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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 31, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba May Winnipeg free press Freedom of Trade Liberty of of religion Equality of civil Mig published seven Days a week at 300 Carton Winnipeg r3c 3c1 by newspapers division of Canadian newspapers cow Pahy Lif fitted Telephone 9439331 a member of the Manitoba press Council Bruce Rudd publisher John Dafoe editorial Page editor David Lee managing editor Winnipeg free press est 182 Winnipeg Tribune est 1890 open season on doctors the new abortion Law adopted by the House of Cominos Oft tuesday is Likely to touch off a fresh wave of militant antiabortion action directed at doctors and their patients through the criminal Justice the Bill still deeds Senate Royal assent and proclamation at a moment chosen by the that gives the antiabortion organizations plenty of time to make their preparations to use the Opportunity for harassment of doctors and patients offered to them by the new the Federal and provincial governments should use the time to Brace for the because of their deep conviction that abortion is antiabortion crusaders feel justified in harass ing the families of doctors who perform abortions and seeking court injunctions forbidding particular women from aborting their the Mulroney governments abortion Bill opens new lines of attack against doctors and their antiabortion crusaders can Lay a complaint with the police when they believe an abortion is about to be performed and so perhaps Start a police if the police refuse to they can launch a private prosecution forcing pregnant women and doctors to hire lawyers and prepare a the government was aware of this Doug the Justice minister who presented Bill c43 to the House of said in commons committee hear Ings january 30 that the Bill might need amending to prevent malicious or frivolous prosecution of the solution he then proposed was a requirement like the one for hate propaganda that a charge of per forming an illegal abortion could not be prosecuted without the approval of a provincial attorney this mechanism would tend to filter out prosecutions that will not result in a conviction but Are started merely to harass the was switched to minister of transport while the committee was still studying the health minister Perrin who is opposed to appeared before the committee March 28 to say that the filtering mechanism was not anyone starting a private prosecution would have to persuade a Justice of the peace to authorize the pros ecu that he would adequately protect women and doctors from Kim the new Justice minister who had inherited Lewiss Bill but not his understanding of its meekly fell into line with Beatty the following if the filtering mechanism were she antiabortion maps might vote against the Bill and bring about its defeat in the House of therefore she would leave it to justices of the peace across Canada to defend doctors and their patients against the determined and highly organized efforts of antiabortion her argument was difficult to the need to persuade a Justice of the peace is not thought adequate in the Case of hate for the obvious reason that justices of the peace often have no Legal training or other qualifications and Are merely Par time judicial an antiabortion organization shopping for a Justice of the peace to authorize a totally groundless prosecution will quickly find Many who would do so out of personal conviction or just to be since Campbells policy lays this new role on justices of the she must see to it they Are Able to play that she and her department should provide to All the provincial attorneys general training kits for the guidance of justices of the she should have the Cabinet delay proclamation of the new criminal code provisions until All provinces have trained their ups and prepared them for the onslaught of the antiabortion Manitoba Justice minister Jim Mccrae should also notice the new Job which the abortion Bill thrusts upon the Manitoba Justice there is no doubt that antiabortion organizations will remain True to their beliefs and will use every available Means to Stop Mccrae should ensure that the Manitoba criminal Justice system is used Only to enforce the Law and not to bully or intimidate la abiding doctors and their greening the Bottom line it is beginning to Dawn on major corporations that past practices which harm the environment can also do damage to the future Bottom for decided to avoid future risk by ripping out All storage tanks at service stations it sold to the Petroleum company feared it might later be held liable for any gasoline leaks into the ground or the water for the same Imperial Oil is thoroughly testing the service station Sites it acquired from Texaco Canada and now must the motive of corporate self preservation is not at All the same one environmentalists have in mind when they urge new accounting forms which consider the Environ the growing practice among major corporations to Call on internal environmental teams to assess any property or operation they might want to is a sign that corporate leaders understand what governments have yet to for More than a new economic thinkers have been trying to promote indicators of development that will reflect the Lon term Chance of people to the current Short term approach of cos Benefit particularly in setting Public has failed to do the worse says Hazel one theorist of the new the current approach is mystifying people and getting in the Way of their Chance to talk with each other about what should be prefer she takes at the Early signs that a restructuring of the North american Economy is under corporations and Consumers Are beginning to shun throwaway and environmentally damaging lawmakers in the United states who Advance the clean air act want to pare Down that imperfect Bill would give companies limited licenses to pollute and allow them to Trade them As car Are scrambling to bring into their fleets the consumer attractive vehicles that get far More Miles to the gallon of gasoline or run on other the emerging sectors of the Economy Are the ones which hold the Best Promise to be the tightest in terms of Energy to minimize the use of resources and to produce the lowest possible entropy solar Power and wind Power fit the in for wind farms Are now