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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 6, 1971, Winnipeg, Manitoba Ottawa baffle gab see Page 14 new Leisure Magazine Canadas leading rotogravure Magazine the door that optimism opened children with learning disabilities Arent doomed to 2 bobsledding without a Hill the Start is the most important part of bobsled Competition Page 10 be your own weather Prophet use these offbeat methods of Amateur Page 14 no longer quite so far Cardinal legers work in Cameroon is financed by donations from Canada Page 28 and in the Winnipeg free press final edition 79 34 Price Loc with 15c comics november 1971 Sunrise Sunset Moonrise Moonset forecast flurries 20 and 0 Art and artists 3 it happened Page 4 the Herron Page 5 the senior citizen Page 6 Consumers Corner Page 8 now Page 9 Rock and Roll pages 13 Church pages 17 teen Page 19 Book pages 21 Page 22 and elsewhere in the paper color comics radio diary Jumble winners 2 entry form 14 Pule 44 Bridge news classified 41 to 66 to 69 Community Calendar 32 comics 35 deaths 2 finance 73 to 78 29 labor 40 movies 38 night beat 16 sports 61 to 65 travel 70 to 72 youth scene 8 women 23 to 28 v Riding parties fight Doort door by Katie Fitzrandolph fourth in a series staff the service stations Are Clear winners in this hard fought Federal by election Campaign with three parties running a Doort door Battle in a Riding where voters average two to the Square it is a traditional Campaign style for the new democratic but a bit of a breakthrough for the liberals and progressive the liberals got the message last june when the nip swept 45 of the 60 provincial seats in a general and got Busy pounding doors for this As Jim the Liberal the method works for the nip it might As Well work for the conservatives Are trying to keep up with the poll organization of the other two parties but they Are hampered by the almost total Lack of any Provin Cial organization to help out their Federal sask at is a two province Liberal and poll favors Centre 33 11 5 undecided the proposed Conven Tion Centre for Down town Winnipeg was unofficially endorsed Fri Day by 33 of the 50 councillors on greater Winnipeg new Central City eleven of the councillors said they were opposed to the million convention Centre and five others said they make a firm decision one councillor want the councillors were asked in an informal Telephone Survey conducted by the free press if they were in favor or opposed to the convention Centre on the basis of information provided to them up to although most of the councillors said they supported the convention Centre in Many said the financial aspects of the project still have to but if a showdown vote had been called the majority of councillors they would have supported the Centre despite their reservations about the All but one of the seven new democratic party councillors said they were against the convention the Only nip councillor who said he supported the Centre was councillor Alan who said the Job creating Factor was an important seven of the 11 opponents live in the inner City Community committee area where the convention Centre will have the most direct one councillor want Avail Able for councillor Doug stanes count be reached As a metro he has supported the convention Centre in the please see poll Page 2 picket Leisla Tutti fou Iii Ahtl 150 demonstrate by Wally denn1son about 150 placard carrying demonstrators ignored blustery weather Friday and picketed outside the legislative building As a show of their determination to get the provincial government moving on providing adequate services and facilities for they marched for a half hour after declining health minister Kene to pins invitation to hold the demonstration the temperature was 27 with winds of 26 Miles per gusting to 38 Miles per when the March began at 10 while the protesters picketed outside for a Broad Range of services to children in a seven member delegation see other stories on pages 31 from the Manitoba association for children with emotional disorders met with Toupin and Andre Deputy minister of health and social in an Effort to obtain a commitment for Quick action in providing improved services and treatment facilities for disturbed children specific despite the delegations de sire to have newsmen reporters were barred from the meeting room by Philip Jubin to pins executive As the meeting was still in Progress when picketers moved please see 150 Page 5 demonstrators March on to the legislative building Steps in a show of determination to obtain adequate services and facilities for winds whip test Island As bomb is readied unions to play Ball on Grain Deal agree to cooperate on projected million Sale to soviets Washington special tons a Surprise Deal Between the White House and the big maritime has paved the Way for sales of feed grains to the soviet Union that could run As High As it was an if there is stalling on the proposed downtown Winnipeg convention the centres financial backers might