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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 6, 1971, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free november 1971 Toupin meeting just garbage9 it was just a Bunch of Gar that was the reaction of one Parent Friday after the meeting of a Hal dozen parents with health minister Rene Toupin and Andre Deputy minister of health and social the members of the Manitoba association for Chil Dren with emotional had demanded adequate ser vices and treatment facilities for disturbed and particularly a psychiatric treat ment their concerns were supported by 150 Sig car trying demonstrators whose pro t e s t outside the legislative building was triggered by the apparent suicidal hanging death 24 of an emotionally Dis 32yearold boy in the Vaughan Street detention the parents were also irked because to pins executive Philip had barred newsmen from the delegations meeting with the min we resent the fact that they excluded reporters when we ourselves wanted them said one because reporters were delegation member Jac Queline Briscoe decided to As sume the role and took notes for the miss director of Community services for the family Bureau of greater was asked whether she had been satisfied with the meetings re because he Toupin get approval for these plans and he said the min ister haunt seen the estimates but that provision had been made for the facilities being sought by the Ouellette said the estimates would have to go to the minister of finance and the cab and he said any programs and facilities approved would be developed in conjunction with the psychiatric department of childrens the child guidance clinic and the pro posed health sciences miss Briscoe said Toupin asked Ouellette How soon the treatment facility for Dis Turbed children could get off the ground if the departmental budget were Ouellette said maybe by the end of the current school he said Ellen Douglass school perhaps could be used As a temporary facility for Dis Turbed 150 picket House continued didst say he didst come out of except to say that the proposed Psychia tric treatment Centre would be in the estimates of the Mani Toba health services commis miss Briscoe said she would love to go to the budget review meeting of Cabinet in she said the essence of what Toupin and Ouellette had told the delegation was that a lot of things must be done to achieve coordinated that All governmental depart ments Are concerned with these and that reports had been received on the hanging death of the boy in the Vaughan Street detention Home and the detention of a 15yearold boy in heading Ley Toupin said year after priorities Are brought Forth and departmental ministers never know for sure which ones will be finally approved by Cabinet the said a treatment Centre for emotionally disturbed Chil Dren had been one of his own priorities since he assumed the health and social development portfolio on miss Briscoe said that when Ouellette was asked what was in the the Deputy minister replied that he unions playbill Over Grain continued would be uncomfortable ans Wering such a question when Toupin himself haunt yet been advised of what was in Ouellette said that it was one thing for a department to prepare a budget and make but that you must first and end the Dock strike that has tied up East and Gulf coast ports for the past five for the sales arrangements were made with the russians by two Large Continental Grain and it was understood shipments would begin shortly from unstuck great lakes ports and continue through next the agriculture department reported that the commitments would amount to a total of but Continental said its part would amount to million to be paid in Cargill declined to re veal the size of its order for competitive reasons but there were reports in Trade circles that it amounted to Continental s a i d the Sale would include 80 million bushels of Corn and a total 38 million bushels of Oats and the company said it might fill some of these requirements from inside to the buildings grand staircase area to continue their triggered by the death of an emotionally disturbed 12 year old boy who was found hanging in the Vaughan Street detention Home the protesters Felt the boys death might have been averted if Manitoba had had a Psychia tric treatment Centre for Dis Turbed a facility first proposed in exclusion of the news Media from the delegations meeting with Toupin and Ouel Lette Drew criticism from Winnipeg Alderman Joseph Zuken and Rob chairman1 of the social work graduate students action committee at the univer sity of the University students organized the Demon s t r a t i o which included school social Doc tors and i think this is a Good gather ing because it is a positive Zuken its not being held in a mood of belligerency but of government must be responsive to the people and this is our this is what we in tend to the news Media in do we care for children you the crowd cheered speeches by the Mother of an emotional 1 y disturbed and by Gladys Robertson school principal who spoke on behalf of marching principals and teachers Kim president of the Citi Zens committee on Correl and John a caseworker in child Protection for the childrens Aid society of Warne noted that the Citi Zens committee had revealed a month ago that a mentally Dis Turbed 15 year old boy was being held in heading Ley jail a violation of the juvenile delinquents act because a Section of that Law prohibits detention of juveniles in an adult ins Titu four weeks ago we raised this Issue and the reaction to our action has been so anaemic that he is still at heading Ley no action has been taken to right the Lack of genuine concern is not limited to this one any night for that mat Assiniboia parties Battle continued Bells for Lovell and Judy and the nip rejoiced that the liberals had drawn Only about 12 for manpower minister Otto advises no fooling approach continued a modern society should be involved in order to