producing enough electric Ity to equal the output of three nuclear powered in the greek Countryside and solar collectors to heat water Are visible on a majority of what is missing is any agreed upon set of economic indicators that will Tell countries just How Well they Are doing in a Lon term View of an economist with the United nations environment program who visited Winnipeg More than a year ago had one version for revising the Gnu tucked in his pocket and hoped to Advance it in now Many countries Are debating How to change old ways of calculating their should they deduct All the social and environmental costs of the goods and services they produce what about unpaid production the new indicators of measuring Progress Are expected to be discussed when 15 of representing 30 per cent of the worlds meet next month in Kuala world leaders and corporate Lead ers have very far to go before they begin to set aside old accounting advocates of change would also like to see countries do such Radical things As measure and broadcast the widening or narrowing Gap within their Borders Between the Rich and the make known their Energy Gnu or be very Clear about How much Money is spent on military versus civilian these Are the sort of indicators which might measure Lon term corporations Are showing they know the difference Between Lon term and Short term self it is time for government leaders to show citizens that they Are willing to follow making bad legislation worse by Leonard Shifrin special to the free press Ottawa making a bad Bill like the old age pension and family allowances Clayback legislation worse is quite a but the merry band of Liberal tinkerers in the Senate has managed consider a senior citizen the woman has no income other than her old age the Man has lots of including a substantial company pen like most private sector it has no provision for widows so when he it Dies with because his will gives most of his assets to the Church and the children of his first his widow will have Little to draw on except what she saves now of her the Mulroney government claw Back would confiscate the husbands old age but leave the wife the Senate version would confiscate hers As More equitable the Liberal senators on the Bank ing and Commerce committee thought it was More equitable that the government Bill Calls for the Clayback to apply to individuals with incomes Over the Sena tors want it to apply instead to both spouses where family income is Over that figure was picked because it generates the same amount of reve nue for the government a lot less of it from Selloff husbands and a lot More from their the senators were scandalized that a Clayback based on individual income would treat one earner and two earner families torrents of outrage have they never noticed that our entire tax system is based on individual rather than family taxation any Call to change that is Guaran teed to generate torrents of outrage from family taxation Means the lower income spouse read wife has her first Dollar of income taxed at her husbands top tax could there be a better Way of discouraging women from entering the labor Force the senators complained that a two income household could make and have none of its benefits clawed while a on income household would be subject to the Clayback if it had More than but right under the Ordinary tax two earners in a household return almost twice As much of their old age pensions in tax As a couple with one the governments Clayback plan actually puts the two households on a More equal the concept of family taxation reflects an Era when dad was the mom was in the kit and marriages lasted countries that adopted it in those Days have been jettisoning it in recent years because of concerns for women rights and because it be came an administrative when two earner couples pay More tax because a higher rate attaches to the lower lots of couples decide not to get if government then tries taxing com Mon Law couples As it needs an army of bureaucrats snooping into relationships Between cohabit Ting the Senate committee tinkerers Are apparently oblivious of All they note Only that targeted Bene fits for Low income such As the guaranteed income supple ment for the aged and the refundable child tax credit and sales tax Are based on family but these Are designed either to supplement inadequate household incomes or return tax payments to the total family size and total family resources is the measure of impoverished widows the full Senate has yet to vote on the banking committees proposed Clayback and maybe it will Una mend the part that would create More impoverished that the committees Liberal majority didst know better than to concoct such a tells us that the Liberal party has been leaderless too it badly needs someone to take lab animals the demand by the Canadian federation of humane societies for fed eral legislation regarding the use of animals in research humane societies demand Law to protect lab free May 13 is not necessary because universities and affiliate research institutions Al ready provide a Standard of care and responsibility that meets reasonable tests of Public the care of animals in research throughout Canadian teaching hospitals and affiliated re search institutes is assessed by the Canadian Council on animal care of which the federation of humane societies is a upon notification by the Ucac that an institution is in Federal funding agencies would withdraw their support of the csacs mandate includes Moni Toring All aspects of animal including the specific aspects raised in the federations Winnipeg meet ing Cage training of animal care composition and the terms of reference of rat in u of m animal care a Community representative usually from the humane society is always included both on universities animal care commit tees and the csacs assessment the omission of reference to the essential role of the Ucac and the ongoing input of the humane society through this route is most regarding Public Access to our it is difficult to envision How Federal legislation would facilitate this As to conditions in which Laboratory animals Are i should Point out that the representative of the humane society has unrestricted Access to our facilities and the Ucac not Only requires adequate veterinary care but also insists that the veterinarian inter Vene As necessary to ensure the