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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives May 31 1986, Page 4

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 31, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba 4 Winnipeg free May 1986 Getty comes closest to calling for a recess Sheftz and Clark after warning to on Tariff retaliation talks wont be stifled by Shultz says continued from Page 1 Shultz said he did not believe the Tariff on Canadian Cedar which starts at 35 per cent for three years and then would stifle Freer Trade talks now under reaching a Trade agreement was never expected to be he told a news conference before his meeting with the path to getting there is full of twists and said and this is one of the United states is committed to securing a Trade agreement with in the the which recently imposed countervail ing duties on Canadian is bound by its own he the United states is absolutely serious and we feel that it will be in our interests and your interests to beat Down All the barriers to Trade and have As free of a Market be tween us As is the United states slapped a five year Tariff on red Cedar shakes and shingles last saying that Cana Dian imports Worth million a year were hurting the american the move created fear in British Columbia where jobs could be Shultz said the Reagan administration imposed the tariffs because the american Timber Industry had suffered from Canadas growing dominance in the the United states says that the Canadian share of the shakes and shingles Market has climbed to 73 per cent from 40 per cent in Thomas the ambassador to told reporters in Halifax that the United states acknowledges there should have been More consultation before it announced the the two ministers agreed that we probably could have managed last weeks events somewhat better in terms of the consultative Niles they agreed that both sides will try to Monitor develop ments in the respective Niles also denied an earlier report that said the ambassador had cabled Shultz last week saying Ottawa As is showing signs of panic Over the Cedar products the report said Niles told Washington that Canada was overreacting and showing a Lack of sensitivity to Rea Gans political i dont know who attributes that to Niles i am not aware of such an opinion being sex in the commons Liber Al Trade critic Lloyd Axworthy urged prime minister Brian Mulroney to Deal directly with the president and to Call for a Rollback of the Tariff and a standstill on harassment a this Issue is of such significance that having a meeting in Washington with a group of officials is not the appropriate Way to Deal with he it must be done from the level of Heads of government one to an the liberals also demanded to know Why the government spent a week seeking compensation for the Tariff decision when it knew from the Stan that the United states was not obligated to offer any under Gatt Why did they waste precious time in this asked Liberal House Leader Herb is this another example of How the govern ment is handling this matter As being nothing More than Amateur hour on the Rideau finance minister Michael Wilson argued the government had a responsibility to ask about Bompensa the minister also said the government is carefully considering its response to the United keep talking no matter Devine says continued from Pixel the standstill on hopefully the who in sure want the negotiations to would accept Shatas a reasonable condition for a Good negotiating he Alberta Premier Don Getty came closest of the four premiers to suggesting free Trade talks be suspended unless the refrains from further protectionist Saskatchewan Premier Grant de said it was important to continue talking to the americans no matter what May to do otherwise would be to play into their hands and weaken the Canadian he Devine left the conference Early to attend the funeral of an la who died in a farming but he expressed satisfaction be fore he left with the Success of the particularly the resolutions on agriculture which recommended a infusion into the Western Grain the premiers deliberately refrained from discussing tax Reform or the Issue of Federal Transfer pay issues that May not have produced the solid consensus they were Pawley said those issues were left for the next premiers conference in Edmonton this the Only other meeting of its kind was held 13 years ago in this will probably be the most important Opportunity to define an economic blueprint to Lead us through to the year said Ben who attended the 1973 meeting As an Alberta Cabinet min said it marked the establish ment of a Strong Western voice in the although Pawley said before the conference he would like to see such an economic Summit held in Winni Peg in he said yesterday that a location had not been the Western premiers will be joining their other provincial counterparts in Ottawa monday for a scheduled three hour evening meet ing with robber uses Bat in grocery heist a Man took a baseball Bat to the operators of a Garfield Street Gro Cery store before escaping in a stolen police said the attack occurred after a Man entered Ashcroft grocery at thursday and pulled a Bat out of an athletic he struck a 20yearold clerk Over the thighs with the Bat then grabbed an undisclosed amount of the clerks father heard a com tried to intervene and was struck on the police the thief fled the store into a parked which was later found to be police five sikhs charged with plot to blow up jumbo Globe says Ottawa up an International Multi Force investigation has led to a series of searches in the Montreal area culminating in the arrest of five men on conspiracy the ramp said late the Globe and quoting unnamed police said today the charges were Laid in connection with an alleged plot by a group of sikhs to blow up an air India Boeing 747 flying out of new John Bentham said in Ottawa the five were to appear in court in Montreal facing charges of conspiracy to commit an indictable he would not specify the basis for the but said the specifics will be contained in the information which they should be appearing on i believe tomorrow today in i dont have any specifics beyond the charges Are being Laid under Section of the criminal that Section involves conspiracy to commit murder or to cause another person to be whether in Canada or subsection d states that every one who conspires with anyone to commit an offence is guilty of an indictable offence and is liable to the same conviction under that Section of the criminal code carries a prison term of 14 Bentham said the mounties Felt there could be some element of impropriety to go into further de Tail before the five appear in court to answer the the five were Gurcharan Singh Banwait of the Montreal suburb of Chattar Singh Saini of sub