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Winnipeg Free Press {Newspaper} - 1970-11-07,Winnipeg, Manitoba Exclusive iat in today a weekend three faces of War 1� won a Keisic Winnipeg free press Quot a a a a a a Quot Canadas leading rotogravure Magazine i hear a different Bugle an individual s memory of the second world War. Page 4 the loneliest veterans there Are no Monument s to canadians who died in the Spanish civil War. Page s pass Hendele a Tot of 150,000 meaningless deaths. Page 1�, is this the year of the rangers new Yorkus nil team Hopes to make it All the Way this Yaar. Page 20 and in the Leisure Magazine b Nai by Rith Salute. Page 3 it happened Here. Page 4 the Herron Folk. Page 5 the Rock scene. Page 11 Don t be the other people. Pages 12, 13 Church news. Pages 14, 15 Book reviews. Pages 20, 21 Sketchbook. Page 22 and elsewhere in the paper # color comics # to radio diary Jumble winners 4 entry form 14 Pugile 39 break code vein nor Fil labor Siene. 13 Bridge news j let Lars. 2&Quot riase lifted 37 in 49. 53 to fi2 movies. 1-t comics. 63, fi4 night beat. La comm Unity Calendar. Ii sports. 51 to 51 heaths 4 travel. 24 a a a finance 2s tit Wiit non. 17 to 21 vol. 7s a no. 35 Price 10 cents 15 cents saturday november 7, 1970 3 01 . Moon Scia a a conservative Leader Robert Stanfield explains a Point at a Morris meeting Friday vew Ball game on police pay St it ski it a i am Umi a Lisgar vote seen protest by Ron Listra Morris Man. Staff a progressive conservative a Cadi Robert Stanfield believes that depending on the. Final result the Lisgar Federal byc Lection can be Laken As a protest and a warn ing to prime Trudeau i hat Liberal policies Haven to met with approval in Manitoba. Jack Mirla. Lie progressive a a a. Soviet Giard wounded shots ring out in w. Berlin Berlin apr a a russian guarding a soviet Monument in West Berlin was wounded Early today by shots fired at him and a Comrade a Briti Sli spokesman said. Tiv David an it Ron the Winnipeg police Tahk tic still wants a 20 per it Cut pay increase for 1970. New iicjoliation5 Willi the City of w i n n i p e g Are Styc fouled to begin Immy Daiely ii Law Thal the Manitoba court of a can has quashed an arbitration i ird Avard made Auu in. The police also Vanis a belter cat on Poliuc widows pensions than the City has proposed. The nov define arbitration Board auard had t granted the police recipe so for Smirh pensions. If the police contract dispute can t be settled by negotiation a new arbitration Board will have of he set no. An unofficial spokesman for the City said Friday it s unlikely he City Wilt apj>ea1 the Manitoba court s Zilins to the supreme court of Canada a police association indicated the policemen Hacin yet received any retroactive pay awarded under the now inoperative arbitration award and that they won t a Cepi any until the whole matter be 1 led. Four feared lost Portsmouth. It. Pm a spokesman for he i Nied state it Ard says the it Hanc amps it it a Sii rival of the Reir Kinin Quot four persons lot to in Atlantic Ocean fat ii iwo Xoanh Carolina coast in tip of a Baharoian met it a or i Elt set a Are it i it Quot creasing to a pm it Esmaya swi Friday re c h t in Wir Cabrices v Ere Quot a re a try of Quot Orfi Quot do v int at be no Iera it Ltd tvs a it Yri ii Swarr Herf Ray a ref but to i or we we w Fry. Tact Ait fwd a term to r fir f to few a t k a the award was Ruta shed Friday in the Manitoba a Iii t of Appeal on the j rounds thai the arbitration Board chairman Samuel b. Nitikman had been is Silty of Quot Lei Al misconduct Quot in the matter of the so called a inti lib Rici is a conf Tulej in Laic see new Pawley lauds reaction Toronto and Montreal businessmen May finance More than half the Cost of metro win Kipep s 5200,000.000 downtown development plan. Municipal affairs minister toward Paw icy said Friday. Or. Pawley who has just re Hir cd from a visit to Eastern Canada said in a statement that 250 Leadin businessmen Quot in Toronto and Iio Treal save a a tremendous Quot reception to hint self and 25 Vinni pcs businessmen and metro officials went on the trip. He said he pointed oui to the i Stem repro a natives that the province is prepared to assist financially in the convention Centre portion of the plan a we expect there will be indications of intent m invest he added. In tax meantime Dii cession Are continuing and Ernst Nicison of part of Thi project wiil he in before the end of the f4mu$ Fin Rizin Sifoua conservative candidate says he is not Rui Inina on issues but rallies is trying to con Ince rulers he is the i Ian conic Clell to Best represent Lisigar constr Tency in Ottawa. Or Stanfield is in Manitoba for i j Onipa Jiining for or. Murta. Saturday. Or. Stan Lickl and or. Murta Are in for a Pancake breakfast. In Manyuki for a luncheon and in Treherne for an Afler not it a Cuffle party. Friday night was a Coffee parly also As or. Stanfield told about jmj Ople Thal it is the Liberal sover mencs r c c o r <1 which is on trial. Of it position party jux dickies have not had a Cliance to be implemented. Or. Stanfield Rei Torald his party a stand on the War Fca sores act and said he Felt Thal the official opposition had proved that in is cons fictive by Siipple Irwin the government. Bui at the same Lime questioning certain slops in the a ovum mencs be i Lalion and manner in dealing with the Quebec fit Cri is. The progressive Ltd Onset Active party it Hief Al of the Trudeau and minis ral Ion of Quot complacency Quot and pointed to inflation h e of a oat inc Dollar rate and Tan policy ase am pies for his charge. Tie 1. I b e r a i Mern Niento should have so aled by now to a confined please see pase celebrations boycotted . Snubs Russia Washington api russian de irn lion of two i Nitro stale generals in soviet Armenia. officials Are Ivy Rollins this year it i soviet National Annivera Saiy Cele brai ions and the of Dor is re Poi Ted to have rom from president Nixon. Tile diplomatic snub Means e r i c a n Amba Isadora Are a Liying away from the caviar and Vodka parties Given by the soviets in Many capitals to a Ark the 5, anniversary of the r 01 s h 0 v i i re tuition. Thou it h they May Send lower a continued please see . i the spokes nun said two or free shots were fired about 1 1.t . The Soldier wounded in the and left Side As Laken by i a military Ani balance to i East Berlin the spokesman said. The incident occur Rcd a few i hours i forc lied Niy Lukits were to Parade before the memorial in Honor of the isred anniversary of the bolshevik revolution. I he official a it Zierman news Agency in a Brief Dis Patch that called the Inci Donl Quot an unheard of provocation Quot said officials did not know who fired the shots. Officials in the soviet Rin Bassy in Piast Berlin to i de a Quot decisive protest Wilh the British military administration in West Berlin and demanded the necessary measures in it a the immediate discovery and serious Pun Ishniel of the criminals Quot the Agency said. A con Tusti please 0e soviet pase i Export Grain infested Beetle poses peril to ban on eggs official Canadas thiard of Quot rain Eon Imis wins closed Down Soa Cral Prairie elevators Inck dins Quot a couple Quot in Man Itolia for shipping i Iain containing null ors f i Rikiyo Ejrain in oils complaints from Poland. Russia and China about the beetles arriving with Grain shipments a mostly wheat a have already been received. The situation said f. F. To Milton. Head of the Board is a a Damn serious let it it has not yet reached crisis Grain Eleva tits will refuse to accept delivery from Farmers Brinson in Quot rain infected with the Bevelle. Farmers have 1 w ays assumed elevators be Willins to take Deli Erv of anything and Haven to a 1 Vays been too parti Cillar about what was delivered Quot or. Hamilton said. New Hope raised for Cross Choquette confirms police have recent terrorist photo of envoy Montreal up Justice minister Jerome Cho Quette raised new Hope that James Jasper Cross still alive by confirming that police have a recent Ler Roi is Lioto of the British Trade kidnapped five Cess ago. It was the first word on the Fate of the British envoy since a letter from him was found in an Easl Etta Church oct. .18, i that was Only hours after the discovery of the body of Pierre Laporte. 49. Quebec s labors minister kidnapped oct. 10 by. The front de liberation do i inquest into or Lait Orle s death was scheduled for today j or. Chocquette told a a Stibs. Called news conference in one i i Bee City the photo and an Fly a i note were received by envelope j wednesday in the editorial i r a it of the Montreal weekly i tabloid Quebec a Resse. The photo showed or. Cross 4ii, sitting on a Box and playing a a a Quot a Montreal police lot Lay a cards a the containing by j a Man tentatively Iden Yamile according to writing on Jef Cpd go Bernard aortic and a. The Back of the picture. Thought to be a Friend of i the i it Hoto also had on the a a. I i ack the written name j. Cross w h i c h or. Cho unite said i and Rose have been seems authentic a Ouight in connection with the the picture was in the hands k Kidnap Piff last month of Brit of Montreal Ilice and was not Diplomat James Las Peri shown to reporters. But or Choquette slowed re Piir ters a photo copy of the Nole which said arrested report Toronto cps a the Star Quot please do All i possible to have this photo published. We shall Over Wiinie. The front de Uberti Ion do n o decision has been taken on whether the Cro is Photic will be published. The photo was Aina in in similar in Content to one released in late october by t re i Uayan kidnappers of Claude l. Try. A to. Ayro Nomis or. Fit. Abducted oct. 7 and still Missin is shown Sittin Quot and playing cards in the earlier photo. A continue a a plese see Niew Hope Pae 4 Cross and Quebec minister Piei re , ple ise see other stories on Page 7 Theiler says the Ai rests a a Ere made Dir in an Early Mornini raid on a Wesl Earl Montreal