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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 9, 1971, Winnipeg, ManitobaPrinted published daily except sunday by the Winnipeg free press company limited 30c Carlton Street Winnipeg Manitoba. R. S. Malone publisher editor in chief Peter Mclintock Maurice Western executive editor Ottawa editor r. H. Shelford general manager Winnipeg free press Western Canada s National newspaper Winnipeg tuesday november 9, 1971 Freedom of Trade Liberty of religion Equality of civil rights Assiniboia speculation about the verdict in Assiniboia was ended last night speculation about what the result of the Saskatchewan Federal by election might mean is also ended it seems on the face of it quite conclusively. The nip took the seat. Assiniboia is an interesting Riding. It has no fixed political loyalty. Its party representation has revolved with remarkable consistency around the three parties. There must be a Good Deal of disappointment in conservative circles that in spite of their recently improved Federal rat Ings they did not do better when an immediate Opportunity presented itself. But it was the nip that showed its strength in an immense Rural Riding. Bill Knight the Young nip candidate led All the Way. It is True that the vote was Low 78 per cent for this Riding but the Federal liberals can draw Little Consolation from that or read much into it for their Comfort. They were at the. Bottom of the list it is impossible not to conclude that the Farmers of Saskatchewan Are still passing judgment on Federal farm policy. Tine Luns out the has either an economic strategy too Subtle for the Public to grasp or it has no strategy whatever. All Edgar. Benson can say is that Price wage controls like those to be enforced in the United states on. Nov 14. Would not be Canada mat. The present what pol icy appropriate would Benson say that the of High is. Appropriate he suppose that the Canadian econ my will endure or the people these conditions if the United states manages even to. Slow inflation surely or. Benson the government -110 such illusions. Or. that while he. Worries . Up Ward Price trend it has been less rapid Here than in the United states. Over a 12-month to last Midsummer this was True but from then the opposite has been True in any Case the comparison is irrelevant now. What is the use the. Canadian housewife even if it were True that her american neighbor suffers worse damage to1 the family budget or the old people on fixed incomes that their hardships Are common to both coun tries therefore must be borne Well drowning Man that he needs no Rescue because he drowns in comparatively shallow water while others drown in to talk about what soviets to get their conference by Dave Humphreys l party Leader Leonid Brezhnev s successful visit to Paris it looks More than Ever As though a european Security conference will be held on his terms. He French president Georges Pompidou agreed it seems that the conference should be held next Spring that it should Deal with the three topics of Security Trade the Exchange of Peoples ideas. The raised reason still expected to prevail Hope for peace in India Ondon to the opt la Mist there seems to be something of a break in the War Clouds that have been gathering Over India Pakistan. Perhaps some of this is due to the exaggerated figures of casualties troop build ups that have been coming out of the two countries perhaps some of it is due to prime minister Gandhi s present visit to Europe the United states it is unlikely that she that sort of reassurance from Ottawa offered no com fort to the victims of inflation before aug. 15. On that Day when prices were Frozen it became an Public for president Nixon would have left me country if that a government with enough courage could Swallow its course re ally do something about inflation. The american people both parties in the Congress gave the president Over whelming . People Parlia ment less sensible patriotic certainly phase two of the Nixon program after the but at least the United states with its Infinity of problems at Home abroad has not folded its hands surren dered to the inevitable. It knows now that the mistakes of the last few years were not inevitable at All that a Strong government a great people can repair them. What a contrast any outside observer must see be tween the official minds of Washington Ottawa today. Washington is acting. Ottawa is pondering. John Connally Secretary of the Treasury has grasped the nettle. Or. Ben son believes that action of any effective kind would1 be in appropriate. For canadians especially those ardent nationalists who never cease to condemn american civilization As inferior to their own the spectacle of a Washington government moving boldly an Ottawa government in shaking immobility is not pleasant. Ii or. Trudeau could prove that the worst already is behind us that no new policy is needed the Public might believe him. But he is the last Man to make that argument when he talks about a fundamental reassess ment of our whole Economy to meet a threatened Emer gency when neither inflation nor unemployment is being War had been imminent. De spite the closest understand ing Between the prime min ister her Cabinet de spite the Best of communications Between the countries