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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 30, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba News contract with symphony Winnipeg free May m in Fly to Florid Abramovitch Mon Feal up conductor Charles Dutoit renewed his contract Frith the Montreal symphony or Chestra for two Mote dispel Ling rumours that he was on the verge of accepting a Post the fut Nof that 1 was leaving was a false Dutoit told a group of reporters at a hastily convened news artistic director of the Montreal symphony since Watt said he has extended his contract until the Swiss bom conductor also said he is not concerned about Cana Das current political i have total Confidence in he i have absolutely i problem in addition to affirming his commitment to the Montreal Dutoit admitted he will soon accept a Par time Post with a european he would not confirm sparked by reports last month in the Paris newspaper be that he will replace Lorin Maazel As con Ductor of the orchestra National de Brad Garrett 2nd big week 9 wednesday thursday visit the Black Swan British pub lower level i m open Tiu 2 he said he is considering several european i am leaving at the end of next week for said who will announce his decision at the end of Dutoit said he will have to curtail some of his guest conducting commitments in order to make room for the european he plans to continue his eight week summer contract with the Philadelphia orchestra but May drop such As that with new Yorks metropolitan opera and the will devote 40 pet cent of his professional time to Mon or about 18 to 20 weeks a Ever since he transformed the Montreal symphony orchestra into one of the worlds most acclaimed has been an icon on the Montreal cultural under his the orches tra has produced More than 30 rec we 26 to has toured Asia and eur and in i Fife gave five consecutive at the Hollywood Fitwi ift los fiut a Titbit has been rumoured to be unhappy ift particularly Over government failure to build the orchestra a concert the Hall was promised by the parti quebecois government but the plan has been in bureaucratic limbo Ever since Robert Bourassaw Liber als came to Power in woman accepts alternate Rob trip after uproar Over tour cancellation to Reserve seats Call the Riverside inn marys 2311463 by Tony Davis a Winnipeg woman who won a trip to the through a Royal Winnipeg Ballet lottery says the Rob failed to inform her of the trip being on Andrea Cacanindin ticket won her the ribs 50th anniversary lottery third place 18day trip for two to the beginning May Worth but Cacanindin said she accidentally Learned of the trips Cancella Tion May 3 when she called the travel Agency handling the tour to Check on her they said the Rob had known of the cancellation for a week and was supposed to have told said i keep wondering just when the Ballet was going to Tell me the trip was said Lacanin when we were at the air port Cacanindin says she has since accepted the ribs offer for an alter native trip to the this the ribs original prize vacation was offered in conjunction with a specially arranged friends of the Ballet tour to coincide with the i i i two can Dine in our dining for dealer 98 i Cacanindin upset troupes current soviet but that tour was contingent on Thomas Cook at 477 Portage booking a minimum of 35 the friends tour was cancelled on april 28 or according to a spokesman for the when Only nine people confirmed their Rob general manager Bill Riske said monday there May have been a delay in informing Cacanindin of the tie said she rejected a May 4 offer of a free trip for two anywhere air Canada flies plus 000 he said the Rob has done its Best to apologize to Cacanindin and compensate her for the cancelled he said past friends of the Ballet such As one to China several years have been extremely and the dismal response to the soviet trip was unix Cacanindin said she rejected the ribs first offer of compensation because she thought the Cash and the air Canada trip were not As valuable As the soviet tour and she and her Mother had their hearts set on the soviet my Mother had bought Luggage and a camera and both of us had rearranged our whole said there were a lot of tears flowing when we Learned we be Able to employed As a nurse on a casual basis at Boniface said her Job prospects were also affected by the ribs failure to notify her of the Tours the Way the Ballet treated i Felt like a second class said who launched a com plaint with the Manitoba lotteries Cacanindin said the Rob should have ensured All the prizes advertised were two Quarter Chicken each includes a charcoal broiled Quarter fresh Cut Fries or baked tangy sauce and toasted limit one Coupon per not valid in combination with any other this Coupon has no Cash offer valid until june sales tax 1375 Winnipeg chalet 1140 Pembina Winnipeg i Imperial club of als Bingo 341 Monroe May 31 empty House 1400 41 or less top line special in 9 or lass Bonanza must go guaranteed payout share the Columbus Centennial Centre 410 de Salaberry every wednesday doors open 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ites As Well As an All inclusive special menu from including dinner entrees and complimentary evening parking in the Square right under the restaurant Entrance on fort consistently candles restaurant a sophisticated atmosphere with intimate surround chosen by critics As one of the two Best restaurants for 150 me teens to celebrate our 10th anniversary we Are proud to offer you this gift please Cut and present this valid thru from 5 