apartment. The paper says that As a re sum of the arrest i. A series of other was held Phrot shout the City it Rin he Pic Dawn hours. The paper attributes inc re a Ort loan unnamed informant within the Mont real it olice de part men. In Mim Treal Hillje declined cd Tameni on the report. Bew Are Iron fist. Egyptians warned by the saw p Park defence minister Moshe Dayan Israel no Loncer is committed to terms of a i United .s�iitm-.spon. A ored ceasefire and military standstill near the a Ibex canal and Thal if of Yutian Iron in will have to meet Israel s Iron Fis a the ceasefire expired at mid Nihil thursday night hut a Reso 1 n t Ion passed in the i n Grechko blasts Washington in re Zwir _ to Biff. A. By it Ulert defence Minster Andrei Grechko Al lacked american policy in the a Middle East and Simth Easl Sia today As the soviet Union celebrated the .s3ni anniversary of the Bof Shevsky revolution. The Reler atoms in there in Yco tred by the in itch states Scarpe d affaires Folk it a in u ssh on s Jet own to Sheryl rear Esiew Atnes a it ar4iri�?~ets, fun it i on Ltd it res to Star Yance a to a a Titi Foj it f��i�5�fin by in ssh it it of Amer Vii Cervera is m a to rsm for re a St tfx i Krebs la a a we ers it by zip try swim �-<1 Revtt Trimi Law to rape to a tiry Swaw Jet Ita a to Jfe Effii a a a min i it the world and with delaying a political settled sent in them i d d 1 e East and Southeast Sia. And in a Brief speech to rants of troops and a crowd of several thousands in red a Corfi Nuetzi Pense Finiko Paie s a do a Russ \ Rew to a a few pre s Russwe in Kurtay a Gay Ivr f the finn Rel of. Ufler Asie Liy Trva is j�mrrs5 a a frs. To few to a re to As life Arf Risorti or a a a to to it tits Impi the Quebec federation of pkg producers said Friday it is not res Tritini Ess imports from other pc Vinces. Quot i Don t know what Manitoba is Conn Planin about Gerald Groulx. General manager of fed co fold a news conference. A we Don t want to restrict the import of eggs. As a matter of fact we need their Esse Quot fix o is the name of the organization set we by the federation to administer est distribution by the and establish Ifni form eci prices or. Groin la said that up to per cent it of All of consumed in Quebec come from outside the pro Inee. A and we have no Isle Nikon of cutting this nimber he said by Ftp cannot a Ceef that pro seers from film Side the or tuft in shr Tom control she is Mai Kei in Wel a. Tower fed to. No can Jei Aliy sell etis is the prox Hrynciw Jurf but the Law no. Wetr ahem to is a aa>7r� if Gowie Lara Eiers he a id Fewx it. We so i wilis a raft. Is i Tiabi Isth is a Tom fun Aires m if i twi of i Itin t if it urged that it be sex oni inked to it it need. And the inns remained plea c see Beetle pit be i silent today. Tov controls established by Becker up .\hhoi5h s we Elvinp new Niles on toy Sale to y annoy med Friday Boisy Tiris Mas shoppers should still Cerefi Fly consider i heir fair Chaser. Sitiani at a tame Laden with unsafe toys sent his depart Felt this year by to arwed con is awl is. Comisi Inmei Ai air minister Row Basford said the new Reivi Lapiotis Are Iasi med to re twi per it right Forsan cled. Dan arts friw�5 the Arket ii Ajse Ali Iha a it or a or How Sny safety Rei Are Mahie. It wow Rirs svy Vita or a Are w or it i the a Taryl Ali Yit of a a or tors across Canada f Fri such toys on the Market. They will be removed. most toys m Stark i Are Mestini a it has he said he ses to effect in pecs a Neaily As a Resh i of the new Mies. A a crr a pm e Seir Tov Pace it Rok \ Banjo or i cd Ai in pets big Ltd 0 so a Wmk 3>y t4 a Nar aws a say to a or sat it for i Layan Tild a group of engineers in Tel Viv Friday the Extension was prompted by her Resolution and contained no c o m m i i m e n to the tailed sales implying that washing fat a had lied israelis hands Wilh the original three month stand still. The Resolution also recommended that Israel. and Tord in Velum to indirect peace negotiations at the i x. Which Israel has refused to do until pulls Back missiles Alle Cifelly Movi a Cinser of the canal in violation of the original ceasefire a Keement Egypt responded that the i a titles were in the standstill zone before the Acree Meni and refused to Ontl if Mizack. Exp said the eur rent Esien Sior. Is she la it under any Cir Fiir . And Premier Wasfi Lell of Iordan i As reported to Tow a be incl Magazine he it believes another Rab israeli War is ire\1tahle. In m m a n. A i Jerrisie or it Okes Rran rezoned Iha the last Renslar Rab palestinian co Marido forces had left the jordanian capital to accordance Vith an agreement that eroded the i Day civil War in sep i tuber. A it Cairo car earred a a Wei a i a Merriw e i Liitt Ini the Rexi a. Days i Ryf mtr or v ate a a .\3y Al air of. Str n. Not \ Chat a i and vat it Serif so a i f r Ltd area pcs is Quot a a a hrs of 7# rear Eti r v Katy a Srof iwo a Jim a i i Prii a iwo Fri Ife c to t a i

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