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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 30, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 4 outcry on taxes needs answers Contti fixed off flt Page 1 several months before councillors usually begin working items to be looked at include spending controls and new meth ods of raising now we have this idiot meet he adding he Hast tax rebates unworkable continued from Page 1 gave Winnipeg special other municipalities would de Mand the same and the province could not oblige without creating an unworkable tax he also said he did not see How the province could go along with some councillors proposal that the province return the million to City homeowners in the form of tax As it the province will be collecting million less from Winnipeg taxpayers this year be cause tax Reform has reduced Winnipeg share of the Provin Cial education support he a senior Provin Cial official said the tax sys tem would be riddled with inequities if the province went along with City councillors demands to give Winnipeg homeowners Spe Cial chief provincial assessor Bob Brown said if Winnipeg Home owners were taxed on a different portion of their property value than homeowners outside the City it would introduce unfair Ness in school divisions that straddle the cites paying less in residents of the same school division would end up pay ing lower taxes if they live inside the City limits than Rural Resi dents of the same school he Brown noted at least four win nip Garea school divisions River Transcona Spring Seine River and seven Oaks Large numbers of residents whose Homes Are out Side the City it just int he said of councillors proposals to Winnipeg homeowners be added the effects of the calculation method Are Only a Small Factor in the tax increases some Winnipeg homeowners face this year about on the average Glen Murray Riveros borne charged yesterday that the province did not adequately assess the Impact on homeowners when it worked out the province wide Reform of the property tax system that took effect this they the province should be sitting Down with the City and looking at some alternate financing to take some of the pressure off he proposing the province pay rebates to homeowners Hurt by the shift in the tax decided yet whether he will at tend what i am concerned about is some bad decisions being made 1 think some of the new councillors Are quickly coming to realize that the Job is easier from the its not As easy As it but Bill Clement Char a member of the executive policy said he agrees with a special meeting on he said mayor Bill Norrie May not agree with the meet but Norrie has not been doing enough to address the pub pics outcry Over if we want to straighten this thing out and get whatever change we i think there is a Digger priority than Public openings and anything else that might be booked for his sched Clement the special meeting of City to be held june was requested by eight coun it is rare for councillors to Call a special but the City of Winnipeg act also allows the meetings to be called by one fourth of the eight councillors Are Doreen Demare Riel Peter Kaufmann Seine Don Mitchelson John Prystanski Point Donovan Timmers West min Evelyn Reese Glen Murray River Osborne and Christine Mckee River Gloria Mendelson Kil Donan Park had originally been one of the but dropped out yesterday forcing Murray to add his i decided the whole idea wont be a very productive Mendelson said last i decided it was a bad idea after it would be making policy in a vacuum and she also said theres nothing stopping the concerned Council lors from presenting the propos als at today regular City Council meeting and sending them off to civic committees for Demare defended having the special saying Council lors have to do something to respond to the recent outcry by she said the 13 which were passed by the Boniface vital Community committee were just ideas thrown on paper to give councillors a place to begin it would be unfortunate if by next year nothing is done and we face another cent property tax she Murray also said he believes it is important for councillors to have an Opportunity to speak out about i think anyone should have a Chance to have their say and i think that really said he is concerned there wont be much will to do he said he is still waiting for a report on alter Nate Revenue promised by the mayor in Yeltsin a threat to Kremlin plan continued from Page 1 was willing to work fruitfully with the president of the soviet and then added he is indeed playing a political then we May be in for a difficult so we will wait and life is Richer than any Yeltsin received 535 just More than the 531 required for elec Tion to the chairmanship of the rus Sian supreme informally known As the incumbent russian prime minister Alexander a colourless apparatchiks endorsed by received 467 and ethnic korean businessman Valentin Tsoi got i pledge to spare absolutely nothing not my not my time to do whatever has to be done to get us out of this crisis and Lead Russia to better yet said in a Brief Victory he called the election the begin Ning of the Road to russian economic and spiritual the Way out of the crisis and toward the blossoming of Russia As a Independent government in the framework of our Yeltsin called a Dayan half break in the session so that a consensus commission of representatives from the various Deputy factions could negotiate on nominees for prime minister and other key his announcement monday that he would seek a coalition government with conservatives was undoubtedly a Factor in his Victory in yesterdays third round of when Yeltsin appeared outside the several Hundred sup some with pre revolution Ary russian came running past the multicoloured domes of basils Cathedral to Greet Russia should live As it lived Yeltsin told beaming As he acknowledged their cheers and chant of Victory Victory the demonstrators hastily collected 172 rubles to Purchase Flowers from nearby Black marketeers for their new the dramatic vote came just 14 hours after Gorbachev took time out of Summit preparations to meet with 400 communist deputies in the party Central committee building monday night and urge them to vote for according to several accounts of the closed Gorbachev called Yeltsin a Bulldozer and his backers parliamentary using a Slang russian word one Deputy called definitely not presi part of Gorbachev horror at the Prospect of a Yeltsin Victory undoubtedly derives from personal pique at Yeltsin continual Public criticism of him for alleged hesitation and but part is also a recognition by Gorbachev of the threat posed by Yeltsin program to his own highly centralized Power Over the sprawl ing and diverse 15 republics of the soviet if the new russian president succeeds in implementing his it will mean the transformation of the soviet Union from a federation to a Loose con federation resembling the european in under Yeltsin Gorbachev and indeed the soviet parliament would lose All but the most nominal control Over the rus Sian about two thirds of soviet territory and 51 percent of its or 147 million daily Deal yesterdays results Are 8 of Ace of 7 of clubs and 10 of a match of All four wins times the Money wagered a match of three wins 30 times the Money wagered and a match of two is three times the Money deportation protest Mahmood Vanderee yesterday was joined by about 35 others in a protest in front