to closing with a of two expires August a Rose for every 210 Oakland at Henderson 334 greek acropolis restaurant acropolis still doing what it does great greek Marion free classic greek Din acropolis maintains High Stan Dards Good Marion War free popular place has reasonable Gene Telpner dining ode to a grecian restaurant acropolis is top of the restaurant 172 Sherbrook 7758927 East Indian Bombay restaurant downtown at 598 luncheon Buffet 11 fully air Dally til 11 India Mot mahal the Best curries in North look for coupons in sundays free press weekly to receive up to off on Purchase of second fully open 5 998 marys dutch the dutch connection 12 South in open 7 cuisine is influenced by the traditional cooking of offering european Continental dishes from vietnamese vietnamese 303 King at special vietnamese dishes for lunch open 365 dining around town contest winners week of May angry Jowvich Winnipeg Teresa a Czerniuk Winnipeg Smith Winnipeg your restaurant can be a part of the weekly free press dining around town column by contacting Lynne Firth 9489331 Jerry Seinfeld new to sitcom premieres comic shows the funny Side of Normal life Hollywood Jerry Seinfeld int just an other standup comic who landed himself a part in a to to hear the Veteran funny Man describe Hes a comic who became at i want to be a comedian that what i really like to he told critics during a press Confer ence to promote his new which premieres Tomor Row at on Abc and that was one of the reasons i was so excited and willing to do this i didst really have that sitcom goal like most comedians the thing i didst get onto a i became you know what i mean that what the show its just the shows title is appropriate because its a chronicle of Seinfeld Day today antics in the original title was the Seinfeld but Abc abbreviated it after competing net work Abc launched the Marshall the Central character is Jerry standup and each episode will feature a mix of his at Home adventures and his onstage staying in los Angeles to work on the series is a real switch for the 35yearold who has worked steadily on the club circuit for More than a doing 300 stops a year and still squeezing in time for regular appearances on the tonight show and late night with David Letterman he has logged More than 25 guest spots on but Seinfeld insists that the weekly series is something hell do in addition to his standup not instead of enjoys Road life believe it or i actually enjoy being on the he i just feel privileged that i can make my living doing and i enjoy whatever i have to do to keep doing in not tired of and in hoping to keep doing it whenever in not working on this after More than 10 years in show business including a 1988 american comedy award As funniest male standup comic Seinfeld is almost philosophical when he discusses his he knows All about but Doest claim to have the deep Down answer to the age old ques Tion what makes people laugh comedy is a wonderfully tech nolo proof he exits just a magical even comedians dont really understand we know How to do but we really dont know whats happening our its just that i know when i do that i get the people get under your skin you know you dont even know what it is that there doing that comedy is a seductive and when a co median has an audience where he wants everyone gets caught up in and you actually Stop think which is the reason people will come out of a comedy show and that was so i cant remember anything the Guy i cant remember any of the watching to Brad Oswald when that wave catches you actually Stop thinking and you respond its psycho sexual or youre just responding to the human Seinfeld added that being successful As a standup comedian re quires a Little More than just being the class Clown or the life of the i think a lot of people have a sense of but to make it work for a group of you have to understand the he everyone can be funny with their at the problem in standup comedy is to be funny at a time and place of someone else that not just being funny when you want you Many people have a sense of but it takes years to develop it to the Point that you can do it what a comedian must learn is what is it about me that making people laugh and no one can Tell you you must explore influenced by dad As a Seinfeld was fascinated by comedians he saw on television people like Alan Bill Robert Klein and virtually anyone who showed up to crack a few jokes on the de Sullivan but his most prominent comedic influence came from much closer to my dad was a very funny and watching him make people laugh All the time when i was a i really saw the Joy in he it affected me a some times i feel like him when in you every body talks about How they Start to feel like their father at a certain age i feel that when in per forming he was a i used to watch him and he had a Way of kind of getting up on his toes when he was going to make the and i sometimes find my self doing that in my act getting up on my toes like in making a he passed away a few years still makes me Seinfeld said he Hopes his series will contain the sort of Downto Earth comedy that attracted him to his career in the first its he that sadly lacking in prime time these when i watch most to sit everybody so witty that i cant believe he Ive never been in situations like where everyone always has the perfect were just trying to keep it there Are a lot of funny conversations that people have that Are very they dont sound like they had it just sounds like the Way people that what were trying

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