hold the government to its Ukens remarks were the speeches and noise in building Haus apparently prompted the premiers office to Contact Toupin As he me with the Accord ing to a delegation Toupin said he would speak to the larger gathering Down stairs because he had received a Call from the premiers barring of the news Media foreign Many of the ports will be ice bound in a matter of weeks and the East Gulf Dock strike might present problems for the Grain shipping schedule if it persists much presumably some of the shipments could be loaded on the West coast where a Taft Hartley injunction has interrupted another longshore at least until the new desalting plan going up Virgin islands a desalting Plant with a capacity of a million Gallons of fresh water a Day is being built from the delegations meeting arose again when Toupin met with the asked whether the government had a policy on press he said no and that the govern ment had received both Good and bad but he complained that the newsmen never seemed to con sult with the government on the words prompted one woman to Tell a i didst know it was necessary in a democracy for newsmen to consult Back with the govern m e n t on what should and s h o u 1 d n t be to which Zuken his answer to open government is that you cant Trust the and during the earlier demonstration a Marcher said there had been a wide i a number of tender aged children will be held in the re Mand cages at Young males Are housed in the women jail at Portage la great lakes Rumor that the Demon stration was designed to Embar Rass the government the appalling need is such that it would be drawn to any government in Power and it is not embarrassing to the govern but to the people of Mani during the meeting on the grand organizer Lees assured we didst come Down Here to tear the government apart the Lees was to show concern Over the Lack of treat Nunt facilities in Manitoba for disturbed Chil referring to the proposed psychiatric treatment Toupin told the As you this Type of facility has been called for and consid ered by different Levels of government for the past 10 and it is being actively consid ered by my department we do have funds set and this the treatment facility will be considered by the Cabi net and the House at the next Olga chairman of the Winnipeg school divisions Board of trustees and a Central City then went to the microphone and charged that there had been no feedback from the government since Toupin and Ouellette had met last june with representatives of the school school the childrens Aid society of childrens Hospital and the child guid Ance clinic of greater win Fuga said the educationists and social workers had pleaded for a psychiatric Institute at the in an interview earlier she had said the welfare cases and needy girls Are being housed in an institution Manitoba Home for girls designated for convicted offenders and staffed by correctional oriented Mckay tour knowledge Manitoba is not a bankrupt yet continued requests for required institutional resources Are usually followed by pleas of poverty and implied statements of Low the Manitoba Community stands in urged need of a Vari Ety of institutional resources for because of protracted inaction and delay in the mat the need has become a priority and Paramount Mckay said there at least three institutional Priori ties the psychiatric treat ment a child welfare treatment institution with some degree of physical Security and a suitable alternative to the archaic and deplorable inadequate Vaughan Street de Tention he said the child welfare treatment institution should be entirely distinct and separate from any facility concerned with the custody of the adult or with the care and management of the child in breach of Mckay it is pos Sibleton Bury ones head in the Sand and refuse to meet the present urgent reality of these our Ostrich like stance May enable us to and speak no but our Headin the Sand posture May also smother and strangled the future of our Manitoba if Manitoba in to be Canadas number one let us make Manitoba sons and daughters number than he Large conventions and Down town development depend convention every time we we lose an Opportunity to another expressing these sentiments to the delegates Finnbogason noted when the convention Centre opens in it will be Able to handle conventions with Dele National associations which would have such Large conventions Are headquartered in the major North american he and a team of eight to 10 people would Blitz one of these cities in a week or 10 after the a followup Campaign would this show of interest would have its impression on the executives of Large associations and could assist in overcoming the heavy Competition in the convention Finnbogason he the tourist and convention association w o o s conventions to Manitoba the local Branch office of the target with the Advent of the convention we will need a More sophisticated and More expensive he before describing the Blitz though the number of conventions in Manitoba was Down in compared to the 1970 convention some 121 mentions came to the there were a total of delegates represent ing a Dollar value of he for the organization general 1971 was a year of Consoli Dation and finn Bogason who is responsible of the Canadian wheat an the conservatives had manager Only 41 people and the Torquay area int even nip they but the conservatives said they were fighting Snow and Bingo in Estevan to get their crowd and that Torquay is nip territory then they Point to their crowds at yellow grass and and the liberals said they Drew 35 or 40 to Torquay All from the immediate certainly the conservatives had 21 in the legion Hall in Coronaca for Watson and Jack my for and 15 the follow Rig Day in a Border town among rolling the nip had about 45 at Hodgeville after a meeting there of the gravel Bourg provincial constituency organization to stare at the elks Creed to make life men better and the world happier and to hear Knight and Les my