of the Canada immigration offices on Portage a South african ethnic was refused refugee status in Canada and has been ordered deported to where he has never he is seeking leave to Appeal the order which has been upheld in a Federal court and would see him deported by june husband believed wife was joking continued from Page 1 request which she explained by saying the other woman could be a wife to the accused and a husband to he thought she was Minuk noting his clients Shock at the he had no idea there was anything going ultimately the hoping to keep his Home agreed to a Brief ceremony uniting him and the second woman in but Only if the marriage could be annulled in two weeks if it didst work Minuk Minuk said As two weeks stretched into his client who lost both legs from complications from Dia betes in 1986 questioning the throwing the household into an during the he the mans second wife left and returned the Home then erupted with his client being locked in his bed room without his police were eventually called to investigate and discovered the both the accused and his second wife were charged with charges against her were stayed by the Crown the Man pleaded guilty to the when you look at All of the you can see my client is As much a victim As Minuk arguing for a he was afraid of losing his Minuk his client and his first wife continue to live in the same Home although separation papers Are now being those Are the it Hast been easy for my he con Crown attorney Rob Finlayson also noted the bizarre circumstance merited consideration by the court in sentencing the this is i a typical Case of he adding the fraudulent marriage want undertaken to defraud one of the Swail agreed the Case was unlike others in the noting it didst appear anyone was tricked into get Ting married without knowing the full history of the it seems to me that there is no intention of self advancement or fraudulent intent on the part of the accused in this Swail it sounds like the accused Felt he was being compelled to this course of Senate next forum As abortion debate storms on continued from Page 1 you How to commit abortion with she if anything there May be some symbolic Victory involved but in not pleased with it by any Soenen said she is thankful the new once will hold doctors accountable for carrying out it is this fear of prosecution which will scare doctors away from Jennifer Cooper a majority of doctors performing abortions had indicated they would Stop doing them if it became Law and now its been spokesman for the women health women lives will be placed in Cooper because they will have nowhere to turn to get an people can get pretty desperate when their future is at Coo per i believe some women will try to self abort or find someone to perform an illegal lobby groups on both sides said they would turn their attention first to the which is expected to begin grappling with the Issue later this then to the courts if the Bill passes the upper and politicians of All stripes Felt the heat when pro Choice demonstrators interrupted the commons vote four times chanting so but on one occasion flinging articles of clothing to the floor of the kit Holm president of the Canadian abortion rights action sat silently through the pro tests As did Judy head of the National action committee on the status of but Holmwood was indignant when Security guards ordered them out of the Public gallery once the vote had Rebick denounced the Bill As an unconstitutional infringement of women rights and contended thousands of women in this country Are being sentenced to needless suf Fering and and maybe even death from backstreet abortion but Campaign a leading anti abortion says the Law amounts to abortion on demand and will do nothing to Stop the More than Legal abortions performed an we could have abortion clinics on every Corner in said Karen a lobbyist Bill introduced last no was intended to replace previous restrictions struck Down by the supreme court of Canada in january 1988 As a violation of women the new Law would allow abortion if a single doctor believes the phys mental or psychological health of a woman is the Justice department says the wording would permit abortion for social or economic As Well As for clinical but a physic Ian who ignores the or a woman who lies about her could get two years in the Canadian medical association fears antiabortion zealots will harass physicians by trying to Lay private criminal and some doctors in Calgary and Halifax have warned they will Stop doing but Campbell insisted physicians will be in no Legal danger and have been misled by scar mongers in the pro Choice i think there is no reason for any doctor in Canada to have any fear about this said the i think when doctors understand they will be comfortable with prime minister who de Creed Cabinet Solidarity in support of the Bill and personally backed it in previous missed the final tally because of meetings with soviet president Mikhail three other ministers also were away on but the 33 who showed up voted solidly for the legis so did most tory Back benches and two liberals outgo ing Leader John Turner and Peter Milliken from thirteen government Back who were set free by Mulroney to vote on their con joined the liberals and new democrats in opposing the what will we Tell our children we did to prevent the end of Canada this and is both a plea for help and a Challenge to All canadians who care about the future of this regardless of How you feel about Meech were asking you to make your feelings about Canada it appears that our politicians May be letting this country its now time for the people of Canada to do something about it by making their support for Quebec and Canada clearly and think nationally in our we All know the vocal ant Quebec faction is not the majority in this so Why should they determine our future for us the problem is that they Are the Only parties in this debate that have made their views known and because their views Are the Media have picked them the canadians in Quebec who read about things like trampling the Fleurdelys in booing the French words of our National Anthem at a Toronto baseball game or the English Only Resolution in Sault Ste would this is a paid announcement by a group of very concerned French and English speaking canadians from a Montreal neighbourhood Audrey John Luc use Peter Judy Lola Anita Fred Julie Iris Gail and Gerard Hal Gertrude Neil and Catharine Frances Don and Carolyn Elizabeth Jim and Janet Lorna Paul Cindy Milan Ralph Hoyecki and Egon Valerie Maureen Slattery we will distribute All messages of support faxes to 514 4846605 can be quite naturally assume that the rest of the country Doest feel very positive about Quebec place in Canadas act locally we would like to see other canadians who care about this country take some positive action in the next very Short what can you do organize a rally to show your support for Quebec place in Call your member of parliament or Send a Telegram to your Call your radio or television station or local newspaper and make your support for Quebec and Canada Start a fax Campaign to Quebec businesses and ask them to Post your faxes where others can read get Well known people in your Community to speak up for run your own and of support or organize an Early Canada Day this coming july 1st May be too there is still time do something we be without it

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