Urban Santokh Singh Khela of Kashmir Singh Dhillon of and Ravinder Singh Anand of it was not Clear whether the men were although the use of Singh As a Middle name usually indicates membership in that when asked whether those arrested were Bentham said Only that a conclusion youll have to reach your Bentham also noted there was an immediate Assumption on the part of some Media that the arrests were associated with the crash of an air India jetliner off the coast of Ireland last they Are he the ramp were assisted throughout this investigation by the Quebec provincial police and the Federal Bureau of investigation the Bentham contributing to the investigation also was the Canadian Security intelligence service and the Montreal Urban Community Bentham said the searches were conducted Early shoe on other foot for tories continued from Page 1 position to let the Issue die until the Appeal process is the two cases Are the conservatives in opposition pressed for erasers even though his Case was under Appeal before the Public service staff relations Board and later in the the conservatives did not rehire Fraser when they formed the government in Corrado was suspended after a British Columbia Delegate on a flight to Montreal for a tory convention last March wrote to Mazankowski to complain about her criticism of the government Mazankowski office forwarded the complaint to air Canada which conducted an inquiry that led to her suspension from air Canada has refused to com ment on the incident until the Appeal process is Over but Broadbent accused the National airline of holding a Kangaroo court inquiry into the he said the airline was wrong to interview Only two of the passengers about the incident and should have questioned the flight Tom Van Mazankowski press told reporters yesterday that air Canada May have mishandled the Case by not warning the minister about the but he said Mazankowski wont get involved while the the matter is under Van Dusen said air Canada con tends that Corrado was abusive to the passengers and is concerned about its reputation of providing Good customer the National airline won a Passen Ger service award last year from a leading International aviation Maga Zine for service to the travelling Public and wants to keep its Stan Dards he the mentality at air Canada is to take customer service he but Corrado who almost broke into tears when she was interviewed by reporters in Broadbent office before going into the commons insisted she was not abusive to the tory i dont remember being rude or swearing or anything she the Delegate who wrote the com plaint Donna Ford of Williams could not be reached to explain her Side of the Tutu makes impassioned plea in Ontario legislature for help in abolishing Tutu issues International plea Toronto cps Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu of South Africa made an impassioned Appeal to the inter National Community yesterday to pressure his country to dismantle its apartheid racial segregation sys in a moving speech to a special session of the Ontario the anglican archbishop elect urged All countries to exert economic and political pressure on the South Afri can government to peacefully take apart a racial system that he said dehumanized both Whites and i stand Here appealing to people of conscience to help he told More than 300 visiting dignitaries and provincial please help our country is our children Are the Bishop of Johannesburg who will become archbishop of South Africa in has Long been a focus for peaceful change in South Africa and has called for Tough eco nomic sanctions against his coun but he warned the gathering that unless More sustained and effective pressure is aimed at the South Afri can his country will continue to slide into a morass of blood shed and the 54yearold Black cleric said he understood the fears of White South outnumbered five to one and frightened for their but he warned that their Only Chance of averting a race War is to join with Blacks and negotiate a peaceful end of the apartheid system and a Shar ing of South african Whites Are not Tutu his address interrupted by applause several Many Are Ordinary Many of them scared but the Best Way of ensuring they survive is to be part of a process that will ensure the destruction of this that dehumanized both the victim and the and per haps dehumanized the perpetrator even Tutu also criticized the South Afri can government for recent attacks on neighbouring Black states and he dismissed suggestions that South Africa is the last bulwark against the spread of communism on the he the apartheid government is driving More and More Blacks to embrace if you Are looking at the Best Recruiter for then it will be the South african govern he despite the almost pleading tone of his 12minute Tutu often exhibited his Well known comparing the enormous task of dismantling apartheid to that of eat ing an How do you eat an elephant he one piece at a before his a closely guarded Tutu and his daughter were greeted at the front door of the Ontario legislature by Premier David Singer activist Harry Belafonte and about 100 on Security was with the party surrounded by an army of plainclothes police and government Security tutus wife was unable to renew her passport and could not leave South so their daughter flew in from to take her after signing Ontario distinguished visitors Tutu went into a private meeting with Peterson in the premiers after his historic speech to a Spe Cial session of the Tutu attended a private reception hosted by Lincoln the first Black to hold a vice regal Post in now will Benefit a Manitoba income supplement tie new 55 plus income supplement com increase your 55 Manitoba income supplement is the provincial governments expanded and improved Manitoba supplement for pensioners now More Manitoban than Ever will be eligible to Receil these quarterly Anil maximum benefits have been doubled from lust As new indexing of Benefit Levels ensures that your supplement will keep Pace with the Cost of if you Are 55 or you can apply for 55 plus As Long As your income Falls within certain you May be eligible if you Are not currently receiving benefits from the Federal old age Security and even if none of your present income comes from pension if you Are 65 or As Long us you Are already receiving the Federal guaranteed income supplement or spouses allowance and your income Falls within certain your eligibility for 55 plus will be automatically assessed you Don 7 need to if you your 55 plus benefits will be sent to you every three for More write 55 Pisa Manitoba income supplement 500330 Portage Manitoba r3c4bi or Call Tollfree 18002828073 in Winnipeg 9452686 Manitoba employment services and economic Security Len minister

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