she is visiting India a state of hostility could hardly come into being personal approval. The military statistics from the sub continent which have appeared in the news Media recently when looked at in detail Don t really make very much sense. For example India was reported to have called up reservists for Active service. No country not even one with the population of China can afford to keep Semi trained soldiers standing by for rapid embodiment nor can it afford to hold in re serve the arms ammunition accoutrements equip ment required for the Pur pose. If to this is added the Call up transportation problems involved particularly in a country where Road rail facilities Are limited by general n. Chaudhuri body count of 487 really Means that at a conserva Tive estimate soldiers have been put out of action. Who can afford these casual ties in a Border skirmish that troops on both sides have moved out of their bar Racks nearer to the Border is certainly Correct but this Forward movement needs to be looked at in a local context. Strategically the move of some Indian sol Diers to the Border undoubtedly ties Down troops on the other Side. This hampers Pakistan reinforcing troops enraged on. Anti guerrilla activities. Otherwise during a period of tension militarily it Nakes sense to leave peace. Time locations. If there is an unexpected flare up it is just As Well not to be concentrated in Cantone ments As the egyptian air Force discovered n of la oort it .11 1.3 mi.3w till be nearer the Border partic Jearly when Many of the can one ments for a variety of reasons not All of them Mili Ary Are located in the Hin Erland. In these periods of pension the civilian Popula Ion near the Border needs to belligerency. War Breaks out again it will not be due to pressures created by the movement of troops but by a calculated act of aggression from one Side or the other. Will such a calculated act of aggression occur though on both sides there Are Hawks doves while a number of irresponsible statements have been made by people in both countries who should know better neither the prime minister of India nor Pakistan s pres ident has spoken of aggression. Both have said in the clearest terms that if they Are attacked they will defend themselves if this Means War it will have to be accepted. Mrs. Gandhi with a longer experience in politics has stated her position coolly. President Yahya Khan a frustrated Soldier with ii tie training for his present dilemma has been More heated in expression. The soviet Union China also ranged against each other in this confrontation have both in their own Way not Given any Public support cured when the most ignorant housewife can see from i fallacies m the figures the prices in any store that the worst is still ahead. Those to appear facts will become clearer before the snows of a Canadian similarly the reports of i a 1 o n g the indo pakistani to. 1487 Indian soldiers being Border have expressed fears reassurance. While the country As a whole wants to what precautions their government is taking. The movement of troops to some extent answers these ques ions. But open clearly e e n troop concentrations to be defensive. It is the Ess publicized Clandestine concentrations that form a springboard for aggression. Foreign observers evaluating troop concentrations since the trouble in East Bengal started correspondents from that area have reported the Bangladesh guerrilla movement As most successful. The Validity firmed when this year s particularly Long Monsoon ends. If they Are Correct the need for Indian help in this area will diminish As will the As sumption that Only War can get the refugees Back to their Homes. On the Pakistan Side much depends on the Fate of sheikh Mujibur Rahman. In formation about him is meagre the cynical say he is dead. It seems the trial is Over the military court has sent the papers to the president. No sentence has been announced the Hope is that president Yahya Khan despite the pressures put on him by his fellow generals will Start some form of dialogue with the Swami league Leader. This will not get them Back to Square one but hopefully it could get them to a position where there could be some accommodation a new Start. Time is the vital Issue. The longer an attempt at a peace Ful solution is delayed the More will East Bengal suffer. That suffering will make it increasingly reluctant to accept a solution agreeable to both wings of Pakistan main question Mark is what effect the French opposition to negotiations on Mutual balanced Force reductions my frs will have on the soviet Leader. There have been suggestions that or. Brezhnev might have been persuaded even to scupper nato s at tempt to Ope n talks by Send ing a representative to mos cow. But since or. Brezhnev himself invited nato to sit Down talk it seems unlikely that he would doom those talks to failure before hey begin. Much depends on what the soviets have in mind. If they Are really serious about re during forces they will give the French Short shrift. But fas Many observers be Ieve they want Only some declarations that regularize he status quo in Europe hey May have Little to lose n forgetting mfrs at least for the time being. For a year before last Spring the soviets campaigned not for Force reductions As such but for a Secu Rity