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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 30, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Tempo pitching produce organic veggies end up in garbage Lor Lack of buyers 27 sunny today 2 Clear tonight 9 sports Johnson walks Plank for floundering mets manager Davey Johnson pays the Price As new Yorks talented but underachieving National league squad finds ways to lose 43 focus dangerous and dirty Job Canadian lives Are greater risk than Ever before in Cyprus registration number w88 May free press Sun rises sets Moon rises sets 25e out kete win Peg meet 9676550 9s64336 Baltic Issue still to come Gorbachev says his luncheon conversation with Mulroney includes no mention of Baltic but hints at More substantive talks to come today 16 Yeltsin Triumph in Russia a stinging defeat for Kremlin by Scott Shane the Baltimore Sun Moscow Boris the renegade communist ousted from the politburo in 1987 Only to Bounce Back As a National was elected to the russian presidency yesterday and immediately vowed to assert the Primacy of russian Over soviet Yeltsin four vote Victory was a watershed event in the history of the soviet whose centralized Rule he intends to Challenge As unmistakably As have the Independence declarations of the Baltic the vote was a stinging defeat for soviet president Mikhail who had mobilized the communist party apparatus in an attempt to defeat it is Likely to Speed significantly the political and economic reforms Gorbachev on his arrival in Ottawa was asked about the he said he applauded reports that Yeltsin had said he see Yeltsin Page 4 Bill Battle continues both sides v vow to fight abortion Bill staff up Ottawa spokesmen on both sides of the abortion Issue condemned new legislation which narrowly passed in parliament yester requiring women to get the consent of a doctor for an i think parliament has done the Best that parliament Justice minister Kim Campbell told report ers after the surprisingly close 140 131 we have found some common but ardent anti abortionists in lib eral and conservative As Well As pro choices led by the new dem refused to accept the verdict As if the government thinks this Issue is going to go it is said Liberal Don Bou who opposes abortion unless the mothers life is Dawn Black of the who favors unrestricted Access to Abor also predicted further agita saying women will continue to struggle until they Are fully participating citizens in this coun in league for life spokesman Pat Soenen said the legislation criminalizes but also tells people How to get around the i cant believe the hypocrisy involved because the legislation tells see Senate Page 4 Ken toe chess we Whf s v schools Over Joey Van Duyk and Jocelyn both aged watch who used to attend the Margaret Scott school on As their former school is reduced to a Heap of the Alfred now go to Isaac Newton Murray cools ears through Norries Telephone tirade Glen Murray was steaming yesterday As he cooled his heels waiting to see mayor Bill As Murray River Osborne sat waiting to discuss several policy issues involving the cites planning including the Forks with the the waiting room Walls reverberated with snippets from a Telephone conversation Norrie was he was just berating me and attacking the planning Murray he said i was All Over the place and the committee is a he was laughing and being really sarcastic about Norrie was angry the planning committee had asked monday for a second Legal opinion on whether the Forks renewal has the authority to build a German Centre at the Murray Murray said the mayor had Only eight minutes left before his next so he decided to what bothered me was Here 1 was sitting waiting to talk to him about these issues and rather than confront me with his he was berating me to some unknown person on the he Norrie could not be reached yesterday for Ann Landers 31 29 business 17 classified 37 24 crossword 34 letters in entertainment 32 36 34 41 21 34 Russell 7 Sinclair 28 sports record 45 to listings 28 Man weds wife Lover in bid to save marriage by Terry Weber a double amputees bid to save his marriage by marrying his wife lesbian Lover backfired after police charged him with bigamy for agree ing to participate in the bizarre love its a most unusual Case and one where truth As its being brought before the court today is stranger than provincial court judge Wesley Swail said before the 56 year old father of six was Given a oneyear conditional the maximum penalty under the criminal code for bigamy is five years in defence lawyer Randy Minuk had told court earlier the Domestic Trian Gle began in february when the mans whom he married in demanded he wed a second the second a Friend of the had been living in the Home for some Minuk he said during that period the two women became romantically in which led to the first wife see husband Page 4 review panel Tours the Hole labyrinth nuclear lab viewed by Donald Campbell Winnipeg free press Pinawa four members of a Federal environmental review panel took a journey to the Centre of the Earth exploring the Depths of what has become a hot Issue in the nuclear the panel members were Given a Daylong tour of atomic Energy of Canada underground re search Laboratory a Shaft the size of the in Tower dug out of the url known As the Hole was established in 1980 to study the feasibility of storing nuclear waste in the Bedrock bosom of the Canad an it operates on an annual budget of the panellists visit is a result of the Federal governments Call last see underground Page 5 Dave free press members of environmental review panel tour research lab 400 metres tax gouge 90 tax meet dumb idea by Kevin Roi Iason a bid by eight City Council lors for a special meeting dealing with property taxes and City finances is the chairman of the cites finance committee said yes it is a totally ridiculous Ernie Gilroy its going to be Keystone comedy councillor in embarrassed eight of my colleagues have such a poor understanding of the financial Gilroy Daniel Mclntyre said of 13 recommendations proposed for consideration at the he Only agrees with a suggestion for a five year freeze on Grant in of the on third we already on third Are just dumb ideas and the other on third we have no control Gilroy said at least one proposal an idea to put a mini mum property tax on proper As a user fee for City services would actually shift More of a Burden on lower income property tax he said the proposals Exon the first 000 of is higher than the actual a Home owner would now pay on that it would be a 50percent in that a stupid Gilroy said finance commit tee already plans to receive an interim report in three weeks to begin dealing with changes to the cites budget see outcry Page 4 minister rejects tax Breaks by Patrick Mckinley Rural development minis Ter Jack Penner has rejected City councillors Calls for a property tax break for Winni Peg homeowners within the City will pay an extra million in property taxes this year As a result of a province wide calculation As to the share of taxes each classification of property would although homeowners prov inc wide Are to pay the same share of the tax Burden they did last the share for Winnipeg taxpayers jumped to per cent of the total tax Bill from per Penner said if the province see tax Page 4

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