Back warned Alan finn to g a s o president of the tourist and convention association of weve just got to Stop fool ing around with the convention Centre and go he Finnbogason was speak ing during an interview at the association which wound up Friday at the North Star there is no such thing As retroactive he the decision is arguments that instead of paying half the projected Capi Tal the province should pay Are he because in the end it is the taxpayers Money and greater Winnipeg is by far the Telephone j largest taxpayer in pole where Hooker and i we Are paying it whether eight signs brighten almost j two thirds comes out of the giving those two a Dis Tinct organizational Ron a Weyburn car dealer and Campaign manager for the conservative candidate Lawrence stressed the Doort door approach and said it had never been tried before in Assiniboia because of the Dis Tances about Square but even so the conservative Campaign is much less visible than either the nip or Liberal you have to search hard for quit fooling tourism Man says out of the left hand pocket or All of it comes out of one Finnbogason the City has had to turn Down Large conventions in the past because there was no facility in town which could handle More please see advises Page 5 am Fltka Alaska a winds up to 70 Miles an hour drove Winter Rains across Amchitka Island As the United states atomic Energy commission wound up preparations to set off today the most powerful underground nuclear the winds Are hampering but i think Well be ready by Zero said Robert test in the supreme court scheduled a pre blast session to hear arguments by eight environmentalist groups seeking to halt the test on the grounds that a five megaton explosion could cause seismic disturbances along the earthquake prone re n g of fire on which Amchitka is they also contend there is the danger of devastating or seismic sea and of radiation leaks from the 52foot chamber where the device is to be feet below Amchitka in police agencies have been warned of a threat that 50 Branch plants of firms would be blown up if the Mannikin device is some Canadian groups demonstrated in protest of blast time is set for 4 Cost the explosion is to test a warhead for the spartan anti ballistic the dec says the device nestled deep beneath the wind blown grass of Amchitka Hasan explosive Power of less than five that less than the equivalent of five million tons of data declassified by the dec Points toward a blast of about which would still make it the most powerful underground test conducted by the United states but substantially less powerful than two tests conducted by the soviet in the russian touched off a blast in the please see winds Page 19 editors of of win Appeal London a the court of Appeal aside jail sentences Friday of three editors convicted of publishing an Obs Cene Issue of the underground Magazine there were fireworks Knight is the j righthand pocket and on third and festive scenes outside the nip candidate for election on and his posters Arent Union made to save Money they Are made by the nip youth one conservative said party want patting up Post ers yet he said posters Weam j in be going of later left Only a week to Etc Tjotis Tea there Are the meetings iwo afternoon Jse Tiegs Ali evening Jcj t is Frahs 122 hamlets a feeds Dot sap of j blames wife Bingo debts England Resier a British of Fer som state secrets to use soviet embassy is erase a ins wife of Juso a Cist Tom court House when the decision was the court quashed sentences of 15 months Given to austra Lian Richard founder of the and of 21 months imposed on both his co James and Felix a recommendation for Neville to be deported was also can the court upheld a lesser conviction on a three men of sending the offending Issue through the an offence carrying a six month jail sea the sentence was sos the Case was one of Fije Lon Gest and most Astrov Ersial obscenity trials a British Gal it issued 26 Days awl last in its the Appeal Benson rejects idea of retaliation tax Ottawa up finance minister Benson Dis missed Friday a prominent lib eral maps suggestion that Canada should consider retaliating against proposed Trade restrictions by imposing an excise tax on automobiles sold in Robert Kaplan l Toronto Don recently elected chairman of the commons com Mittee on finance and economic made the suggestion during question he said the the commons Canadian tax should be an equivalent countervail against a suggested seven percent tax on can Adian built it would be aimed against Ameri can Benson said Kaplan question was hypothetical and so he would not answer it the finance minister earlier said there was no indication that president Nixon intended to use the taxing Powers recommended by the senates finance Marcel Lambert Monton opposition finance first questioned Benson about suggestions that Canada take appropriate j counter measures to proposals please see Benson Page 19 bounced such a Sale would not on exceed the total of All Export to the soviet Union last year million but would