The Only subject she never discusses is herself. Like Many shopkeepers she has a chair in a Corner for old folks and pregnant women but this chair is Hast ily removed to the Back room at the sight of her most Faith Ful old woman who makes the rounds of the shops twice a Day to catch up on the gossip but who smells so bad she scares All the other customers away. With supermarket shopping centres springing up on the outskirts of the cities of Southern France it is a sur prise and perhaps a vanishing pleasure to penetrate the crooked old streets of the same cities and discover the chaos of an open air Market. In the morning the Marseille fish Market spreads along the old Harbor in front of the fishing boats and the fish Are scooped alive out of the boats and onto the tables. Don t question the freshness of the fish for the Fishe woman May launch into a colourful tirade of occasion to draw a crowd if her display has t done so. Aries on saturday morning is one of the last markets in Southern France where one can still see the huge Blue Canvas umbrellas of Camar gue s shepherds and sheep s Collar Bells and in Carpen tras East of Avignon on Market Day in addition to Glossy red displays of farm machines there is a Hawker of glassware who never fails to gather a crowd of suspicious peasants. It s shouted one from the outskirts of the crowd when the Vendor seemed to be exaggerating the wonders of his wares. Cried the Vendor offended. And picking up a tray of his glasses he shattered them on the pavement at his feet. Alors c est do he called triumphant. Integration yes assimilation no Over weight Given advice at Hospital resulted from i what he was taught at the Norse Man Middle school learning Centre. This is a Pilot project en-11 a u n c h e d by the Etobicoke school Board a year ago for a dozen youngsters who had never earned a legitimate pass from one Grade into the next. Nine of the original dozen Are i making Progress in regular Grade 7 and Grade classes this fall. Some of them made j up As much As four years work in some subjects last year. Two children of the dozen Calgary up teen-1 whose Progress was not spec agers and adults hoping to tabular spend most of each Day shed extra pounds Are getting in regular classes. But they the special attention at the Calgary turn to the learn in Centre for general Hospital. 1 special help in their weak sub weight losing programs have meets started for both groups. Presiding Over the. Centre is Noreen Hardwick a teacher for 10 years. She says she is confident the belligerence and tears that have marked the be Havior of nine newcomers to the Centre this fall will disappear. This is what happened with last year s dozen pupils when they found they were capable of love is. Muddy football hero. I lot Ang ifs Timpf love is. Lab letting my have some time to him self when he needs it. 1 love 25. Answering the phone when she s watching to. It anti if i lot Ancus times Ottawa up Mari Marble says she s proud of he Indian background and its cd Ture and in t afraid to say what she thinks. The new Secretary treasure i of the National Indian brotherhood said she feels that Cana Dian indians should be integrated with the rest of the Popula Tion but they should. Never be assimilated. She said recent demonstrations at Saddle Lake near St. Paul alta., by irate parents concerned Over school conditions had been brewing for a Long time., we rejected the department of Indian affairs White paper but liked 16 recommendations of policy on education made in june. We thought Indian affairs minister Chretien approved but he rejected most of them on sept. 17 in a born Marie smallface on the Cardston alta., blood Reserva Tion she was one of seven Chil Dren who were encouraged to attend school. Marie went on to the univer sity of Alberta from 1962 to 1966 and needs Only two courses to get her a in sociology and anthropology. She spent four years in Zam Bia with Canadian University service overseas and married an african Freedom fighter now at the University of Ottawa. She returned to Canada be cause she missed the Reserve. Later she became executive assistant to George Manuel pres ident of my. Marie finds her Job challenging and she is concerned with conferences meetings office proce Dure filing budgets staffing and of course she said with a Grin. She said her main quarrel with the department of Indian affairs is bureaucracy and of rigid personnel. Telling your friends you Are proud of him arts crafts show an arts and crafts show will be held by Grace lutheran Church 2 to 4 and 7 to 10 . Thursday at 211 Kimberly ave nue East Kildonan. Your to 6 year old should have the Opportunity to experience the wonderful adventure of either a full or part Day program at Nursery child Day phone 837-5425 or 247-4139 evenings 256-144t we want the kids them selves to want this they Are the ones who do said head dietitian Jean Neve who Hopes interested youths will enrol without pressure from parents. The Hospital s department of dietetics has a 12-week diet hour each week after Young people who Are told about the importance of Well balanced meals and counselled individually on Good nutritional habits. Mrs. Neve said she believes children and teen agers Are get Ting plumper mainly because they Are becoming less Active in walking and running. And then there Are vending machines practically every where you go if a kid s a Little plump to begin with it can easily get out of mrs. Neve heading the project along with two other Hospi Tal officials said children have a harder time to lose weight hints from by Heloise Cruse to self because of pressures from to Day s society. They re afraid of being school psychologist Laura Ford said the learn in Centre starts with pupils in Grade 6. This seems to be the moment when they realize High school is not that far off for them and if they Are going to make it they have to Start working now. They really visitors to the Centre ask How children could get As far As Grade 6 without grasping the fundamentals of spelling read ing and arithmetic. Mrs. Ford said they were moved along each year in line Witt a policy of keeping them laughed at if they Don t join the other kids in having a Candy bar or bag of chips and a the program similar to one held last year which attracted 16 persons will also be aimed a t encouraging parental involvement. We like to meet with the parents of each youngster at least a couple times during the helps both of us and the mrs. Neve said. With others their own age. Each succeeding teacher tried to take them along As far As time permitted in