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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - November 2, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaHawaii All inclusive from h Days for each of 2 passengers sharing room As per brochure big Ait from 395 fort Garry travel service 453-4630 1170 Pembina h Way Winnipeg free press moving Ilo Raol moving packing storing phone 786-6081 for free estimate or brochure monday november 2, 1970 Allied Van lines mail registration number 02s6 two die after crash near Shilo Secretary of state Gerard Pelletier left hands Over the key to the Mani Toba theatre Centre to Premier of Manitoba at the opening Cere monies of the new theatre building saturday afternoon. Darren Mccain and his wife Kathie Brown at the Manitoba theatre Cen tre s breakfast with the stars saturday on stage in the Centennial concert Hall. Breakfast with stars kicks off theatre event by Janice keys rain Snow winds and Freez i n g temperatures failed to Dampen the enthusiasm of those celebrating the opening of the Manitoba theatre Centre during the weekend. Saturday s schedule kept the theatre people and their guests on the go from 10 . To 4 . Breakfast with the stars on the stage at the Centennial con Cert Hall threatened to become a breakfast without the stars when several of the guests who had accepted invitations to at tend cancelled their plans at the last moment. Ii o w e v e a Canadian actor Lloyd Bochnar. Jeanne Carson Darren Mcgavin and his wife Kathie Browne who had arrived Only a few minutes before the breakfast started filled the Gap and chatted with the More than 100 people there. Toby Robins a Canadian actress now living and working in London came in late straight from Winnipeg International Airport and joined in the break last festivities. After the breakfast the group scurried across the Road to the theatre for the official turning Over of the building to the theatre officials. Representatives fro in he offered his congratulations to All those who had worked to make the dream of a Perma nent Home for Mac come True and to the architect Allan Waisman who designed the building. Premier Schreyer accepted the key to the theatre and in turn presented it to or. Cohen. Max Steinkopf son of Mart land b. Steinkopf chairman of the Manitoba Centennial corporation accepted a life time pass to Mac on behalf of his father. Or. Steinkopf was unable to at tend the opening because he is ill in Vancouver. This is a real emotional sex said or. Cohen. The theatre Centre building the planning for years and the final realization is the result of the co operative efforts of Many people he added. The theatre building constructed of Concrete Wood and Glass met with a favourable reception from the guests. In t that or. My Gavin exclaimed As he entered the foyer. Similar comments could be heard As the group assembled for the ceremony. After the official opening of the theatre the crowd left for St. Boniface for a Sod turning ceremony for the new cultural Centre to be constructed at the Corner of Des neurons Street and Provencher Avenue. Construction is to stall in the Spring of next year. Or. Pelletier and or. Schreyer dug the shovel into the slush covered ground and with a Little help from or. Peturs son. Turned the Sod for the new building. Speeches Tours of the old Cul Tural Centre and a look at some of the activities earned on there followed the Sod turning. A program called depicting the history of theatre in Manitoba was presented in the Centennial concert Hall when the group returned from St. Boniface. Slides commentary music and lines taken from old plays were blended to recall the events some Happy some Dis appointing that led to the development of a professional theatre in Winnipeg. The narrator for the program was Mary Liz Bayer. Or. Bochnar miss Browne miss Robins or. Mcgavin. Miss Carson and Tom Henry i Hirsch. One of the founders of the Origi Nal theatre and Many others who had worked there Over the years participated in the presents lion. The Pace slowed Down on Sun Day As the visiting celebrities were entertained at government House and attended a govern ment of Manitoba dinner at the hotel fort Garry. The new theatre will be the focus of interest monday night when the curtain rises on the first play of the season a Man s a Man written by Bertolt Brecht and directed by John were crash two persons died accidentally Over the weekend both As the result of a traffic Accident at . Friday near Shilo Man. Ramp Are not yet releasing the names of the victims but one died sunday in Brandon Hospital and another died in Hospital in Winnipeg. Police said the two people involved in a two car on provincial Highway 457, about eight Miles East of Brandon. Winnipeg police report five in jury accidents in Winnipeg. The first of these was at . Saturday when a car driven by James Donald Harrold 20, of 251 Spence Street suite 1. Went out of control and struck a lamp Standard at the intersection of notre Dame Avenue and Isabel Street. Or. Harrold was trapped in the car and the fire Rescue department had to pry open the car to get him out. He was taken to Winnipeg general hos Pital suffering a fractured left leg. His condition is described As Good. At . Saturday a two car collision on Higgins Avenue sent Louis Olson 74, of 379 Hargrave Avenue suite 205, and Emile Brabant 42, of lot 159 St. Anne s Road