als top the historic and controversial shipment of million wheat to the in in winning labor acquiesce no to removing the requirement that 50 per cent of such ship ments be moved in ves the Nixon administration pulled off a coup on Severa fronts the projected Sale to the soviet Union would held reduce the heavy surpluses from Thi seasons bumper crop an firm up the drop i Corn from a Bushel a Yea ago to about today a brought angry protests from farm groups and has become serious political liability of president the White House agree ment not Only puts grow ers on a More competitive Basi with other major exporter such As Australia and Canada but would be of significant Hel to the critical Trade an balance of payments 0 Grain traders believe this would be Only the first of continuing Grain shipments t the soviet Union which is hard pressed to grow enough feed of its rapidly expanding livestock the Sale might help pave the Way for expanded Export of other products to the soviet officials no Grain has been sole to the soviet Union for the past eight years because of the hangup Over the 50 per cell shipping ship Ping charges generally greatly exceed world rates and the so Viets have walked at paying the extra Cost Ever since the big wheat Deal of in june president Nixon sus Pended the shipping require ment at the same time he liberalized trading rules for main land there were loud protests from organized labor at the time and intimations that the International longshore mens association might refuse to Load any Grain cargoes Des tined for communist administration officials said the Union leaders had asked nothing in return for finally acquiescing to removal o f the shipping they praised the Union chief states me ship for putting the inter ests of the nation first but speculation that some quid pro quo was arranged during the White House Parley the pledge of More vigorous prosecution of Nixon expanded merchant Marine program which would mean More jobs for Union members or governmental efforts to help gain the Dock workers a favourable settlement please see Page 5 Jonas to write Grey cup articles for free press Tito meets Bourassa by Joseph Macsween Quebec up Canada and Yugoslavia May learn from each other on the question of president Josip Broz Tito and Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa indicated Fri Day heading for Halifax today near the end of a North Ameri can marshal Tito told a state dinner in his Honor he appreciated the interest expressed by Premier Bourassa in Yugo Lavias Brand of we follow with interest the development of federalism in your country for it is a question which preoccupied Many coun tries in the he had exchanged views with prime minister Trudeau on the problems and future develop ment of Federal our meeting with you today and our stay among you has enabled us to Complete our please see Tito Page 19 Outlook tonight birr Tare sad soil goods had not Faey paid in order to recover is a rides Baghaie Start Cost also reduced a fax of dec or a a Sejong secrets m the of Coss 3e is Ussatis for a Saks is pary to it the excess a Fth Don Winnipeg greatest passing Quarter Back since the Days of the famed Jack May or May not be participating in the Grey Gap final but hell be a Vanco Nasr for flip big for Don is the Oddson Choice o win the Schenley outstanding football player in Canada something to Blue bomber player has Ever because hell be fee Jowas a Fol write a three part series for the who Peg free he a Fol Analyse fee competing teams a two pregame articles w3 wrap up the Grey Cap classic gift a pos game to see 5 Ted y the casts t Elf Refl an the Kay Soave is of Haen tent of Tow see Page see a fiches area m ice free Toem Marl fee Grey Don remember what Zero degrees with wind feels like if you dont youll get a reminder to the weather forecast is for a Ligh of no More than 15 to 20 degrees today and an overnight of of about Winnipeg awoke saturday to nother Inch of overnight Snow that about 18 inches of now since the first storm of the season started last week the forecast for saturday is or Snow flurries and blowing now compliments of Lake a Manitoba and northwesterly winds of 25 Miles an Sun a should be sunny with Drift no Snow and continuing North Westerly winds of 20 Miles an saturday local treets were Slippery with ice and Snow was Drifting up to 30 j inches police in the metropolitan area Are issuing warn Ings that some streets Are j badly congested and can be j conditions West of Winnipeg in Manitoba were Clearing and j visibility was Clearing to eight j Miles in the Gimp area and three Miles at Portage la i visibility i the City was i reported As Low As three in the face of the blowing East of similar storm were reported Well into Northwestern Road conditj05s were expected to be hazardous in Many in Regosia scene of big game Soto Day after Between the in Trig bombers and the Regina s the tet Speratore at 7 tras reported at Iviree ii Trees the Vas rep Tea frs to

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