conference. The Agenda proposed by Moscow was for some unspecified Way of ensuring the renunciation of the use of Force or threat the expansion of Trade economic links the Freer movement of Peoples ideas. This last item is to be limited to Berlin two years later this is exactly what the French even the British Are talking about. The interval has been marked by the Lack of Western initiative to add to or subtract from or in any Way change the Agenda. Con sequently the West is Caugh in the downdrafts always reacting to the other Side. Or. Brezhnev s visit to Paris merely enlisted the French government s support in the continuing soviet initiative. In addition the French have spelled out their idea of procedure in More detail. They suggest an initial meet ing of foreign ministers of Ondon following the nato countries air their differences publicly put together the pieces of a uniform stand. The present slate of West Ern Europe is another draw Back. The common Market might be the nucleus for a common Western position on Trade. But Franco German relations Are strained the six have failed to agree on a Basic monetary policy protectionism divides the West. Nonetheless the French the British positions Are not As far apart As they appear sometimes. The British want arms reduction talks to be separate from a Security conference. The French on their part have consistently opposed bloc to bloc negotiations in favor of a National approach. Since in the Case of nato the Warsaw pact the blocs already exist it is Dif. Ficut to see How any bal a n c e d reductions can be brought about other than on a bloc to bloc basis. The military oligarchy now in the 35 or 40 countries taking Power. Should an Early Solu Tion not be found these sol Diers might Well develop the Samson syndrome pull Down the pillars of peace on the sub continent knowing full Well that they will de s t r o y themselves in the of these reports will be con process. Part to provide the impetus. Then three special commit tees would go to work in the respective areas with either the ministers or the Heads of government meeting to Toast the results. The soviets even have the advantage of a consistent monolithic position Paris is now saying that if the outcome of a Security conference is successful then the question of arms reductions might be taken up. If the present timetable is followed or. Brezhnev May win his immediate Aims european approval for the status quo without Ever going into the arms control question. Would he then be interested in another round of talks for mfrs the subject he turned his attention to Only much later the British while favouring talks Between nato the Warsaw pact on Force reductions Are not optimistic about results because nato Ady is much weaker militarily. Leaving forces aside foreign Secretary sir Alec Douglas Home has come Down to a position similar to that of the French for the rest of the Agenda. Therefore a n agreement Between sir Alec French foreign minister Maurice Schumann should not be too hard to reach when or. Schumann visits London later this month. This visit indeed every meeting be tween two or More allies will form part of what sir Alec Calls the meticulous preparation necessary for a successful conference. If the allies do agree to the sweeping Agenda pro posed they will be pressed need with Only five months o sort things out. Today s scripture if any Man be in Christ he is a new creature. Ii corinthians an expensive ego trip n Winter melt the position of the Trudeau government unless it soon acts will become politically impossible. Or. Trudeau must know All this but for reasons valid invalid he appears to be gripped by a strange inertia almost As if the failure of his policies up to now had Ren dered him incapable of attempting any alternative. the fact that the opposition s Only alternative is More inflation gives him an excuse for his own timidity. After All he not or. Stanfield or or. Lewis happens to be the Leader of the government. It is valid for him to say. As he has. Said that Price in Day. Or an equivalent number i of pakistani soldiers being killed on another Are difficult indeed impossible to accept. Experience Over a Long period both in War guerrilla operations has shown that for every Man killed four Are wounded. Of these four two return to duty very soon but of the other two one might come Back after a Long period of hospitalization one does not wage controls would be difficult to enforce under the j come Back at All. His injury Canadian Constitution of divided Federal provincial i makes him unfit for further Powers. Of course they would. It is quite wrong however j service. Consequently a True to say that nothing can be done when he can invite the co operation of the provinces in bridging the constitutional Gap or if they decline which is use the Paramount Federal Power of peace order Good government to enforce a policy required by a National crisis which already exists. Perhaps or. Trudeau has some such initiative in mind will consult the provinces on it at their coming meeting. If he has a delay of about two months May be excused while All the governments consider the new Situa Tion posed by president Nixon s phase two. But or. Trudeau must see that time for him his government is running out very fast. He cannot Hope to