St. Vital to Winnipeg general Hospital. Both Are listed in Good Condi Tion. A three car collision on the Provencher Bridge about . Saturday sent two men to St. Boniface Hospital both suf Fering internal injuries. In Hospital Are Arlotte Fon gel liar 32, and Zedenow Sykora 34, both of 259 Fontaine Avenue St. Boniface. The car they were in. Collision with was driven by sol rum Woodard 40, of 860 Preston Avenue suite 5. He was uninjured. A car pedestrian collision at . Saturday sent Joseph Finklestein 57, of 527 Cathedral Avenue and Samuel Mainemer g3, of 61 Teakwood Avenue West Kildonan to Winnipeg general Hospital. Air. Finklestein suffered a fractured Pelvis and or. Main Emer suffered bruises from the Accident which happened on Inkster Boulevard. Driver of the car was Edward Haberman 37, of 1548 Roy ave nue. At . Sunday another car pedestrian collision sent Marie Clemente 30, of 389 Elgin Avenue suite 4, to Winnipeg general Hospital suffering a fractured Pelvis and possible concussion. She was crossing main Street at the Disraeli freeway turnoff when she was in collision with a car driven by Edward Pfrimmer 84, of 132 Brazier Street North Kildonan. Human resources eved by Ouellette the Manitoba Centennial Corpora Tion the Federal and provincial governments and Mac took part in the ceremony. They included Gerard Pelletier Secre ghouls goblins reduce activity halloween ghouls remained an unpleasant but declining fact of that magic night. All police departments in the greater Winnipeg area and most throughout the province. Reported a cadence of decline in halloween the in goodies tampered with before being Given to children. Pins stuck in apples was the most common offence and in a few cases razor Blades were found in apples. Police however rec feed no complaints of Chil Lary of state. Licule Nant Gocr Dren injured As a result of these nor w. John Mckeag Premier i acts. De Schreyer. Albert Cohen pre one reason a police spokes most complaints six apples with pins buried in them and one kiss Candy treated with Camph rated Oil and re wrapped. Fortunately it was very obvious that the Candy had been treated. The smell was still very Strong on a West Kil Donan police spokesman said. Winnipeg police received five complaints All cases of pins in apples. St. James police received three complaints of apples with pins and one with a i razor Blade. Fort Garry police had Only one complaint of a razor Blade in an Apple. 400 see Knowles take Over As Chancellor of Brandon u Brandon Man. Staff democratic party my for of the House of com the Western Manitoba Centen Nial auditorium was the site of impressive academic pageantry Here sunday afternoon As More than 400 persons witnessed the in pc North Centre was m m o n s succeeds Mailland stalled As the second Chancellor j Steinkopf. Chairman of the Man of the University and or. An Jatoba Centennial corporation Drew Lloyd Dulmage. 53, was j or. Steinkopf s three year term officially made its seventh pres-1 ended june 30. All government departments should practise a social development approach j. Andre Ouellette Manitoba s Deputy minister of social development suggested saturday. In fact during both his to abolishment of a wife variety of services. How Are you going to establish the department in t equipped to Deal with priorities or. Ouellette contended. And the government he Felt _ 1.14v, speech and a question answer had failed in jts goal of a of Jevc. Period or. Ouellette indicated that society s institutions should also participate in that approach a form of human collective action to protect stimulate and enhance optimum human potential for self development recognizing that year projection of priorities. How can we know what we want five years from now when we Don t know what we want or. Ouellette stressed that would first have to deter mine where they want to go col Tavui in such action by the nature of inc Lively and acc id upon the unit Rotl tvs turf 1 j i port or Flint Jhc Sidcot of Mit. And Philip pc i Man suggested was that fewer ramp my complaint Sursson. Minister of cultural of tads arc going out on a razor Sluck a an Apple while Brandon City police lairs. E in and there arc also quite a i am very proud As a Cana few now who won t accept Dian. This realization of the apples because they know of the Thompson reported new theatre i said or. Pella danger from their parents. K tier. West Kildonan reported had two complaints. Neither Hitsch Manova lauds Barley Aid to Korea Bili Tion or. Belle reiterated his to the Vatican. Or. Robbs re Toba society of Crim ology Al frustration of having to sinned in protest against what j the University of Manitoba. Wilh by Between poli he termed unbearable Radical when asked by magistrate i ism on the part of a minority of. V. Ubienski the society s pics students on the Campus. Ident whether the social devel by and or. Ouellette indicated that he too was frustrated by the about 100 academics and i approach should be a fantastic Gap Between the Board members were on the throughout the govern j Civ serve cd Chi not platform during the he replied. My Hope is ifs strip div a technical Gap ceremony including Peter d. That departments would we Don to have the Mcchan conc Road is o Fin j the 80vci71inent of Iii Mil oui Iti Iuar n 110 Hlor visit to Winnipeg As pledged a Carload of Barlev a tics of 19 other universities., welfare for the tits of