classes of 35 or More. But none of these children had Ever covered a year s school work in one Grade. Rebekah Lodge Tea Home baking sewing and White elephants will be for Sale at the annual Tea of St. James Rebekah Lodge 7 to 10 . Thursday in St James Hall 1845 Portage Avenue St. James Assiniboia. Dear folks i had to make 320 fingertip sandwiches today seven loaves of with All crusts trimmed. The crusts must be removed. I have been making these for years and discarding the crusts or feeding them to the Birds. Can you imagine How Many crusts there were my husband walked in and said let s Don t feed the crusts to the Birds this time Why Don t we put them on a cookie Sheet and bake them in the oven. Well Call them Cru sties the sandwiches contained d i f f e r e it fillers such As Chicken salad tuna fish salad homemade Pimento cheese and Salami. I did t believe you could put this mixture of crusts All to Gether and Toast them the crusts do have parts of the filling on but so help me Hannah you sure can. We toasted them on cookie sheets until Golden Brown. On some of them we sprinkled onion Salt others garlic Salt still others Sesa me seed. And on those crusts which held bits of the cheeses i sprinkled paprika which was mixed with Salt Pepper both a dash of Cayenne and Plain old Pep per lots of and celery Salt. We put the Sheet on the Middle shelf of a 400 degree oven and tossed from time to time so that All of the tid bits browned easily and evenly. The most important part of the whole procedure is to keep turning these crusts every few minutes until Golden Brown and entirely Crisp. You Don t Wany any soggy ones. Don t pile the Cru sties too High on the cookie Sheet As this will prevent the crisping. For those of you who want something Way mix All of these condiments to Gether with some Margarine and dribble drip or Sprinkle it Over these wonderful tid bits. It was suggested by my Lovely neighbor that these Finger titbits be put right Back in the same plastic bag that the bread came in and that the same twisted that came on the bread wrapped be used. You talk about dolls she was one to think of it. My husband also discovered these could be either broken up or Cut with the electric knife and used As Croutons for soups or salads. And they can be Frozen and used any time. Of dear Mother of Bessie that s a cow Don t we hate to give husbands credit. But i be just got to Bow to a Man this time Don t you agree i did. Kissed him too and even fed him some of them these goodies can be used for dips instead of the Plain of potato chips Nib lies i Call pm just some thing to nibble or served along with soup in Stead of crackers. So Don t Ever throw a crust of bread away my dears. Luv Heloise Weot watchers downtown classes top of the met store Portage at Carlton Carlton St. Entrance mondays 5.30 . Wednesdays 1.30 . 5.30 . 8 . Thursdays 10 . 8 . Saturday teen class 10.30a.m. Accepting new members Cah 942-4284 registration fee weekly fee weight watchers some talking some listening and a program that -wiightw1ichiu yeah Lucis Vitlo iudfu1iis of Wischt w1ichiis inc Ghat neck. H t Twig i watches inti National it70 successful living by dons dark being 16 years old won t teach you to drive. Young Drivers of Canada will the Young Drivers of Canada course is specially designed for the Drivers be tween the Ages of 16 and 24. It employs the Best defensive driving techniques and is taught by professionals. Young Drivers of Canada using the Smith system wiil teach you to see and read the traffic picture. The average Driver sees Only about 50% of what they should see but the expert Drivers see 86 to life is precious. Der t Ose it through inc of up Young Drivers of Canada today Young Drivers of Canada dear Doris just a few of my thoughts re your reply to the Mother who was troubled about her son the drapes shut and All is fears. She seems ignorant o mental health problems and one can presume that a person with 0 Little insight into her son s Havior would not know the Ull meaning of paranoid Sci this advice being handed Iver to her in a newspaper Lowcher accurate could cause or to panic and further dam be her relationship with her on. It is often a Long time before one can get an appoint ment with a doctor and the period could be one of Gony for the whole family. Concerned dear concerned 1 agree to a Point. My actual message to the Mother went to her in a private letter in somewhat Fuller form. I published it because i thought it might help another Mother to identify a similar illness and do something about it while there was still time. Another Reader wrote in response to the same letter telling of a brother whose Simi Lar symptoms had not been caught and treated and who is now hopelessly schizophrenic i a she said. In t this something to press the panic Button about i dear Doris j 1 my sister has a daughter visiting her for several weeks. I i she is oat of her teens and seems to have Little respect for her Mother s Home. She is a cigarette smoker of course j her Mother is annoyed to see her fogging up her Nice furnishings Etc. Don t you think she ought to her Good common to break the habit for three reasons smoking a the place Ari Money spent she cannot afford besides can health Relue dear Relue is Sis so to around it is far past the time when she can nag or even show disapproval of a personal habit like this one. All such judg ments will do is keep the two of them feeling annoyed with each other. Mother would be Wise to console herself with the thought of finding a Good air Freshner after her daughter goes but it is the health Angle that gets me the laundry add it to your soap or Low phosphate detergent. If you Are helping to fight water pollution by using soap or Low phosphate detergent you la need a laundry Booster to get Back lost cleaning action. V4 cup of Hammer washing soda removes stubborn dirt that soap or detergents alone can t reach. And it s Safe for delicate fabrics too. Phosphate free Hammer washing soda. Now in 2 sizes 1 in. And3lbs. 7oz. Shop at Winnipeg s favorite drug store 10% off everything except prescriptions insulin cigarettes tobacco and cigars two full Days wed. Fri., nov. 10th 12th vaseline care o5eam 3.75 i. 99c Valoe 3 with this to co 1 cafe pm per Casior scr. Of in. Expos nov. Iff 13 if j cloth a purpose Tow cos Coors 63c value it tort 4 shh Coapla Cash in. Exit act Nav. Lowney s Maraschino cherries liquid Cream. Civ Curci. 14 less si.29 Vaioli Larrr 3 with tvs cos upon 1 Ecmon per cat omit. Cts Vatore 318 St., May ii uvt7id

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