hold the con of the commons the Liberal party the people or even the Cabinet itself for Long if the Price Rire slows Down in the United states continues Here unchecked. Canadian people will not tolerate that unnecessary misfortune Ard their win. Not or. Trudeau s. Will Domi Nate parliament in the . Since ail the facts economic political Are obvious when will the time for action become appropriate what is the prime minister that the very momentum of the build up Vail inevitably push the two countries into War. Are these fears justified the armies of both India Pakistan Are professionally competent militarily Well disciplined. They Are both used to alarms of this sort having had them a number of times during their 24 years of Independence. Yet Only in 1965 did this confrontation spill Over into War. that Only after five months of very serious incidents across the Border. Based on this experience if Tow i know that i m a fascist dog a reaction Ary pig All those other j endearing things people eng in the gut. the phone to Call me. J Young people were apart actually i m a left Winger from a couple of louts by Shaun Herron brought Only one negative vote. The views of the Cana Dian government the with his head screwed on the right Way Long past the stage or the age when to stand screaming in the mid dle of the drawing room floor is regarded As an adequate argument with the old folks. How now Ben Metcalfe i know it invites a Fate worse than death to think that maybe Canadas Amchitka hysteria was a bit shrill too obviously manipulated by professional protesters by the hysterical Middle to establish rep very Well behaved in t i House of commons were it a commentary that every body has to remark on this but what did they know there was talk of secret papers that warned of terrible consequences. There was in the one recommendation against the test on the ground that there was a slight risk of danger. Again a slight risk of danger can be too much risk in some circumstances but clearly known in Washington. Take part in them will not even hear. Wolf Wolf the tone temper excess of this performance has made it harder for people in general in Canada or in the United states to believe any thing the propagandists Tell what i m objecting to in i them about what will or what May. Happen. When they re right who will hear the Csc did t just report these protests. It loaned it self to them like a billboard. It was their National voice vehicle. Its complicity in disaster was almost nil. So j them was painfully obvious. The test protests is their Hys Teria their tactical stupidity. They put or. Nixon in a cosy position. If disaster followed the blast he was through on any terms. But his advice said the Chance of j he went ahead we went ahead he kept quiet we kept screaming i 11 participated. With the usual juvenile of its network news staff if. Birthdays s75. Gre i sciences in Easi or Wes when passionate Demonstra-1 Saster did not follow. So or. J magnified the affair to the tors Don t turn up to Demon n Ixon came up smelling of embarrassment of this a i Strate because it s raining. I i roses we now smell of Tion it presented a picture i have to believe that Demon j the sourness of sweat that i of a whole nation in terror a substitute for a i comes from fear panic. rage hysteria. Strating is a Suo suite Lor a comes Lioni paini., j Anu Naiki id. Wilt.-., j the Young people s Demon j Barb Cuc or a hayride for a i unnecessary Ove Rexer j the blast actually took place i stations in Toronto were or j t Many Tion. I m o s t of the nation a j Gani Zed the lad himself i t n e y r a joiners. They re watching a football game on i j am. Trio inn _ _. _ t _ t _ j h t late in the game when said on radio by the lad j have in who organized the big j d e n t anti Vietnam Demon i the people who bother me stations. Some things Are Are not the Young they Are habit forming. I have no ob-1 the Pierre bretons. The Char Section to people who Are Ley Temple tons in a less i against these tests. I too Ober category the Ben met it was known that the preset to the tests on i heard Ben attack ident s advice did not con _ around True or false that Pierre e. Trudeau for not i firm the worst fears 01 Che fax now. Inc we be now done All the test making his mind known to protesters the tax was Are Garft ing we need to do. To find out president Dixon. I heard the changed. The organizers to the effectiveness. What we need to know. What House of commons after it Berton . of their tactics to Iho disturbs me about the am had Given Way to All the student spokesmen ii poo of i television remembered the dire threat to its exis tence Only when an an i bouncer broke the nation s concentration to Tell them that the blast had taken place. The people behind this of be manipulated Irre Spon standing on chairs of escape from i the _ _ de stand when we were yet Mitcheli had Al ready made the views of the government direct Esters car. In when we Wero we Tco Tho Jet it reminds too Many a i 0 a e g a t o r. Blast i the boy who kept something May indeed Harv Star mfg into the cry pen. Court 7 personal ing tolf. Chat the hysteria exposure won for Ben 6f these demonstrations cafe ?.nd Pierre better protests has done s to Charley Templet on was next vast

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