Winnipeg for his Han he Prev Iphis gov. pounds for the project some irom the British Isles one of two respondents to by Gordon Arnold for the coming ear. The uni Curry Chancellor of the univer or. Lotta Hitsch Manova re tarian service committee has sity of Manitoba and represent weather report c ome the executive director of each Vear. The committee ships one from the australian a the speech a Rcd jul commit eight to 16 carloads of Barley. University. I d. White Der Ideal or. Practical j to ,0 head chairman of the Brandon cont woman her own admission. Of Barley a month to verily Board of governors books she be at we Jan is nol in live on. Eminent As a thin Home wherever she travels. Mixed Wilh seaweed vegetables prior i he main speeches by Rwjr. Morning bulletin for Manitoba and Northwest Ontario skies were mainly Cloudy and mild Over most try Prairies durig the weekend. A dry Urbance Over Minne Sota caused an extensive area of rain Ever Southern Manitoba and mixed rain and Snew South of the International feet Darr. Gimli Wai the wet spot Durine the weekend record Rex 1.23 of rain. If pict on the map indicate expected High today Hitsch Manova travels a. Sman however it docs the new Chancellor and is her 26th tour of provide a Basic existence. Brief greetings if there is an Enier gents in pics problems although one i i n ouello Etc sat Thompson received an Apple with a razor Blade in it a couple of Days before Hallow e in. On the other Side of Hallow e in police departments report i Jol i de a generally quiet night with Canada since the organization Little or no vandalism beyond a was founded. Fame Ivy korean mini tar i More governmental con few overturned garbage cans. This year the homecomings at Sursson of Manitoba. Or. A i r the Winnipeg fire department Canadian centres she visits to on my dual life. Is needed. Thuv have a very air. That Ouilette said bothers me is t h a t people Are resisting change and sometimes they re in Power he admit mint refit lies in p0wcr positions he admit protect the optimum exercise of for cd ample that he had Freedom of Choice by the Indi Bacn he Lac attitudes of i. J i u a of some organizational re pc but he wondered whether this Senlac Jucs whom he had really realistic in our my Asl ,0 or Para. Ions for an anticipated influx of youth to the cite. Vie woe end had Only compliments for be j organize fund raising Cam Havior on halloween. Pains have taken on a slightly Werfal normally. Friday and Satur j different Aura. Beautiful or Day n i g h t s Are our big Buga j the tight Money situation has boo Here. We usually get 12 to j caused fund raising efforts to 20 false alarms each night. But suffer where generally we that night we Only had four. Its Nave trouble at been our quietest weekend night in past years. Up Publica in a Long a fire depart tons. In co operation with the ment spokesman said. Unitarian service committee. At least one incident of older Nas sponsored a Barley for youths terrorizing the Young Korea drive. This year this is replaced with a general goblins and taking their goodies was reported to the free press this happened in the fort Rouge area where two 13-year shipped to Korea. Olds threatened two younger boys took their treats and then Raisin drive but Barley our is to Over be purchased and running projects to the largest program run by the unitarian service commit tee is in India where they have 46 projects underway. But the most expensive program is in Korea. We always work with Nous aug ocies where . our she said. Planning and special assignments vice president of the University of Manitoba or. C. Lockhart. Principal of the University of Winnipeg and representatives of the provincial Community colleges Council and of the association of universities and colleges of Canada. Also speaking at this time was mayor w. H. K. Wilton of Brandon who expressed the Hope that future relations be tween the University and the surrounding Region would be following the ceremony was and what s actually Practised his companions were forced to last year. Iwo and one half Able to do this. Great provided by the Brandon uni there arc. For example Only talk wednesday when their carloads of Barley were shipped at the request of the varsity brass ensemble con four trained people at heading boat ran out of Gas on Cedar from Manitoba and Western on nations. Hey arc helping Arab ducted by w. P. Gordon. Mid icy jail an institution which has Lake. Sario to Korea where it was refugees in the mid Easi. And Way through the program. Pro an annual turnover of about they Stryk of towards this used to Aid Relief cases and in for Jhc second consecutive year lessor Leonard Mayolo Jed the 4-Wrt people he said. Com Dimity Anft 2so Miles work for food projects. They Are i a Brandon University chorale or. Nellette insisted that no Northwest of Winnipeg after this is very exciting. I c project in Satota. Jordan Iose thresh several significant correr Gjonai to Shore. After 14 on roads Twilt with cat Iro a health of treat Folk own the ceremony re occur until a conceptual Miles of walking. Cook became Var no Dian bark or patients a year were served in the framework were Ovvie joked. Aligned and developed swollen -3-year of in Sci be auditor he later 5hc legs. Of. The set rum. A inv or. Knows Soch a framework am the for to t y. Of j s 53 its if v

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