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Winnipeg Free Press {Newspaper} - 1970-11-07,Winnipeg, Manitoba Feature Winnipeg free press saturday november 7. 1970 new Leisure fads and fancies. Or perils of fashion it strikes Meby Ted Hart fads and fancies come and go Over the years As Many of us know. We learn some of these things �o10 hard Way. This has been True for Nie at least during my varied and Check ered career. One might say that fashion fads and fancies Are near the top of a Long list of changing things in this old world. The smooth look the Bulky look the curved look the Flat look the pointed toe slim Heel feminine look followed by the Square toe wide Heel Chunky look the suede versus the leather look the junk jewelery the Chain Belt the mini Maxi Midi controversy. They Are a a in they Are Quot out Quot. So it goes. It seems to me that tie Only consistent thing about fashion fads is the inconsistency of it All. My growing family keeps me aware of the current fashion trends More so today than a few years ago. I can see quite a change in attitudes and acceptance of fashions within my own family Circle. The first seven children a girl a boy followed by five girls generally speaking wore whatever clothing was available to them. I Felt i had fairly Good taste and know that i could buy clothing during my shopping sprees that it would be acceptable and worn to the utmost of course this dates Back As far As 20 years. Over the years we were building up a fair size family and even in those Days Felt the Pinch of the Cost of living. The Cost has been spiralling Ever since and so has our family. 1 can remember the time when s5 a Good substantial Price to pay for a pair of shoes a sweater for $5 quite a luxury item. I can remember Roc tha when slims were a in Quot for Slacks to Ooi ild afford the traditional Loose fitting Type by the time we could afford a a Sims Bell Bottoms hit the Market and then flares and then Pant suits and so it went and so it goes. Raising a family in any Era is a Challenge be in Largo or Small girls or boys and ours is no exception. Our three boys and eight girls have been a constant source of Chat Cage. Concern Comfort. Joy sorrow and fun they have been a never ending and broadening education. One of the Many things i have Learned in my dealings with Young people Over the years is the fact that today a youth Are More a re of life a problems and Possi Iii by it Etta Samders ties. They Are More Strong minded and More prone to their own opinions. Their initiative is remarkable even in the most tender years. Some of this can be attributed to the trend of the times and to the fact that the world is being brought into our i Vin grooms and classrooms via radio and television. Our daily exposure to life ideas and instant news is More concentrated than it was 20, 10 or even five years ago. Properly directed i think this exposure can develop More intelligent Well balanced individuals. To get Back to the subject of the moment namely fashion fads and fancies and the Pitfalls of the passing Parade i want to Tell you a Story of what happened at our House recently. There is an old saying Quot necessity is the Mother of invention. Some members of my family have been heard to quote it thus Quot Mother is the necessity of invention Quot but that is beside the Point and a matter of opinion. One of the popular items of fashion this past summer was a suede Belt about two indies wide in a Lovely soft Tan color with Long fringes on each end. This Type of Belt sold for about 4, although i saw one in Rawhide for is. Anyway a kind Friend brought one As a gift to our 17-year-old daughter much to her Delight. Our 21-3 oar old liked it so Well that she went out and bought one for herself As she was earning her own Money she could afford to do this. It started a Chain reaction however Boca Uso our 16, 14. 12 and 10 and even five year Olds All thought How great it would to to have one of those Beautiful suede belts. To $4 each the family budget could not possibly sex ind to s20 for something which is High style today but who knows what tomorrows fickle fashion trend will be Howe or the Mother heart being soft As it is and taking into consideration that old Quot necessity is the Mother of invention bit. I did make a statement 10 my yearning Young that i was sure they could make a Belt quite easily if i could find some suede remnants and promised to keep a watch for a something suitable. To and behold Lurk was with me. In one of my shopping expeditions i saw a jacket for Sale which was a Beautiful soft Tan coloured Stiede. Just the right kind of material and in a substantial three Quaner Ien Gih style. It was damaged in such a place that it could not be repaired for Wear but in my minds Eye i could see in it Many suede belts. I purchased the jacket for Al believe it or not rushed Home with my prize and Hung it on our coat rack in the Entrance Hall much to the Joy of those concerned. I gave hurried instructions to be sure to Cut the jacket to the Best advantage in order to get the most out of it for belts and went to poke among my pots and pans and prepare supper. The Young people set to work with a will. They created not Only Good looking High style current fashion belts Complete with fringed ends but they even braided smaller bits and pieces into chokers and bracelets another fashion Quot rage of the moment. Everyone was Busy and Happy. I was justly proud of the whole proceeding and could not Overlook the Opportunity to Point out what could be accomplished with a will time patience and ingenuity everything sailed along beautifully until our 17-year-old