for Regina Lake and the liberals had about 60 in the Assiniboia elks Hall confetti for Lang and Marcel my for Saint in what the crowds mean is another with fare sex everyone at a political meeting is already committed to the party holding the meeting so the speakers Are mainly fir ing up the workers for the Cam one distinguishing feature the liberals and nip took collections at meetings the conservatives did All parties Are throwing every speaker they can Lay hands on into the Campaign the nip have had Davi their National t his predecessor most of the Saskatchewan Cabi net and most of the province nip members of conservative Leader Rober Stanfield and former prime minister John Diefenbaker head the conservatives speakers but Treyve also brought in conservative m p s from across the and they have Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed on the sidelines just in Case de Schreyer shows up for the Otto Lang is a Headliner for the along with Liberal maps from British Columbia to Quebec including James Osier and Gerry Cobbe from Manitoba and As Many Federal Cabinet ministers As they can including Justice minister John Turner and privy Council Allan provincial liberals Are More noticeable by their absence partly because they Are headed nto a leadership convention 10 and 11 although All free candidates to succeed the ate Ross Thatcher have a eared in Only Lawrence Watson is going any television advertising in the but All parties ave some radio and a new advertisements in the re and All Are concentrating on the weekly newspapers from the towns in the Hooker has his own newspaper two issues planned ailed Hook up with Rell As his picture on a pocket sized Csc and ctr hockey a comprehensive list of the accomplishments of the three Earold Trudeau govern and a 16page Booklet on the Grain stabilization Bill Knight has an eight Page Booklet mainly fighting against a folder with a Mailin opinion poll with one sided and another with testimonials from prominent nip the conservative literature is and tends toward photocopies of newspaper articles dealing with conservative popu All three parties have com Mittee rooms set up in both Weyburn and in with liberals and new democrats also with established com Mittee rooms in the nip committee room in has a Doormat Stan Fields All weights and sizes and the efforts Are beginning o get although be cause it is a by election the turnout at the polls is expected o be lower than the approximately 65 per cent who voted in 968 at least the people in he Beer Parlours and chinese Afes Are beginning to give the election equal talking time with Hunting and if your rent is More than paying for someone else see Page 25 i not Diml today water used Pittsburgh steel Mills in the use trillion Gallons of water a earn extra Money without Selling or hard work learn income tax preparation from i i 1 information Tocoma tax people now you can learn income tax preparation irom thousands Are earning Good Money As tax enrolment open to men and women of All Job opportunities for qualified classes Start november 8 Block i 2520 Portage 8192162 j me free information j name address City my i i blames wife debts for families earning from 400 500 a month continued Barkman safety studded Steps and wrought Iron railings help prevent Nasty Winter with Winter coming on you dont need the extra worry of old wooden Steps in Call Barkman Concrete for a Winter youll find there int that much difference in Cost Between wooden Steps and Barkman Concrete Steps but theres a big difference in maintenance and re placement Barkman Concrete 10 Kent Street Telephone 6673310 a few Steps from or or Erious professionals had suggested using the school As a diagnostic Day care facility for at least 100 disturbed Chil Dren until a permanent Psychia tric Centre could be but Toupin and Ouellette rejected the idea on grounds that such a temporary facility tends to remain temporary these children have been unable to speak for them Fuga told the remark triggered applause from the the school Board chairman often said Ino Oey originally ado rated for a treatment Centre i had been diverted to lie Hecla Island i daring the parser Denton stration the placards j carried included Sach state rate Isis How a Wariy Raore most be before Yoe act is de submarine was quoted As telling Scotland Yard special police after his arrest thank god its i tried to protect my which was Bingham is charged with 10 offences under the official secrets act of recording or communicating information which could be directly or indirectly useful to an he made a state ment to in which he was alleged to have described How his wife urged him to Contact the we were talking one evening and she at first i we go to the russian she brought it up again later and i wrote a note to them which my wife took to the she knocked on the door and went in and told them about my prosecutor David Calcutt told the hearing that Bingham then regularly and criminally re corded and sold secrets and confidential he was Given Money to buy a camera and wet a soviet naval attache who indicated what he wanted him to but Bingham found later that his had even pawned the and after a whole series of sales to the russians the Bing bams were still in debt to the extent of about the Case was adjourned until Only 14 of these 3 bedroom Tow Homes available at this Low this offer cannot be repeated Down monthly payments including taxes of course you own the land clean economical natural Gas heating coupled with a fast recovery hot water tank Are Standard features in a Kensington not killed in North Gregory Kenneth Story was j the an surer for the Kosed wednesday at Rattan Lake j Gistar bed child in Northern a Hig Jer priorities for Cifald Bow is obey ref says Trest 383 ave e i tee efe tars set so rfcs have Cefi we set Caterpillar erase risk was operating Over and c77fs50d free press Fulco Recsy stator ibs of tank As Gregory Cark is of fee

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