welfare of the charge that research scientists do not have to make their work Public is our research with animals is not our researchers report on their work within the scientific a process which is also an important component in acquiring Grants for granting agencies do not spend their scarce financial re sources on work that has no scientific Merit or which makes unnecessary use of the granting agencies publicize researchers names and project titles for any awards they the University answers queries from the news Media and the Public on the nature of its animal based in the rationale for adding another layer of bureaucracy when we already have a world class sys tem in place which ensures account ability and consideration for animal welfare does not appear to be in the interest of people or legis lation is not necessary to get the research Community to do what it is already doing Well and to which there is a continuing both Here and throughout Edwin pad of Manitoba animal care committee letters the Winnipeg free press welcomes letters from writers must give their name and names will be used and letters Are subject to Ottawa blackmail i am writing to encourage our provincial leaders to resist the hysterical blackmail that is emerging from Ottawa and Quebec Over our objections to the Meech Lake a the majority of canadians want the Accord rejected and applaud Manitoba and newfoundlands Quebec clearly is following an Independence whether Meech is passed or lets take our stand now for a United Canada with or without Henry Makow Winnipeg ground rules whenever the Meech Lake fiasco comes to a natural we Hope that the politicians will have Learned an important since the repatriation of the ban act in the proposed Meech Lake Accord is the first major attempt to Amend the Canadian looking at it from an historical we Are therefore a very Young country like an we walk a we stumble and we All Canadian constitutional amendments in the past had to be referred to the British parliament for passage and the final responsibility was Cana Dian politicians have had no experience in constitutional matters and the Meech Lake Accord is a Good example of our growing pains As a Young the frightening part about Meech is the fact that once it is the process becomes irreversible and this should not be allowed to happen in a democratic we must remember that unanimous consent was Given in the passage of Meech Lake by All Power hungry but at what Price the Federal government had been stripped of important National Powers such As social pro Immi Gration every Premier gained veto Power in constitutional matters and Quebec gained a special status in constitutional amendments will affect the Quality of life in Canada for Many generations to come and if the process becomes then any mistakes committed now will remain so Meech Lake makes the process it is hoped that the Manitoba politicians do not fall into a trap by supporting ineffective Sunset it is obvious that we need definite ground rules for All future constitutional we have rules in place for almost every walk of life in real Why we have rules for All major constitutional amendments Why we Start with a constitutional such As Meech then follow this by Public hearings across extract the Best incorporate them into the proposal and then make the Amend ment to the Constitution Why we have such ground rules and avoid the Meech Lake insanity in the future Odon Ostrowski vote on Meech we have been told the Meech Lake Accord is of such importance it affects the very existence of the easiest and the most democratic solution is to have each Premier Call an asking the people of each province to vote yes or no on the signing of Meech Morita Winnipeg taxes unfair the City of Winnipeg is deter mined to drive All average income homeowners into personal the 1990 property taxes Are outrageous and very i suggest the following changes d All seniors should be exempt from paying school taxes since they have no children attending d to recover the lost the City should assess All 542 churches in Winnipeg and demand that property taxes be but not a voluntary basis which is the Case Mueller Winnipeg Condo taxes on Reading an editorial in the free press May 15 entitled the Road to tax i am struck with your very apparent animus towards con Dominium owners and their contributions towards Winnipeg property you seem to feel that Condo owners should be classified As re rather than in a separate classification that matter was brought up about two years ago and it was decided that As a matter of equity condos and townhouses should be placed in a separate category from that of individual Home is it not apparent that any Condo even a Small one of Only 40 such As the one in which i demands much less from the City in the Way of setting up in the first place water elec tric Gas boulevards As Well As much less in maintenance As the years pass than would 40 Sepa rate residences Why should this not be reflected in differing tax rates presumably also individualized Home owners enjoy their own individual lots which they can develop As they while Condo owners have Only a limited and shared land the two Are just separate but As far As the tax department is these differing lifestyles Cost very different amounts to the City when comparing the costs of services to an individual House owner with those to an individual unit owner in a condominium these differing costs should be reflected in differing municipal achieved this year by portioned i do not believe that Condo owners benefited from the councils Gener As the writer of the editorial i expect this reference was to the portioned percentage for each class by the was deter mined by the rather than by but in either it was not a Case of generosity but simply a recognition of simple i believe Condo owners Are paying their fair share of and that is the Way it should Margaret Speers Winnipeg the North end Scott Taylors column on May 12 in the free press was even funnier than the spectacle of hockey players afraid of 40 below was the implication that Ellice Avenue is in the North at the rate the Media is assigning other parts of the City to the North end youll soon be making North end synonymous with George Corley Winnipeg weve got another one locked in the look Ive got a phone in my car i 1

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