went to get her jacket to go out. I heard a voice loud and Clear Quot Mother a come Here what is this a what Are the kids cutting up a i went i looked and i said Quot that looks like my bargain jacket. What Are they cutting up a we wont we looked and we Learned a my daughters one and Only suede jacket was transformed into bolts bracelets and chokers. Her $35 that is wholesale Price suede jacket was there before our unbelieving eyes with nothing intact but the Brasi buttons. Still hanging on the Hall coat rack was the bargain jacket in All its glory. It was so tragic we had to laugh a Hough a bit a Sorici Fly. T confess. Quot How Many belts do you think we would have to make and sell in order to got enough Money to replace the Good jacket Quot asked one practical voice. Quot maybe i could or it for a larger paper volunteered another. Quot i could take on a flyer route Quot said our in year old. Our five year old was All prepared to set up a lemonade stand on the Street Corner. The Tho Vighi occurred to me that if 1 wore to put the whole horrible happening on paper and if some enterprising editor Iverc to publish in the remuneration May pay for a jacket. The moral of the Story is Quot beware of fads and fancies and Don t get trapped by the perils and Pitfalls of High the american Bowling Congress issues a monthly Magazine called Bowling and it carries much interesting material for 10-pin bowlers. One Section i never miss is a column by Chuck Pez Zano. Its appropriately named take it from the pros. A Aba Bowler is interviewed and his advice to bowlers is based on experience and observation. The september Issue has a Story on Billy Hardwick the current Bowler of the year and a Bowler you be seen Many limes on to if you watch the pros. Hardwick is six feet tall weighs 165 and feels that too Many bowlers try to hit the pins too hard. They go for the Long High backswing feeling its needed to propel the Ball. Hardwick finds it easier to vary his Speed and keep his timing with the Short swing. He adds a i done to go for Speed As much As for aim. The biggest mistake bowlers make today is not Reading lanes. I think they fail to realize that with today a general Lane conditions it is much better to move to the right or outside when you get into trouble. The Ball does no to catch a Roll until its Well Down the Lane so you should go with the boards not across them. A my backswing almost always stays the same. I adjust my Speed with my fingers. If the lanes Are hooking i spread my first and Little Finger As far away As i can. This wide spread gives me More hand on the Ball. I can throw much harder and still keep a Good Roll a if the lanes Are not hooking and i need More Roll i place my fingers As close together As possible. Then my hand really Isnit Strong enough to throw hard enough to produce any excess in Hardwick feels the 170-185 average Bowler should shy away from fingertip grips a a professional Bowler can adjust to almost everything and some of them have trouble handling the fingertip. So if the average Good Bowler uses a big wide Span he often locks himself in the Ball and can to help being As a tip to High swingers who might want to Cut Down Hardwick advises a a done to hold the Ball up As High in front. Start it lower around the Waist. You could try to shorten the Steps a Little. Do everything else the same. Hardwick feels every Bowler should spot bowl but Only if he does it properly. He states a you must be Able to throw the Ball consistently. You must be Able to pick the right spot and follow the Ball until it Rolls Over the spot before you shift your eyes to the when lanes Are tight not hooking he picks a spot closer to the foul line. When they Hook he moves his spot out. Quot i need More reach when lanes Are Hocking. A far spot gives me the Raeh helps to hold the line. When the lanes Aren t hooking the closer spot allows me to Roll the Ball More softly to get More As a clutch Bowler Billy Hardwick has few Peers. How docs to stand up to stomach butterflies week Knees and wild thoughts when one Ball can mean thousands of dollars Quot i try 10 do two things. T try to forget the situation i m in and forgot All i know about Bowling except enough to get the Ball in the pocket area. Many Bowler get locked up in themselves thinking too much and trying to make the shot perform ail the Way. 1 know i m capable of hitting the pocket so that s All i try to do. As Long As i hit the pocket i feel Fine whether i strike or not. You d be surprised How Many Good clutch shots you can make if you done to try to be talk about playing Safe attempting to leave a so called spare when All they need is a Mark to win the game. Hardwick debunks All the talk. He says Quot if i need a Mark i want a strike. Hitting the pocket for a strike is the Only Safe shot in the the Rise of Biily Hardwick on the pro circuit has been phenomenal. In 1962 he struggled through 17 tournaments and did t win a thin dime. He was urged to quit by Many of the pros. In %3 he earned More than .$33,000 on his Way to Bowler of the year honors. Since then Hardwick has established himself As one of the Al time greats in All types of Bowling Competition. In 1969 he won the Ai Star six Aba events More than s64,0 x in Cash and a shoo in vote As Bowler of the year. A shy. Almost backward Young Man in 1962, Hardwick has developed into the Darling of the fans his fellow pros and the press. His fellow pros think he a one of the finest instinct bowlers in history and Marva at his ability to play lines 3nd angles contrary to what the rest of the Field is playing

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